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  1. I believe there are a lot of people towing illegally. I can see a full size dually, toolbox loaded down, 3 fifth wheel that easily weighs 26k. That is actually the only reason we need the Class A is weight
  2. Not if you ask for a driver's license. That is actually what I did. Asked for a Class A Driving License. He asked why I needed it. Towing over 26000 lbs. he says OK.
  3. Be selling mine around early December with smart car if wanted. Set up to haul on bed. Got large storage boxes.
  4. We going to stay with gas. We will be on the east part of NC. Every so many years we loose power from hurricanes. Sometimes from ice storm. That gas stop top be sweet then.
  5. It would require a 20 amp breaker. Not sure how much trouble to pull a wire would be. It is on a slide out and breaker box on opposite side. The Dometic is a 1400 watt unit. It may work on a 15 amp circuit. 1800 watt is max for 15 amp
  6. Most I find are 2 burners. Personally think that be fine but DW wants to stay with 3.
  7. But we have DL driving license. There is no commercial wording in this. And as long as we use these for our personal use, not profit, no CDL needed. You confuse people with commercial wording. We are not commercial and should not be concerned about it
  8. We have an Amanda stove top and igniters no longer work and parts are no longer available. Mine is 21 ish" wide and opening can't be changed easily. Is the Surburban the better unit or Atwood.
  9. Please quit calling it non commercial license. It is a Class B DL or a Class A DL.
  10. GlennWest

    chevy/gmc 4500

    And if not in hurry you can get mine
  11. Couldn't get it replaced. Using pedestal one now
  12. When I get to NC I know some body shops so may paint it before sealing. Probably sell 2017 Smart car with it
  13. Storm coming so parts haven't come in yet so rolled up awning. Motor is locked up. Didn't remove it but had to remove arm from motor to roll up.
  14. But it is just a Class A DL. Nothing more.
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