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  1. We do loops from Florida out west, the last two ran up about 10,000 miles and 8500 mile respectively. About 1/4 to 1/3 of that is trips out from campgrounds not cg to cg. We intended to slow down this time but we are on our way out right now, north Florida to Rock Springs then by mid september to the Oregon coast to catch crabs and clams. Want to do the Aspen color change, probably in Colorado. If it has cooled down we will probably cut thru Nevada on the way. Then working our way back for the holidays in N.Florida. So I'm sure that will be over 10K. Not so good with fuel prices clim
  2. It's a matter of which layout you like better. I just prefer FreeCampsites. I have Campedium, Allstays and iOverlander and my Garmin RV890 surprisingly has iOverlander built in. So far as I can tell they mostly have the same info but may call the same site by a different name to confuse things. I do not plan to renew Allstays, we just about never use it. And there are a number of other sites/apps. One I have taken a dislike to is the Dyrt.
  3. I just saw a comment by some saying that they were owned by Amazon, he probably misinterpreted that note. The problem with them boosting some campsite is that hundreds of thousands of others have seen the same thing and many are headed to the camp site.
  4. I don't agree with some of this but there are good points in this. A lot is aimed at solo women boondockers who have security worries that don't affect me. newbie advice Whatever you think about Campedium, owned by Amazon I hear, they put out good posts.
  5. You lost me there. We planned to go down the Lime Creek rd in our truck, but it was closed for some reason, maybe a rockfall. We were exploring some of the more moderate alpine roads after doing Cinnamon Pass from Lake City to Silverton. But this guy, maybe has learned the backcountry driving rule number one. Check out the road before taking your RV down it. And if you start down a road that looks like trouble, back out before you go too far. But looking at those photos I think there was zero chance that the rig was going over the slope and I would have taken the toad back. Or walked
  6. Heh I donät think Iäd drive mz RV up there. We drove the alpine loop including Cinnamon Pass but in our 4WD truck. And got some questions from Jeep drivers at the bottom.
  7. Well probably not any type they do not make chipped keys or at least not all chipped keys. They probably make most standard keys and you can find those machines all over, Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmarts for example.
  8. But you can use the park address for delivery not the Escapee address.
  9. I don't think that is what is happening in Venice Beach, the local police have been told not to remove the junkers.
  10. Are there friendly counties near DC? You are projecting the situation in the NE metroplex onto the rest of the country. Here in Florida you can get a nice slot in a RV park for $400-500/month tho if you want a new RV Resort then that blows up to $900 and up. And placing an RV here in FL isn't as easy as you think, you need five acres minimum, a well, septic tank, electric power poles and county permits and inspections.
  11. LOL I was just speaking generally, I don't know anything about you after all. And didn't the word: Dumb mean speechless or incapable of speaking? And the word: Stupid, which seems to have vanished from the lexicon, mean someone with diminished IQ? Sub 90 range. Or an unwise idea or plan? As for unlimited hotspots, I've used 67 GB this month on my Visible phone which runs on Verizon. But I doubt it would work for really massive data flow. As for working remotely, some IT jobs could work that way. Web Designers or maybe coders, but I don't see Network guys swapping out a bad drive remo
  12. The complicating factor is the issue of urban outdoorsmen taking up old RVs and living on the streets with them. This has sensitized the urban population and will make flying under the police radar a lot more difficult. I think just how alert the locals would be depends on location and the density of people doing this. The west coast seems to have the worst problem but they also have lax laws or at least lax enforcemnt. As I said stress level would be high. You could not get away with parking in a residential area for days or weeks on end. Maybe in an industrial/commercial area if t
  13. Thats a thought, I'll check that,
  14. On the whole we are very happy with Visible. But it does have one behavior that is really aggravating. When the Visible App wants to install a update it silently chokes off the Internet. It doesn't send you a text or an email, pr pop up a notification. This time it happened right after Win 10 installed a patch, so of course I blamed MS and finally rolled back the patch for the first time ever. And I've used Windows since Win-286. Did no good, finally it occurred to me, check the Visible app and sure enough it wanted an update. Installed that and rebooted compter and phone and everyt
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