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  1. Yes. It's cool to the touch. However much insulation you have in your roof will determine how much cooling it does. Well insulated roof be little difference.
  2. GlennWest

    Frame Mod

    I am not advising this, but if I had to cut just out where Hitch legs go and weld it in there. Actually making it strong again. Only if you intend to use that Hitch forever with your truck. I would sell it and get an ET though.
  3. GlennWest

    Frame Mod

    Pictures no show. Most put Hitch at the end of chassis. Backs better. Leaving tandem, extend frame.
  4. GlennWest

    Frame Mod

    Ok, will the height be good? Most campers need around 47ish inches.
  5. GlennWest

    Frame Mod

    I would not narrow the truck frame. Will weaken that area. Now can you bring it in from back? That is the way ET Hitch goes in.
  6. Yes, being off for a year really hurt my plans. This is a good company and should be back at it soon.
  7. No, I'm working 12 hour days now. Have to wait till some time off.
  8. Have to get a clamp on meter. I suspect starter but wiring could be corroded inside. Spins great normally. Thanks guys.
  9. Actually we can now run our Teton on 30 amp service. Both acs running. Can't run dryer and microwave at same time though. And I agree if not using solar electricity saved is non issue. We are forced to be in hot humid areas. That's where all my work is.
  10. On my last trip we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs and bathroom break. Went to fire up the ole freightshaker and it turned slowly but hard. Like plenty of juice but too much load. Tried again same. Waited a short time and then spun good. Done same a few years ago and I assumed weak batteries. Changed them. All had been good. All my batteries connections are good. Went over that while in Huntsville.
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