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Announcement: Important Reminder!

Posted by Travis Carr

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First, a big thank you to all our forum participants who continue to take their time to share RV related information on this site. Your input is highly valued. It is unfortunate that some threads get both off topic and out of hand which then requires action be taken consistent with Forum policies.

It is important that participants understand that this forum is open to the public, it is not strictly a service for members, or a benefit of membership. Since it is a free site, there is no budget to pay for 24/7 moderators. Additionally, the administrators of this site have many other job duties that go hand-in-hand with club membership and its paid services, so dealing with individuals who troll, post controversial, argumentative, and politically or religiously offensive messages, takes time and energy much more positively spent elsewhere.

A set of rules has been clearly established and as a participant of this site, users must agree to abide by them. If you feel our rules are too strict for the kind of conversations you want to have, we suggest you find a site that better suits your purpose, because the sole "purpose" of this site is to share RV-related information.

We do appreciate those of you who report violations. Administrators do not have the time to read the forum each day, so the only way we are alerted to violations is through reports from fellow posters. I point this out because it is important that you know we do not "target individuals"(as suggested by some), that violations are noticed and reported by participants such as yourselves.

At the risk of sounding harsh, it needs to be said that this Forum is owned and operated by Escapees, Inc. and is governed by their rules and policies. If you have not taken time to carefully read those rules, we suggest you take a moment to do so in order to avoid warnings. http://www.rvnetwork...tion=boardrules. Remember, warnings are serious and bans from the site are final. You will notice in the rules that we do not have to give reasons for our warnings, nor do we have to explain ourselves, so the fact that we personally e-mail you warnings and answer questions is something we do NOT have to do, but CHOOSE to do in an attempt to avoid banning participants.

Ultimately it is fairly simple. Stay on topic and enjoy the knowledge that is provided, otherwise you will be forced to find another site. That would be a shame because we all know there is an enormous amount of pertinent and useful information shared throughout this site.