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  1. My Air drier on my 2015 FF M-2 is located in front of the right front tire. Clay
  2. ms60ocb

    regen problems

    I don't know that much about forced Regen but been around a few. First put the engine to a fast idle, after the engine warmup the regen should work if allowed. I had a Ford 6.7 that had frequent auto regens and you knew it happened. I have a 2015 Sports Chassis 8.9 Cummins. I only know if I'm in a regen if I'm stopping and the engine goes to an idle. I get a hot exhaust warning, nothing else. I don't have the DPF but have a catalyst which operates somewhat the same. Call a Cummins engine dealer/service shop, Have your engine number available, they should be able to help you. Clay with the truck basically parked the the Covid-19 and other health problems.
  3. X 2 here also due to a BAD experience resulting from FB users Going back to the lack of spaces, I remember back over 50 years ago we had similar problems with a tent but some where, there was always someone opening another 50 plus sites. Lots of porta-potties and a long line to shower til after 10PM. I recall a lot of RV parks have some boom docking areas (and not on a sewer leach field) that could be used if the sewer system permits the extra dumping. Clay
  4. Are you meaning CPAP machine. I rinse the Water chamber each morning with the hot water. I wash the hose monthly with soapy water or Vineger. The mask get hot wash rinse each morning. Each morning less than 10 seconds time and air dry. U/V treatment will a slight odor if not clean. First dear wife had trouble in Ozone air and I've read if you use Ozone to clean your CPAP machine don't use the machine for several hours to air out as high Ozone levels are bad. As to a Cap if it gets dirty, I use it for the dirty work awhile and then toss it.
  5. We brought a InvisiClean air filter a year ago for two reasons. We had dust and a musty smell after being stored a couple months. Used the Ionizer only when out of the RV for the holidays. The Filter has a UV feature also. I believe it has run 24/7 since unpacked. Sure helped our sinuses (or so we believe) and then the Covid-19 came. We paid about $200 but the price has INCREASED. I also have a UV device for cleaning my CPAP mask and since the COVID-19 it gets double duty for cleaning cell phone, billfold jewely and much more. Clay
  6. I've told the inspection is having a physical inspection once a year of the VIN numbers. They want the vehicle to match the paper work. Not every state cares as long as there is a good title. Clay
  7. You may be able to pull a few trees but after awhile your field's smoother surface will turn to potholes from root removal. Will your truck with the stiffer frame be able to have traction then especially after a rain? I would tackle killing the trees either chemically or by hand ( stripping the bark). That will leave them them easier to pull next year. Another solution, Sell Christmas Trees and with the money find someone with a dozer and root rake. Clay
  8. USPS. I had problems over a month ago but last 3-4 weeks have been normal 2-3 days and seldom 4 days. I track my mail so normally can see the delay. If the weather is really BAD at Houston the mail may in 4 days. When things were really bad I had a 11 day delivery. The load took about 6 days to get from Houston to Chicago. But the common delay was the trailer getting to Chicago then moving around the Chicago area an extra day(s) or just setting because the drivers were calling in sick. (Per the local Postmaster). Of course the local P.O. is not pure. Last year the the mail truck delivered the Priority Mail 15 minutes later than normal. 23 hours later the Priority mail was received. I think the only problem the Escapees mail service is keeping up with USPS changes. Clay been satisfied 6 years or more primarily to Texas Hill Country or NW Illinois
  9. NW Illinois, this morning is 49 after a high of 54 yesterday. Of over 3 inches of rain yesterday giving a 10 day total of 6+ inches. Doesn't make for happy campers but Aug was a good month Clay Not camping but having weekly medical visits.
  10. Welcome back Very interesting discussion regarding the O2 generators Clay It helps me understand two of my friends difficulties also
  11. This may not fit your Thanksgiving -Christmas schedule but for us having a spread out family. We stopped about 10 days at Bardstown KY .. Lots to do and my wife loved the Christmas atmosphere that was provided. Depending how far you travel for day trip but lots to see with an hour's drive. Clay
  12. Ditto to GlennWest Normally has easy access dry storage. Ease of hooking and Unhooking (you don't have climb over the side of a pick-up bed). I don't have worry about a truck trail being up or down. Pending where I parked and time of year I carry difference items on the deck which can reach and remove easily with out unhooking of breaking my neck. Clay
  13. My 2 cents hooking to a Fifth-wheel is easier that a TT A Fifth wheel is a stable vehicle to pull. As far as storage the difference between a Fifth wheel and a Class A. The FW has more storage at your finger tips while Class A stores the majority underneath. My wife had shown an interest in a Class A some years ago till she watch a couple in plain view make many trips to the Class A Basement with an item and return with another item Clay 7 years with a FW and prior was a small Class C
  14. In your jeep time around Ouray have you drove up to Yankee Boy Basin. Not a bad drive but if either driver had a problem with that, stay away 550 south. My Mother in law told me "Clay watch the road as they don't have room for a white line in the side." That was some time ago. My present wife likes Ouray because it is looking up but to get to Cortez, we took Hwy 62 west from Ridgway to the San Migel river. Then down stream headed to Norwood. Leaving the river and climbing out of the Canyon my wife did cover head to prevent looking down. I took her to the Black Canyon and she wouldn't get out of the truck. Clay
  15. Last night was the first I used it since I completely took the total gas system apart to components. I found an abundance of the oily like substance in the regulator. I laid the regulator in difference positions leading to draining the regulator. I repeated this till nothing drained. Before I had trouble getting to 400 degree, now it heats very rapidly like normal. Clay
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