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  1. Maybe but is that article wrong, or did you just refuse to look and see. That's why I included the second link in case NASA was not authoritative enough for you. Everything on WUWT is extensively documented with links to other sources, you know that would be science style not emotional style. If you bothered to read it you would also see that the commenters are heavily loaded with professional researchers and engineers. The site has also been ranked number on on the web for science based webpages.
  2. I haven't watched TV in more than 10 years, since Bush the first's term of office. So maybe lack of mass media exposure explains why I never heard of this leftist group.
  3. I don't know what Q is. I did not say there were 'hordes of people" starting fires but we do see new reports of arrests of people doing that. As for the stats, the data always lags behind the current date. It takes time to gather the data and the government agencies which publish it seem to be a year or even more behind. However if you have current validated data lets see it. Rather than conspiracy theories...heh
  4. Not the case, Global Fires are down by 25% says NASA: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/09/16/irrefutable-nasa-data-global-wildfire-down-by-25-percent/+ And here you can see the US Wildfire rate from 1926: https://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/fireInfo_stats_totalFires.html Whatever disaster that is happening now, to us, always seems to be the absolute worst in history but usually is not the case. Of course out there you seem to have a lot of people setting fires intentionally which does not help matters. And forest mismanagement make it worse.
  5. We left FL on our summer trip at the end of May and traveled thru AL-GA-TN-AR-OK-NM-CO-WY-ID-MT-ND-SD-NE-KS-MO-AR-AL-MS and back to FL. Getting back here in late August. No campground crowding seen in any of those states. We stayed at COE parks, state parks, city parks, federal parks, boondocked and stayed at private parks. So that more or less covered the full range with the exception of camping inside a national park which are always crowded. Tho we did boondock right outside YNP. We actually followed the first wave of campground re-openings which happened on June 1st. That's why we stayed in an AL COE, the GA ones were still shuttered. Amity COE was open and a directly adjacent COE park on the same lake was closed. So I still think it is geographical and political not based on the calendar. When you cut the number of available camping spots and obliterate other recreation opportunities you obviously drive up demand.
  6. Glad to see you are getting your money's worth out of 1000 trails. And I agree Sunday is the beginning of of the easiest reservation days running thru Thursday. Friday and especially Saturday are the tough ones, mainly because of locals coming out on the weekend is my theory. This is really obvious in COE parks.
  7. Not here in FL right now. I easily got 4 days near Ft Myers (West Coast) in a COE cg, then 4 days at the SKP cg in Wachula and finally 3 days at Jetty Park on the beach camping at Melborne FL (East Coast). I was surprised at the Jetty Park one it is a popular spot located near Cape Canaveral and they had a bunch of empty spots to pick from. This included a weekend day too. We are looking forward to finally camping in a SKP park. The second surprise from Jetty park is that they called me an asked several questions, this is a city owned cg. They finally said I had to email them the dog's vaccination records. That's a first for us. I believe the cg crunch is located in the NE/Atlantic states, the left coast and maybe some states around the Great Lakes. Tho I've heard that upstate NY is not crowded. Government park restrictions and closures have something to do with this maybe? I also see that NM State Parks will be open 10/1 for residents only.
  8. When I was researching Mexican dentists I saw that the ones in Nogales have a cross border shuttle service. Is there one in Yuma?
  9. Well that depends on the state, doesn't it? Florida SP for example almost all, or maybe all, have FHU. The FDEP has been reworking the campgrounds in all the parks. Giving them FHU. I'm not sure if they are finished yet. Other states have FHU tho maybe not in all or most of their parks. Florida is very serious about their State Parks, I used to think that we could visit and/or camp at every one of the SP but that has become very difficult they are adding new parks faster than we can get to them. 175 right now. Many are underdeveloped to say the least but the parks people are working on that too.
  10. I hadn't even considered the boarder crossing. This is the first I recall seeing about it, all the chatter has been about Canada. I searched the web and filtered it to the last 30 days and I got the impression that the pedestrian crossings are open, some crossing points better than others (San Diego bad for example, Yuma seems to be walk right across with no delay). Molar City is advertising that they are open for one. But I found no definitive official statement saying that the crossings were open. I did find an official page saying that the closings are set to end Sept 21st.But that could be extended obviously. But thanks for the warning, I'll certainly check before going.
  11. I suspected I was misspelling it...heh. As for the other lets stick to Quartzsite the other subject will get us nowhere.
  12. How many are planning on going. We are probably headed that way for the first time. I want visit a mexico dental clinic and that puts us in the general area. Plus we want to visit the RV show and the Rockhound show too. I got the impression that SKP folks get together in Quartzite. Are there certain areas that people head for? Hopefully a vaccine will be available by then to tamp down the hysteria.
  13. OK this area is found by turning right (coming from the south/Pinedale on Hwy 191) onto the Warren Bridge Road. A good gravel road which runs next to the Green River. It eventually ends up at the pass over the Wind River Range. There are a number of designated BLM boondocking areas along the river, all marked with a 'turn here sign' Area 4&5 sign as an example People can and do camp anywhere they dfind a good spot tho, but if you want to be on or near the siver then these areas are the best. There are at least seven of these areas, that's when we gave up and turned around. I wanted to camp here but we were already boondocking at New Forks, the next day was Friday and I thoiught that the place would be filled by the time we moved. It was already about 75% full. There are a lot of tenters taking up spots: This is a typical campsite with table and fire box The last area that we looked at number 7 is the largest: If you look you'll see RV's all up and down the river. I did not drive doi\wn there. OK comments on some of the other sites, site one I would walk out before driving it looks like you could get stuck down there and not have enough room for a turn around when towing. I did not drive all the way down tho. And last I think it was area 6 where the sign said no developed RV sites but that is not true, there were several. The road is the roughest of the the lot tho. So suggestions, get there early in the week. The locals are out fishing and camping otherwise.
  14. Just thought I'd comment on some of the places we boondocked in this last summer. Looking at the map of our trip we did a lot less boondocking than we planned. I actually think we got diverted by COE parks..heh. Here is the map of our loop: Map generated by RVTW That is a very nice feature they've added to RVTW, you can send a link to your travel map. OK on to new Fork Lake north of Pinedale WY. There is a state park hear and that park has the absolute worst roads of any that I recall seeing. They are very narrow, extremely rutted, off camber, and overhung with trees. They also lead you to a cul-de-sac too small to turn around in with a camper attached. The sites are very small and squeezed into the trees: That's a surprise the photo insertion worked, I used the RVN photo posting app. This is the entrance to the SP: However this park is surrounded by a large boondocking area with room for scores of campers: The only real reason to visit the area is the beach area in the SP: Which for Wyoming is the East Coast Beaches of Florida...heh. That said the boondocking was excellent, lots of room. A fire ring and lots of downed wood. Pinedale is about a 30 minute drive and the road in isn't bad. Moderated washboarding the last five or six miles. There is a Boy Scout Camp (closed of course) just down the road and the road by the SP is called Boy Scout road. There is another section of the park you can find several miles down the entry road if you do not turn down Boy Scout RD. The washboading got much worse but there are more boondocking sites all along that road including a few on the lake. We only made it about half way which is probably good since unknown to me a bolt was vibrating out of the right front caliper. The Warren Bridge over the Green River is about 15 minutes down the main highway, US 191 once you get there. Many more boondocking spots there right on the river. -
  15. We have had this conversation before. First mismanagement of the money they do have, and it is billions of dollars, certainly is a very big issue. Secondly they need to stop buying new property and prioritize the maintenance and improvement of the many properties they already possess. All this waste of money occurs above the local park level. But at least one issue does not, any ranger who gets a leo certification automatically gets a pay raise and promotion. That needs to be stopped and limited to at actual number of leo rangers that are actually needed. The people who are paying for these parks, the American Public, needs should be first priority. The stupidity of requiring four or five reviews to run a water pipe under a road needs to be stopped, period. They are over regulated and have forgotten what their prime mission is.
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