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Heavy Duty Trucks (Class 7/8).

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    • $309.00 for a brand new Pixel 7 Pro 128GB Storage! If I trade in my Pixel 6 Pro which decided me. I am trading it in and avoiding talking Lynda into setting up a new phone which she already said she did not want to do. Joel call The Google store. Go through the help screens and click other then have them call screens and then have them call you, less than a minute. Then ask about the trade in offer today. I called because I did not want to have to switch to Verizon to get the deal. They offered a better deal. My phone is cherry as a used phone can be with no chips or scratches beyond microscopic. When you buy the phone from them they send you a box to ship your trade in to them in. This promotion expires Feb 25th. They take $150 off the price of the phone which makes it $749.00 total I pay to get my phone.  I was quoting the Pixel 7 Pro 128GB in Onyx or black or whatever they call it. So after I pay minus the $150 sale price today, when they receive my trade in they will refund my credit card or however I paid with the $440 trade in. So the new phone ends up costing only $309! I am going to go that route because I won't have to activate with a carrier just buy and trade in mine. Verizon towers work as well for me and I don't need a hotspot from my phone. If I want to watch something only on my phone, I can hook it up to the TV or whatever either by wireless casting or wiring the USB C to HDMI adapter I have and connecting it to the TV via HDMI. But I never have needed that. So that is the best price. Even better Glen my agent said to just call them back and their tech support guys will walk me through making sure all my data is transferred to my new 7 Pro. Timeline: 1. Order the phone and pay full price $899 minus the $150 sale price - $749.00. 2. 3-4 days to get the new phone to me, and the box to ship the trade in to them. 3. Then I have 30 days to send my Pixel 6 Pro trade in to them. 4. They will then on receipt inspection and seeing my phone is indeed not cracked or scratched and works great they will then refund the $440.00 trade in to my credit card or whatever method of payment used. So the end price is $309.00 for a brand new Pixel 7 Pro 128GB Storage. The Best Buy deal is much lower trade in price. Hope that helps anyone interested, I am getting one! I am going to get mine working and all my data transferred before I send in my 6 Pro. That should take an afternoon and a few days for all my stuff to trickle onto the new phone. I will be backing up all my contacts and pics/videos to an external drive just to be safe. Once all done and tested I can discard the backups locally. They are backed up automatically to Google anyway.
    • I am in the same boat with my plan through US Mobile, a Verizon NVMO. I got a deal with three lines unlimited for $25 a line when doing three then they deduct $14 to pay for our HULU Streaming as a "Perk," which drops it to $61 a month. If I change the plan my costs become the same as Verizon plans - much higher. Two SIM Cards stay in our phones and the third SIM card which is the same unlimited plan, is shared between our three LTE Surface devices, My Pro7+, and our two M3/LTE Surface Go 2. Lynn likes it better than the larger Surface Pro 7. This plan is no longer available but I did tell folks here about it. Most wanted hotspot service and they don't have it except for expensive per GB costs. But the Tablets have unlimited Internet etc. when the SIM card is switched from one to another. We don't change our plan and have changed phones once already with them. As said already a new phone even if 5G should not change your plan, but you just have to call or email Verizon.
    • It's not light on power.  When plugged into shore power it'll effectively be powered by the Victron chargers. The boondocking use will be similar to running air conditioners off battery power, yes you can, if all the circumstances are just right.  And I'm building up my trailer to have those circumstances.  Otherwise I'll be firing up the propane generator or propane furnace, which is a perfectly fine plan b.  
    • The most important part of covering an RV is making sure it is tight everywhere. You don't want the cover beating against the RV when the winds pick up. Linda
    • I will be purchasing a Jayco 242BHSW, and am in the process of buying the accessories required.  My question concerns the cover.  It will be stored outdoors in the Colorado sun and I want to protect my purchase.   I have read that covers last at most 3 years in these conditions.  Is there any brand that people recommend?  Or since the lifetime is short, should you buy a lower priced option knowing that you will end up replacing it every so often?  Are there tricks to extending the life span of the cover? Also any recs concerning the cover length to adequately fit the trailer?  
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