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  1. Chad, do you remember the bolt size on the shunt? It rather short for multiple lugs. Would like to put a stud in it if I can find one. Maybe cut a bolt and make a stud. Now I put a fuse on each end for connecting lugs. I could get a piece of copper and drill holes but stud easier and less connections.
  2. Interesting it doesn't show a 3 battery setup. It is all in pairs. Mine not.
  3. It is in my generator area on my Teton. Only the chassis steel in the fifth wheel area is there. There is steel there. Go to Victron Community and there are several posts concerning this. Even state they can see inverters and such but not smart shunt unless right close to it.
  4. All ways thought expensive phones was a rich mans cup of tea. I always buy cheaper phones. Paid about 90.00 dollars for mine. But back to the smart shunt. Poor bluetooth is a known problem. All over the Victron community. Wished I had went there before buying. One stated you should be able to use the bluetooth dongle and use it. But that is more money for something that is advertised to work. My first Victron product sucks.
  5. Jay I think you are right about the phone. It is a cheap one. It is brand new though. Walmart special for prepaid verizon. Chromebook sees it good. Just goes to 80% and starts over.
  6. Well downloaded on Chromebook. Chromebook shows signal but won't connect at all. What are you all doing with different devices?
  7. Just got mine set up and have to go to bedroom directly above it to access it with app. Cannot connect from living room. Is this normal? If so I regret getting it.
  8. My negative side is no longer daisy chained. removed cables and ran separate #4 to shunt, 3 cables. Positive side is still daisy chained. May change. Came off daisy chained with 2 2/0 cables to buss bar. Positive post easy to get to. at top of batteries.
  9. John I still had a #4 on the battery that difficult to get to. So what I did was hook up negative side with #4 from each battery to shunt. My bms max out at 100 amps each. So total of 300 amps of 48v. Actual voltage is 58v. My positive side is currently daisy chained with 2/0. Hooked up shunt with dual #2/0. My change back with 3 individual hots to buss bar. I was hooking up my victron smart shunt. Little disappointed in it. Sitting in living room my phone don't connect to it. Have to go to bedroom directly over it to get signal. Move to living room and loose it.
  10. Way my batteries are installed getting to end negative is a lot of trouble. Would it be acceptable to pull from center battery. The three are wired in parallel. I know both opposite ends is best
  11. Just goggled that and it is a 240v unit.
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