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  1. what is IO and goggle? list the site for me please
  2. I use a metabo blade. Cuts straighter and faster.
  3. The Yahoo Tetoner's site is shut down. Now that site is on facebook. So will have to use facebook to get on that forum.
  4. Found this park HDT friendly. Classy Rv park, Huntsville TX. 3580 TX-19
  5. GlennWest

    Classy RV Park

    Tried before and didn't happened. Submitted.
  6. I would leave room for chains or socks.
  7. i use white tape. same results
  8. For a side awning that is good. Lockup was asking about using it as a topper. Would need to have a latch that easily detaches in case one forgets and runs slide out. What you think of a couple of strong magnets? I have a 2" magnet holding my camera and metal mount at the hitch. It holds good. Two I think would hold a panel.
  9. While I see nothing wrong with your idea, you would need to secure it in travel. If not it would bang on side of your Teton. If you forget and run slide out, uh oh. Also would it damage panel resting on slide out flange as it goes in or out? Really like the idea except for that. Now if you secured it with a strong magnet, think it would release without to much stress on panel? With all that area one could put 6k or more solar on there. I can get 4k just on roof top.
  10. GlennWest

    Classy RV Park

    We came here to work on our property. We really like this park. It is actually in Riverside TX but is listed as Huntsville Tx. Has 90+ sires. They are all far apart. Has plenty of parking space. I have our Teton in, DW Durango, My Smart and My Freightshaker all on our site. Gravel and rock and very solid surface. Hilly country. $390.00 and that includes everything. Excellent wifi. Cable. No swimming pool though. Which that fine for wife and I. Definitely HDT friendly. Owner came and recorded us unloading Smart. Very friendly. Fellow fulltimer couple own it. They live on property. Owner actually guided us in. Helped us level. Are some permanent rv here. Now summer months could get very hot here but winter, fall and spring nice. Air is very fresh here. Far enough away from Houston to get out of refinery pollution. jfyi
  11. GlennWest


    Not hard at all. Freightliner offered both 6 axle and 4 axle so both boxes are on the market. I got a used one on a truck used parts site. Don't remember site though. Simply unmount box and install other. Remove the extra abs cables if they still there. Mine is underneath on passenger site railing.
  12. GlennWest


    On my old Freightshaker, when I singled, no abs. Had to change to a 4 axle box. If I added back an axle I would still have 4 wheel abs. So front axle would lock. Don't know about your truck abs though
  13. GlennWest


    Interesting. Does just 1 axle lock down? If so it needs sensors.
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