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    • Phasing Out Internal Combustion Engines? It’s Already Happening   Several automakers have already confessed to having stopped development on any new internal combustion engines. Some have taken the multistep approach, however, phasing out development in some markets before others. A visible glimpse of the end: Cadillac has said the CT4 and CT5 are last V-cars it will produce. The automakers are making it official—they’re phasing out internal combustion and heading, with varying degrees of happiness, into an all-electric future. So at what point does the more than 120-year history of producing and improving gas and diesel engines actually stop? Some carmakers are saying that process is already well underway, and no more multimillion-dollar engine development plans will get approved. Stellantis was late to electrification, but it is making up for lost time in 2021, especially since the Fiat Chrysler/PSA merger that created the company. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe is a plug-in hybrid with a four-cylinder turbo engine and two electric motors for a combined 350 hp. Asked if the gas engine had reached the end of the line, Stellantis spokeswoman Lisa Barrow said, “We have said there will be a 4xe powertrain for the redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee. We haven’t made any other engine announcements yet.” Source with much more: https://www.autoweek.com/news/a36292118/phasing-out-internal-combustion-engines/
    • Everything takes time and LFP is a great transitional until solid state are ready for prime time which they are not. In the article they are shooting for 2050. For everyone interested in what's doable,when, and what is being done now. Here is an 8 minute video that explains the different battery types and solid state my bet on the winner: That video is from this article in Autoweek that starts with this paragraph: "The world of the internal combustion engine will sadly, but very necessarily, come to a close at some point in many of our lifetimes. Hybrids and electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and more advanced at a rapid pace, which means batteries are taking the place of fossil fuels. This has led to an equally rapid progression in battery technology, with the main goals of improving capacity, charging times, and safety. One major advancement in this field is the advent of solid-state batteries, which promise to push the boundaries of the limitations that current lithium-ion batteries carry." This Autoweek article with links to related interesting articles: https://www.autoweek.com/news/technology/a36189339/solid-state-batteries/#:~:text=Solid-state batteries are%2C for now%2C still in development.,partnership with battery produces on their own projects.  
    • Wrong! In the excerpt: "The European Green Deal is one of the world’s most ambitious climate policies to usher the European Union into the net zero economy by 2050. To happen, it will require a massive ramp up of technologies from wind turbines to electric car batteries, but the question is how much of the value will be captured by industry in Europe." And there is more in the article on moving production to the US and we do have untapped resources. If you are going to nay say posts of mine point out which parts you agree with and which you don't. But you have to read the article first not react to the headline. It is there and more in black and white above. Since I supply the links you can also go to the original article and comment there and get an answer. They said they are going to produce the raw materials.
    • I've already done all that.  I have a Pixel 7 Pro with 512 GB storage on order directly from Google.  The trade-in estimate was $440 for my Pixel 6 Pro (with 512 GB).  Mine has been in an Otterbox with a screen protector for its entire live so I know is it in perfect condition. I shipped the DSLR to B&H photo; they've estimated $450 as the trade-in value and they were pretty honest when I sold my previous SLR to them. With both of these, the net cost of the 7 Pro will be ~$250.
    • https://www.votervoice.net/AFSA/newsletters/47591
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