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  1. Weak batteries in the TPMS transmitters will send a false reading(virtually always low). Double check with a known manual digital gauge before getting excited.
  2. The key to any extended service contract (by law they are not a warranty) is to read and follow the fine print, especially claims qualifications and filing. It's too late now, but one should always purchase the gaskets and seals rider. Otherwise, if a gasket fails, oil leaks out, engine fails; nothing is covered. It's called consequential damage for the failed seal. We had an ESC through Good Sam, a 3 yr policy. During the 3 yrs. it more than paid for the premiums and deductibles. I attribute that to working with a service manager who explained what to do and how for each claim. No ESC I'm aware of pays for the mandatory diagnostic work prior to filing a claim. As aside; on a different RVing forum a man had the engine blow in his MH, 2X. He did not have an ESC, his out of pocket was #30,000 the first time, the second time was less.
  3. I have my HWH auto-level set that way to prevent getting a bath when opening the door on a rainy day.
  4. Every training company at Ft. Benning is trained to use the wet-bulb thermometer and which parameters to monitor. We used them as far back as the 1980's. When the human body loses the ability to sweat it's called heat stroke, an immediate life threatening situation. I wonder how much hotter the earth will get? This is only the beginning of a 5,000-8,000 year cycle. Yes I believe humanity is causing it to proceed faster.
  5. Check out the Indiana State Fairgrounds RV park. it's an OK spot and quite convenient as it's inside the city, and usually has a lot of vacancies, + 24 hr. security. The state fairgrounds hosts many large RV events and of course the state fair in August.
  6. Chalkie, there's nothing wrong with your eyes nor your leveling ability, it is the oven's inherent weak point; poor fan design. Try an experiment. Stop your next batch half-way through and change the direction of the pan then complete the cooking cycle. Observe results to test my theory. Our convection/microwave does the same as Marks, this is due to the fan in one end of the oven blowing heat to one area of the oven more than keeping the circulation even. Even our convection GE oven at home will bake faster nearer to the circulating fan. BTW folks look up the definition of convection. It only means circulating. This is only a 1,500W electric oven in convection mode. Further complicating this is the combination convection-plus-microwave cooking mode some higher-end ovens tout. This prevents using ordinary metal in the oven, a feature I've never used. For others; the turntable is automatically disabled when convection is selected in a Sharp brand. This is because a metal rack must be put in to raise the cupcake pan to the middle of the oven. Convection cooking without the metal rack/stand is not recommended, the bottom seldom gets done unless the top gets over-cooked.
  7. There is approx. 91,452 btu in one gallon of propane, if one wants to calculate how much propane a specific tankless heater will consume during burn time. Electricity has 3,412 btu per KW. source: https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/units-and-calculators/british-thermal-units.php
  8. Your units nameplate states startup and running ampere draw when the unit is operating properly. Before spending money check the free fixes first. Remove the air return panel to view the return air and chilled air duct-work. Many times the installer fails to insure the panel separating them is completely sealed. This allows chilled air to be sucked back into the warm return air flow. Install new air filters, check the coils on the roof unit, insuring they are clean and fins are not crushed/bent. Fin combs are cheap and make it easy to straighten fins(just buy the right teeth/fin per inch). Use a small thermometer to measure inside air temperature, now measure chilled air outflow. There should be approx. 20° difference, if so the unit is operating properly. Dometic Duo-Therm service manual.
  9. Tankless heaters only provide a differential temperature, each model has a different rating. For example, assume incoming water temperature is 45°F, your tankless unit's differential is also 45°F, the highest water temperature you can expect is 90°F from the hot water faucet. They are generally quite noisy. Most tankless produce 2-5 GPM, the most expensive up to 9 GPM. reference: https://www.usawaterquality.org/how-much-propane-does-a-tankless-water-heater-use/ There is always the option of installing a tankless heater in parallel, with valving to isolate either unit.
  10. Frequently opening an absorption refrigerator doors will absolutely cause abnormal interior temperatures, since it usually takes at least 4 hours to regain set temperature during hot weather. I'd never heard of this condition triggering an alarm though.
  11. I do the same, I'm not sure anyone can use compressed air to remove all moisture from the plumbing, and for sure it cannot be removed from a washing machine; well perhaps South of 30° latitude it might suffice. Dilute 1G white vinegar with 3G water to descale the heater and faucets. This solution works just as well IMO as straight white vinegar (neutralized acetic acid).
  12. My implants are the 2 molars in front of the one LR bottom wisdom tooth, which may also be the source of pain.Thanks for the condolences. Mom had a full and fruitful life she was 99 Memorial Day. I could be so blessed.
  13. Sorry I missed including you Paul, you are also right. Supply and demand is the base of capitalism. I've never understood why those who don't like capitalism stay in such a country.
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