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  1. The furnace on my 5th wheel is pretty much worthless. Noisy, and really takes a long time to heat up the trailer. Couple that with the draw on the batteries and it is a no brainer. I use a Heater Buddy, when boondocking and sometimes when it get really cold even when hooked up to shore power. I always crack a window at night....and have TWO battery powered CO detectors with digital readout in the trailer. Too much stuff that using propane in a trailer to take a chance on just ONE CO detectors or not cracking a window.
  2. Busting Willie Nelson for having a joint in Texas.....is like busting Santa Claus for breaking and entering in the rest of the US. Not my quote...but a good one!!!! Notice...it was the FEDS that busted Willie Nelson at one of the inland border control points. Probably a "urban" hire by the Border Patrol that had no clue who WIllie Nelson was.
  3. Did it really provide a Dark Sky for astronomy??
  4. The Feds busted Willie Nelson a few years ago in TEXAS. Life is much, much easier when you follow the laws of the state that you are traveling through.
  5. We have had this conversation before. First mismanagement of the money they do have, and it is billions of dollars, certainly is a very big issue. I worked for NPS, BLM and USFS. Mismanagement of the money is really a minor issue, particularly for BLM and FS. The NPS has a LOT MORE money, but even they do not waste taxpayers dollars on a massive scale. Secondly they need to stop buying new property and prioritize the maintenance and improvement of the many properties they already possess. They are not making NEW land. One of the most successful Regional Parks districts in the nation for a long, long time had a policy of buying land (50%) of their taxpayer dollars. The other 50% went to managing existing parks. That policy paid HUGE dividends to the taxpayers as the population in the San Francisco Bay Area exploded. They had already purchased the future park land. But you have a valid point, Congress needs to prioritize the maintenance of existing facilities. But at least one issue does not, any ranger who gets a leo certification automatically gets a pay raise and promotion. That needs to be stopped and limited to at actual number of leo rangers that are actually needed. I remember those days when the Forest Service and BLM had NO law enforcement officers. Working on the Clearwater National Forest on the timber crew during the summer of 1972...somebody stole our 10 day supply of frozen meats. We turned it over to the FBI in Spokane!!! As a tax payer, do you want the FBI handling law enforcement on Federal lands or a Forest Service or BLM LEO?? Law enforcement pay scales are set by Congress. I would have a discussion with your elected Representatives. However, as a retired BLM, NPS, and USFS employee can I ask the American people to bring back the American public that used the Federal public lands in the early 1970's ? That would be really helpful. Forest Service and BLM LEO's are dying at a pretty high rate due to the isolated nature of the law enforcement duties. We really do need a better class of visitors to our public lands. The people who are paying for these parks, the American Public, needs should be first priority. The stupidity of requiring four or five reviews to run a water pipe under a road needs to be stopped, period. They are over regulated and have forgotten what their prime mission is. On this we agree, however, YOU elected the Congressional representatives that wrote the laws and appointed the Federal Judges that ruled on court decisions that resulted in Federal agency "stupidity". I had enough and retired 30 days after I was eligible due to nonsense like this. Oh yeah, I had to wait 30 days after becoming eligible since I thought I had a serious medical issue. Didn't make a difference to me or my wife, but my college bound daughter it would have made a huge difference if a died as a Federal retiree rather than a employee. Otherwise, I would not have waited an extra 30 days. Don't get my wrong...I had the perfect job, but dealing with Federal Judges, elected officials, the "new" American public made my retirement decision really easy. There are thousands of frustrated Federal employees that are counting days.....you can help them by electing some "smart" politicians. Doesn't matter their political leanings.....just make sure they have some common sense. A quality severely lacking in public life these days.
  6. I tried to sign up for their service and it said I was out of the service area for Seattle. However, I contacted them and pointed out that Wenatchee is part of the Seattle DMA. Couple of days later I was told that it was fixed and that Wenatchee residents could now get the Seattle stations. Hopefully, they will be updated the other areas to account for communities on the fringes. One question......when your traveling are you limited to the stations only in your area or can you pull in "distant" locals??? BTW....in today's Wall Street Journal there was an article on unaffiliated local TV stations providing a free streaming service that WOULD be available national-wide.
  7. I have a strong bias against wildlife biologists.....they wrote the recovery plan for the Northern Spotted Owl and now it is going extinct!!! I did get to write a minority opinion...that was ignored. Because wildlife biologists and maintenance personnel in most cases believe in old wives tales. It is easier to agree with a majority opinion, than to search for the truth. Good science. Apply the scientific method and be critical of your findings. Lights, in my opinion, and limited observations do not work. They do not work in the opinion of others that have tried doing somewhat controlled studies of lights. Just because you put out lights and don't have pack rats doesn't prove anything!!! It is much more complex than that!!! My problem with lights is two-folds. Pack rats are rodents. They carry infectious diseases. They are a human health hazard. Putting out lights......still leaves the Pack Rats around. They are still carrying infectious diseases and they are still a human health hazard. IF the lights work...and they don't all you have done is protected your wiring in your truck. Which you can do by simply opening the hood at night. Night-time lights, however, ARE a human health hazard. My doctor recommended black-out curtains, etc. for health reasons over 20 years ago. https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-adopts-guidance-reduce-harm-high-intensity-street-lights https://www.ama-assn.org/sites/ama-assn.org/files/corp/media-browser/public/about-ama/councils/Council Reports/council-on-science-public-health/a16-csaph2.pdf https://thesleepdoctor.com/2016/10/31/5-serious-medical-conditions-linked-nighttime-light-exposure/?cn-reloaded=1 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23953362/ The third article is "popular" press. The other three are rather technical. BUT worth reading for the health risk of night-time lights. So putting out lights for PACK RATS.....lets the Pack Rats reproduce and continue being a human health hazard, but worse yet....the lights to protect the soy harnesses in your trucks is a ALSO a health hazard to YOU. Doubling up on your health hazards.
  8. Just because you "were strongly encouraged" doesn't mean it works....BTW.. opening hoods DOES WORK. I placed game cameras under trailers with lights and without lights. I got pictures of pack rats strolling underneath the trailers with lights without a concern in the world. Get a wildlife camera...their cheap. Stick it under your trailer. See what you find. View the video link I posted. BTW...that LED flashing light in the video is "VERY BRIGHT". It is a 5000 degrees Kelvin and the camera is an INFRA-RED camera at the lower end of the visual spectrum. So that is why is appears so faint. Did you notice the Pack Rat reaction to the light?? Nope, my park does not have a "perfect storm of habitat". It has a "perfect storm of panic about pack rats". I set traps around the park as well as camera's. I trapped pack rats ONLY in three locations. One resident did trap pack rats in another location. ALL FOUR sites were good habitat for pack rats. Yet, many people in the park have those stupid lights endangering their health!!!! IT IS ALL about habitat...manage the habitat. Want more pack rats in southwest Arizona, plant cholla and prickly pear cactus next to each other. Want less pack rates....do the equivalent of opening the hood. No place to nest and little food to be found. Wildlife cameras are fun and cheap....you can buy three for a $100!!! Stick em under your lighted trailer. Stick them under my RV that is unlighted. You will learn quite a bit night after night.
  9. I don't know IF this was the same case or similar....but it was more along the lines "did the Federal government (Forest Service, BLM, USFWS) have the authority to manage "animals" on their lands. The time frame is about right. Traditional the States have managed "animals". Which is why you get a state license to shoot a animal or kill a fish. The Federal government, on the other hand, managed habitat. Well, if the Federal government "owns" the animals on Federal lands, then all you need is Federal permission to hunt and fish on lands owned by the Federal government. In many states, there go almost all the fishing and hunting license revenues!!! When both sides realized that the Federal government was going to win the court case, it was quickly dropped by the "higher" levels in the Federal government. Be careful what you wish for.....when you get it...it might turn out differently. It might be a different case, I believe, the one I was thinking of was in New Mexico. Section 2 and the equal protection clauses in the Constitution are interesting. I am really surprised that more lawsuits are not filed under those two provisions. BUT, what do I know...I am just a immigrant to this country.
  10. I spent TWO months at my SKP lot dealing with pack rat issues. Here is what I learned....... Lights do NOT work. I put out game camera's and the pack rats were caught on camera!! Didn't seem like the lights bothered them at all. See video below, that matches with my experience. Here is a video on lights and pack rats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOdt4G2uVAQ Lots of predators, however, do NOT like lights. Cats excepted. So your probably encouraging the pack rat population by putting out lights. It is all about habitat. In my wildlife management classes in college it was stressed that it is almost impossible to eliminate a wildlife species by hunting. It really does have to be a apex predator to be able to eliminate it by hunting. At the pack rat level....forget it. You cannot kill them quick enough to overcome their reproductive capabilities. The park landscaping next to me....and bless the Landscaping Committee they do a pretty job. They planted Prickly Pear Catus which provides a "home" for the pack rats. AND right next to the Prickly Pear Catus the planted a jumping Cholla the preferred food of pack rats. I killed SIX pack rats over a few nights time (live trap and then drowning them). I thought I was Pack Rat free!!! BUT just to be sure a week later I put out my wildlife camera. They were BACK!! I can picture in my mind....The male pack rat looking at the true love in his life and saying "What luck!!, we just found a Prickly Pear home next to a Jumping Cholla!!! Can you believe our "good fortune". At this point, I left. But will take up the battle next winter!! HABITAT. You need to change the eco-system around your RV. That means altering the habitat so that Pack Rats do NOT want to live there. Like Pat and Pete I am fed up with the lights. They violate the lighting standards for the park. Light your LOT...you don't need to LIGHT MY LOT!! Nighttime lights are a health hazard......I really don't care about your health, but I do about MINE. IF you want to eliminate Pack Rats....deal with the habitat around your RV. And if your just there for the night....hey, let it ride. BUT I would lift the hood on my vehicle. Pack Rats don't like the wide open!!
  11. I remember way back in the 70's a camping fee war between Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. There was a sign setting the rate depending on what your state of origin.
  12. I was working for the Forest Service in 1987 or so. We were using a linear programming model to calculate timber harvest levels during the Forest Planning process. ONE computer run was costing us $1,000 and that was using the Federal computers in Kansas City!! It took a overnight run to do ONE run. We were doing lots of runs, probably the total numbered in the hundreds before the model was finally retired. At that time, Compaq came out with the 486/33 desktop and another company came out with linear programming program that used a dongle. So it really was a fairly simple decision to buy the Compaq machine. About 20 years later, the Forest Service was doing an inventory of ALL its functioning computers. The accounting department called me and said that their information showed that I paid 17,000 dollars for the Compaq 486/33 and they assumed that figure was incorrect and wanted to know what I paid for it. The taxpayers paid $17,000 for it. They got their money's worth out of the machine. It was still functioning 20 years later. But is was no longer "cutting" edge technology. Over the years, it kept moving "down" in what it was expected to do. At the end it was hooked up to a Nikon film and slide scanner and was "slowly" converting the historical Forest Service slides and film to digital files. It didn't make the 30 years to retirement. I think the Forest Service finally gave it a early-out retirement" after 25 years. They don't build computers like that anymore.
  13. I NEVER signed up or used Facebook, EXCEPT one time I had to sign on as a user during a forest fire. The team was using Facebook. Anyway, on just upgraded to Firefox and their privacy notifications. Firefox has blocked Facebook tracking!! I guess once you sign on to Facebook......they will always know where and what your doing !!!
  14. I just have a couple of questions.... I have lived in several towns where there was NO MAIL delivery to residences. You had to have a Post Office Box. Is that different than a mail forwarding service?? In those days, I had no physical address. I suspect with 911 service these days most counties have established “addresses” even though mail is not delivered there?? So the address is sufficient?? In the near future, I might shift my mail again to a Post Office Box for a host of reasons. Does that mean I lose the right to purchase a firearm?? For a few years, my mailing address was actually a Federal agency....the Forest Service. The mail went to their office and then was delivered by the Forest Service to my location. I am not sure if the Forest Service does this today.....but how does that work?? On the side.....I had a official government passport, boy did that help getting a personal passport!! I wonder if I used a government agency as my address if that would speed my “permit”.
  15. What John said...except I have TWO working CO detectors with digital readout. CO in a RV in no joke. Get TWO detectors with digital readout....AND follow John’s suggestions.
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