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  1. I did have my rig weighed at Congress. It is worth doing just for the information you will learn. I knew I was well within weight limits. The surprise was how close I was to my weight limit, with a large truck and a small 5th wheel. After that.... I stay far, far away from EVERY RV going down the road.
  2. I was looking forward to a quiet winter at my Arizona property, with many fewer "snowbirds" particularly from Canada. This Washington Post article indicates otherwise..... https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/12/15/canada-us-border-rv-snowbird/ According to the article it appears to close to HALF of Canadian snowbirds will be wintering in the states, due to a loophole in Canadian law. Yes, I understand that the US could put a stop to this quickly, but that is not the question. BTW...... the comment section is worth reading and a hoot!! BUT....for those "down south".
  3. Even after the election I still listen to clear channel radio stations at night. Back in the 1990's on a business trip I needed to know if the Rodney King riots were going on in Sacramento since I was staying in downtown. Fortunately, I remembered that 1530 KFBK out of Sacramento was a clear channel. It was a quiet night in Sacramento. Here is a list of the clear channels in the Wilkipedia listing, plus a discussion of clear channel stations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clear-channel_station They missed a few of clear channels like 660 out of the Navajo Nation, 670 out
  4. My essentials..... TWO CO battery powered digital readout meters. Phone amplifier. 100 watt solar panel to top off battery. Honda 2000 generator for running the microwave. There is more....but fail me at the moment.
  5. That sounds about right. In every "unheated" trailer at 25 degrees I froze up, unless I continually go up through the night and ran water through the facets. I disconnect the water line if it goes below freezing.
  6. I got the joke part....and your tone deaf comment was also pretty funny!!
  7. Wow....what an awful daughter. Why didn't she just use the tone control and given her father enough time to return home!!! Some people should NOT allowed to own a shock collar!!!
  8. If you end up on 101.....I would take it all the way until the cut-off to Tigard, if you have the time. I-5 is a pretty boring highway.
  9. Don't do that......I like Hwy 97 to Klamath Falls, but you don't want to do it in winter. Siskiyou Pass is fine, unless it is snow covered. Hwy 101 is fine. There are a few spots where you will slow down. Enjoy them. Hwy 199 will take you to Grants Pass. That is a fine highway. Remember drive just as fast enough that you are comfortable. If that is real slow, just pull over to let people pass. Get this web site on your tablet or computer and let the person riding shotgun man it on your trip. https://oss.weathershare.org/?clat=40.5&clng=-114&zoom=5#.X6xdW
  10. I went to Vladivostock on business. What a great city!!! If I could get to the Russian Far East with my Casita.....that would be great!!! Kamchatka, my fly rod, and a old Soviet helicopter to transport me around. Otherwise, my trips are focused on National Forests and BLM sites in the western US. Visiting all my former "work" areas has taken some time. Still looking to spend more time in Wyoming, eastern Montana, Manitoba, Alberta, and a return to the Yukon. Still want to do the "deep south". One part that is missing in my travel routes. So many places...so little tim
  11. I backpacked. Then I worked for the Forest Service in my early 20's and lived in bunkhouses, tents, and in a small trailer outside a bar in Idaho. The trailer was my favorite. Yeah, the bar was interesting, but in the other direction was a river for fly fishing. I don't consider RV'ing camping. I consider it living. That means my hobby stuff comes along. Fly fishing, bird hunting, photography, and astronomy. That's a lot of stuff to haul around in a BIG TRUCK and small RV.
  12. Thanks for posting.......people really need to comment if they want to camp in the National Parks.
  13. We were suppose to be flying to Hawaii, when weather grounded the planes and all the highway passes to Seattle were closed. So we took off to go through the Columbia River Gorge and ran into a young lady at the rest area with the military that was moving to Ft. Lewis with her parrot. Her back seat was covered with tarps and the parrot sat on a homemade perch. She was worried about the snow and crossing the passes. So I gave her a FRS radio and we took off. It was funny hearing the parrot when we talked to her on the radio!! Anyway, traveling with a parrot is probably easier
  14. That's interesting. I wonder if Highway 120 (Tioga Pass Rd) in Yosemite National Park is under similar restrictions?? I talked to a non-Forest Service friend that went to the back country areas in Montana and he said it was very crowded. I wasn't sure of his comments since he did not work for the Forest Service. So I asked my friend and it looks like it was very crowded in Montana on the Flathead National Forest.
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