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  1. Is this the mailing address? 131 Private Rd 5240, Hondo TX 78861 Clay
  2. John your statement you just purchased your first RV and all you have to monitor is voltage leaves a lot of questions going forward. You stated you have a generator and a method to charge your batteries. Is the generator built into the RV or a separate unit. Like wise is the battery charger a separate unit or built in. Most individual battery chargers have a amp meter indicating the amount of charge going into the batteries and it tapers down as the batteries charge. If you have a built-in invertor/convertor it may have available a remote that could be used to provide more battery condit
  3. X2 We bought Lambright through "RV's for Less". I ordered our 2016 MS from "RV's for Less" withoiut a couch or recliners. The empty RV was taken by Lambright and the furniture was installed before continuing to TN. All the pieces went through the front door. The furniture is still as comfortable as it was in Nov 2015 and I sat in it today. Of course we are not full timers but until 11 months ago we did spend 8 of every 12 month on the Lambright product. Clay
  4. Blowing fuses means it is a DC circuit where the AC circuits would be tripping Breakers. I do not not how that chassis is wired but I have experienced to Dodge wiring problem. The first was mid 70's van and the second was 1995 Caravan. Both problems was wired passing through a grommet. Is it always the same fuse blowing? Do you when it is blowing? What size fuse is blowing?
  5. It makes the big news when 8 weeks ago was the big one. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/power-scare-shows-texas-grid-still-at-risk-after-blackouts/ar-BB1fCgpj Green energy is only good for what is happening. The success of any generation is the stored fuel on site, Nuclear Energy is fuel rods, Coal is the coal Pipe, Oil stores in large tanks, Gas in the pipe line or caverns, water behind the dam. Batteries charged & etc Sun and wind are predicable in that will happen sometime. Clay
  6. I don't know if you have watched any of the youtude video's? There a number of then in the region. This video will show you desending in to Silvertown at 11 minutes 30 seconds And Delores to Telluride Just search and watch where you want to drive. If you freeze from scary stop. Someone will get you down to level ground. Been there don't that Clay
  7. Durango - Delores- Ouray is easier in many ways. The worse of road has a little shoulder and a white line marking the edge of the road, Also being north bound, your are next to the cliff not the canyon below. I think it is a prettier route also. While your in the area Mesa Verde is a great place spend a day and you will find camping in the park, and several near Cortez. See your from Asheville, My experience the Colorado Roads have better sight lines and wider corners. watch your speed as some times you may think driving the flat land but can be going down hill. Clay
  8. I agree not enough truck especially if your carrying a full tank of water or waste. And then a half tank of water is bad in sloshing back and forth. Go to the scales to verify. Actual weight when you parked with the jacks down is not a concern Regarding durangodon statement. If you follow the 75 mph person long enough you will find a RV at the side of the road as the 65 MPH rated tires give up with consequences. Clay
  9. I bought a standard 16 foot extension ladder. Many of the telescoping ladder are not solid me or getting heavy. The 16 foot extension ladder is light weight (important for me) and just fits in the basement. I don't consider this ladder a daily user as I have items stored on top of the ladder. Clay
  10. I use the paid program but not familiar with the cell phone app. I only use my computer which allows to many searches by filters. It really helps when you have a big unit or looking for site after many campgrounds close for the winter. Allstays is not a rating system so read the campground reviews. Clay a user for more than 6 years
  11. I talked to a relative in Tucson last night and he has had to show his card twice. Its seems if you had been vaccinated ,a certain donut shop ( i won't mention the name but some letters areKxxxxy Kxxxx) will give a free donut. Clay
  12. If I understand the present Covid-19 Vaccine is expected to be effective for 9-12 months but who knows. If I'm going have to carry my medicinal infor I want it chipped on to my voter ID. Clay
  13. I was parked next to a flute player for a number of years. This year for several reasons we didn't go to Texas. I missed her variety of music. Will piano stay in tune in travel and changing temperature. A good question Clay
  14. I agree and the serious accidents can be put to human error 3-Mile Island I don't recall the problem to well but the plant was built too many eggs in one basket. That is the main control cables and the back-up control cables were in the same raceway. It was all about money but MANY Nuke plants were shut-down until they could show they didn't have a problem or problem correct Chernobyl was a cookie cutter design of obsolete technology. Then the plant was told to do something it wasn't designed to do but the Engineers say disable the alarm and continue dropping load, this happened repe
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