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  1. My wife and I have had no problems just calling our regular doctors when we need prescriptions renewed. We just have them call or send it to a CVS near us.
  2. Here's my current complete list, Linda. Billings and Ft Wayne are both in HD. I suggested the two I thought would work best for their Denver location, but any of them will work if they can receive the relevant satellites. Baltimore, MD (SD) 119 Billings, MT (HD) 129 Casper, WY (HD) 77 Charlottesville, VA (HD) 77 Cincinnati, OH (HD) 77 Davenport, IA (HD) 77 Evansville, IN (HD) 77 Ft Wayne, IN (HD) 61.5 Great Falls, MT (SD) 119 Lexington, KY (HD) 77 Little Rock, AR (HD) 77 Louisville, KY(HD) 77 New York City (SD) 119 Paducah, KY(HD) 77 Sacramento, CA (HD) 119 Springfield, MO (HD) 77
  3. My Mobley SIM has been in first a Netgear Unite 770s hotspot and now a Netgear Unite Explore 815s hotspot for about 3 years without a peep out of AT&T about it. An AT&T store even replaced a failed SIM for me with no problems.
  4. If you're using the western arc and local news is not an issue, you could change your service address to Billings, MT. That DMA is on a CONUS beam that covers the entire lower 48 states. If you're on the eastern arc, try Ft Wayne, IN. I haven't checked those DMA's for Scripps stations though...
  5. From free locals streaming service Locast: "We are pleased to announce we are now delivering dozens of local TV channels to viewers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul TV market, reaching more than 50 counties across Minnesota and Wisconsin with streaming TV. " https://www.locast.org/cities/613
  6. If the U-trap doesn't stop them, why don't we see them in residential fixtures that are only protected by S or P water traps?
  7. The DPH42 hasn't been around long enough to have a good service life history, but I can say that Duo and Solo Nodes in the same style housing that have been in service outdoors unprotected since 2008.
  8. I think you'll find Corelle dishware is likely the most popular overall among RV'ers. They're fairly light weight, nice looking, nearly unbreakable, microwavable, and yes, machine washable.
  9. I think a lot of people that question Dr Fauci's statements forget that his facts are backed by the work of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases that he heads and other health research institutions.
  10. Our bedroom Joey in the motorhome died awhile ago. Instead of replacing it, I added a FireTVstick with the DishAnywhere app installed, saving the Joey fee. As you said, connecting the Hopper and the FireTVstick on the same WiFi network saves external data usage. You do still need an Internet connection though, to validate the login. After that it's local use only. Sitting outside I just use my Android phone with the app, again on the same network.
  11. The 3 tuner Hopper w/Sling (also referred to as the "Hopper 2") was the first model to include the Sling feature that's used with the Dish Anywhere app, and the newer 16 tuner Hopper 3 also includes the Sling feature. The Dish Anywhere app installed on a phone, tablet, FireTVstick, etc, can be used anywhere you have good Internet service to connect to your Internet connected Hopper 2 or 3 for remote viewing. The Dish Anywhere website can also be used for viewing with the Chrome or Edge browsers on a PC. Dish Anywhere uses your MyDish account login info for authorization.
  12. We dropped our KOA VIK account when it expired in 2017 and haven't missed it. We stay at one KOA in PA on our way south in January since they're one of the few open parks then. The one 10% discount would be nowhere near enough to cover the cost of the VIK account.
  13. The official FDA site and list of effected hand sanitizer brands. I note that all of them appear to be manufactured in Mexico... https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-updates-hand-sanitizers-consumers-should-not-use
  14. I'm running my Mobley SIM in a Netgear Unite Explore 815s hotspot that improved my signal over the Mobley as well as eliminating the 5 device limit. A few days ago I added a pair of directional yagi antennas configured as a 90 degree MiMo pair to the hotspot. My RSRP at this location dropped from about -108 to -96 with a little dialing in and my average test speeds pretty consistently nearly doubled.
  15. Keep in mind that RV seats can also be raised to provide more legroom. Spacer blocks should be relatively easy to fabricate. Some years back, I removed add-on spacer blocks from a drivers seat for woman that couldn't easily reach the peddles. The blocks had originally been installed for her recently deceased husband...
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