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  2. thanks to all, I'm more comfortable knowing all that! 👍
  3. techdad55

    Tahoe Toad

    I can't say for certain on a Tahoe but my 2015 Colorado also says to disconnect the battery. The is due to the electric assist power steering. You might want to run the 12v supply to power the brake buddy and keep the battery disconnected. I used the Roadmaster disconnect relay so all I need to do is flip a switch on the dash to disconnect.
  4. I wish that was so. Hooked up ready to back it into the RV shed again. Its on our list of places to go. Same as the east Tn rally.
  5. Today
  6. That is what I thought. It means that as long as you keep our fuel tank nearly full when you stop for the night, you can use it anything you need to. The majority of them do not get enough use.
  7. Kirk, I have an onboard Onan 4000. JimK, I empathize with your confusion. The terms are loosey-goosey. In looking at reviews of them I see them most often referred to as "solar generators" but also as "portable power stations." I think the latter is more accurate, but the fact that they can be charged by solar is new, I take it, so thus the new term. https://www.rvweb.net/best-solar-generators-for-rv-reviewed/
  8. I hope no one is confusing "throttling" where your speed is drastically reduced for the balance of the pay period with "deprioritizing" where your speed is somewhat reduced temporarily on congested towers only for the period of the congestion. Our Visible and AT&T data services are both deprioritized, but if/when it happens, it hasn't interfered with streaming to any noticeable degree. The slowdowns are typically more like what we've always seen on busy towers even when not deprioritized and usually clears up after prime hours.
  9. I agree completely Jim. Well said!
  10. Buy my new phones via Swapa, and never ever ask Verizon for help if I can avoid it. And then I do it only in a Verizon store, and with clear communication that I do not want anything on my plan changed. (Had to go in for a new SIM, two phone changes ago.). The term Unlimited goods used on many plans on many carriers... Specifically on my Verizon account, I have what I call 'Grandfathered Unlimited Data'. (Started it on 3G a I recall, on a Motorola Droid.) In those days, used PDA Net, and all was well. When PDA net was closed off. I waited until after one of the courts intervention on Verizon, and when I saw I could activate Hotspot again, without losing the 'Grandfathered Unlimited Data', I added it. Due to equipment, and the locations we've been traveling the last few years - probably 85%+ of our streaming and internet has been via ATT (Mobly with SIM in Nighthawk MR1100, with MIMO roof top Mobile Mark antenna feeds.). However the last three weeks, my Samsung S8 on Hotspot, has been our primary connection device. 164+G usage so far. With no signs of De-prioritization, which is appropriate - as my plan is not subject to such... Unlimited, does not always truly mean 'unlimited'. But sometimes 'unlimited' is unlimited:)! We'll see what happens with 5G rolling out:)! Best to all, Smitty
  11. David, welcome to the forums and good Luck! Don't forget to give Escapees and military discounts!
  12. We traveled the entire 7 years because we had a retirement income as military retired and medical so we could afford the $1-$2 a gallon diesel we paid, and campground fees, with few exceptions 1997-2003. We wintered in NW Louisiana for two to three months of winter on an RV space we made up on family land with full hookups and a shed. We took breaks of a week or three in places we wanted to explore in depth. We Followed what we called back in the day the RV Roadie 2X2X2 rule. We never made reservations because we never traveled more then 200 miles a day, arrived where we would stop by 2 pm so no reservations needed, and we would stay 2 days. The day we arrived to set up and relax, and day 2 to explore the area at our leisure. Some places we planned to stay a month we sometimes left after 2 days and places we wanted to stay only two days sometimes got extended to a month. It took a tear to get the hang of it and meet the Americas one person at a time. In seven years we pretty much covered everything we wanted to see and do west of the Mississippi and from Mexico up to and including Alaska. Being retirees we stayed at Military on base RV parks whenever they were on or near our route. Because my mom had Alzheimers we went from Shreveport area on I-20 to I-10 to I-8 to Sand Diego where she lived along with two of my half brothers for our first three years. Then we tried I-40 across and loved the views. Then I-70 and I-90 across with mixes coming back to LA for the winter three months. That was because out two boys and her parents were there then, but no longer. We did Alaska in 1999 entering Tok AK in early May and leaving Valdez AK September 5th for the South. We came off the road to take care of her parents in late 2003 and were relieved of those duties and moved here to Colorado mid to late 2019. Every year we did San Diego we either went North up 5 or once 15 then on to our favorite summer one week rest just south od Astoria OR at the Warrenton military Famcamp and do the Lewis and Clark and coastal tours like the cheese factory and Coos Bay. We did the Sutherlin SKP coop park as well as the California and Washington SKP Coops and the One in Yuma along 8. One year we went through Grand Canyon to Vegas to Utah mid march,and did Salt Lake, Yellowstone, Glacier National in April then crossed into Canada at Roosville, then Banff park, Jasper Ice fields, Lake Louise and on to Prince George to start the trip up the AlCan and down the Cassiar Highway back. We took almost the whole month of April from Glacier, doing Canada in three weeks, and entering AK in the first week of May 1999. We did the 101 around the Washington peninsula twice and did Seattle from the RV Park in Tacoma on McChord AFB twice on the way to somewhere else. We did a week at Chanute Kansas three times because the HitchHiker 5th wheel factory, now closed was there. The public RV park in Chanute is great to see a nice town in mid America. And great beef in Thayer just south of Chanute at a little family owned steak house with dollar bills taped all over the ceiling, and the owner's husband was a Nashville country music singer guitar and sang for the crowd once the dinner rush was over. Best steak and my first Mountain oystes and they were better than I'd ever imagine. So if you want to travel all or part of the year, there is lots to see and do. Some folks just snowbird one place in winter and another in summer. There is no right way to fulltime RV, except to remember you are not on vacation, so aren't due back anywhere. It took me a year to stop driving 7-10 hours a day. But we retired and fulltimed at the ages of 45 and 43 respectively, so could climb glaciers and hike the grand Canyon, neither of which would I do now. I'd ride the mules in the canyon and do a helicopter or plane tour of the glaciers in AK now that I am an old fogey of 68 and save my feet and back! LOL! I would agree with the advice to travel at least three years I'd add do the three main east west routes and several of the North South routes that go near what you haven seen or done yet. Don't worry, you won't see it all. The people we met, and the towns that are like the 50s frozen in time, all reminded me of the old Charles Kuralt show "On The Road." Safe Travels - enjoy.
  13. I am a little confused about calling the RockPals a "generator'. It is a battery pack and inverter. It generators no power but can be charged by solar, car charger, or a 110 power supply.
  14. That's a little higher than my estimate of $10k - 15k, but close enough to be doable. My intent is to complete as much of the plan that finances will allow, and open the completed portion of the park. As the bank increases, continue the plan. You're so right about doing some serious research, and I will.
  15. I have the upper bunk out of my truck, it may fit others as well. The frame is 79 wide by 31 not including the hinge pins or stop blocks. I will include the hinge brackets and stops. This is located in Hutchinson, Ks a couple miles from the fairground. I would rather somebody use it than cut it up for scrap. Steve
  16. Part of the answer depends on where you plan to spend your time. Most of the LTVA areas have water, a dump station, and trash receptacles available. Many truck stops now have such services available, sometimes with a small fee. Many RV parks will also allow you to make use of the fill & empty services for a fee. With a 20 gallon tank you will need to fill pretty frequently.
  17. rickeieio

    Getting closer.

    All hooked up and ready to go to the National HDT rally?
  18. Italian battery? That says a lot, to the owner of a Moto Guzzi. Italians are great artists and wine makes, not electricians.
  19. An RV park with many amenities has a very large capital investment. That can be mitigated to some degree by doing the work yourself, but that makes things take longer to develop. I'd suggest that under the circumstances you should probably do some serious research before going too far. For full hookups, the estimates that I have seen are $15k - 20k per site.
  20. Your coach doesn't have one? Really handy but not very practical to add later. (Thanks for the bday 🙃)
  21. Thanks Kirk! That's a great question. I don't know enough about this venture yet, to know how to market. I have about two more years before retirement and wanted to do something I will like and earn extra money. I started with the idea of a much larger property and offering the amenities that people want, and have room to expand. I've seen parks that I could see no appeal, and they're busy!?! Seeing so many of these places made me wonder if I might be over thinking things. That's why I'm inquiring, to see what the end user thinks.
  22. Jim & Wilma

    smart issue

    Got it fixed, though I definitely started giving the switch some thought. Smiles. See this new thread for the repair.
  23. Balancing your load can also help with steering. Have you done an all wheel weigh in? Linda Sand
  24. If you are wiling to stop by cities in your travels city water treatment plants often have a public faucet. Many people who travel from one boondock spot to another often check into a park every now and then to dump and fill sometimes using their facilities to fully charge batteries, take showers, and do laundry. We have stopped in state parks just long enough to fill without actually camping there; some charge a small fee for that but some don't charge. Some truck stops have public faucets and a few even have public dumps. Some Cabela's offer overnight stays and even more have free water and dumps. Linda Sand
  25. Thanks all. I'm only boondocking one night on my road trip home. I'll decide that morning, depending on the weather. I have a couple other backup places nearby. I do want to be able to boondock longer on subsequent trips and know that I'd need to upgrade the battery set up and add solar. But on this trip, the beauty of that spot as described sounds hard to resist. After researching various portable generators I settled on the Rockpals. Here's a pretty thorough review: https://rockchucksummit.com/rockpals-portable-power-offgrid-lithium-ion-generator/ @JimK: I tested the CPAP by plugging it in (110) to the RockPals at home and it did fine overnight. I didn't use its humidifier, which uses a lot of energy. (Yes I'll be looking for another CPAP that runs on DC.) @bigjim: Thanks for all that advice. Not sure how to "turn the hot water heater off electric" ... but I just won't turn it on, in the first place. @Kirk W: Happy belated birthday! AM
  26. If you have a Smart 453, you might want to take a minute and read this - may come in handy some day. Our 2017 Smart ignition key would not rotate to the off position and was stuck in the accessory position. This occurred after the car sat for a couple weeks and battery voltage was too low to start. We bought a new group 47 battery and the car is starting, holding a charge and running well but the ignition key could not be removed. For a couple days I disconnected the battery ground to save the battery. Today, I dug into the ignition switch assembly, first by removing the upper and lower shrouds covering the steering column. There are two torx T20 screws holding each cover. In the first picture below, you can see the exposed blue locking solenoid which is just below the ignition switch and also held by two T20 screws. The black rubber cap is a dust cover on the back side of the solenoid plunger. The material was easily pliable, sticky and "held" the solenoid plunger from operating. I made a red replacement cap from what I think was an old air line protective boot I had. Everything went back together easily and life is good again. Couple side notes/thoughts: Our shifter was also temporarily locked in Park. There's a yellow release lever buried under the shifter which will unlock it. Not sure why it locked (or wouldn't unlock) but it was definitely related to the battery low voltage problem. Others have had this issue too. I suspect the solenoid's black rubber boot was a problem waiting to happen and was pushed over the edge by the weak battery. I'm guessing the low voltage caused an increase in current with resulting increase in IxR heating of the solenoid coil and further softening of the black boot. The Smart battery is NOT a common size and nearest battery was a couple hundred miles away or a few days by mail. The group 47 battery (flooded lead acid, not AGM) is very close to the same size. A feature of the Smart's Italian made battery is it has a vent port which attaches to a tube that runs to the battery tray. I guess this keep any venting electrolyte gas/liquid from collecting on the battery top and accelerating terminal corrosion. Nice but not necessary, in my opinion.
  27. Medicare is pretty straight forward, 80% of approved charges are paid. Yes, the 20% could be huge, but once you figure your risk level, then hall of the supplement insurances must provide the same benefits in each class. Part D was added later by pharmaceutical interests in the hopes of forestalling Medicare from negotiating drug prices for all beneficiaries. There is no need for it to be this way. Worst thing that ever happened was allowing the advertising of prescription drugs to the general public! and Medicare Advantage programs are good for the companies, not for people.
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