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  1. I agree, there's not likely to be much of a market for this, but obviously the seller thinks there's enough of a market to be worth it. Jay
  2. I don't have any preference for this battery either way, but the ability TO TURN ON AN INTERNAL HEATER below 41° is certainly a unique feature and one I haven't seen on any other LiFePo4 battery. Very cool! The other features listed appear to be common on most similar batteries. Jay
  3. Okay, THAT is cool! I missed that the first time around. Jay
  4. I have to agree with vermilye on this subject. I am not an expert of any kind, but I have built my share of audio equipment chasing the dream of perfection. I cannot listen to any lossy compression audio files for more than a few minutes before the "sizzle" and distortion gets to me. All my albums are ripped to lossless FLAC files. I've included a link which gives a perspective on lossy compression codecs, specifically mp3s. Jay https://productionadvice.co.uk/why-mp3-sounds-bad/comment-page-3/ P.S. I have SXM on the app so I can use it anywhere, in any vehicle, but mostly listen to news and old time radio.
  5. I have my Mobley set up on a twice a day timer, but it no longer seems to need resetting. Occasionally, it'll quit though and I have to manually reset it, but that's rare. That seems to be more a function of location than anything else. Jay
  6. You can buy phones, TVs, etc. directly from Samsung with no interest. I do that regularly, like when I buy one of my kids a new TV, for example. I like the Shop Samsung app. Jay
  7. The SilverLeaf system was a topic of discussion for this use some years ago and I considered adding one to my truck, but the ScanGauge KR does what I need, so I'm good for now. It does seem to be a very well developed system, with lots of customizable options. I just don't have room for yet another display on my dash. Jay https://www.silverleafelectronics.com/
  8. We use Eufycams at home. You can get the outdoor units that have a 360 day battery. I don't know if they really go that long, because they've been up less than a year, but I can confirm that they last many months. We really like them. You do need an internet connection if you want to monitor them in real time, otherwise you can have them record to an sd card to review at a later date. Jay
  9. Okay, got it. At least that makes some sense. Jay
  10. The link and its contents specifically refer to the Commercial Driver's License. There is a section referring to exemptions for non- commercial use. My point was that this is an RV forum, therefore I can't see how commercial regulations are relevant here. Jay
  11. Mr. shawnloring refers to "Commercial Driver's License" or "CDL" at least 4 times, by my count. Again, I could be wrong. If so, I apologize. Jay
  12. If you say so, that's fine by me, but in another viewing of this thread, I don't see anything about obtaining a CDL, only the upgraded class of TX driver's license required to drive a larger RV. As I understand it and has been discussed here multiple times, that's not a commercial license. I do personally hold a CDL, so that does give me some perspective. Of course, I could be wrong and it wouldn't exactly new the first time. Jay
  13. This thread is NOT about obtaining a CDL.. Reading some of the preceding comments would've illuminated that. Jay
  14. Yet again, not entirely accurate. PPO plans are generally accepted nationwide. HMO plans are likely to be geographically restricted. Jay
  15. Again, the notion persists that Medicare Advantage plans are limited to local usage only. That's just not accurate. As with most health plans, if you select an HMO, that's generally limited geographically to your local area, except for emergencies. If you select a PPO, as we have, you can have broad coverage nationwide. We've had complete success with doctors and hospitals in multiple states on multiple occasions. Easy peasy. Jay
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