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  1. And I'm still waiting for one of you to explain why, when you are protecting yourself with a mask, do I have to wear a mask. You think that mask protects you already. In truth thinking you are stopping a virus with a cloth mask is like expecting a volleyball net to stop a speck of dust. And if the mask was effective it would have to me fitted to your face and discarded after use. No reusing contaminated PPE.
  2. More totally unproven progressive myths. Zero proof, just wild supposition made up to make them feel superior
  3. Yes yes I know correlation does not equal causation
  4. Try this: Florida you'll see is 30th way below most of the the lock down states. There is zero correlation between lock downs, mask orders and such and the infection rate. This data is from the CDC weekly tracker
  5. No restrictions: Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee. Arizona only requires masks in certain settings. Still some restrictions: States who have rolled back some restrictions since 2020 include Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode
  6. The gauge is just for showing when the pads are correctly adjusted, he uses a screwdriver to do the actual adjustment of that screw, but there isn't any reason not to use a spoon. I just have not figured out how to adjust the brakes on the reassembled wheel on my 25Y. Those slots are blocked on the back at least partially.
  7. OK I stumbled on this video and this guy has the most comprehensive trailer drum brake repacking video that I have ever seen. I learned a lot from watching this and only wish that I had seen it before I did all four wheels earlier this year. He even shows a tool that allows you to set the brakes from the inside: Brake Setting Gauge Anyway take a look at this, I see he has an earlier vidio on redoing the suspension too that I have not watched yet. RV Living Yet
  8. The NPS has issued an interim set of rules for photography/videography on their lands: RVMiles They lost a lawsuit about this and have thrown in the towel, it sounds like normal filming will require no permit unless the activity disrupts park activities. This episode of RVMiles is one of the good ones with Jason (?) by himself getting to the point quickly. Not the Mutt and Jeffette irritating scripted episodes.
  9. You would not want to pay for the ultimate bridge, airplane, building or power system if they did build them for every possible contingency. Do you want your power bills to triple?
  10. There have been no pumped hydro storage facilities built in the US for decades. There are very few suitable locations and environmentalist fight them in the courts. Using their standard demand something while fighting against what they demand. Also those storage units are highly inefficient, it takes a lot of energy to pump that water up a mountain and you get more losses when you convert that height into electric power. You spend 100 MW to get back 50 MW (just an estimate)
  11. The Russians copied the Hanford WWII nuclear plants which were built with carbon blocks and they kept on building them thru Chernobyl, including their export plants. Those units lacked inherent safety features found in US plants since we did not keep building Hanford plants. US plants are built with inherent safety, lose power and the plant automatically SCRAMs--shuts down for example and that is powered by gravity. The Japanese were just plain stupid with their plant design especially with the location of the backup diesel generators and the plant siting on a shore known to get tsunamis.
  12. No as we have been talking about the fix is new generation nuke plants and to stop shutting down reliable fossil plants for unreliable solar/wind plants. There is no doubt that ERCOT bungled this but that is to be expected out of any government agency. It isn't just this country, Germany shut down their nuke plants and had to burn more really dirty soft coal, bituminous coal, to make up the power deficit. Or buy power from the French who sensibly went to mostly nuke plants years ago.
  13. The class number tells you, 1973. I went to Mare Island and SL1 in Idaho. BTW did you know they closed that base. I was a MO, graduated first in the class and went to Engineering Lab Tech ELT class. I served on Fast Attacks in the Pacific. ELTs were of course the first in the reactor compartment to do the rad survey. I got a medical discharge for hearing loss and went to engineering school.
  14. Admiral Rickover made sure that the Navy reactors were like nothing in the civilian world. The navy builds the same reactor over and over, when a problem is found they fix it in every identical plant. I got less radiation in 6 years than I get from a CAT scan now. And I was one of the first people into the reactor compartment when it was shut down to do a radiation survey. Civilian plants are essentially one off, each one is new and different and each has it's own problems. A bad design decision. The NRC should have forced them to build standardized units. One design for 500 MW units, one
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