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  1. No new Corona cases for 105 days in the whole country. Then four cases turn up in one city. They shut it down with a lockdown in one city. Excerpt: "New Zealand’s biggest city Auckland will be shut down from midday on Wednesday after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned four new cases of coronavirus had emerged. The country had achieved a record 102 days of no new transmissions and has been widely held up internationally as the model on how to beat the virus with the strictest regulations in the world. Citizens in Auckland will be expected to work from home unless they are essential workers, and schools will close, as will bars, cafes and restaurants until the end of the week. Ardern said in a televised press conference, “We’re asking people in Auckland to stay home to stop the spread. “Act as if you have COVID, and as though people around you have COVID.” Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/new-zealand-moves-fast-to-lock-down-auckland-after-surprise-covid-outbreak-following-weeks-of-no-cases-2020-08-11
  2. It's simple. If everyone looked at this as war, and everyone wears masks period except at home. No BBQs with others, shut down all activities, and if folks won't wear a mask then initiate a curfew. I have zero sympathy with the lame excuses. Excerpt: "1. New Zealand On June 8, New Zealand announced that the last of its coronavirus patients had recovered with its health officials saying there were no active cases of Covid-19 in the country. The Pacific island nation reported just over 1500 corona patients including 22 who died. The country had enforced a strict lockdown for nearly seven weeks, in which most businesses were shut and everyone except essential workers had to stay at home. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced lifting of all coronavirus measures in the country from June 9, barring border closure restrictions." Source with the other 8 of nine countries who've beaten the virus in their country. Notice what and how and how long and enforcement level: https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/9-countries-including-new-zealand-are-now-covid-19-free-heres-the-list/ar-BB15gn9Q Get ready as the Sturgis group bikes back to every corner of our country.
  3. Thanks, that's why I asked. No harm no foul.
  4. Kirk, I'm confused by your response. What medical facts was I trying to change with that non political joke meme? I agree with Dr. Fauci and know that his recommendations are facts, and have nothing to do with how anyone votes. Please don't stir up the partisanship. I tell anyone who disagrees with the science to please show me their degrees and their years doing biomedical lab work. Or the links to peer reviewed professional's papers and recommendations. As well if one says they just know I ask them for the location of their laboratory so they can show their proof. I also don't go with just one doctor or scientist. I look for peer reviewed papers and discussions when I am looking for which doc is reporting real testing and findings not when I find two who disagree. People who say they have friends and relatives who said that same thing goes. If you want to mention yours or the politics of others, please feel free to email me for my phone number. Then we can cuss, discuss, but just not here against the SKPs rules. Thanks.
  5. I can't believe that the ULA is still launching using Putin's Russian RD-180 rocket engines and got these contracts! And instead of building their own rocket engines, or buying them from the worlds largest small rocket engine manufacturer, Space X, and soon to be the largest large engine maker too. Instead of building their own engines and vehicles like Musk and Space X did, they are using Jeff Bezos Blue Origin engines? Why not just use Space X until the ULA builds and tests and gets certified their own engines, or award the contracts directly to Blue Origin? So we will still have a dependency on Russia! Why not just use Blue Origin directly? We've seen that Boeing can't even do their old job of building jet planes without covering up problems leading to the crashes of their new 737s. So it makes sense they pretend to build rocket engines. Excerpt: "The firm fixed-price, indefinite delivery Phase Two contracts under the Pentagon's National Security Space Launch Services initiative are aimed at securing reliable, flexible and lower-cost access to space while ending the nation's reliance on the Russian RD-180 engine used in ULA's workhorse Atlas 5 rocket. During an afternoon Zoom briefing from the Pentagon, Roper said he could not discuss anything about the nature of the classified payloads that will be launched in the first three missions or which rockets will carry them. ULA is building a powerful, partially reusable new rocket, the Vulcan Centaur, that eventually will replace the company's Atlas 5 and Delta 4 boosters. The new rocket features Blue Origin's high-power BE-4 methane-oxygen engine in its first stage and a hydrogen-burning Aerojet Rocketdyne Centaur upper stage engine." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/spacex-united-launch-alliance-big-winners-in-pentagon-launch-contracts/
  6. Bill, I had to look that up never having heard of the Gram. Ten years ago I knew all the major models of each brand. Nice looking Ultrabook!
  7. Prudence. I was a professional Medical Laboratory Technologist for several years in the USAF, not a phlebotomist which is all most see who send it off but the guy who drew blood as only a small part of our tasks . I did all of the hematology, parasitology, chemistry, urinalysis, pathology, cultures identification of organisms and sensitivity testing to various antibiotics. And mush more. I also served as our hospital infection control officer and did agar plates on surfaces and then saw what was growing and where. Daniel Moynihan said once that: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts." Here are the facts about droplet and airborne infection vectors. 1. Covid19 is passed by droplet infection. It is passed from person to person from just talking within a few feet, six feet being the standard cited. That was vital to know if it was just droplet infection from talking. Good video here showing droplets: https://www.inverse.com/mind-body/video-shows-how-far-droplets-spray#:~:text=A speaker shows how droplets are released during,single human hair is about 90 microns across). Here is one that has specific recommendations for PPE. But at 18 minutes many won't watch out in the world due to mixing up pathogens with politics. Politics has no place here, nor in Covid19 discussions. My son and wife are entering civil service and will fly to Germany in September with their kids. All we can do is hope. They are both nurses and my DIL works with Covid19 ICU patient overflow. She is a surgical ICU nurse. My son is an ortho surgery and clinic nurse, both BSRNs. That was a 12 hour flight last time I flew it in the 90s many times while assigned there for seven years. Jet lag was a bitch. Our grand-kids ages 2 and 5, are now wearing masks outdoors and doing well. I stay home except for windshield tours with my wife in our new car just to break the monotony.and my wife does the food shopping, we do masks outdoors and since I wear hearing aids behind my ears, I even leave mine on in the car if I have a second stop to make because it is a pain to get the elastics around my ears just right where my receiving microphones aren't blocked by my glasses or elastics. So sometimes, since once it is on and situated right for my hearing, and is comfortable, I am too lazy to take it on and off. I always wore and wear a mask when mowing anyway so when folks walk by I am masked too. It is beneficial that we are new here and have only one friend here from SKPs we've met, and another staying in Denver and understands our no visits or visiting personal policies.
  8. My Surface Pro 7 finally updated last Wednesday as well as my other systems. Today the Surface Pro 4 got it. The Surface Go is the only one left. A couple of days ago I had a failed post 2004 small update and after several tries it installed. I had some issues from the 2004 update with my big 2720 AIO not opening MS Weather app, and my mouse clicks intermittently not working. That little update fixed all of the issues it had after installing 2004. My Go was designed for Windows X I think it was but I immediately switched it to Windows 10. So maybe it's their last priority.
  9. I've talked about Tesla and Starlink as investments along with Space X development here. OK now after several hundred miles owning and driving it, my Model Y gets more fun by the day. My back does not want the Model 3 and my savings account does not want the Model X. Here is a review from a guy who has a leased a Model X that will be returned in a couple of months, who bought the new Model Y and does an in depth video side by side comparison. For the three people interested here it is. I agree with him. But it is nice to hear it from a Model X owner.
  10. My 5000 shares in ACB turned into 416.67 shares. Worst investment of my life so far. However so was Tesla the first two years. But at least they did not split pro or con, and I had my 1000 shares. We don't lose money or make money until we sell, barring bankruptcy. Lots of folks would sell now and cut their losses. Of course it would have to sell at ~$105-110 for me to make a decent profit. Likelihood? Slim, not none. I remember waiting for TEsla to go to over $100 so I could take my money off the table and still have over 800 shares. I knew we had shares bought for us for an inheritance and it was more than 300 shares or so. If it makes it and the US goes full federal legal, and controls them only like liquor stores, I could see the tide turning.
  11. If I sold mine now I'd lose about $30k. So I'm holding. But if it becomes federally legal could be good. I'd hold off on Marijuana stocks for at least another few months. If I knew what I know now I would hold off. A good upcoming bet would be to look for Musk to spin off Starlink, his LEO Internet Satellite constellation to cover the globe with broadband initiative, and catch it on IPO. Things are going to get worse before they get better.
  12. Jordan, You do know I posted this old, outdated thread back in 2017?
  13. KIrk, I got that Cummins Ram label online too.You know I had all Ram Diesels from before full timing in 1997. That truck with good maintenance will last at least the 700k miles my old Cummins 92 1 ton long bed dually 12 valve did. If it were mine, a good after market higher pressure lift pump to be sure you don't burn up the injector pump and even have to replace the injectors. As I did on my 2004.5 last 3/4 ton. Just the lift pump. No mods or programming for me.
  14. If you mean charging while sleeping yes I suppose it does. You could do a hybrid. where most of your short trips are electric and only after 10,15, or 20 miles (don't get me lying, I am not hybrid edumacated) do they use fuel. There are a few new models coming out of every type of vehicle. I think we approached it as not telling you you can't, instead seeing every which way it could work for you. Like when I had to sell my full dresser bike because there was no way to carry it on my fiver or truck. Sometimes we can't, sometimes we won't, and sometimes we can. Paying for the charging at a park maybe? Sometimes we can't, sometimes we won't, and sometimes we can. I only know that if I don't ask, no one can ever say yes!
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