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  1. Change your Internet WiFi connection settings to "Metered" and only priority updates will be installed without asking.
  2. I don't think the water weight is much of a concern on his Volvo 630 HDT... Oops! Chalkie beat me to it.
  3. If the business is only passing on the tax increase to the customers in the state that imposes the tax, then it's a tax.
  4. It's a 120/240 service with two hot legs and a neutral leg. Hot leg to hot leg is 240 volts, hot leg to neutral is 120 volts.
  5. This calculator says you need #3 AWG wire for a 300 ft run with an allowable 3% voltage drop. The items I input were 240 source voltage, single-phase, 50 amp, 300 ft, 3% drop. http://www.paigewire.com/pumpWireCalc.aspx
  6. The program that Amazon is dropping is an older 2011 one that has been little used since the Prime Reading program started in 2016. Nothing else will be lost, just the one book a month limited selection borrowing that was included in the old program. The newer Prime Reading program includes thousands more books, magazines, etc., and is NOT being dropped. The public library lending programs are completely separate from either of these programs and will not be affected, nor do they require Prime membership.
  7. Welcome to RV life and the forum! A common location for the litter box in RV's is the shower stall. Any spillage can't go far and is easily cleaned. Obviously the box must be removed to use the shower...
  8. Yes... It's easier and safer than dropping the drive shaft. Did the tow operator cap the hubs?
  9. "NationalPass" is probably the closest currently available. They charge a monthly fee of $7.99 for tolls up to $50 and $10.99 for tolls over $50. I have not used their service since the 17 state E-ZPass has worked well for our travels so far with no monthly fee. https://www.nationalpass.net/
  10. We have cards from our local upstate NY library, the NY Public Library noted above, both with Overdrive support, as well as using various free online libraries and the Kindle freebies. We don't expect to ever run out of reading material...
  11. According to a review of the Kenworth T909 tractor that's popular with road train haulers, they averaged 1.33 km/l. There's way to many variables involved overall though to assign a hard number. https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/truck-reviews/1403/cummins-powered-kenworth-t909-truck-video-review#:~:text=The ISXe5 returned a fuel,of diesel burn AdBlue use.
  12. https://i.imgur.com/MRevTukl.png Well, that didn't work. Using the "Other Media" drop down and the "Insert image from URL" seems to though.
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