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  1. I too think they are fascinated with bells and whistles.
  2. Didn't I hear on TV some states are now charging rescue costs to the rescued?
  3. The thread concerning this on irv2.com was locked today because it turned political, but it still contains a lot of information from past buyers.
  4. I've never full-timed, just read everything I could here on escapees.com. One thing I have read about here, and you mentioned, was your low income if you didn't like the lifestyle. Everyone I've read about has stressed the importance of having reserve funds that will enable them to get off the road and buy a permanent place when time comes.
  5. I didn't see where anyone mentioned the problem charging Lithium batteries below 32°??
  6. bobandbarb must have decided escapees isn't for them and have never returned.
  7. Contact Ford HQ customer service, be prepared to document all past warranty encounters. Do the same with Forest River customer service.
  8. Ray,IN

    Trading Up

    If you use this online weight calculator it will accurately and safely match your truck to prospective 5ers. Then you may dismiss all the jazz salemen spout.
  9. I assume you have removed the metal cover that insulates the burner???? If it is missing the burner will not function properly, plus it is a fire hazard. You need a new flame sensor/igniter by the looks of the pictures. Remove that old one, take it to any RV parts supply store and buy a new one. Clean up the LP burner and chamber before installing the new sensor/igniter. You may download the service manual for your refrigerator from bryantrv.com
  10. There is at least one motel chain that advertises monthly rates, which IMO will be a much wiser choice than trying to survive in a camper through winter months.
  11. Sorry Bill, I didn't intend to direct my comments towards anyone but auto and RV sales-persons. Communicating by written word is difficult at times.
  12. I suspect a hidden gfci receptacle somewhere. We have one I found hidden behind a "garage door" in a cabinet designed for a coffee maker.
  13. This online trailer towing calculator will accurately and safely match up a tow vehicle and travel trailer. It does so without bias or bravado from any source. It even offers the option to select a 10% safety factor for the tow vehicle. Please note some blocks require actual weights instead of mfgrs. advertising. http://changingears.com/rv-sec-calc-trailer-weight-tt.shtml
  14. Does the motor run when it is supposed to; ie" switch is activated? Is the hydraulic reservoir full? Have you found any obvious leaks?
  15. U.S. Postal Service to consolidate 18 facilities, leading to concerns over mail delays
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