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  2. Doc, Just for clarification...... you say the data used via the lightning cable does not count toward the hotspot limit but (please correct me if I am wrong) it still counts toward your providers data plan limits doesn't it? Thanks, Len
  3. Linda, Did this rig come with this water heater or was it added later? If added later, there may well be a water heater bypass installed that the dealer may have "activated" when they winterized and it never got de-activated. Since the heater comes on even when a cold water tap is opened there has to be a cross connect someplace. Len
  4. A pipe plug is a temporary patch, the air drain is required. As rickeleio said when the air dryer is functioning as designed very little/no water will be in the tank, If there is water in the tank there is a chance water also found its way into the air brakes, which can be a dangerous and expensive situation. For semi-tractors, if stopped by DOT, they will pull the cables to the manual air drain fitting for a test. That is how important the manual drain valve is to safety. The most important item to avoid moisture is the air dryer assembly, including its regular maintenance.
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  6. According to latest news from The Verge Comcast will be limiting home data cap to 1.2TB next year in a dozen states. They will also be raising cable and internet prices in January 2021 according to Cordcutters. Please verify this info for yourselves. Bad News Bear.https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/comcast-will-raise-cable-internet-prices-in-january-2021/
  7. That's not the way this water heater is set up. There's a temperature dial in the bathroom where you can increase or decrease the temperature. We set it so that we can take a shower without turning on the cold water. Yes, it does. I'd never noticed it before since I almost never turn on the cold water.
  8. Linda, those IR thermometers can be had pretty cheap. The ones that shoot an IR beam like a gun. That way you dont have to touch anything.
  9. Something like this ought to work; there are a lot of them on the market. Finding one with good reviews isn't easy. Wireless HDMI
  10. gypsydan, We stayed at the Rock Springs CG for two nights, off season, about two years ago. We did park in the "corral like" parking area that was mentioned. It was an odd setup but we managed with a bit of a struggle. I would bring longer water hoses, electrical extensions and dump hoses in the event you were assigned a spot in that section. You will need them. As Kirk mentioned and as you see from the photos, the fairgrounds are HUGE with multiple loops/campgrounds. I cannot comment on the boondocking area. Connie
  11. β€œSo, if you only have one it must be visual. We let deaf people drive, we do not let blind people drive. β€œ You sure Phil?🀣
  12. I think that at some point I would do as Barb suggests.I too doubt that they did anything like that but some water heaters have a mixing valve on the outlet to mix cold water to keep the temperatures down a bit, at least on some tank type water heaters. I don't have any idea if your system would have something like that which could possibly cause it to draw hot water, but clearly something is affecting the water flow sensing device to make it fire up. Another test that I would run to to open the cold faucet all of the way to see if that triggers it.
  13. It could be a scene in the next "RV movie"; it would be hysterica!
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  15. Yes, I understand that we are NOT commercial vehicles but the Fed Regs governing the equipment required in any truck tractor that is equipped with air brakes state you must have a warning device that "gives a continuous warning to a person in the normal driving position when the ignition is in the β€œon” (β€œrun”) position and the air pressure in the service reservoir system is below 60 psi. The signal shall be either visible within the driver's forward field of view, or both audible and visible". So, if you only have one it must be visual. We let deaf people drive, we do not let blind people drive.
  16. That's all fine and dandy , until something breaks while the helo is over head .
  17. That is the way to do it, for sure!!
  18. at the price point of a new truck it does sound good... on paper. but. in real life maybe not. how far do you need to move? how many times a year to move? emergency move? yes cost of new. + new york style insurance rates.
  19. The luxury comes from not having to deal with it yourself. Linda
  20. No, I haven't. We're boondocking, so don't really want to waste the water plus I'm reluctant to put my hand in the toilet to check the temperature of the water (yes, I know it would be clean water, but still....). 😁 I can't imagine why the service center would have switched the hot and cold lines, anyway. The only thing they did that had anything at all to do with the water lines was winterize and that doesn't involve disconnecting any water lines anywhere in the rig.
  21. I have the following: Thousand Trails Membership -Alliance with Gold upgrade. $1,500. plus transfer fee. 63 Thousand Trails, NACO, Leisure Time resorts nationwide, 33 are in WA, OR, & CA. Reserve up to 210 days in advance - great for the high season. 14 day stays with no time out of system. Dues (2021): 50 nights/$692 and $5 per night over 50, or unlimited nights/$1,504. Adult family benefits and discounted rates on cabins & cottages.
  22. Sounds more like a disaster waiting to happen than any kind of luxury . LOL
  23. "This Ask Me Anything" Reddit had lots more details and hotlinks in the article for more. Excerpt: "A recent Reddit ask-me-anything revealed more about the increasingly popular Starlink near-Earth orbit internet provider service. It's no wonder a recent Satellite Internet survey found that 36% of people surveyed said poor internet access was keeping them from moving to the country. As Alexandre Menard, a leader of the McKinsey Center for Advanced Connectivity, told CNET's Eric Mack, "You have still 10% to to 20% of the population, even in developed markets … that have an average DSL or bad 3G connection, and therefore doing video or doing higher-requirement usage is a challenge." Working from home is only a dream for tens of millions, but the answer to their internet prayers may lie in the skies above them -- with SpaceX Starlink satellites." Much More in the full article here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/the-ins-and-outs-of-starlink-internet-from-the-sky/?ftag=TREc64629f&bhid=22078230483476385315599228605251&mid=13176860&cid=2210234375
  24. I use the switches for safety and protection of my circuits and devices. I like these... https://www.bluesea.com/products/6007/m-Series_Mini_Selector_Battery_Switch_-_Red https://www.bluesea.com/products/9003e/e-Series_On_Off_Battery_Switch https://www.bluesea.com/products/3000/HD-Series_Heavy_Duty_On-Off_Battery_Switch
  25. DM, Shannon, If I put a cutoff in line, I would still have to leave it on all the time to use the charger function of my inverter/charger to keep the batteries charged and conditioned. I leave my truck on shore power through the winter and long storage periods. Are you recommending the cutoff just to disconnect for any maintenance or change outs?
  26. Wow! Portable black tank taken out by helicopter! Now that's luxury! Linda
  27. This Glamping in Canada might be more than that...
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