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  1. We left Florida in March and have stopped at 16 places so far. Right now we are doing 8 days outside Bryce leaving Sunday. We basically do not do reservations more than 1 or rarely 2 days ahead and often a few hours ahead. And so far we got turned own once, our first night out in the Florida Panhandle. But we got a place a few miles away from there. There are boondocking spots outside every major park with the exception of Glacier. We boondocked in the Tetons, had a fantastic view of the mountains, outside Grand Canyon, outside Bryce and outside YNP in the last three years. La
  2. That is called a straw man argument, I haven't made that argument and will not. There are generally a few paved trails in parks. I doubt your average wheelchair user will be able to tackle 4 mile trails with 500 ft down and up.
  3. That would be $35 at the major parks and I think it has been for a year or two now. And the comparison to Disney is a non sequitur, the taxpayer has not been funding Disney thru taxes. Which is the case with the parks
  4. The last administration added a big block of money to the NPS, was it $10,000,000,000? And every major park and most minor parks have a 'Friends of This Park', assiciation. And that group would be happy to blaze trails for free As for Jim's comment, the American public has paid for these parks. Most of us do not get a chance to fully enjoy the parks until we retire and are not at our physical peak. Your elitist scheme would deny park access to the the many but make the many pay for their use by the few..
  5. LOL we know our limits, we were at Zion last week and gave zero consideration to hiking Bright Angel. We were perfectly prepared fo a four mile loop with an 800 ft elevation gain. But were unprepared for the nps failure to mark the trails properly. We did cover over 15 miles and 1700 feet of elevation and survived a 30 deg night out. We did speak to rangers today, the one on the Trails table told us "That we were not well prepared since we got lost." See the above answer. I insisted on seeing a manager and that one told us: "They know about the problem and put up a sign last Septembe
  6. My understanding, and it may be wrong, is that there is a very long running fascination with the American West as in gunfighter legends, in Germany. We had a period when cheap dime novels extolled the stories of gunfighters like Billy the Kid. I understand that those were translated into German and sold very well in Germany. This was back in the late 1800's. I'd guess there may have been something like that with the Australian legends. Apparently that German fascination still exists.
  7. I'm not complaining about the trail, I am 72 and my wife in her 60's and we know that we have to work our way up in trail difficulty. Especially since we are from that flat state Florida. AllTrails shows that we did 1500 feet of elevation gain in those two days, so climbing back up the 800 ft or so from the Swamp Canyon trail was no problem. My complaint about the NPS is this trail junction: It is very poorly marked and where people constantly get lost going down the Sheep Creek trail instead of completing the Swamp Canyon loop. Swamp Canyon is not mentioned at that intersecti
  8. An excellent point that I intend to make with the park rangers, today or Wednesday. I'm fairly sure I have identified the trouble spot.
  9. I read all the way thru that long series of posts, a month or two ago, it is an eyeopener. And I even mentioned it to the deputy as we were driving back. DV seems to be a real attractor for the extremely unprepared, you hear all sorts of stories about people taking their Toyota Tercels or Honda Civics down roads that a well prepared CJ would be cautious going down. And when they break down they often make very bad decisions. Those Germans are an sad point of this behavior. They were a mile or two away from a rescue cabin with food and a water source. And they had stopped at it before
  10. He was just making the point that cold kills more people than warm does. Hypothermia is deadly
  11. The apps, at least the one I have, works fine without phone service.
  12. The wave hike is infamous for people getting lost and spending the night on the rock. I've seen reports from a couple of people who got lost. At the minimum you want a compass bearing back to the entrance. There are a number of good apps for your phone with compasses, and usually gps numbers. There are supposed to marker cairns out there but they must be easy to miss. We drove right by the Wave location and never gave it a thought.
  13. All very good advice. We had some of the items but not enough. We see folks heading out in hot areas, like Arches in summer, with what looks like half liter water bottles (8 oz). We had 2.5-3 liters of water. Sat phone would be very pricey I suspect.
  14. I'm going thru and adding items to a list to add to our packs as emergency supplies: bigger packs, life straws, excellent space blankets unlike the junk we had that tore into 4 or 5 pieces and was thin and tiny, make some tinder (that deputy had a great suggestion of making wax impregnated cotton patches), add Swedish fire starters and so on, it isn't complete yet. Maybe some reflextrix pads to sit on. Small bottle with ibuprofen and one or two of any meds you are taking. Small first aid kit. Energy food and more water. We had 2.5 liters will bump that to 4. The problem is tha
  15. As for weather, we knew that the temps we down inb the thirties at night but this was supposed to be a two hour hike starting at 1:00 PM. And on day two just after my wife got ahold of the Sheriff Dept it started to rain which changed to snow/sleet. We had to hike back down the ridge we were in to a FR where the truck was. That in the freezing rain. We would have been in critical danger if we had not been picked up. You could have easily been reading our obits. I was wearing shorts (another error), we only had light wind breakers, my wife lost her hat. We were out of water and had no real foo
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