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  1. 1. I still use the HHRV resource guide on a regular basis. 2. My Android smart phone is my method of accessing the internet probably 95% of the time. Jay
  2. I'm sorry, but that just looks like your everyday click bait to me. It's just a survey, so I don't see any kind of rational analysis involved. Are the respondents just saying they like their preferred country's health care because it's free? Or, what parameters are they basing their preferences on? I'm not sure and I can't tell. I'm certainly not clicking through to find out. Hmm.. Jay
  3. Just run the generator while using the slides and awnings, then run your low usage items off the battery. If you have a state of charge indicator, that'll tell you when you're getting low enough that you need to run the generator. An SOC gauge is really essential for accurate and efficient battery management. Jay
  4. If you read his post, he couldn't find it in an hour. He worked on it all morning and ended up spending the day on it. He did the best he could under the circumstances. It may not have been his first choice, but neither was the hurricane. Jay
  5. Glenn, I absolutely get what you're saying. People can really be vicious when they're throwing rocks online and don't have to make the hard choices in a difficult time. Your posts and interesting projects are one of the reasons I still tune in. I truly hope you stay. Jay
  6. Jaydrvr

    To get a newer truck?

    That makes more sense..
  7. We don't yet even know the level of efficacy of a new vaccine. We hope it's significantly effective but won't know until we know. We also don't know how stable the genome is. If it's more like the flu, it won't be terribly effective. Jay
  8. Jaydrvr

    HDT add ons

    Commercial truck APUs are notoriously loud and nothing at all like an Onan except for the TriPac, which is almost tolerable. They're certainly not as bad as your typical reefer, but you wouldn't want to run them around other campers, unless you really don't like your neighbors. Jay
  9. The chassis are delivered to Newmar in stacks of a half dozen or so at a time on a double drop trailer. They're only driven around the yards a few hundred feet, or so. It would be easy for someone to reattach the ride height valve with a zip tie to move around the yard, but then the likelihood of forgetting all about it is off the charts high. It may be time to consider a lawsuit. Jay
  10. Judging by the title of this thread, they're not having any luck with that. Jay
  11. Glenn, perhaps someday you can look at our Newmar. I'm not seeing any compromises related to the dually setup. We absolutely love it. The laundry is in the upper level bath on this one, but there is plenty of storage and flat floors on the main level. I keep hearing about Newmar design limitations, but I guess we just haven't seen them yet. Jay
  12. While that is technically true, you can call your toy anything you want. I almost never call my truck a tractor, even though it is. Jay
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