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  1. Make sure the 5er mfgr. approves gooseneck hitches, some void the warranty. In most states safety chains are required with the less reliable ball hitch/gooseneck.
  2. Another anecdotal diesel fuel story. About 20 years ago I bought an old Case diesel tractor that had been parked in a fence-row so long a 4" tree was growing up through the frame. I cut the tree away, drained all the diesel fuel changed fuel filters, then poured the fuel off the top of the water, through a strainer funnel that holds water, poured the fuel back into the tank, installed a new battery, started the tractor and drove it onto my trailer. Point being, the old LSD fuel was still good after that long period in the fence-row. Todays biodiesel is much different. If you are ever told "this diesel fuel does not contain biodiesel" ask what lubricity additive they use to replace the lost sulfur that formerly provided lubricity.
  3. Look underneath the sink, you'll see a P-trap water drain line, which actually appears like a U. There are fasteners on the joints, should see 3 or 4 screw-type rings. Hand tighten them clockwise as much as they will turn, this should stop the leak It this works you just saved at least $100 for a mobile service call plus time on the job.
  4. You must have forgotten what I originally said "at low idle", that is true according to Cummins.
  5. Nope, that is why Cummins developed the high-idle feature: https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/high-idle-switch/tsb-18-019-01-cold-idle-engine-warming-high-idle-enable-r421/
  6. A diesel engine will never reach normal operating temperature at low idle. It is in fact harder on the engine than not starting it at all. The oil never gets hot enough to vaporize any crankcase moisture. Cummins has addressed this question many times.
  7. This accents the importance of annual cleaning, testing, and inspecting LP appliances. How many do? I admit, I do not clean and inspect my LP furnaces, everything else, yes.
  8. Yea, out West most such interstate areas have a wind sock to warn of high wind on the other side of the bluff/hill. Nothing however beats the gray matter between our ears. As a general rule, the longer the rear overhang, the more handling is negatively affected. Extended passenger vans still carry that warning today.
  9. Yes I do; college kids need little excuse to party. What better place than sun, sand and surf? Spring break doesn't have to be from a classroom.:)
  10. Today all diesel fuel contains some percentage of biodiesel. Two percent is the minimum necessary to replace lost lubricity during the refining process that removes sulfur, and the most effective according to the industry. Biodiesel begins to stratify/go bad in as little as 30 days. Biodiesel also has a natural affinity to attract moisture. A partially-filled tank leaves room for natural convection cooling and heating of the air in the tank. This condenses moisture in the air, which naturally settles to the tank bottom. During long term storage IMO it is best to use Biobor or another brand algaeside as a preventative measure, this is much cheaper and less work than dealing with clogged fuel filters after the fact. It should be used in the proper proportion for maximum effectiveness according to the mfgr. Until this year I never used any additive for diesel fuel, but since our MH has only been driven 600 miles this year the ounce of Biobor to treat 100G is cheap insurance against having an algae problem to fight when the MH is once again driven. As to lubricity, this ISO lubricity additive study should be interesting reading. Perhaps the single best thing to do for keeping a diesel engine running smoothly is change fuel filters per mfgrs schedule or annually whichever comes first; and of course when the WIF light illuminates. I changed by filters that only had 600 miles of fuel through them, again a preventative measure, after the fuel distributor module in the main pump failed in July.
  11. Up the middle of Florida the RV park rates are approx. 1/2 the rates within 20 miles of either shore.. Check out the RV parks near Lake Okeechobee's north side. We stay at Ft. Myers Beach which is $$$$, but DW likes it there. well, except for spring break/March. During March there are at least 10 colleges on spring break, with Florida beaches the destination.
  12. She never gave up, even after surviving 4 bouts with cancer prior this one. Never missed a court session during all that.
  13. The 8 million dollar fine makes for an expensive party.
  14. That is the one I bought from Amazon instead of the cheaper one I linked to, thanks. I like the light level, bright enough to see by, low enough to not bother a sensitive neighbor.
  15. The refrigerator uses 12V power on LP as well as 120VAC, to power the circuit board, light, and any automatic defrost heaters in the fridge. Count on running the genset in the morning while making coffee and breakfast, then retracting awning and slide.
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