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  2. Interesting. The RV I just bought is 15 years old. What upgrades would you recommend and what would be the benefits?
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  4. I also had a car dealer overcharge me for a car, in spite of my having paperwork for a special price through a project I was working on with General Motors Headquarters. It was only about $300, but I sent a letter to my corporate client at GM explaining what had happened and asking for her advice on how to resolve the matter. (This was after trying to get the salesman to refund the overcharge.) I cc'd the owner of the dealership. It took about three days to get a phone call with an apology and a check in the mail for the amount I had been overcharged! Amazing. And when I have bough
  5. My understanding is that the CCC was the key to most is the USAs park facilities from back in the 1930's. Maybe it's time to reintroduce a similar scheme. For my simple brain it's a win win situation. Employment and improved facilities. But it would become a political football that would go nowhere.
  6. Saw the 'trains' again this evening, Thursday, May 6, @ ~9:00 PM. This is almost exactly 24 hours later from last night... Interesting! We were enjoying an evening campfire with friends.... and one of them looked up and said... Look! There they were. Lots of good chat material about Elon Musk!
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    I just put 8 new Road-X SDR1 11R22.5 (http://roadxtire.com/SDR1.html) tires on my tandem motorcoach for $3200cdn ($2675us). Came highly recommended by my tire shop.....and they know I don't buy junk but also don't like to throw money out the window. Only out about 100km on them but no vibration that I can feel and we didn't balance as they have never had issues with Road X tires. They still only recommend Michelin for steers for highway use.
  8. I too think they are fascinated with bells and whistles.
  9. I had a dealer who was reluctant to remove their advertising from my vehicle so I simply announced I would have my attorney send them a contract for them to pay for me adverting for them. Lo and behold, their ads went away. Linda ps. I didn't have an attorney.
  10. I too am a big DIY'er.... But you need to compare apples to apples... in this case it is not fair to compare a the price of a Jackalopee (with stuff like diagnostic LED's, strain reliefs, connectors, proven track record, etc) to a no frills design (which I like...it does the same functions, but doesn't include any extras). Your pricing doesn't factor in connectors, heat shrink tubing, extra wire. I am sure that the first edition Jackalopee built for his own use was built for $50 or less but has evolved to a pretty much plug and play device...hence the price difference. Not bashing yo
  11. We do a majority of nights in membership parks, so booking months in advance is part of the way we have traveled the for years. Plus we go to the Pacific Northwest for most of the summer and between Memorial Day and Labor Day everything is always full, especially weekends. We don't boondocks because I don't like to "rough it", I didn't work years taking no vacations, etc., so that I could do without when we retired. We have noticed that we aren't having any problems without overnight stays that we are booking a day or two ahead along the highways as we head north. We also only do
  12. If Trail Ridge Road (Rocky Mountain NP) was too much for you, Highway 550 will definitely be too much. However, the Dolores route isn't necessarily inferior when it comes to scenery. Ralph Lauren's ranch is on Dallas Divide, between Placerville and Ridgway, and it's a spectacularly beautiful location--just what you would expect for a man with good taste and unlimited funds. Every time I drive through there, I think, "What I wouldn't give..." So don't "just go" the Dolores route--choose the Dolores route.
  13. If you are relying on campgrounds then you have found what the current situation is. We travel frequently. I spent 100 nights out last year and less than a week of that was in a campground. I am not against campgrounds but for the most part they have nothing to offer us. Setting up to boondock, even if only for a day or two will really open up your options.
  14. We left Florida in March and have stopped at 16 places so far. Right now we are doing 8 days outside Bryce leaving Sunday. We basically do not do reservations more than 1 or rarely 2 days ahead and often a few hours ahead. And so far we got turned own once, our first night out in the Florida Panhandle. But we got a place a few miles away from there. There are boondocking spots outside every major park with the exception of Glacier. We boondocked in the Tetons, had a fantastic view of the mountains, outside Grand Canyon, outside Bryce and outside YNP in the last three years. La
  15. My wife and I traveled around the country mostly in 2010 and 12 to 16 and never really worried about making too many reservations and as a result we never planned more than a couple of days out. These days I have learned the hard way that you need a reservation for every night and so have to stick to a regimented schedule being committed to staying someplace on a certain day. I have booked a trip from NH out to Yellowstone and back. Wanted to also do Grand Tetons but couldn't find a spot anywhere. As I made reservations out and back I found many campgrounds full even on weekdays and when I did
  16. Have a little look see at the information available here: Body Builder Manuals | Volvo Trucks USA There should be some wiring information. I see there is a "request for assistance" tab there as well. This should be VIN specific ...
  17. After further investigation, I found connectors like you have pictured that went to the aux switches. But all of these connectors were full. The wires are labeled with "Pin" numbers (Pin 181, Pin 208, etc.) I don't know where these wires go and they are impossible to trace. One of the aux switches is in use (lights and a camera power). As far as I can tell, the other 2 aux switches don't appear to control any thing. I suspect they terminate at empty connectors some where on the frame as part of the "body builders" provisions. The few online schematics I have have found are very vague.
  18. I don't think that there is any doubt that we will see more companies develop that capability. Parts of it are available now. Even my 2019 VW will apply the brakes if I wait too long to do so and warns me to back off before that. Many cars have lane following equipment and adaptive cruise control. Those are certainly steps in that direction. There is also a company testing self driving trucks and Uber is doing the same for cars. I am just as confident that we will see the hybrid and electric cars take more and more of the market and while it isn't here yet, I suspect that electric trucks and R
  19. I bought my motorhome from the General RV dealer in Canton, OH. They refused to repair most of the warranty items, claiming that since I had driven the vehicle, I was responsible for anything that was broken! The few items they did repair were things they just glued or snapped into place. I ended up taking my rig to the factory customer service place in Decatur, IN, where everything under warranty was fixed quickly and correctly. A couple of years later, i took it back to dealer for an oil change, but they claimed I had cancelled my appointment, and said they were too busy repairing vehicl
  20. Selling our RV Lot WITH Teton Homes Fifth Wheel https://www.flexmls.com/share/4yJ8s/1857-Anglers-Way-Show-Low-AZ-85901
  21. SpaceX launched 60 sats on April 29th and another 60 on May 4th, so it's certainly possible you saw both "trains" since the 29th group wouldn't have separated a lot yet.
  22. Thanks, Lou. Checked out the link, and our next sighting opportunity is the 8th... These things are phenomenal.
  23. Thought we had heard that, but I am sure that we saw more than 60... there was the first 'train', and then a 2nd 'train' a few minutes later - definite gap in between, but not a long one... Together, we think we counted +/- 100. Do you think it could have been two launches?
  24. Starlink satellites are typically launched in groups of 60 and begin spreading out shortly after reaching their initial orbital track.
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