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  1. They are running a survey on RV Magazine and apparently 56% of RVers get their RV supplies from Amazon. I think the locker usage issue is because people don't know where these lockers are located. From the name I just assumed they were banks of boxes somewhere like those postal gang boxes. It never occurred to me that they were located in stores and fast food joints. Or we would have been using them. Incidentally in that same Sunday issue they mention that Canadian snowbirds are paying about $1000 to get flown over the border while their RV's are trucked across. Their RV's are waiting for them when they get their. So there maybe more Canadian snowbirds than expected.
  2. Well I hope it comes off this time, we were greatly unhappy at the cancellation last year. The vaccination should be mostly done by then.
  3. Yup, read the reviews on Amazon Wash Wax All And I got the name wrong the first time around so good thing I checked
  4. That's handy info, especially if you stay at the Gunnison RV park...heh
  5. No but lots of us use Wash Wax All system which is waterless and works great. Get it on Amazon
  6. I stumbled across this FL beach camping site: Hugenot Park-Jacksonville FL Electric only with water and dump station on site $27/night + $6 a stay per pet. It must be right across from Mayport Naval Station. This vlog episode is how I discovered the place: RV Living Yet . I've only looked at a couple of their episodes and am not a big fan so far. But they do cover a lot of campgrounds, at least they mentioned the location of this one. They seem to be 1000 Trail members. I'm a life long FL resident and I thought I knew all the public beach campsites. This seems to be near FT Clinch but I don't think you can see Mayport from that park.
  7. There are plenty of free campgrounds in Cali especially if you get into the north or east parts of the state away from the cities. Or down in the southern desert. Look at this for example around Big Pine: free and cheap camp grounds near Big Pine Conversations on these group forums are like a house plant, you need to water them (come back and participate) to keep them alive. You wouldn't ask someone a question and then walk away for 3 and a half months.
  8. Ditto, we spent a day there but more time was called for. They have a movie set and a slot canyon plus lots of river side scenery. I think they have 4wd roads we'd like to explore.
  9. There are a lot of sites along the on the east end of the river road . Sites with a cleared spot and fire ring. We passed them when we drove the road east to west. You get permits, if they are required at the visitors station.
  10. Candler NC, outside Ashville.
  11. Heh, it's sounds about the same. We had a taste of your weather on a visit to DC years ago. Boston was just as bad if not worse. Standard target concentration of Chlorine is 1 ppm unless you are superchlorinating to sterilize a contaminated tank or piping when it would be much higher. You would not want to drink water at 5 ppm but it would not hurt you, just taste awful. I was licensed as a water system operator but only at the lowest level for the small system we ran at where I worked.
  12. Gee do you have hotter weather than Florida in summer? And summer in FL runs from April thru November. Any organism requires certain elements, usually abbreviated as CHONSP plus trace elements. And the energy source, usually sunlight but can be chemical energy in anaerobic organisms. My tanks are lacking most of those.
  13. I'm still waiting for someone to comment on the KOA survey and not on the quality of the bloggers. As for what I believe, note the title of this post.
  14. Not our water, it can sit in the tank for months and be fine. I would be concerned about the quality of your well water, maybe take a sample to you local health dept. Of course our well water is the same Floridan aquifer water that gets bottled and sold all over the country. Unless there are contaminants in the water, nutrients, nothing will grow in the dark tank.
  15. Read the comments in these vblogs, plenty of opinions in there...heh. These vblogs do provide info that I never would have heard about otherwise. The KOA survey for one. Of course you have to form your own opinion. So what is YOUR opinion that disagrees with the bloggers? And why?
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