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  1. Jaydrvr

    Jackalopee Plug

    Try the attached thread. Hopefully, that'll help clarify some. Jay https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/142028-jackalopee-wiring/?tab=comments#comment-1052873
  2. Did you perhaps pay the Delaware Memorial Bridge toll and mistake that for the NJ toll? It's right there as you enter the NJ Turnpike.. Jay
  3. In NJ, you still pick up a ticket upon entry and pay upon exit, or use EZPass. Perhaps there was some confusion about that. Jay
  4. That's very typical but doesn't mean the clutch is actually engaged. Internal friction will cause it to spin at idle even if the clutch is not engaged, but not actually at full idle speed. An easy way to check the clutch is to see if the fan turns with by hand the key off and then after turning the key on ( with the truck aired up). On many trucks, it won't turn with the key off, but does turn with the key on. That means the clutch is operating normally. Jay
  5. There's also Keystone Heights RV Resort, which is very new and nice. Their sites have slightly more room. Our HDT and 40' fiver fit on the concrete pad, but not a lot of extra room. Jay
  6. Palatka? That's cool! My daughter lived there until recently. I recommend 4 Lakes Campground. It's pretty new and we enjoyed it. It's the only reasonable option we found anywhere near Palatka. You would need to park your truck offsite in the back, though. That's what we did. Not a lot of options in that area. Jay
  7. You can if you subscribe to one of the streaming packages, like YouTube TV, or Sling TV. Jay
  8. Because truck cabs aren't open to the rear and wouldn't have direct access to the main body of the motorhome. I see both used in ambulance manufacturing, but the F series or equivalent have little to no access to the vehicle body. You can cut a small passthrough, but it's not really useable. Plus, the van cutaways come from the factory ready to go. Jay
  9. Exactly! I thought it was hilarious! But that's just me, easily amused. Jay
  10. It's on the website linked above, the National HDT Rally. I believe it was $355.00 for my wife and me, including the campsite. Jay
  11. I think there are several factors, one definitely being cost. We spend less than $20 on streaming services and used to spend $60 and way up on satellite or cable service. The other advantage is watching on demand. You can watch on your schedule, not the provider's schedule. I too can't watch a movie without falling asleep. I watch mostly old TV shows from fifty years ago. There's an incredible amount of content online, much of it free. I have to admit, I did struggle to give up satellite, but I don't miss it at all. Jay
  12. Because those rules were specifically suspended during the pandemic. Depending on the individual state structure, you do have to certify that you're unemployed due to a variety of Covid related reasons. Jay
  13. Thanks for the correction. Jay
  14. Chris and Cherie specialize in mobile internet information. I recommend their site for the most up to date info on current data plans. Jay https://www.technomadia.com/
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