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  1. I can remember lot's of old things. My problem is remembering why I went into the other room.
  2. I've heard where this will work https://uniquecampingmarine.com/products/rv-tank-cleaner
  3. Okay, I'll see if it makes a difference. Thanks.
  4. No, which is why I made a reference to Invision in my first post. I never suggested that this website or Invision might be at fault, just that there is an incompatibility between it and my computer software or it's settings. My browser is accepting cookies. This website has 11 cookies as we speak. I have no cookie exceptions set up. Are there other cookies settings I could check? If a cookie setting is causing this, why does it only require the sign in half the time? Could you explain what you mean by "extensions that might mess with this"? Other than Adblock Plus, which half a billion people are using, the only other extension I've added was a VPN. I've had the VPN on there for years and never any issues. Do you think that updates to Firefox may have caused a problem with the VPN software? Thanks for your response.
  5. Good point. Has anyone done a poll to see how many are having the issue and how many are not? If it is just 2 or 3, then I agree that it's something on my computer which is the culprit. Either I'm using an app or I have a setting which is not agreeing with the site. My post was only addressing Chad's suggestion that maybe the cookie settings were causing it. I'm using the same cookie settings for a dozen different forums and do not have to sign back into any of them like I do this one. That's why I suggested an incompatibility between my computer and the site. Also, about half the time, I don't have to sign back in. It's inconsistent. The defensive comment was a response to Kirk's snarky question which suggests that I'm playing some sort of victim, which I'm not. "Do you think that this site is selecting people to give problems and you happen to be one of them?" Whether it's 2 or 3 or 300, we were having a discussion about what might be causing it. I'm curious to know and am open to suggestions.
  6. Not at all, and there's no reason for you to be so defensive of your beloved website. If you'll read the quote below of my first post in this thread, you'll see my explanation of why I think it is happening. All of us use a different combination of browsers, anti-virus, ad blockers, and other software. It's very difficult for a website to maintain compatibility with all of those programs. For example, I use Win10, Firefox, AVG, and AD Block. Others may use a different setup and get a different experience. I was simply responding to Chad's suggestion that I or others may have our cookie settings configured incorrectly. I realize you are extremely loyal to Escapee's, but try to keep an open mind in the future when you are reading others' posts so that you may actually see what they wrote and don't misinterpret their suggestion as an attack on this website.
  7. True, but if sometimes you have to sign back in and other times you don't, or if this is the only website which is behaving like that, then I doubt that cookie settings is causing it. For example, I frequent about a dozen forums on a daily basis. I stay signed into all of them and this forum is the only one that I ever have to manually sign back into, and that's about half of the time when I visit.
  8. I'm having to sign back in about half of the time now, never did before a couple of weeks ago. As far as who to blame, I imagine it's an issue of Invision's software and it's compatibility with certain browsers. Considering how many browsers are in use out there, I'm surprised any website can operate flawlessly on all browsers. To me, it's not a big deal, I just sign back in when it requests me to.
  9. Concierge service for RV's? That's a new one on me, I'll be curious to see the responses.
  10. My bad. I thought everyone in Montana knew the Duttons.
  11. Could you do me a big favor please? Would you check on the condition of John, Beth, and Casey? I haven't been able to find out a thing since I saw them go down and I am unable to travel to Montana at the present time. Thanks.
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