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  1. A few years ago a fellow approached me about replacing his tankless heater with a conventional LP and electric 10 gallon RV water heater. They liked the unlimited hot water, but had not been able to fully adapt to getting the flow rate right, etc. I quickly determined that a 10 gallon heater would not fit in the available depth behind the tankless heater, ruling out a direct replacement. I did find a spot just a couple of feet away where a 6 gallon heater would fit with just the loss of small inside drawer, and the owner said that would do if I could finish the old opening so it didn't looked like a patch job. I suggested making the old opening a small lockable storage bin, and he agreed to it. Then I had a brain storm... I suggested installing the 6 gallon heater, and then piping the tankless in line with the cold inlet of the 6 gallon to see if that might give them at least an extended capacity, if not a truly unlimited capacity. I said if it didn't work well enough, we could always go back to plan A and make it storage with just a couple of minor plumbing changes. He agreed, and it turned out well enough that they've been using it that way ever since. For smaller hot water needs like doing dishes, washing up, etc, they just leave the tankless turned off. He says he, his wife, and their three kids can do back to back showers with just the normal drying off, dressing, and next person prep time between uses with no one lacking for hot water.
  2. I agree with Escapees and PA for starters, and Good Sam if you use PFJ station often for fuel and the occasional parks that accept them. As Linda suggested, I just lay out my deck of cards and let them pick unless I know they only accept one. I once accidentally included a library card in the deck, and the check-in clerk picked it up and said very seriously that one was worth a 10% discount. I thanked her, and then had a good laugh when the receipt showed a 10% senior discount...
  3. A good tow truck operator doesn't need to unlock a car to steal it...
  4. I wonder if they accidentally turned the key to the ignition on position instead of stopping at the accessory position. Like the others, our RAV4 won't let the doors lock with a key in the ignition switch, but our aftermarket remote start/door lock fob does lock the doors.
  5. Yeah, I've very rarely been turned down when I ask permission for something like that, and the stores are often quite good about offering assistance, loaning tools, etc. A few years ago I asked permission to do an oil change in I think it was an Advance Auto store lot and had a drain pan in my hands to buy. The manager told me not to buy it unless I really wanted one and brought out an obviously used pan from the back to use and bring back with the waste oil. Of course I bought the oil and filter there. It's the ones that don't ask and leave messes that make it harder on the ones trying to do the right thing.
  6. Right, I've only done that sort of maintenance in the parts store parking lots where I bought my supplies. Including most recently a Walmart lot shared by a NAPA store where I bought from both. With permission of course. Both stores also accept used oil, at least the Walmarts with auto centers do, as do most major auto parts chain stores. I've found auto parts stores are usually quite accommodating when their parking lot is large enough. And in one instance when their lot was fairly small, the manager arranged with an adjoining business to let me use their lot on promise not to make a mess. I purchased a bag of Speedi-Dri as a guarantee. It was many years ago, but I even did an engine swap in a Kmart parking lot once. It was just a simple 1968 VW Westfalia engine swap, but still...
  7. "While we do not offer electrical service or accommodations typically necessary for RV customers, Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among our best customers. Consequently, we do permit RV parking on our store parking lots as we are able. Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws. Please contact management in each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV." https://corporate.walmart.com/frequently-asked-questions#:~:text=Can I park my RV,lots as we are able. Home Depot and Lowes apparently do not have a corporate policy on RV parking. Some boondocking guides suggest that it's left up to the local managers. I have seen RV's parked overnight at both...
  8. I buy fully unlocked phones that work with nearly any carrier. Currently I'm looking at a pair of Samsung A51's with 6GB/128GB at $500 for both. We've been happy with Verizon's service coverage overall, so we'll likely stick with a service that uses them, possibly Visible that's worked well for us for data service. Visible would put us at $50/mo all in for the two phones with unlimited everything.
  9. Today Locast announced they've added the Pittsburgh, PA DMA to their roster, bring them to 35 markets covering 54% of the US population. https://www.locast.org/ Now serving: Atlanta Baltimore Boston Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Columbus Dallas Denver Detroit Houston Indianapolis Los Angeles Madison Miami Minneapolis New York Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Puerto Rico Raleigh Rapid City Sacramento San Francisco Scranton Seattle Sioux City Sioux Falls Tampa Bay Tri-Cities (Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City) Washington DC West Palm Beach
  10. When I say my wife and I are prolific readers, I mean we may read as many as 5-6 books a week each. Kindle Unlimited isn't really a "free library system" since there is a monthly subscription charge of course. But we do use a few actually free ebook libraries though, including the local library near our Adirondack cottage and the NY City public library that's available to all NY residents. Each one has it's own tutorial which I've not had any need to use, so I can't comment on them. Here's a good source of free ebook sources, starting with Amazon itself even without a Kindle Unlimited subscription: https://www.lifewire.com/places-to-get-free-kindle-books-1357954 Using Kindle Unlimited is really as simple as looking at the listings for the books of interest, and seeing a "Read for Free" selection button above the "Buy..." button. There's is no time limit on borrowed books, but only 10 books can be borrowed at once. Returning books is as simple as clicking on the "Return" button in your Kindle Unlimited online account listings for each book. My wife and I tried the free Kindle Reader app on our Android phones and tablets for awhile, but eventually found the $7 Moon+ Pro reader (there is a limited free version) was much more versatile for our needs and the multiple ebook formats we use from various sources. The wide variety of settings and adjustments lets us customize the book display exactly to our individual liking on each device. Like the Kindle, our current book choices and reading positions are synchronized across devices. Moon+ Pro can use any of several cloud sources for synchronizing such as Dropbox, or in our case, the free Nextcloud cloud service I installed on our web server.
  11. The video says you can change your service address online as we already knew. But it also says maybe the new address will allow you service or it might not, so at this point it's still a crap shoot and not a true mobile service. Hopefully that will all be resolved by the end of the year though...
  12. Yes, and what isn't clear yet is just when the change will happen, and what the mobile versions of the Starlink user terminals will look like.
  13. My wife and are both prolific readers, and as fulltimers we find ebooks are a much more efficient way to have many books at hand to choose from. Kindle Unlimited more than pays for itself in the entertainment and knowledge we get from it each month. Our personal preference is the "Moon+ Pro" reader on our Android devices, so I convert the Kindle formatted ebooks to standard EPUB or MOBI formats with the free cross platform Calibre ebook library manager.
  14. Since Derek was referring to Starlink in reference to fulltiming, unless Starlink makes changing locations as easy as Dish DBS TV, it's still not appropriate yet. Heh! "Great minds" and all that...
  15. Starlink is not available for mobile service yet, but it is coming soon. Until then, the user terminals are still geo-locked...
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