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  1. UPDATE: I contacted Northwood who makes Arctic Fox about this issue and they recommended that I chat with Tredittire.com where Northwood gets the rims for their products, at least that's who they used for the 2017 model I have. I believe that seeing is believing because they didn't question the issue when I had sent the pictures and they have scheduled a new rim to be shipped to me. I also checked into having the rim repaired by one of the local wheel repair stores I've used before, and was estimated that the repair would be $200. Considering I can't find a replacement wheel here in the area, and ordering one would probably be as costly, I may get this defective one repaired and use it as a spare. Thanks for the comments! I originally started this to inform that being persistent can sometimes pays off.
  2. Thanks for hte replies. This one has "Made in China" molded into one of the spokes. I'll have a look at the Alcoa wheels, I've never really liked the Black with silver star pattern with this rig. @Kirk W You are correct, the spare is a steel wheel that not even close to the original design. It's ok for getting home but it would look odd for normal use. I've written to a contact at the Northwood Manufacturing plant for Arctic Fox(3 hours from me) to see if they would consider replacing it, or get a new one at a reasonable cost. Thanks again for the replies.
  3. I've had the Arctic Fox 25W for several years, and always needed to put air in one of the tires when it sits for any time. Thinking it was the valve stem, valve core or a screw (or something else) in the tread, I coated the tire and wheel with a soapy water. Nothing obvious showed up. Next filled the portable cooler with water and set the tire in it so that it was submerged, well at least a portion of it at a time was submerged. Nothing obvious in a 360 degree rotation. I'm thinking, no bubbles seen, but yet there is a leak.... So, then I started looking a lot closer at the rim, instead of the tire AND as the pictures show, there was a pinhole in the rim on the back side of one of the spokes! Such a tiny hole! Have a look at the green circle in the image. I'm presuming this is a casting issue. It doesn't look like a crack to me. Any thoughts? I wonder if it's repairable? By the way, have you every tried to find an exact replacement for just one of your trailer rims? Best of Luck!! I haven't found one yet. Based on one response from a local dealer, as a guestimate, he said $200+ if the manufacturer had one! No trailer scrapyards within 200 miles of me.. Replacement rims that handle more weight than the ones' I have, can be found for less than $150 and I'd be proud to see them on my rig. Cheers FB
  4. It's hard to tell why folks don't wear a mask. Maybe they are Very Brave and believe they CAN'T get the virus, or they are ignorant to what can be done to reduce the spread. When you see someone without a mask, ask them to boast their reason for not wearing a mask on twitter at #I-killed-grandma (not a real hashtag that I know of). ok, off my soap box.
  5. I installed one of these from Home Depot several months ago. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-2-Gal-Thermal-Expansion-Tank-EF-TET-2T/304207414 I can flush the toilet 3X before the pump runs again. Northwood did a great job of putting the pump a long ways from the main sleeping area, so even if it does run, I can't hear it. The is a note in the care and feeding document for the expansion tank that says that chlorine "will influence the life of your product." I put it right next to the pump. Its nearly empty when I purged the system last to sanitize. Your experience may differ. Cheers FB
  6. As RV_ mentioned about using Steel Wool, I put a piece of steel wool at the point where the electric cord enters that flimsy white door, to dissuade any rodent intruders. Derek (RV_) brings up several items I'll need to consider to close up the gaps. I like the "walk the plank"! I'll have to try to 3d print one! Thanks for the tips! Cheers FB
  7. My first click on it also took me to an odd site. I refreshed the screen and clicked again and ended up at the service reviews site.. The site only had a few listed, but there was some insight to what is near me. I was able to add comments to one already there as well. Kirk, this is the first time I've had an RV with and Extended warranty, which, thankfully I didn't have to pay for. I have to admit service provider had good craftsmanship in the replacement of the tub, and I understand they can't work for free. The warranty had some ridiculously low number of hours they would pay for to replace the bathtub, something like 3 or 4 hours. I don't blame the manufacturer for the cost of the repair. I think what really irked me was that I also asked them to look at the slide out because it seems very slow and labored to go out. First they told me there was a rock in the channel. I know there wasn't a rock, because I had already been under the trailer and looked for obstructions. Then they claim they lubed the rails and cleaned the slide gaskets. I crawled under the rig again and took pictures when I got home. Later I quizzed them about "where is the lube?" Their reply, "it's a dry lube". I've used dry lube before and there is always some left on the surfaces even though it's dry. There was no evidence of any lube, or cleaning. So, I was disappointed in their reply to that as well. Rather than complain and lose the use of the rig for another 4 weeks, while it got back in line to get serviced, I'll lubricate it myself. I don't think I had unreasonable expectations for the service but maybe I was overly optimistic about what the warranty would pay to get it fixed. Thanks for your replies. FB
  8. Much appreciated for the link! Now I have egg on my face for not thinking of Google before!😳 I'll try to do as much of the service as I can until I can't. Having the list of service folks is very helpful. It looks like I'll also need to spend some quality time with link that sandsys forward. Thanks again! I'll keep my ears open if someone has a person experience they would share. Cheers FB
  9. Mods? HMMM, Maybe I've made a few this summer... Progressive industries Surge protection (permanent under counter, behind cabinet drawer) Third Brake light mounted on a carry rack on hitch mount. 3" wide Copper Tape used to cover every inch of the vent cover over the main bed to make it darker. Slim Shade for RV doors (both doors) mounted upside down so I can have a little privacy by peeking out the top of the shade. Turn Signal indicators 1/2 way down the side of the rig Bright LED back up light. pressure tank added by water pump to stop the on-off cycling Blue Ray DVD player under cabinet near entertainment center. Reclaimed space under the cafe bench seats (both) and above the drawers. There's about 3 1/2 inches of space to store documents. motion sensing LEDs under sink cabinet, side slide out compartment and directly over the main entry door. HUGE Camco level to front of trailer, so I don't need to get out and check 4 or 5 times... TST 507 TPMS Installed on truck and trailer Cheers FB
  10. Thanks for the feedback Twotoes and Kirk! I would classify my wife and I as Sometimers, with the idea in the next couple of years of becoming part timers while we visit as many National parks as will let us in. I have also read and heard about questionable follow-up after the deal with CampingWorld. Thankfully, they don't carry either of the two brands I'm searching for, however, they do have my name if a used one comes through on trade. I'd like to reach out to a local RV Club, but according to the map of clubs on the SKP web site, the nearest is northern Idaho panhandle, about 5 (or more) hours away. Kirk, you're spot on with developing a relationship with the dealership and that is the primary reason for my query, has anyone had a good experience purchasing and with service in SW Idaho. I visited Thundermountain (Arctic Fox dealer) in LaGrande Oregon to have a look at a FOX Mountain rig, but the rig wasn't WOW, so we passed. The salesman was very up front with us, so had we found a rig may have considered it, BUT it's 3 hours from home. And TwoToes hit the mark with service on a rig bought at another dealership is, well, not a priority for the local guys. I took my Arctic Fox to Nelsons RV in Boise for some warranty work (had an extended warranty from the previous owner) and still got soaked for costs above and beyond what the warranty covered for a bathtub replacement. I have pictures of what they called "lubricating the slide channels" that anyone would be hard pressed to see any lube. Needless to say, I'm not fond of Nelsons service guys. I'll keep my hopes up that someone on these blogs has found the diamond in the rough for dealerships, private or MEGA shop, within 150 miles of Boise. Thanks again for your reply. FB
  11. Greetings! It seems there is no lack of advice on YouTube that tells you that finding the right dealer/service provider is as important as finding the right rig. The advice is, if the dealer your working with seems shady or dishonest, to walk away. I guess this means that if that particular dealer sells the model you want and you don't like the salesman/technical advisor/service manger, you walk away and resign yourself to going to another dealer for that brand. Even if that means they are hundreds of miles away. Then if you need service on the rig??? OK to the main question, who, of the various big names in SW Idaho or nearby, are reliable to sell any of these 2 brands: KZ (Durango Half-ton 5ver), Outdoors RV (Glacier Peak 5ver) . I know of Bretz and Bish and Dennis Dillon as well as Camping World. Where can I find testimonials for these for purchase and service, besides the canned and cleaned versions I see on their website? Thanks for your time in replying, FB
  12. You probably already know this.... If you are a disabled military veteran (yes even 0%), Oregon will let you stay in their state park campgrounds for 10 days a month. No more than 5 consecutive days in one park. Yes, you have to pay the registration fee if you reserve online or over the phone. No you don't need to be an Oregon state resident for this Disable Vet benefit. Yes you have to take your chances about which spot you get when you register for a campground spot, no preferential registration you will wait just like everyone else. I have not tried to use this benefit for a Yurt or cabin. You will need a letter from the VA verifying your disability rating to send to Oregon Parks dept. Take a copy of that same letter to your local BLM office, and get you very own Lifetime, National parks pass. I've had one now for about 5 years.. Cheers FB
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