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    • I had an older 13' and it had no toilet except for  porta potty.  I can adapt to no shower or bathroom sink but if I never have to use a porta potty again it will suit me fine.  Mine had no hot water heater which wasn't a big issue. It had a furnace that vented exhaust outside but no blower fan and I actually prefer it over the newer rv style force air furnace.  It did make the heat a little spotty at times but I did not have to worry about running the battery down. Once it warmed the space there was not much issue of the spottiness. I gave up one back window with a small window unit.  I don't think mine had crank windows but they did open out in such a way that you could leave the window open without it raining in.  It towed real good but it was actually al little harder to back than my now 30ft. TT.  When I sold it I got more for it than I paid for it.  
    • Thanks, that's why I asked. No harm no foul.
    • Well Vern, you poked a hole in my hope for positivity.😀 I know what you mean about diagnosing based on sounds over the phone. The last thing of significance I did that was the side by side refrigerator  at my daughther and SIL house. He held the phone near the mechanics and I could hear the Klixon opening and closing on the compressor. He was able to get on and an appliance parts place I told him about and replace it. Had him get a hard start kit for it at the same time. 3 years later still working fine. Richfaa,  this covid is so hard to sort out so far.  Nurse daughter's mentor who is a nurse that was married to a nurse slept with him several nights before they realized he had it.  49 and healthy he died in 2 weeks and she has yet to  test positive. Where she works she gets tested every four days.  And I know of another case similar except they were not nurses. Good for you for foregoing Sturgis this year.
    • This is interesting shooting.   Many places around the country.do have long distance ranges. I could not copy and paste. Search for Montana BOCR. Very interesting history lesson.    Vern
    • By the looks of what's in my driveway....that ship sailed.
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