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    • WanderFromWV... It's been quite a while since I posted the original post... over a year in fact! Lots has changed since then... job duties changed, work hours changed, daughter starting college... oh yes.... and COVID-19!! Needless to say, it has put quite a damper on our RV dreams. I've done quite a bit of research since then, and have come to the conclusion there are only two paths to go by... either buy something custom and brand new or something "off the shelf" and used. The new prices for Class B RV's that come off an assembly line (Winnebago, Coachmen, RoadTrek, etc.) are far too overpriced. There is no way I would spend upwards of $150k or even more for a product with little to no customization. It would be like Target selling a $24 shirt for $150... might as well  purchase a custom shirt for $200 and have the perfect fit!! I've made quite a few friends through my YouTube channel, and the consensus is that buying new is never a great return on the investment. Unlike cars, RVs will break down often, even if new (especially if new in some cases!), so they are not only expensive, but even more costly because you have to fix all the things that should have been working in the first place. Don't get me wrong, those I know who bought new love their RVs, and most have had repairs done still under warranty, but the things that go wrong just should never have gone wrong... leaks around windows or air conditioner seals,  major engine issues, etc. Great that the repairs were under warranty, but still... having to wait a week or more in a hotel until the vehicle is fixed is just not acceptable for something new. Used has its risks too. I have one friend who had to change all their tires, the microwave stopped working, and their generator failed after a short time... and after he repaired it, it completely died not long after. But another friend hasn't had a single major issue on his 2007 model. When buying used, it isn't just the vehicle you need to look at, but each and every component to make sure it isn't too old or on its last legs! Ultimately, we would have to have a substantial savings if buying used... and have an inspector go through the entire vehicle top to bottom, before we purchased. If buying new, it will be a custom job. Since fully custom jobs are insanely expensive (starting around $200 grand!!), we've decided Embassy RV would be the way to go if we do that route. The are "controlled custom", which means he has a basic design, but modifies here and there, as long as it fits the basic design parameters. You can see his stuff at https://www.embassyrv.com/ or see our videos of the tour we had of his facilities in Elkhart (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBClwl6HSIM&t=36s). We rented a Winnebago Travato KL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ6-mwm3iHY) and had a great time... good experience overall. I thought I'd like the twin bed system better, but now am leaning towards the GL model with the "murphy" type bed system. We've decided lithium batteries are the way to go, so the "L" designation is a must. Go look at Scott's Go Small Live Large channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNiSQ74bY7cSnemOl5B-2yw) for lots of good info on that. He is a great resource. We've met him and he is more than willing to share his experiences. If we bought "off the shelf", it would be the Winnebago, but a used model. Others will have different opinions, and you need to take each one into consideration... but only so far. There is no way to say which RV fits your needs, as each person has different styles of travel, different things they must absolutely have and other things they can do without... Some people like beer, others wine, and still others want champagne! Me... I like Coke. 😋 Gee... that was a long winded answer to your question!
    • I installed one of these from Home Depot several months ago.  https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-2-Gal-Thermal-Expansion-Tank-EF-TET-2T/304207414  I can flush the toilet 3X before the pump runs again.  Northwood did a great job of putting the pump a long ways from the main sleeping area, so even if it does run, I can't hear it.   The is a note in the  care and feeding document for the expansion tank that says that chlorine "will influence the life of your product." I put it right next to the pump. Its nearly empty when I purged the system last to sanitize. Your experience may differ. Cheers FB
    • So do you all like being domiciled in S D ive been contemplating this for a while. I will be headed to montana soon and thought of maybe becoming domiciled in S D
    • All the years of traveling and towing we only had two shutdowns whether thru or around cities. A number of years ago we were on the beltway on the north side of St. Louis. Came to halt both directions. Turns out traffic was shut down for the Pope to fly into Lindbergh Field. During the Obama years we were coming out Boulder Highway in Henderson (Vegas). All of sudden Chopper Cops and big show of force closed down Boulder Highway. Turns out the Prez was headed out to Lake Las Vegas after a speech nearby. Personally, we don't pay much attention to it. Was in Sin City when the protesters, rioters or whatever were doing their thing this past spring, never did anything to motoring around.
    • As RV_ mentioned about using Steel Wool, I put a piece of steel wool at the point where the electric cord enters that flimsy white door, to dissuade any rodent intruders.   Derek (RV_) brings up several items I'll need to consider to close up the gaps. I like the "walk the plank"!  I'll have to try to 3d print one!   Thanks for the tips! Cheers FB
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