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  1. Over the years with various motorhomes, we've had an engine replaced, a transmission replaced, and a complete rear axle assembly replaced. In each case, we were able to stay in the motorhome at the repair shop with power and water provided for the nights. The only exception was the 4 days it took to get a re-manufactured transmission shipped in. For that time, the shop towed the coach to a nearby campground for us, and came back for it to install the new transmission while we waited.
  2. "UV resistance", or the lack of it, frequently comes up in ZEP versus whatever coating discussions. A quick bit of research shows that the acrylic solids used in ZEP Wet Look floor polish or the discontinued private label Red Max Pro are naturally UV resistant. I mentioned Red Max Pro because some of the best RV application write-ups were written back when Home Depot was selling ZEP floor products under their own Red Max label. Same stuff...
  3. Hmmmm, and it looks like his post here is gone now...
  4. Ok, best of luck, and I'm hoping need for O2 will go away for you!
  5. "Before I switched to the unite explore I had the Mobley connected to an ASUS RT-N66U running DD-WRT. I connected the Mobley to the router via USB cable. Then I connected everything to the N66U just like at home. It worked fine. But I had no need for Ethernet connections." (emphasis added) https://www.irv2.com/forums/f53/mobley-to-a-wired-router-for-house-internet-410160.html#post4394773
  6. The Inogen One G4 and G5 are the two current models in the Inogen series. The G4 is the lightest at 3.3 lbs and up to 5 hours of battery time on the lowest flow rate setting, 1 of 3. The G5 is 5.5 lbs and has a battery life up to 13 hours on flow rate setting 1 of 5. My wife has been very satisfied with her G5, and typically sets it at 2 or 4 depending on her activity level. On flow rate 2, she typically gets at least 4 hours from a standard battery, and about 10 hours from a "double" battery. Along with the 120-volt charger, she also has a 12-volt power cord for it and a stand-alone 120-volt charger for the batteries that are not currently installed. Before considering any of the battery portables, check with your doctor to make sure a demand or pulse concentrator is suitable for your condition over the continuous flow Invacare or tanks. My wife was tested using a demand regulator on a tank before her pulmonologist would sign off on getting the Inogen.
  7. Humans increased species extinction rate by 1,000 times, new study says https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/animal-extinctions
  8. Yes, that will work if your router software includes the coding needed to recognize the Mobley. I have not kept up with which routers support the Mobley though, so perhaps someone else can help with that part. I moved my Mobley SIM into an AT&T hotspot a couple of years ago and would have to do some digging in my spares to even find my Mobley.
  9. The Mobley has a USB port on one edge near the ODB2 connector that can be used for tethering. There may be a label covering the port, and it cannot be used to power the Mobley.
  10. The OP has a Dometic/Atwood GC6AA-10E 6-gallon gas/electric water heater as listed in the subject. Does the overheat occur on both gas and electric, or just one source. Both gas and electric thermostats are nominally set for 140 degrees F. If the thermostat fails closed though, the temp can go up to 150+ until the ECO, the over temp sensor, shuts off the gas or electric. Gas/electric Atwood water heaters made since 2003 use the same fixed thermostat and ECO set located on the front of the tank to control both heat sources.
  11. And his simple homemade X-ray machine was not even close to having that capability. As I said, the video was funny, but it was irrelevant to the hospital bill. I also agree hospital charges do often seem to be excessive, but I'm reminded of the mechanic that replied to a repair cost complaint with, "I don't get paid the big bucks for doing the work in 30 minutes, I get paid the big bucks for knowing how to do the work in 30 minutes." X-rays, CT scans, MRI images, etc., are useless without someone with years of expensive medical training to read them. The portion of the bill that's actually used to amortize the cost of the machine is negligible compared to costs of the support structure needed to effectively use it.
  12. The video is funny, but I'm not sure what his point is. He had a CT scan, not an X-ray...
  13. "Jetpack" is just Verizon's trade name for the generic term "hotspot". A standalone hotspot is a data only cell device that may have more advanced features than a phone with hotspot capabilities. Features like dual external antenna ports with MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) support for stronger signals, 10-15 simultaneous device connections, and extended frequency band coverage are pretty common in current hotspots. Some hotspots also support charging a phone using the hotspot's own usually larger battery. When there's more than one user, a standalone hotspot also means the data service isn't interrupted if someone needs to take the cell phone with them to go somewhere. You mentioned getting a cell signal booster for better coverage, so I'll just mention that since we started using a roof mounted aimable MIMO antenna set with our hotspots, we've not found anywhere that our expensive booster got a better signal than the MIMO set.
  14. His phone is with Visible, her phone is with Verizon. Apparently the auto payment to Verizon got dropped during his switch to Visible from Verizon. Verizon owns Visible, but it operates as an MVNO the same as the third-party companies.
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