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  1. It depends where your working. Concessionaire hosts are NOT covered by typical Federal wage and overtime laws. There is a "special" law that applies to concessionaire hosts and ski area workers. I did administer the concessionaire program for the Forest Service on a National Forest. A Department of Labor investigator called me about a complaint regarding labor laws and the concessionaire program. He was pretty hot under the collar, and I told him that the Forest Service would comply with any of his findings. I never heard from him again. I have to admit up front I am not a f
  2. I read the book. It was an interesting read for RV'ers. Not sure how it would appeal to other people. I can see where it would work better as a movie than a book. It was available as an e-book in my library, but that was over a year ago.
  3. No....they LOVE cats. It is a real dinner treat for coyotes. I believe we have fed six cats to coyotes over the years. I finally had enough on spending money on cats and having them become dinner and answered a ad for a "found cat". Yeah, he knew how to avoid coyotes. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to kill mice or rats. Sometimes, when he was bored he would catch a bird in the middle of the night and release it in our bedroom at 3:00 am. Then he decided to live 18 years AFTER I rescued him!!! Cats are cats and dogs are dogs. Take the good from each and ignore the re
  4. A couple of years ago I had the MLB app. You had to cast the broadcast to the TV. I used ChromeCast, but it did have issues. She should call MLB tech support. You can put the app on three devices. She could put it on a laptop, if the MLB app, allows it.
  5. My parents never had a credit record. They paid cash for everything!!! On the other hand, I have ALWAYS paid my credit card balance in full every month and have a sterling credit rating. Once, I noticed a finance charge on my credit card balance and immediately called the bank. It turns out that I transposed a couple of digits on the check and paid the bank $40 less than the full balance of $800. The finance charge was over $100 on carrying a $40 balance!!! In fairness, the bank reversed that charge given my payment history. Pay your credit cards off in full EVERY mont
  6. The best budget laptop is a refurbished one. I have lots of hobbies that require laptops and lots of storage. So I have a astronomy laptop, a photography laptop, a fire laptop and a use everyday internet laptop. They are ALL Lenovo's machines of the same vintage and model number. I bought some spare batteries that I can use in all four laptops. For the four machines I paid less than $900. All machines with the pro version of Windows. I don't think buying a NEW machine makes any sense these days. My 15 year IMAX has finally died last week.
  7. Those were not bears...those were grizzles. I had a fellow employee talk about the Beartooth's. I made my bucket list after the conversation. His stories about working in the Beartooth's and the BIG BEARS made me real paranoid. But his most scary story was running into a MOOSE in a willow patch in that area. Moose are mean.
  8. It isn't about carrying a card.....well, it is. We don't want to got down that slippery slope of....the government approves of this, so you get special "rights" compared to the "other citizens". My obligation is to help and protect my fellow citizens.....actually I only swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, BUT I take a broad view of that citizenship oath. I have no problem with the vaccine. I took it ASAP. I just don't think that should give me "special rights and privlages" compared to the un-vaccinated folks. We are ALL Americans. Even
  9. Fine, I have the card for OTHER countries....why do I need a "passport" for the US?? Full disclosure....The Soviet Union had "internal" passport" restricting citizens from traveling and engaging in activities not authorized by "their" passport. Do you really want to follow in the footsteps of the Soviet Union?? Do you know how hard my parents worked at escaping from that??
  10. I don't get the NEED for a card. I have been vaccinated and so have been most of my friends. Did it change my behavior?? NO. I still wear a mask when entering stores and libraries. What does it matter?? Oh wait, when I go fishing with a vaccinated friend, we do without masks in the truck!! I don't get the requirement for a "vaccinated passport". What difference does it make?? You still need to wear a mask to protect other people!!
  11. Bears are smart and opinionated AND VERY STRONG. We had a bear that was "ripping" us off at a back country work site. I came back into camp one afternoon and the cook said a couple of canned hams had disappeared. We thought some hikers may have "liberated" the canned hams while the cook was sleeping in his tent. A few weeks later I found the canned ham out in the middle of the woods. The bear had punctured the canned ham with his claws and then peeled it open!!! Years later, in Colorado in a rental home there was a huge dumpster at the other end of the parking area. About du
  12. Yeah, that doesn't work with a "habituated" bear. For what it is worth throwing an onion at him at five feet at 2:00 am in the morning didn't work either. Lots of bear stories on my part. The best thing is do not "habituate" a bear. After that, the only thing that works doesn't bode well for the bear's lifespan. RV'ers are usually fine. Just keep all your food and garbage inside the RV. Bears do learn how to open windows and trunks in cars, but RV's are different enough that the word doesn't get around the bear community as quickly.
  13. I had a Datsun 1600 truck and it was real useful due to the low truck bed. Sorry I sold it after 15 years. The current 1-ton Dodge Ram truck is pretty much worthless for hauling stuff around. I did buy a boat hook to yank and remove items from the truck bed without having to climb into the stupid thing. My daughter was putting on a concert and needed to move a small sound stage. She wanted to borrow the Ram truck and I said, no you want to borrow the Honda Pilot, which takes a sheet of plywood and is low enough to easily get stuff in and out. The 2004 Pilot fit the entire so
  14. Well, what were pick-up beds designed to haul?? Remember they first showed up a 100 years ago or so. I heard that it was for hauling manure in those days. That is my story and I am sticking to it!!!
  15. As someone that bought ONE GM truck and then had long discussions with GM, your still out 9,000 dollars. On a serious note, pickup beds were designed for farmers and ranchers to haul manure. As a forester, for 50 years, I have never hauled manure in one of my trucks. Most of the time, they were just useless, and really a good SUV was much better as a work truck. Later in my career, I got my dream job and needed to haul motorcycles, snowmobiles, bicycles, in a pick-up bed designed for hauling manure. That didn't work very well. In my personal life, kayaks, canoes, fly-
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