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  1. If you get it good and waxed and all shiny, the birds will poop on it because the reflection blinds them. This is especially true if there's a high wired close by that they like to hang out on. Ask me how I know. ☺️
  2. I don't have a problem with a State charging more for out of State campground users. I think in most States, taxpayers subsidize the park system. I feel the same way about college tuition and fishing and hunting licenses.
  3. I doubt you can rent a U-Haul for $70 a week. They're trying to avoid paying $70 for a storage unit.
  4. I thought that they had to do the split or lose their place on the market. Doesn't the market require a minimal stock value? It seems like I read that when their stock went below $1, they would no longer be able to trade. It didn't change the value of your holdings any.
  5. Is it only in the RV that you feel this fear? Is it a motorhome or do you pull a trailer with your SUV? If you only feel this fear when you're doing the RV thing, then probably it will get better with experience and confidence. If you have the fear even when driving the SUV alone, it may not improve with time. I've known people who have never gotten used to driving in the mountains, even though they live in Colorado. Maybe hypnosis will help. As far as knowing ahead of time what the road will be like, that could take some research. Talking to others and looking on Google Maps will generally give you an idea.
  6. I saw one on eBay in Galveston, TX. Did you get that one?
  7. The first thing I always did on arrival was to check the electrical for quality. If the pedestal failed, I could get another site without much time invested. Then, hook up RV to electrical. Your a/c can be running while you're doing the rest of the setup. Also, you won't be discharging your batteries while unhitching, extending slides, jacks, etc. Water and sewer came next, in no particular order. Television was last, sometimes not at all.
  8. durangodon

    2017 2500 Silverado

    Chevy duallies didn't have TPMS in 2017 models. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/02/2020-silverado-hd-dually-sierra-hd-dually-will-have-a-tpms/ I think the TPMS system in a 2017 Silverado can only monitor four tires. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5l5IQB0h2E
  9. RV and rynosback, I'm a big fan and advocate of EV's. I'm very much aware of the lessened maintenance, including the regenerative braking and so forth. I was specifically responding to Lou's comment "Other maintenance costs are deferred until their battery packs need replacing". Maybe I misunderstood what he meant, but just wanted to point out that there is indeed maintenance on any vehicle that rolls down the road, including EV's. Just like on a gasoline vehicle, how you drive it and how you take care of it will make a big difference in how much maintenance and repair you have to do. The big battery pack is not the only component subject to failure. I also firmly believe that battery and charging technology is in it's infancy. The day is coming soon where charging stations will be commonplace and you'll be able to charge a vehicle in 10 minutes, instead of the 30 to 60 minutes it now requires. Tesla is leading the research, but others are involved also. It's an exciting time to be alive, at least in the automotive arena.
  10. I posted a link to this report in my last post. I was surprised to see how much some States were charging in EV fees.
  11. I'm not sure that's completely true. I think I've read where some States are charging road use fees for EV's, in some cases higher than it would be for a comparable gasoline model. I suppose someday we might all be paying road use fees based on how many miles we travel and our vehicle weight. Until then, we'll have a hodgepodge system of fees. EV's have tires, 12 volt battery, brakes, axles, bearings, light bulbs, air filters, and other wear items. They don't have a gasoline engine, but they are not totally maintenance free. On edit, I found this website article. https://advocacy.consumerreports.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Consumer-Reports-EV-Fee-analysis.pdf
  12. Dr Pepper is not a Coke or Pepsi product
  13. Is he? Did you listen to his music?
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