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  1. Ditto We started with a tent and going to a 14 foot TT (TAB 400 appears to be 18 feet), it was paradise. Ice Box, Gas light, Fresh water 20 Gal with hand pump, would sleep 6 if 3 were younger, 2 burner stove and oven and restroom was down a path.. Almost 50 years later, I can't Imagine 2 people livings full time in less 25 feet. My must have list requires even more space in bad weather. Clay Pulling a 40 foot Fifth Wheel
  2. Ditto and this side trip gives a a chance to drive through the BIG BEND area and plan future trips. Clay
  3. Interesting reading. If the majority of Escapee registered voters are republicans than leaves a lot counties across the land, void of republicans so democrats win. No big deal in my book, there is counties all around the states that always one way. Polk county is one and Cook county IL is another. Personally, I could use my daughter's address but she has moved several times landing a different county each time.. I like the stability of Polk County as my Domicile. My will is filed in Polk county as doing other business with in Livingston is a pleasure. Clay
  4. Not to disagree but I assumed the timer having open contacts at rest and closed contact(s) when the timer is counting down the time interval. Wiring in parallel gives you the either switch will engage the heater, where as using series contacts would give heat only when the timer is running. and power switch is on. #1 advantage of Series contacts is your water will only be heated on your command of the timer. My #1 advantage of Parallel contacts is if the outside temperature is below freezing you may need to have the water heated all night (and especially if you have wind hitting that side the RV) Clay
  5. If the the timer contacts is installed in parallel to the control panel ON-OFF that would be low voltage for the control board. Are you using a mechanical timer or if looking at programable timer make sure the contacts are isolated from the supplied power. Clay
  6. Not on the HDT side but I had my daughters learnto drive a manual before I would allow them to get their drivers license. 30+ years later they still prefer the manual shift. Clay
  7. I like Menards and have been shopper for more 30 years. Second choice is Lowes but I do but do buy paint at Home Depot. On select items I'm a Brand name person so that often determines where I visit. One thing I always check at Menard's is their frozen food, It seems occasionally they have more than pizza at a real tasty bargain. Clay Presently Northern IL
  8. With all the in & outs I still support traveling with RV is the best way to attack the Bucket List.. And safest with the pandemic. Clay.
  9. We had a 2 year old daughter with serious hearing lost but no one could get a accurate hearing test. When she was three, we were referred to a well know audiologist in Denver. Mrs Downs got her into two hearing aids with in a year but a lot a drives from SW Colo. Yes on the as needed. Energy can not be created but converted. I can figure how many BTU of Natural Gas to get One KWH of electric to your home but what is the rate of use in 4-5 passenger EV at 60 MPH? (Kilo-watts per hour) Clay 33 years full time in Electric Utilities
  10. I believe in Electric vehicles but I think they are like the CB radio they have a place. Hybrid, which includes Plug-in Hybrid, are here to stay and the future. I Can't imagine getting off work on a Thursday afternoon and driving 250-400 miles for a Doctors appointment when the temperatures are below zero F in all Electric vehicle. I fully agree the combustion engine of today is not the combustion engine we had 70 years ago and will not be the same in future Hybrid. Clay
  11. Who are you buying from and will you receive any service records. I have a 2015 Sports Chassis which was built in the spring of 2014 with the Cummins 8.9L engine. About 20,000 miles,the catalytic material failed like in the similar ages of Dodge Cummins powered pickups. Another warranty repair was replacement of the EGR cooler which was replaced with old design cooler which didn't last long. but everything now has been going fine. If possible verify the engine software updates are current, The biggest factor Darryl addressed "Power" the automatic transmission is 6 speed is limited in getting a good match to RPM. I'm pulling 20,000# and glad I have the MDT. Your profile picture shows what appears to be a HDT Volvo. I looked at a HDT once but wife vetoed that very quickly when she tried to climb in. Clay
  12. After another auto restart I figured out that it was indeed Windows updates. Somewhere the computer had loaded a batch of games which reloaded each time the computer restarted. I deleted them from the restart and everything advanced OK and now working OK. Yes my wife plays computer games on her tablet only from her recliner.
  13. My wife's computer (HP maybe 5 years old) is slow this morning which happens on updates. This computer is to tell us when an update is available, but not this morning. She was typing an Email (AOL acct) when the computer instantly display the blue screen with the works RESTARTING DO NOT TURN OFF. About a hour later the blue screen said UPDATING_____________________% DO NOT TURN OFF. Maybe 30 minutes later, The blue screen says, WE COULDN'T COMPLETE THE UPDATES UNDOING CHANGES DON'T TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER. After 30 minutes of that RESTARTING. and then maybe 5 minutes later WE COULDN'T COMPLETE THE UPDATES UNDOING CHANGES DON'T TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER. and still doing it Any Ideas what has happened. Clay
  14. For a chance, for another 500 points, did the valve stem get pulled off the Right Front Tire? Note the extra large spot at wheel's 3 o.clock Clay I have sent the news agency an Email asking if more pictures and details are available
  15. Here is another link to the same wreck. I would say GlennWest's link picture shown the ready for towing. No idea idea on the shade of the RV https://clarksvillenow.com/local/traffic-alert-i-24-w-completely-closed-at-exit-11-due-to-overturned-semi/ Clay
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