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  1. And we don't like kings. It's a personal preference and one that - I think - is more related to the sizes of the occupants. My wife and I are quite small and prefer the queen, but I would think larger occupants would need more room. Jay
  2. What's wrong with that? Hiring someone to move you occasionally seems waaaayy cheaper than buying and maintaining a truck. Jay
  3. Dang, we just finished that series! It's the first thing I've watched in years that I would score a ten. Exceptional! Jay
  4. Yes, rather than chasing condensation, I'd prefer to just enclose it in a waterproof enclosure and not worry about it. Also, I still pull a commercial trailer, so it doesn't make sense to have it hanging out there when I'm working. Jay
  5. I was referring to the exterior and the latching mechanism. Jay
  6. Yeah, that's what I'm using now, but in plastic. I looked at the metal ones, but they're too cluttered. Jay
  7. Good to know! I think my issue is that I go to an online retailer expecting their products and it's frustrating to find all those hundreds of other options, plus the issue of returns and after sale support. I may consider doing more research. Jay
  8. I would never purchase from one of those non-Wal-Mart retailers. Sorry you got burned. I just select the Wal-Mart.com retailer option only. What happened to you is exactly what I suspected might happen. That ploy seems to be active on so many once reliable sites. It's sad and unfortunate, but I quickly caught on to them. Jay
  9. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/six-trumpet-cast-aluminum-authentic-train-horn-by-usa-train-horns/ Okay, that's the most expensive. There are less expensive ones. Jay
  10. Yes, I've seen those as well. At least mine are clean and organized. I can reach in and grab what I need in a moment - at least on the driver's side. The passenger's side is not great, but I'm working on it...and that's where MY triangles are.... Jay
  11. Lol, that's funny! I only have a 610 and every cubic inch inside is long ago spoken for. 2 inverters, large wiring harnesses, a power distribution board and 2 tool boxes. Jay
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