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Anyone making money from a Youtube channel?

Kirk W

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I know people who make money on their uTube channels but they already had followers before they started their channels. Their popularity then increased to include more and more followers. Bob Wells, of Cheap RV Living, is a good example of one who did this. He has now started a charity called Home on Wheels Alliance which outfits cheap RVs for people who would otherwise become homeless. I have no affiliation with them other than being an enthusiastic supporter. https://homesonwheelsalliance.org


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I think you can make some, but unless you basically make it your "full" time job you will not see very much income.  

How the system works now vs even 5 years ago is very different.  If you are not constantly putting out content, and quality content on at least a weekly basis it will be hard to get enough people engaged to make money.  

I think if you want to do it for fun and you end up collecting a few $$$ in the process that would be a win.



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 You need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours in a 12 month period to even start getting monetized. I have watched a bunch of information video's on doing this, lots of into out there and I in fact started a channel but man to really do it I think would be a long road unless you really have a god camera presence and character "which I don't". Creating good eye catching thumb nails, coming up with good topics, making a schedule to upload quality video's (unless you put one out on a regular basis it will never get off the ground" taking the time to take the footage and to really edit a video, well my hat is off to the people that make a video look good. 

 Heck we have spent countless hours keeping a blog over the last 8 years "which is ok because I enjoy it" and have a ok sized following and a good amount of views every time I do a update and I asked our followers or the people that even read and are not subscribed to just at least subscribe to my YouTube channel to help grab hold in the  YouTube algorithms so YouTube would start promoting my channel to a wider audience but you would think I was charging a fee to subscribe LOL!!! 

 But good luck if you do follow the YouTube path and let me know if you start one, I will support fellow RVers.     

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I'm amazed at how well some vids are done considering these are mostly rank amateurs.  But what I'm really amazed by is the incredible storage capacity of the youtube site.  I mean, we must be talking trillions of terabytes for this kind of operation. 

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Did I read somewhere that 800 youtubes are uploaded every minute? Some folks are making millions. Like the kid that opens toys on camera. He was the highest money maker a few years ago. $17m a year iof I remember right, Check out Will Prowse on his solar and lithium battery channel. From living in an old van in California to two huge houses and a fleet of sports cars......In just a few years.....Yup, it can be done. But it ain't easy...


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