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  1. Jamtracy, So, if I rent this site from you, it would include the two golf rounds per day? How much extra for golf cart rental? Is the golf clubhouse on the RV park grounds or do you have to drive to the course? Looks like a very nice rv park and golf course. Price is very attractive.
  2. While visiting Amish country I had occasion to see a couple of small wind generators for businesses. I asked how much electricity they were making. The response was "not very much". They used a bank of batteries to store energy and the wind generator would not keep up enough to provide lighting for the building. They were using gas lighting. The batteries were powering a ceiling fan. On top of that, the wind generators were noisy, very noisy, and that was on a fairly mild wind day.
  3. I've personally witnessed three people drop their fifth wheel trailer on their truck while starting to leave. The tailgate wasn't damaged in any of those cases. There were creases in the bed sides on two of the trucks and no damage to the third.
  4. I use Amazon a lot. I've had a few shipping screw-ups. I've spent time with both the USPS and Amazon investigating. This is how I understand they happen. Your order gets filled at an Amazon warehouse, there are many across the country. Your item is assigned to a pallet. That pallet is then scanned and enters USPS tracking, even though it hasn't left Amazon facility. From there, that pallet is loaded and sent to a post office by a "shipping partner". When it arrives at the post office, the USPS tracking shows it as at that post office. Then, the USPS scans the item for the first ti
  5. I don't think these short sellers were betting on Tesla's failure. They just looked at their stock price compared to earnings and thought the stock was overpriced and would take a hit. I'm not a big trader nor short seller but I like to dabble a bit with stocks. I'll give you an example of why I would buy or sell a stock. I read up on a company called Quantumscape (QS). QS is a battery technology company. As far as I know, they've never delivered a single battery or made a dollar's profit, but I liked what I read about them. They went public late in 2020. I put in an order for
  6. I don't do it, but it's not as risky as it sounds. Any time I buy or sell a stock I am gambling on the future of that stock. I believe either the stock is going up or going down. Short sellers are doing the same and I'm sure that many are successful at it. They've just missed the mark with Tesla at an alarming rate.
  7. Let's say that the current price of a stock is $500 per share. You believe that the price will go down to $400 in a month, so you promise to sell shares at $450 in one month. You're thinking that you can buy them for $400 and sell them for $450. If the price goes to $600 in one month, then you have to pay $600 per share to sell for $450 in order to deliver on your promise. So, you lost $150 per share on your promise. A lot of traders bet that Tesla's bubble would pop in the past year. Instead, it kept getting bigger. I'm not an educated trader, that's just how I understand s
  8. That's pretty creative, but I'd be cautious about doing it. The fan motor was probably not designed to operate under that kind of load and may overheat or worse.
  9. Just finished "White Fang" and "The Call of the Wild". I'm 24 chapters into "The Deerslayer". Next will be "The Last of the Mohicans". Difficult reading. It's amazing how much our language has changed since these two were written in the 1820's.
  10. Thanks. I've never used the Windows key or the start menu before. Pretty interesting stuff in the start menu.
  11. Thanks. What is a Windows character map?
  12. How do you make that little degree mark on a computer keyboard?
  13. Okay, that's sounds more reasonable. 😁
  14. If you won the lottery, you would buy a two year old used truck camper? Hmmm.
  15. Here's the one I've been using for a couple of years, on sale. Not professional quality video, but pretty good. Never a problem. Not a major investment.
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