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  1. NW Illinois, this morning is 49 after a high of 54 yesterday. Of over 3 inches of rain yesterday giving a 10 day total of 6+ inches. Doesn't make for happy campers but Aug was a good month Clay Not camping but having weekly medical visits.
  2. Welcome back Very interesting discussion regarding the O2 generators Clay It helps me understand two of my friends difficulties also
  3. This may not fit your Thanksgiving -Christmas schedule but for us having a spread out family. We stopped about 10 days at Bardstown KY .. Lots to do and my wife loved the Christmas atmosphere that was provided. Depending how far you travel for day trip but lots to see with an hour's drive. Clay
  4. Ditto to GlennWest Normally has easy access dry storage. Ease of hooking and Unhooking (you don't have climb over the side of a pick-up bed). I don't have worry about a truck trail being up or down. Pending where I parked and time of year I carry difference items on the deck which can reach and remove easily with out unhooking of breaking my neck. Clay
  5. My 2 cents hooking to a Fifth-wheel is easier that a TT A Fifth wheel is a stable vehicle to pull. As far as storage the difference between a Fifth wheel and a Class A. The FW has more storage at your finger tips while Class A stores the majority underneath. My wife had shown an interest in a Class A some years ago till she watch a couple in plain view make many trips to the Class A Basement with an item and return with another item Clay 7 years with a FW and prior was a small Class C
  6. In your jeep time around Ouray have you drove up to Yankee Boy Basin. Not a bad drive but if either driver had a problem with that, stay away 550 south. My Mother in law told me "Clay watch the road as they don't have room for a white line in the side." That was some time ago. My present wife likes Ouray because it is looking up but to get to Cortez, we took Hwy 62 west from Ridgway to the San Migel river. Then down stream headed to Norwood. Leaving the river and climbing out of the Canyon my wife did cover head to prevent looking down. I took her to the Black Canyon and she wouldn't get out of the truck. Clay
  7. Last night was the first I used it since I completely took the total gas system apart to components. I found an abundance of the oily like substance in the regulator. I laid the regulator in difference positions leading to draining the regulator. I repeated this till nothing drained. Before I had trouble getting to 400 degree, now it heats very rapidly like normal. Clay
  8. You have lots of time to find what you may desire. Maybe you will find what is very close. Imagine living in it (especially on a rainy/stormie day) do you have room. Anyway I bought what we liked about 2 years later we was looking and I traded to overcome a few features that we originally thought was great. What I'm saying don't lock yourself in on something you won't like down the road. Read the forum, will you have a enough storage without having the unit over weight. Listen to the people here rather than some salesman Clay having had Tents, 14 foot TT, 23 foot Class B++ and two FW's Happy Travels
  9. First I using a Wingard Pathway X2. In the past I Could use two 211 receivers with a single Hdd. I could record on either receiver which ever had the Hdd or playback a program on which ever has the Hdd. Switching the Hdd between the receivers posed no problem. Can i switch the Hdd between a 211 and a Wally with the same ease or will I have problems. Clay
  10. For me I try to keep my weight down Grey is always dumped as the showers may be longer or maybe a load of clothes were washed. My black tank has a good flush system so on the road I never go more the two days but a good practice is use extra water with every flush. On the fresh water regulutor. don't try to save money as some trend leak thus the pressure is only reduced when your using water. I had cheapie regulator plus a drag hand pressure gauge. I found the pressure recording 114# a couple nights. Happy Travels Clay
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I have some things to thinks about. Also a practice I have done the past 2 summers hasn't helped keeping the oil from getting to the grill. I store the grill at floor level with the hose connected and pressurized. Mark enjoyed the link, Oil in Propane Line. Clay Quick after thought, I suspect the Aux propane line on the RV would be the Drip Leg so if I used that line, I would be feeding off the Drip Leg?
  12. I have a Weber 120 grill has a hissing sound that oil becomes trapped in the regulator and burner tube. it can be eliminated by dis-assembly. Is there a high pressure trap or filter to trap the oil before the regulator?? I use a 20# tank that is filled locally. Thanks Clay
  13. Wise decision. From my experience most batteries if cared for last 5 years. Clay
  14. We had some great tent trips until a bear opened the back side of a friends tent. At that point be purchased a 1968 14 foot Road Runner. 20 gal water storage, Ice Box and 20 lb propane bottle for use with Stove/oven, gas light and heater. Cramp the ice box full of frozen items and we good for a week. It could sleep 6 but seldom more than 5. Never had a parking problem, never got struck where if we waited a few hours we couldn't drive out. Visiting the big cities always offered lots of camp grounds to shower. Explored most of 3 states in something 1/3 the size of present RV. No I can't go back because I'm 50 years older but still like the solitude. Clay
  15. It was a hot day this week when the batteries was disconnected. The little box is to protect fuse. I didn't look at the size or what the cable feeds.. Someday without the sweat. Thanks for comments Clay
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