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  1. RV_

    The virus strikes

    Todd, I hope all goes well with minimum symptoms, no long-term effects, and a quick full recovery.
  2. RV_

    Colorado skp's

    Jim, Wow! Thanks for caring bud. We are fine. There was a fire that almost got out of hand next town over in Manitou Springs. And a bigger one on Fort Carson just South of us. The biggest fire in Colorado's history is burning just west of Boulder. Our weather just changed yesterday from the mid 80s to below freezing yesterday with about three inches accumulation of snow and 4° overnight. Brrr But the fires died down some from the snow. Funny, we moved here for the clean air and the dry air. Now the smoke from the fires 100 miles away obscures Pike's Peak many days. So air quality has been rated dangerous some of the time here. Worse air near Boulder and Denver. Lots of homes destroyed in Colorado. Nowhere near us so far. Thanks for asking!
  3. Yep, My worst ever too. I'm riding it down at this point. I should have sold within the first month. On a brighter note I did pick up 285 shares of Tesla on the big price drop after the split. They are keepers. I am going back to index funds after the next correction/recession unless Starlink is spun off and IPOs. However, overall I'm way ahead with our funds and other investments in our home etc. I can't count the Model Y as it's a depreciating asset. ACB is my only loss if I sold it any time. No recovering from a 12 to one reverse split. I should have taken my buddy's advice and sold it on the pop just after buying. I was greedy and lost the opportunity to triple my money.
  4. You can check that your order was received and processed by signing into your Gearbest account and go to your name and pull down menu to "Orders." Tracking is there too but pretty slow. I would check online pretty soon. I've never had them beat me out of anything I ordered. But at this point it sounds like your refund will be a good exit from this debacle. I withdraw my recommendation for them in light of your experience Lou.
  5. RV_

    Escapees website

    When I was CEO for our dial up website in 1995 Germany things were so different they don't apply today, except the issue I had with my partner and Unix/PHP programmer and my systems engineer remain the same. He would come in on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and say he was going to do some maint/changes/programming that would only take about five minutes. Most of the time we would be down in our most prime times all day and sometime all night too! I had to deal with the customers. After the third or fourth time I told him either let me buy him out and get another System Engineer who would do any fiddling with the network on Sunday night Monday morning midnight to 4 AM. He decided to stay and never screw with the system except when folks are asleep. SKPs does not charge for these forums nor require membership to use the forums here. But their website is another matter as that is their main membership sales point, advertising channel, and sales of postal services for residency. And that is what is having issues. And memberships etc are a membership and revenue main portal. I would have a talk with them were I SKP senior leadership.
  6. Welcome to the SKP forums Danny. One thing glaring to me but not mentioned. You want to work from your rig and not be in town but away from RV parks and boondocking. If you are away from town and power in many places that means little to no cell signal. If there are mountains between you and the southern sky like in Alaska, geostationary satellite Internet may even be unreliable. There is a new system I mentioned here a while ago, the StarLInk satellite Internet LEO worldwide constellation is a new tech now going into operation and in Beta for N/America, that you may want to follow. https://www.pcmag.com/news/spacex-indicates-more-beta-testers-are-receiving-access-to-starlink It will work mounted on RV in motion: https://www.pcmag.com/news/musk-spacexs-starlink-internet-service-will-work-in-high-speed-moving-vehicles Main website and sign up for beta test: https://www.starlink.com/ Since you are not going on the road tomorrow you might want to pay attention to Space X and the Starlink website above. If you are going on the road next spring summer your timing should be about perfect for the new system.
  7. just read your posting on this Alzheimer's . my mom suffers from loss of memory so this might be of some help there.

    at this time she gets lost while driving to the store, and forgets lots of things. ( way to many and way to often).

    might have to take her dl away from her.




  8. Good website Ray. But we are only using the library cal bank to deposit cash we can then write a check on it and scan it to USAA. They seem to be getting a lot better. So the devil you know . . . But for those looking it looks good too.
  9. Welcome to the SKP's forums Nicole! At what company do you and your experts work selling roof materials?
  10. I had them done and paid the extra to not need glasses at all. Prior to the surgery I had much better than average near sight and only used glasses for distance vision - driving and TV glasses. They took my near vision away. I can no longer read tiny print or the default text size on my phone and tablets. I was furious. Now admittedly my distance vision is astounding. A lot of floaties broke loose inside that float in my vision reducing clarity. Since I lost my near vision having to have reading glasses in the end of my nose is the norm now. So I'm leery of the never need glasses. My wife has always used readers. Since my Tesla is all controlled on the tablet I need non-polarized bifocal sunglasses to be able to switch from the screen to the road. I never could wear regular sunglasses before but now I can. The bifocals are $9.99 on eBay. So to summarize, as to near and far vision I'd not expect too much near vision but for me the far vision was and is amazing. The loss of my near vision is a giant disappointment. Good luck and do your drops. They are the real pain. The surgery was a breeze.
  11. Yeah I was surprised by that too. I'll be looking into that too because ya never know.
  12. This newsletter is aimed at retirees but several articles could be interesting for all. I related to the article on page six: "An Air Force education in human relations" as my career taught me a lot about myself and others. Source: Afterburner Retiree newsletter Safe travels!
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