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  1. They did not pay for the Autonomous full self driving. They had autopilot only, just like I have, according to the story. That idjit was showing off to his buddy. With autopilot it will hold the center of the lane and not hit anything in front. But the car will bail if it feels it can't handle, and it says to take over and goes off autopilot. This can be disconcerting driving safely in the driver seat, but he was in the passenger seat and his buddy in the back, no one was driving and they impacted a tree at high speed. Stupid stupid stupid. Even the autonomous upgrade is still in beta. The Aut
  2. We stayed out on the Strand at the Military Yacht Club and RV park Fiddler's cove. Because of its location right on the bay, with the nearby Commissary, Naval air station Coronado, and Navy SEAL HQ, it was higher priced than other FamCamps. Back in the late 90s my mom had Alzheimer's and lived in Chula Vista while we were in Louisiana, so we went there and visited every year we full-timed until she died from an accident. We did try to find a bigger space any where there and the tiny lots, as well as the high cost I think you will find your idea may cost as much as a house annually nearby. Ther
  3. I'm waiting to see the mileage and full towing figures. We sold our Subaru Baja when we got the AWD Tesla, we already had the 2019 Forester. Subaru discontinued the Baja in 2006 so it was just getting too old. I like the style and it would fit in the garage.
  4. I bought a like new used Surface Go 2 with the M3 processor, 8GB, 128GB, today. Stole it. I can now sell my original Surface Go with the Pentium Y with 8GB, 128GB cheap. It is adequate but the Go2 is faster and has much longer run time. Lots of folks love Microsoft Surface devices like we do. Check their stock price and analyst reports on expectations from them.
  5. Dan noooo I wasn't clear. I edited my post above because that first answer was to agesilaus, who said he didn't need it. ("I'm not against this Starlink, but just do not need it. And I will certainly take a wait and watch position on it. ") I just edited it so now it is clear up ^^^^^ in that post. Sorry bud. Dan I remember something about your having to cancel because of the app saying it was not clear enough a shot. That hurt. On the plus side, waiting until it smooths out might be a good thing. Musk does CIP cycles non stop (Continuous Improvement Process) so today's Tesla/Starlink/Spa
  6. Compare maximum speeds and the bandwidth limit before you are throttled or charged more. I don't think it is comparable unless you can take those Access . . .something and the KOA/AVI Casino Internet services with you as you travel down the road for your co-pilot/navigator if you have one. And at your next boondock place. WiFi can't. No Elon was not developing this for just RVrs. But he has been to Burning man and other RV activities with an RV, he's been aware. He will be manufacturing Tesla HDTs before long now. The rest of the OTR drivers and trucking companies will surely use th
  7. agesilaus, There ya go! No need to get Starlink! Groups are the ticket. Thanks Linda and Dan, good info. I haven't looked into that. I tried one from AT&T and it not only did not work but they kept my money for the equipment that never worked in 2018. Back in the day we had a Webley toll free number we could call others on and let them know via the RV park's phone if they let us use it for toll free access. Some charged us anyway and set three minute limits. It's amazing to think that was 17 or 18 years ago.
  8. I am with you guys. This is exactly what we all have wanted while full time or just halftime. I remember in 1999 when we did a season in Alaska I had to bring my system to the RV Park office to use a phone line to do email for my then only online way to answer questions. IN 2000 I did my website, but still had to connect when possible to upload. My website content is done I just need to upload it to GoDaddy. I am using FB a bit but prefer a locked down friends only presence there. The next generation of RVrs will never believe we did it without Satellite or cell phone connectivity. Rememb
  9. You just heard about the mobile version from the horses mouth, Musk, in the article above.
  10. Pretty good news for RVrs. Just announced today. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10165130308945125&set=gm.1083434175512876
  11. This thread was not about Windows 10 S, never was. The thread was about some very good deals on five basic computers, three running only Chrome, and two that you could use with Windows S or Windows 10 Home, whichever we prefer. Buyer's choice! The thread is there for all to read. I posted the good deals and that you could upgrade to Win 10 Home free. Then you disrupted the thread, claiming it cost to upgrade twice and telling Linda it could not load quicken etc. Why? It switches to Windows Home free, who cares about S? The thread was about some good prices on basic laptops two of which ra
  12. Put the jacks down and see if it is crooked in relation to the trailer where one side is in a tad more than the other. Put the Jacks down and bump the slide out which should straighten it if crooked was the problem. If one side moves tad out then it will likely come in. I had that happen once and thought I was stuck. Bumped it and brought it in. Hope that helps.
  13. That was just speed typing stream of consciousness Jim! LOL! I am sorry to see Segway go but it wasn't for me anyway. If I am going to get on two wheels I would prefer a fast motorcycle. Or scooter. I had a black Honda Helix I named Felix the helix:
  14. Hempsted I subscribe to the ZDNET for fun tech, Pop Mechanics, and four or five Scientific American newsletters for high tech: http://links.email.scientificamerican.com/servlet/MailView?ms=Njk5NjMwMzcS1&r=NTAzMDg3NDk0MDIzS0&j=MjEwMjM0MzgyOAS2&mt=1&rt=0 And these: Are the rest of their pubs: https://www.scientificamerican.com/store/archive/?magazineFilterID=all&spMailingID=69963037&spUserID=NTAzMDg3NDk0MDIzS0&spJobID=2102343828&spReportId=MjEwMjM0MzgyOAS2
  15. I think you mean electricity? Not all of those I listed. I have actual unlimited data with my phone and at home so we rarely use more than a few MB on the phones and use almost a Terabyte a month for streaming at home. Since we pay for our data anyway on our phones we use Duo for secure messaging (Encrypted end to end) and video calls. Our son, DIL and two grandkids are in Germany and we viseo call with them almost daily for anywhere from a minute to usually 30-45 minutes. The 2 and 5 y/o G-kids love it. No charge at all when both parties have it. Surprisingly good video and connections for fr
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