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  1. Our 14 night stay at Salt Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest in Florida cost $22.07/night for a full hookup site using our Senior Access pass. Our 5 night stay at the Lake Powhatan Recreation Area in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina was $21.60/night for a full hookup site with the pass. Both parks are concessionaire run. Our various state park sites in southern GA and FL over the winter months averaged a bit under $25/night for water & electric sites and $35/night for a full hookup water view site.
  2. He's not grilling, he's asking about using the grill quick connect outlet on the RV as an inlet to the propane system, bypassing the faulty onboard tank.
  3. Our UHC Medicare Advantage Plan gives us coverage everywhere we travel at in-plan co-pays. We've never had a problem finding in-plan providers anywhere we've needed medical services. Out of plan providers can also be used at higher co-pays, but we've never needed that.
  4. LowClearances.com has their files available in a variety of formats including .CSV format that can be loaded directly into Garmin devices using their POI Loader tool.
  5. The first thing you need to know is whether the grill outlet is high or low pressure. If it's on the low side of the regulator, then connecting a regulator to the portable cylinder and then connecting to the grill outlet should work. Since the regulator output is only about 0.4 PSI, back pressuring the onboard regulator won't cause any harm. If the grill outlet is high pressure, then the connection from the portable cylinder should also be high pressure, and the onboard regulator will be used.
  6. Yes, you receive a notice with instructions and a code to enter on a screen to open the designated locker. The lockers can also be used for returns. There are different size lockers depending on your package size, and there are size/weight limitations on items you can order. So don't expect to get that new refrigerator from a locker... https://www.amazon.com/primeinsider/tips/amazon-locker-qa.html
  7. Some quick research found a number of "honorary Purple Heart" awards, although none that carry any official weight. It probably comes as no surprise that the majority of the awards have been to military service dogs that saw service in war zones.
  8. Where they're available, I've found Amazon's lockers to be a good alternative to other delivery methods, especially USPS delivery while on the road.
  9. We carry two concentrators with us for my wife's COPD, a full sized DeVilbis constant flow concentrator and an Inogen One G5 demand/pulse portable concentrator. The DeVilbis is only used when we have shorepower or run the onboard generator, but we have enough battery packs for the Inogen for about 48 hours of runtime, and they can be recharged anywhere we find 120-volt power or from 12-volt power.
  10. The POI Factory listings missed a lot of locations, and was always out of date. I've found the one time $45 cost with lifetime updates at LowClearances.com to be well worthwhile if you spend much time traveling off the Interstates.
  11. The Ellipsis MHS700L is/was Verizon's basic LTE only hotspot. It uses Band 13 only with no fallback.
  12. The local PO's have little to do with forwarding anymore. It's all pretty much handled at the regional sorting centers level now. Even local to local gets processed through the sorting center many times. That's where those computer generated yellow labels get slapped on.
  13. Ok, let's try it this way... Example of a Super C
  14. Super C's are built on medium/heavy duty truck cab/chassis with the same engine access. https://i.imgur.com/P2tlARul.jpg
  15. The Calyx Institute service is good if you're always in locations with reliable Sprint/T-Mobile service. We use a grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan and a current Visible(Verizon) unlimited data plan, both with no throttling, for a monthly cost of about $25 each.
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