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  1. By looking at that it looks like you could loosen the fitting and turn it so it would stop the crimping all together. Denny
  2. Sounds to me like you have a bad battery, when you pull the shore power check the battery voltage. Denny
  3. First everything works unless you are moving so that eliminates all the obvious things. Remove the lower burner covers so you can see it and make sure it's clean, along with the flame sensor and the air inlet for the burner. Unlike when you are sitting still everything has to be in really good condition or it won’t light when moving, also make sure all the burner shields are in place so the only air comes in the bottom of the burner not the side. After that check the LP regulator, same thing it has to right or it won't light when moving. Denny
  4. All I can say is not all sidewalls and end caps are made the same so no one method will work every unit. It depends on the quality of the materials used when it was built. If the sidewalls were never cleaned and waxed from new then you will never get them to a new condition no matter what you to it. Denny
  5. To get back to your original guesting when we first retired at 56 and 51 we had individual health plans that where high deductible plans tailored to our needs and HSA amounts to cover deductibles if needed and we were happy with them. Then after Obamacare they went away and we ended up in the unaffordable Obama nightmare, we are both on Medicare now. Now that the individual mandate is gone you should be able to find coverage with a high deductible and taylored more to your needs, it won't be cheap but nothing is anymore. Basically what we had was major medical but after the deductible we had 100% coverage including RX but guess it wasn't good enough. Denny
  6. Yes it's getting time to leave SC Nebraska. It was 39' here this morning and only getting to 46' today with off and on rain. Denny
  7. Just watch or read the news and there's always someone promoting doom and gloom for what reason who knows.
  8. You can't cheat the test πŸ˜„ I used to take a Rolaids all the time and raw onions were my enemy but now that I have myself regulated I can eat them or about anything else but I prefer not to eat raw onions because I don't like then unless they are cooked, no more Rolaids unless I eat hot peppers. Denny
  9. Yes it's a 90 day average or look back, I investigated it get a better understanding on what's going on. When your body has excess glucose in the blood stream it binds to the red blood cells and and stops there ability to transfer glucose to the body. Red blood cell are replaced every 90 days with new ones so the whole cycle starts over again. So if you control your glucose level your average will come down over a 90 day period or stay constant if you have it under control. I have to stay away from or consume in moderation simple carbs like rice, potatoes and processed wheat and replace them with complex carbs or foods with high dietary fiber to offset the carbs, we've become label readers. Denny
  10. Yes we wear masks where required. My A1C stays between 6 and 5.9 with diet alone and I'm still able to have a few beers when desired πŸ˜ƒ My biggest tool I used to figure out what I can eat is a cheap meter I bought at Walmart. I really wish more effort would be put toward risk factors instead of body count not that people would do anything different but you could only hope. Denny
  11. I don't think that someone already going to die of other causes should be included in the numbers. I would like to see the smoker numbers and related heath problems published so maybe it would convince some people to change their ways but I don't think it would do any good. I was a volunteer Firefighter & EMT for 26 years and my wife was a EMT so we've been practicing good hygiene for years and for years we have been carrying hand sanitizer in our vehicles and used it after being in ESPECIALLY big box stores because even though people may look clean and well keep you just don't know how they live. After riding a rescue unit and being in peoples homes I can tell you some live like pigs and you wouldn't know it from their appearance and they are usually constantly sick from something, we called them frequent flyers and they tend to spread it around to everyone else. Another thing we learned from being EMTs is take control of your own heathcare and be caucuses of what drugs you are taking. More than ounce we have picked people up that were in severe distress and we weren't sure if we would get them to the ER soon enough but it saved their lives because we always collected all their meds and the ER doctor was a fresh set of eyes and any times their problem was the drugs they were taking and nothing else. Anything that beats your system down opens you up for other health problems especially viruses. Here's a example of controlling your own healthcare, last year I had my A1C checked for the first time (I didn't even know what A1C was) and it was very high. The first thing they did was drugs to control it but before I started taking them we looked up the side affects (the internet can be useful) and what it did to the kidneys was not a good thing so we completely changed our diet and in 3 months it was normal and still is with no drugs and the only side affect is I lost 20lbs and my blood pressure is a little lower but it wasn't a problem before that. We are going to travel this fall leaving in October and will be with two other couples that we trust until November but because of this virus we changed our plans to stay away from crowded areas and mostly stay to ourselves then we will head to Yuma and social distant ourselves there. We will only have to change a few things from our normal activities in years past but very doable. Staying locked up and not being active is not good for anyone and can lead to many other problems so be safe but don't go into painic mode because that's what your supposed to do according to all the taking heads and people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, I just don't fall for all that crap. And yes I know it's a serious virus but I'm not letting it contol my life. Denny
  12. I know it's not a simple cold but I beleave the numbers are being skewed to cause more panic than is warrantied. Denny
  13. What I would like to see in the death toll is how many were in nursing homes, how many were smokers, how many had COPD, how many were so old and frail that a good cold would have finished them off and how many were false positives. Denny
  14. I guess the one thing that stands out from our 14 years of retired traveling is we kept our payed for house but was always thinking we would find that special place that where would settle when our traveling days are done. But after 49 states, 9 Canadian province's and two month long ventures into Mexico we haven't found it and now started slowly upgraded things at our house so it will be ready when we stop traveling but we have no plays to stop wondering around in the near future. Denny
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