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  1. That's certainly possible, but the signs are metal and lag screwed to trees. She also has well concealed trail cameras that have caught a few people over the past few years.
  2. Our daughter has signs on her rural property lines that read "No Trespassing - Ammunition isn't cheap" and "No Trespassing - We're tired of digging holes"...
  3. If elected, Joe Biden wants to lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60, with the option to keep your current insurance if desired. That may be what Todd is referring to...
  4. She just hit 8 years as a survivor. Now we're more concerned about her COPD. MD Anderson is available to us if we needed it at the higher out of plan co-pays, but there are also other well rated cancer facilities that do accept Advantage plans to choose from.
  5. That would be a definite "maybe". Some carriers lock the SIM to the phone's IMEI and it cannot be moved, while others don't and swapping phones is just that easy. Generally, I see locked SIM's more often with 3rd-party prepaid MVNO's like Tracfone for instance, rather than the major carriers.
  6. All I did was plug it in and change the APN to VSBLINTERNET. On edit: Make sure you save the APN change...
  7. To answer Trimster's hotspot question, I did try my Visible SIM in a Netgear Unite Explore (815S) at one time and it worked ok. Because the Unite didn't have the best band coverage for Verizon though, I chose to move it back to my 7730L and use the Unite with my AT&T Mobley SIM.
  8. Thanks, Ray... A very touching video with an important message.
  9. My wife and I have been very satisfied with our United Healthcare Advantage plans at zero additional premium plus $16/mo for Part D coverage. UHC lets us use any in-network provider wherever we are at the standard in-network co-pays or out of network providers at a higher co-pay. Even when we were going through my wife's cancer surgery and treatments, our annual out of pocket costs were less than the annual supplement plan F or G premiums.
  10. My Visible SIM has been in first a Verizon 6620L and currently a 7730L Jetpack for almost a year now with no complaint from Visible so far. I guess they could shut me down for only using one of the three unlimited services the plan includes though.
  11. I prefer credit/debit card payments for the most part because overall they save me money. The unlimited 5% fuel rebate with my PenFed Visa card for instance, pays for one or more fuel fill ups for my motorhome each year. And the 1-2% on all other purchases really adds up as well over time. I carry a minimal amount of cash and sometimes go weeks without using any of it. Even many vending machines accept cashless payments.
  12. I routinely hit 200-250 GB/mo on my grandfathered AT&T Mobley unlimited plan and my Visible/Verizon unlimited data plan for just under $50/mo combined. Both plans are priority managed on heavily congested towers, but when that's noticeable at all, it only lasts for a short time.
  13. The "party" I'm in through the Reddit site has lost two members in the several months I've been in it. In both cases, new members replaced them within a few hours with no effort on my part.
  14. Have you checked the listings at https://www.reddit.com/r/VisiblePartyPay/ ?
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