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  1. [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/btBTG7Il.jpg[/IMG]
  2. For motorhomers it looks like larger BEVs and hybrids are moving forward at a rapid pace. We may never see a Battery motorhome, or might see them next year! This article has some interesting perspectives for fleet managers. Excerpt: "Start Planning Now for Fleet Electrification For this blog series, we are partnering with The Mobility House, who we worked closely with in 2019 to assess the US market for managed charging. We leveraged insights from our work with The Mobility House for our new report and we discussed the challenges for fleet EV charging at scale in sections 4
  3. I love the cyber truck and others hate it. If you wonder at the why of it, this article and video really lay it out. Excerpt: "The Tesla Cybertruck has been repeatedly described as “polarizing.” However, its looks have been growing on a number of people, because the Cybertruck design is superior in so many ways. With the Cybertruck, form follows the function. The Cybertruck will come to dominate because it was designed based on first principles. Its triangular shape makes it strong, aerodynamic, and easy to manufacture. The following video does an excellent job of explaining why
  4. Wow! That could work! Excerpt: "Swindon Borough Councillor Dale Heenan has invited Elon Musk via Twitter to build a Tesla factory at a soon-to-be-vacant Honda site in South Marston, England. Honda is leaving Swindon sometime in the summer of 2021. The GIF that Heenan shared along with his tweet was a GIF of a train built there. That train may look familiar since it’s known as the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies. Dear Mr. Musk: We have read several times in the UK media that Tesla is considering investing in a manufacturing site in the UK. If this is the case,
  5. So do all Porsches and Ferraris. Even though when I had my 911 Targa I would have taken exception. They are very different.
  6. Because Barb the trailer they are playing with may well be too heavy for the truck otherwise. Getting their current truck weighed gives them the limits of what they can play with - safely. The truck decision is later, after they decide what they want size wise. If the trailer that can be towed by their truck suits they keep the truck and get the trailer size they played with. That was my point. Start within weights, see if the truck and trailer suits. Then they will know and play safely. And learning GCVWR keeps them safe going down the road so long as the trailer is within its GVWR, the
  7. Here's some more suggestions for you to know you have it right. You already have the truck so do these things before you even look if you are sticking with a half ton F-150. The sticker on your truck should have a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). That is the maximum your truck can weigh with all passengers, all the gear inside and carried out in the bed, and your tongue or pin weight for fivers. So load up the truck like you would for an extended camping trip, fill the gas tank, and have all the passengers you will have while traveling. Then loaded drive to the nearest scales and
  8. In addition to my own bed in my RV another nice thing to us was our own toilet and shower. As well not having wrinkled clothes in a suitcase to be unpacked and packed for every new hotel motel B&B room. But there is no upkeep or maintenance on rented rooms. Good luck and, Safe Travels
  9. Most folks avoid the things they Excerpt: "Expect Positive Surprises For Tesla From Asia In 2021 Summary China's production and sales revenues soar for Tesla. Promising sales growth in various Asian countries. 2021 has already seen a flurry of news suggesting a further investment in the region is likely. Asia will represent a substantially greater proportion of revenues in 2021 than in 2020. Latest sales and production figures for Tesla in China show its business is accelerating rapidly. There's little doubt that Tesla (TSLA) ha
  10. Excerpt: "We have known for some time now that Tesla is looking to develop a compact EV for more price-sensitive markets like China and Europe, where larger cars are unwelcome and unneeded. Today we hear, via Tasmanian, Tesla has completed development of this new vehicle, and that it may enter production as soon as 2021. This is according to Chinese media, who report the vehicle would be produced at Giga Shanghai. Referring to the rumoured vehicle, Elon Musk had earlier said: “Something that would be super cool…so we’re going to do it…is to try to create a China to act
  11. Joel, How is the Clarity fueled, Compressed gas? Pellets? How much does the hydrogen cost in mpg/equivalents?
  12. From Forbes: Tesla’s $25,000 Electric Car Means Game Over For Gas And Oil https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesmorris/2020/09/26/teslas-25000-electric-car-means-game-over-for-gas-and-oil/?sh=1111467f1ee7
  13. I only early adopted the stock in 2010 with 1000 shares at $17 and $22.5. I did not buy the car until June 2020. They made a lot of Model S, Model X, and Model 3's before I bought mine. I retired and went full time in 1997 went back to work in 2005-2009 for four years as a post-frame steel building contractor. My 2010 ~ $21 k total investment in Tesla was half of my petty cash account I kept for my two full time sales guys and my personal assistant. They were, and are, discretionary funds. Albeit they grew beyond my expectations. I had some help from folks here to figure out how to d
  14. And for those of us who went into the medical fields in the 70s and 80s, it was a shock. For me it was as a medic for four years. Then I was almost overwhelmed doing Medical Lab Technologist school. I had to do algebra with metric system at work and Imperial units at home. In the 70s - 80s we did pipetting by mouth and made up a lot of our own reagents and did manual titrations for machine QC as well as manual titrations etc. “Titration can discern the volume of one solution required to react exactly with a known volume of a different solution.” Problem 1: Compute the titratable aci
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