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  1. Yes, there are a lot of businesses that still believe in taking care of their customers. Now, an ethical question for you. There is no right or wrong answer. Do you keep the name of this shop secret so that you can return there for other work later on, or do you share it with all of us so that we can support their business, too? As I said, there is no right or wrong answer. All too often we are quick to call out a shop that does something wrong, while we never praise those that go the extra mile. Just knowing the general location of this one is bound to help someone in the future. Th
  2. I see several different issues here, and the answers to each of them will determine what is feasible for you. First, how often and how far are you moving each time? The smaller the number of moves and the shorter the distance makes renting/hiring a better deal than owning. Second, how often are you returning to the same campgrounds? Do any of those campgrounds offer long-term leases? Check out the Escapees Co-ops and parks that offer long-term rentals. Third, are you permitted to leave an unattended RV on the site? Not all parks allow that. If you can find some that permit it in
  3. We visited BB a couple of years ago. We ended up staying some distance away, since it was Christmas time and we thought we'd be able to talk to our children. NO cell service in BB for the most part. Also, at that time there were few campgrounds with hookups. Do plan on spending a fair amount of time there, though. We spent three days and that wasn't enough. We'll be back.
  4. The first winter we spent in our Foretravel we made sure that all vents and the skylight were well covered. Then we noticed the moisture inside. A friendly Foretraveler told us to get rid of all that stuff and leave the bathroom vent open at least a little bit all the time. We've been doing that and no more excess moisture. Sometimes we will close the bathroom vent while showering, but always open it up and turn the fan on afterward.
  5. We bought our current towed while on the road. No problem, other than SD requires two license places, and TN only has one, so the dealer only took one off the trade-in. I had to go back and get the second plate. Then I had to add a front license plate holder to the car ($80). The biggest shock to the dealer was that SD sales tax was so much less than TN. The selling dealer insisted that we had to pay the sales tax, so I insisted that it be the SD tax. All went through without any difficulties. TN dealer was impressed.
  6. When we moved to the Ozarks in 1998 we looked at several properties. One place looked really good to us, until we drove farther down the road. The road ended in a very run-down "dump" of a couple of old buildings, a few old campers, and a couple of old mobile homes. There were maybe 10-12 dwelling units there. The only way in or out of that place was past the property we were looking at. Remember, this was 1998, and Y2K was a big thing. We decided to pass on that place. We bought our Foretravel in 2013, went full-time in 2014, sold the farm in 2015, and never looked back. We traveled with
  7. Does anyone have this policy? SilverScript SmartRx (PDP) Aetna Medicare | Plan ID: S5601-200-0 If so, what are your thoughts? I take only one prescription medication, and if I use their mail-order service there is no cost to me other than the monthly premium, which is half of what I'm currently paying. If I get the pills at Wal-Mart the cost to me is only $1/month. What am I missing here?
  8. Look at all the factors that are important to YOU and make your own decision. We've been SD residents for several years now, and just this year renewed our drivers licenses. Even with the COVID nonsense we were able to easily do the renewal - in person. While we got a lot at The Ranch last year for wintering, we really enjoyed visiting SD for more time this year, and plan to do more there.
  9. Just to add to the confusion, SD full-timers cannot legally buy a new handgun. SD requires a 30-day stay at a permanent address, NOT a State Park, mail forwarding service, etc. We're SD residents, and no go. (Of course, there is a shortage of suitable handguns and ammo now, but that's a different issue.) We're in WY right now, and talked to a retired LEO who works in a sporting goods store.We can legally buy a long gun here as long as we also buy a one-day hunting permit! I guess the State has to make some money somehow.
  10. Some thoughts. They are worth every penny you pay for them. First, how many people and pets in the RV? One adult, no pets, no problem. Two adults, two large dogs, might be a problem. Second, many people look at a Class B as a van, not a motor home. When you need/want to go somewhere you have to pack for travel. With nothing on the site, it may look like it is available to someone else. We know a couple who full-time in a 1973 Dodge van conversion (an early Class B). They have a screen tent that they set up, putting a table, two folding chairs, small fridge, etc. in it. That clearly i
  11. If it is warm enough to need a/c we run the generator and one or both roof-top units. That, of course, also provides power for the residential refrigerator. If it is cool enough to not need a/c then I turn the inverter on and power the refrigerator that way.
  12. I can attest to the helpfulness of the people in SD. We've been SD residents and full-timers since 2015. This summer we had to renew drivers licenses. Due to the COVID situation then, we couldn't get in in Sioux Falls, where we are officially residents, but when we mentioned that we were heading up to ND, they suggested the Aberdeen office. You can renew up to 180 days before your birthday. We took that to be six months, and showed up a couple of days too soon. No matter, the manager was able to override the computer and get the license issued.
  13. That may be true for some parks, but not all. It depends on what the roads are like and what the campsites are like. Some older parks can't handle anything longer in the campground. Some parks have some natural features that limit vehicle size. Call some that you would be interested in and ask.
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