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  1. When we visited Boston we stayed 45 miles away south in a CG and drove in parked and used the shuttle, we parked in their lot. When we did NY City we stayed in Jersey City at Liberty RV Park and walked 6 blocks to the Path subway and took it into Manhattan. Denny
  2. What size wire Ford is using I haven't looked and I'm not going to open up a sealed wiring harness to find out because it works and doesn't need fixing. The smallest gauge wire our trailer has is the umbilical cord that feeds the trailer and it's #12 the rest is #10 into the trailer. Do I get voltage drop from the truck charging system to the trailer batteries sure but that's the nature of DC current but it's not great enough to cause any major problems, running the freezer off the inverter I will see 12.6 to 12.8 volts with a small grain with the compressor and truck running but it will go up to 13+ when the compressor cycles off with the truck running, I've run the thing all day long going down the road and it's always the same so it's not going to worry about it. One thing I found when running a compressor style frig going down the road is if the unit is in the back of the trailer like my dorm frig is located the bouncing way in the back came cause the compressor to hydrolock from oil getting into the compressor section, you can't compressor a liquid. It didn't happen often but it did happen a few times until I stopped running it when in motion. What I'm sure is happening when the trailer going over dips and bumps causing the oil in the crankcase fly up and get pulled into the compressor locking it up. I got it to restart by waiting for the thermal overload in the motor windings to reset and then bumping the compressor by plugging and unplugging it a few times to get it to run, when it did start I could tell by the chatter that it had oil in the cylinders. The 15 year old freezer that is more to the front of the trailer where the ride is better has never had a problem in the 10 years of running it off a inverter in motion. I've never looked at a cutaway of the newer rotory compressors being used and they may fair better than the piston type. Denny
  3. When you are taking about DC to DC converters it's using a power source that puts out a higher voltage and then converters to drop it down at the point of usage to a lower voltage. As with both AC and DC current the higher the voltage the less amps so smaller wire size can be used or use the same size wire with less voltage drop. Your DC compressor on your refrigerator is a AC compressor with a dedicated inverter built into it so it will run on DC unless something else has come out sence the last time I looked. Denny
  4. I don't know what GM or Ram are using but my last two Fords with trailer towing packages have a 30 amp charging circuit going to the plug and our present 2013 will keep the batteries charged going down the road with the freezer running and supplying power to the disk brakes or anything else running back there when needed. Will it pull power from the batteries when the compressor is running yes but the compressor doesn't run continuously so the batteries will charge back up during the off cycle. I've confirmed this by watching the digital inverter readout over the last few years. We also dry camp when traveling and the next day while going down the road the batteries still stay charged even with the freezer being off all night so it needed more run time. I'm running two of the biggest Optima Blue tops made. Denny
  5. I run a chest freezer and at times a dorm refrigerator going down the road and my 2013 F350 has no problem keeping the batteries charged up I'm not sure how it would do if the batteries were down from the start but when starting out with fully charged it's fine with my Ford. Denny
  6. The frig is easy to figure out by disconnecting shore power and see if the light comes on when the frig door is opened, light comes on you have inverter power. I think all pickups coming from the factory with towing packages have 12V power to the 7 pin plug, to verify yours is working disconnect shore power and plug trailer into truck with it running and see if your battery voltage raises. Not sure on Ram but on Ford there has to be a supplied relay and fuse installed for the 12V power to work. Denny
  7. I'm just going to post one time on this. We both got the Pfizer double shot when we got back to our home base in late April only because we travel and will be back on the road again for the winter shortly. The wife had very few side affects but me as usual I've just now have gotten past all the side affects I've been dealing with (do the math on length of time it's taken me) so if someone doesn't want to get the shot because they know they have side affects from variations don't you can trust me on that it's very nasty. If they want us to get a booster they will get the middle finger from me because life is to short to lose a summer agian. If they won't let you in some place just go elsewhere they don't need your business or they think they don't. There are some of us that just can't tolerate meds or vacanations especially unproven ones, we know are bodies not someone PRACTICING medicine, we have to be our own advocates when it comes to our health, I know what's best for my body and will not listen to any so called experts again. Denny
  8. Last year we replaced our 16ft and window awning material with Shade Pro, it's easy to get the right size if you follow the measuring instructions on there web site. Plenty of how to sites on the internet. Denny
  9. Just a guess but it sounds like the pump is working against a jam so something jamming it so it can't move. It's a hydralic slide so it's probably a Quick Draw mechanism that had sold out to Lipert years ago. If you just want to get it out remove the covers under the bed so you can get to the mechanism and disconnect the cylinder and move the slide out, you may also see what's jamming it. I'm almost sure that using the pump manually will only work to bring the slide in. Denny
  10. One positive thing from running GY tires I've learned what to look for before one of my tires self destructs and damages our trailer. Denny
  11. On our first set of G614 tires one had its tread completely come off causing trailer damage, second set I found another one going the same way before it came apart. Two of our G114 tires out of four had broken belts before they were 4 years old, for the price they should last longer than that, we went with Saliuns for less than half the price and will replace them every 4 years and be money ahead. Denny
  12. With the experience I've had with GY G614 G tires and GY G114 17.5 H tires I wont own another set. Denny
  13. Maybe it's because your tires were already balanced properly, in my case they weren't and so the beads and wheel weights didn't work together. Anything I put tires on now have beads with no weights. Denny
  14. If you have both balancing beads and weights it won't work, you have to have one or the other not both. On our last set of tires on our DRW we had a bad balancing job so I installed beads without removing the weights and it made it worse so I removed the weights and all was fine. Denny
  15. The amp draw is directly related to how hard the unit is working, the higher the head presure the higher the amp draw. From what you are describing you have a air leak between the outlet and return. You have to remove the inside cover to inspect the ductwork to make sure you aren't mixing air at the unit. Denny
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