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  1. https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/149425-2015-chevrolet-sonic-toad-57000-miles-clean-carfax-7500/
  2. For years many AGM manufacturers were advertising freedom in placement for their batteries, but in looking at the Lifeline and Fullriver websites it looks like they've changed their tune. I'm guessing the lawyers contacted the marketing departments. Jay
  3. Your title says you're using sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, which suggests they're AGM batteries. These typically have an emergency valve, but are otherwise fully sealed. SLA batteries do not outgas under normal charge/discharge cycles, only under extreme or unusual conditions. Only if they're conventional lead acid batteries do they need venting. Jay
  4. True. My point was that it was really easy for me with a CDL. I would think a non-CDL would be even easier. Just relaying my experience. Jay
  5. I was wondering that too. It looks really cramped. All the ones I've worked with passed the stem through the normal wheel opening. I don't think I've ever seen a wheel setup like that. Jay
  6. I don't think you would want to be putting valve stem sensors on rubber valve stems. They are definitely going to move around with the extra weight on them. If you get a chance, you might want to change them out to metal stems. I always use metal stems on anything larger than a car. Jay
  7. By replaced, did you mean with new tires? Tall new tires typically feel like you're driving on rubber beads on the road and can be very squirrelly for a few thousand miles until they settle down. Eliminating half the tires would, I think, really exacerbate that. Jay
  8. When I moved from OH to FL it was a simple matter of going into the DMV, taking the eye test, having my photo taken and wait a few minutes for the license to be fabricated. There was nothing additional related to the Class A CDL. My limited experience suggests that's normal in most states. Jay
  9. I don't see where that's a mini split. It's just an under bunk air conditioner.. Just like I have in my garage. Not to say it won't work, it just won't have the advantages of a mini split. I could be wrong.... Jay
  10. Oh yes, I had completely forgotten that Henry had one, too. I would think most of them are too old by now to be viable. Jay
  11. I think Jack Mayer started with a Royals International. You might check out his website. I looked at them, but they were too dated for my taste. Jay http://www.jackdanmayer.com/our_trailer.htm
  12. Have you considered swapping out your hard drive for an SSD? I did that with my ten plus years old laptop and it transformed it. Now it boots up in seconds, not minutes and is perfectly functional for the things I do. Happy with the result. Also, more RAM always helps. If you're annoyed with long boot times, you could just put in in sleep or hibernation. I almost never turn off my computers. Jay Re: Your poll, I don't think there is a best, just what works best for each individual.
  13. As I recall... Rt 20 is a full sized road and I've been on much of it with my commercial truck and trailer with zero issues. It's a pleasant, if slow way to go. It's only slower because of the towns, etc., but very enjoyable. Hope my memory is still accurate.... Jay
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