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  1. The hike from the parking lot at Horseshoe Bend is through deep loose sand, so a bit difficult. Years ago we took a small guided hike to Canyon X. Just 4 of us and an elderly guide. Awesome to see and experience the canyon without the crowds. Not sure how it is today but then it was a moderately difficult hike down into and back up the canyon.
  2. Wires for a trailer and for a toad are wired differently. Etrailer.com has wiring diagrams showing the differences.
  3. GlennWest, any links to more info for your Chinese step up transformer?
  4. Depends on which Victron unit you're trying to set up. BMV-712 has bluetooth so you can set it up like that. I just installed a Multiplus 3000 and used the MK-3 to program it with since it doesn't have bluetooth.
  5. Just a reminder as people are starting to plan their summer travels in and through Colorado. Hwy 50 between Gunnison and Montrose will have an ongoing project with daily closures for 2 years starting soon. If you can it would be best to avoid Hwy 50 through this area. See the below for more info. https://www.us50info.com/
  6. Anywhere from $1000 to $1,000,000 Please be more specific, size, diesel/gas, age preference, budget, etc.
  7. Another thing to look for with an older coach is an active owners forum. I've owned 2 Newells and now have an older Foretravel. Both have very active owners forums with most of the info you'll ever need readily available online. Much better than some of the Facebook groups where you have to ask a question then wait for others to answer then filter through the incorrect answers.
  8. The monies from those subsidies will only get spent somewhere else. I'm not one who buys a new car and the used cars I buy usually hang around for 10 years or so. So I'm not in the demographic to buy an EV. At least not for another 5 years or so. These discussions are interesting to me. What I really want is to program my car to drive across Texas while I sleep or read....
  9. No, we do not love ethanol. Ethanol was forced onto the American public by our gov't. listening to enviros. Ethanol is a boondoggle that has resulted in the price of foodstuffs to rise, fuel economy and fuel costs to rise. Now if ethanol were replaced with methanol (we do have the technology now to overcome the problems with meth.) it would make more sense. Methanol can be produced from waste products.
  10. Or maybe lots of people enjoy shooting firearms as a sport? Or would like to have the ability to protect themselves if the need ever arises? Certainly not paranoia for either case, just your opinion.
  11. If you're truly afraid of the dark then please stay home. Or at least don't park next to me. Don't try to make your campsite into your home. BTW there are stars and constellations up there. If you turn your lights off you can actually see the Milky Way.
  12. dlundby, what is the Gb limit/month if any? That is something that is never mentioned but is an important part of the puzzle.
  13. https://www.carizona.com They have toads listed. Or at least can install tow packages.
  14. Don't post pictures of your dog (if you have one) in or around your RV. That could turn off some potential buyers. After you clean it up get a non pet owner to walk inside and make sure there are no "pet" smells lingering. I love dogs, kinda like some cats, but would look extra hard at an RV that I know had pets in it.
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