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  1. I would have had to take a cut in pay to be a foreman. Pipe welders pay considerbly more than foreman. We and General foreman about same wages. On a side note, the AWS (american welding society) states only 30% pass CWI test the first time. That is why I paying for a 2 week class before taking test. Also just ordered the code book and will be studing until class time mid October.
  2. They are not unlimited for hotspot. So no tv streaming.
  3. That's funny but very true. Most QC I know are on the heavy side. Lol. I really should have done this years ago
  4. I have welded since 1975. It getting hard to get in places i need to now. Well I still get in there but pay for it afterwards. Decided to pursue getting my CWI which is certified welding inspector. Lots of book work and testing for the next 2 months. Maybe this virus issue be over by then and my industry can get back to work. It will mean more money and more office work than field work.
  5. I still use the commercial trailer plug also. Just rewired it for rv. Lots more robust connection.
  6. I use my gladhands. Got air over hydraulic brakes.
  7. You must not be listening to the news.
  8. I went thru 2 Rand McNally's before I swore them off. Neither lasted very long. Garmins always held up well. But I really like CoPolit truck.
  9. Wife and I will drive to Huntsville and vote. Mail in votes are problematic. It's my civic duty.
  10. CoPilot truckers gps is what we use on a 8" tablet.
  11. I never had a claim on rv but they know we full time and policy is for full time. Don't see where there would be an issuse.
  12. Insurance company asks where it will be garaged. I say we full time. Then asks again. I say, well, it maybe there sometime. Good enough. We are Texans though. My Teton never been on that property though. It may
  13. Didn't really want an older truck but looks like that would be best for a daily commute.
  14. Now Phil, nowhere on my license does it say non commercial. Just DL Class A.
  15. NO. Texas offers a DL class A, B and C. They also have a class of CDL but i know little about them
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