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  1. I click on it and goes to a wrong turn site with chromebook. works with my android phone. It was supposed to be on site. Used the link Jack made.
  2. Well still didn't work but thanks.
  3. Wonder why that didn't work?
  4. https://i.imgur.com/TxOLAhVl.jpg
  5. Truck is working now. What I ended up doing is just forgetting the bolt. Where it is cross bracket directly above it so drill out is just not possible with dropping trans. So came off of top plate bolt close to sensor. Found a bracket I could use and put a 1/4" bolt with a min of threads protruding. That set in bolt hole in sensor bracket. Put a little bow in breaker so it pushed down sensor bracket tightly. Can't spin due to bolt thread sitting in hole. Good and tight. Little redneck but it works.
  6. Got the sensor out today. Worked on that bolt most of day. If I had electricity I would weld a bolt to it. Had decided to just leave and drill and tap new bolt hole. Bracket doesn't clear bolt so it got to come out or at least chiseled off. Back at it tomorrow.
  7. Mine was different from yours. The ISR is held together with bolts. They are only 1" or so. With them out it will collapse. Until I enlarged pic thought you had the same model. The tubular design is an improvement.
  8. The bolts holding it together broke. The ones on the sides. It wasn't overloaded either. Was at max though. Mine was the ISR model. 20k.
  9. I got one of those hitches and it actually fell apart. Bought new bolts and put back together. Got rid of it
  10. Wonder how much effort is required to pedal. Like older person with bad knees.
  11. Would have to be air. No electricity yet
  12. Do believe mine was original. Bracket than holds it in rusted away. Little of bolt head left. It not out either. Need to check out second sensor. It working though. Might should leave it alone. Picked up an old push mower and cutting that grass. It's high. Be easy with a bush hog but don't have one. That taking up my time.
  13. Got the broken off sensor soaking. It doesn't want to come out. I could break it out I reckon. Probably not mess with it until pick up new sensor. Been cleaning up property. Lot of work there.
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