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  1. When I get on our property I will need a storage building. Think I will use Lincoln block for it. All the prefabbed sheds costly. Can make a first hand judgement then for house
  2. I like it too. But in my 70's do I really want to be staining or painting my house? Think this is biggest concern. I really like the simplicity of the modular block build though.
  3. Electrical I don't see a problem. One typically drills holes in studs. I would go up and over. More wire. I also think I would paint the outside. Believe that hold up better. But goggle says paint house every 5-7 years. Stain and seal might hold up just as good. I might talk myself out thinking about that.
  4. I do also. DW I believe likes it also. She loves wood. Their blocks are pine but a cedar stain would look great. I plan on tongue and groove ceiling.
  5. yes. They have a complete floor plan, windows, door roof complete 25X33'. Call it the Rambler. 2 bedroom. Not decided if I want 2 bedrooms. Sofa makes a doable bed.
  6. I would do concrete floor with floating tile and might use wood cedar look? Too much wood?
  7. 24'X30' X8' $13380 blocks only. Add glue/caulking and spray foam. Need to get updated price but same building with 10' walls metal, concrete, 2 windows, 3 ft door $20,000. Still have to stud out for interior, spray foam, drywall or wood. Includes a 30' long porch also.
  8. Yes going to due math. I intend to due wood inside and no drywall anyway.
  9. Only downside I see is maintenance on the outside.
  10. As many know I am considering building small home on our property. Came across Lincoln Block. intrigued. Your thoughts. No sheetrock to hang. Easy to build.
  11. My motor stripped out. it runs, nothing moves. Awning can be rolled out by hand. actually just start it and goes out own its own. Takes 2 people to roll back up. I put ty wraps on it. My spring may be good. with the motor stripped out I don't think there is anything to keep it from unwinding.
  12. My spring and motor bad on mine now. Think spring has been bad. Wife and I rolled it back up and I tie wrapped it
  13. Would not for my Teton. Pin weight would get it. But it is a sweet towing rig.
  14. Don't know about that, ramps get heavy and awkward.
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