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  2. Rod makes a good point. I would believe the Colorado roads are bad this year as last winter 2021 we had extended days of minus 14°F weather following 2020 fires and mudslides. We just moved back in late 2019 and we had little rain that summer and drought the summer of 2020. When we were here 1978-1981 at the Academy we had thunderboomers every summer afternoon almost. Now this summer we had 2" of rain last Sunday and good rains almost every other day. Temps touch into the mid 90s a few days but we have also been in the mid 70s to mid 80s for a couple of weeks now. So roads here are likely undermined by water runoff from the monsoon season that has returned, and damaged from above by the burn scar runoff and mudslides. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. I am glad we are not on the western slope. I had looked at the area around rifle, but too far from shopping for my dear SH. Dang I am glad I listened. I would not want to be on the western slope with the fires and or smoke from several states on fire. Next month will be interesting in the sense of the ancient Chinese curse. Safe travels!
  3. I would suggest checking Campground Reviews. Not only does it tell where they are but what amenities they offer.
  4. Looking for RV Resort/Parks within 50-75 miles of Nashville Tn. 44' 5th wheel 50amp full hookups.
  5. I'm looking for RV park/resort within 50-75 miles of Nashville, Tn. Anyone have suggestions to fit 44' 5th wheel, full hookup 50amp?
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  7. Could you explain why your license / registration / insurance would be invalid? Asking as we went through a similar deal a while back (resident of MN building new place in ND [year out]; sold MN place then stayed at lake, in RV and various rentals across the US until the new place was completed). Basically went mobile until the new place was done. Anyway, we couldn't get ND residency until we had a physical address in the state. For the duration between MN sold and ND available we left our residency in MN via a PO box. Changed all addresses to the MN PO box including our insurance and licenses. None of that behavior invalidated insurance, registration or licenses.
  8. I had same issue about 3 years ago on our 1997 WIA 64 while camping at Myrtle Beach. Found a truck shop there and the owner and his two mechanics weni over every ground on the engine and in the dash. Cleaned them all and Deoxed. No problems since.
  9. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-launches-new-data-only-plans-up-to-150gb-for-80-month/ for some analysis. For someone who needs lots of high speed data, this is great, as long as they are ready to pay. If you already have Verizon unlimited cell phones, you can get 150GB of data only for $80, then add T-Mobile's 100GB/$50 and AT&T's (or Crickets) 100GB/$55 and you have 350GB per month for less than $200. I know this sounds a lot compared to paying $25 on a Party plan for Visible, but there are many who need more than Visible supplies.
  10. Glenn, I don't have a Victron brand, but my 500 Amp Shunt uses 3/8" studs with maybe an inch or so exposed for connections... John T
  11. "Desert-if-ication" is what I think is happening. According to one of my long departed university professors (pre-global warming) the earth has been heating up for ages. The desert areas have been moving north and south from the equator for decades. Deserts temps are typically marked by higher-high temps and lower-low temps. The average may remain the same. Currently, it seems that both the highs and lows are becoming consistently higher. And droughts are becoming more common world wide. "Desertification" is too much of a mouth-full for the news media. And so it will not become a media star. The consequences are serious beyond belief.
  12. Will B Thanks for sharing that information. You posted BatteryWiringDoc.pdf (dwo.net) Agrees with the information I posted: http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html which states in part: "Now in all fairness, many people say "but the difference is negligible, the resistances are so small, so the effect will also be small". The problem is that in very low resistance circuits (as we have here) huge differences in current can be produced by tiny variations in battery voltage. I'm not going to produce the calculations here because they really are quite horrific. I actually used a PC based simulator to produce these results because it is simply too time consuming to do them by hand." A good thing is how such a simple re connection as used in METHOD 2 so greatly improves battery balance Hey Glenn, since 1) Your Positive side is easy to get to 2) You ALREADY have the negative side corrected and 3) Its so relative cheap n easy to rewire the Positive side 4) Considering such a huge investment in batteries and being best if ALL expensive batteries are balanced,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I "recommend" you do as BOTH articles above agree BUT ITS YOUR CHOICE NONE OF OURS Fun thread best wishes let us know how it turns out John T
  13. East Texas does experience tornadoes every spring but it is a large area so no one spot can be predicted to. Athens is in Henderson County and most years at least one tornado does strike somewhere in the county, while the city limits of Athens has not experienced any since 1981. Living in this part of TX one does need to be tornado aware and to pay attention to warnings, but you do not need to live in constant fear.
  14. The gen 1 dashes are known for bad solder joints. Send it out and have it all resoldered and then go from there. The dash uses serial data from the engine ECU to give it directions. The connector where this is soldered to the board is a known weak point.
  15. That’s very interesting, since we will be in Pocatello in a few days. Good to know about that grade in advance!
  16. I will be receiving the TMO 5G home internet device next month. I am a full time rv'er travelling up and down the East coast throughout the year. I currently use Unlimited to go ($99mo - have been for three years now). I was not invited to buy and when using the TMO inquiry was rejected for the location I am currently at. I took it upon myself to call and petition to make the purchase. I communicated my situation to the TMO sales rep when making my purchase. They routed me through several different sales & tech reps and finally approved me to make the purchase. I was told that I may have to do the factory reset upon location changes. I am excited to see if it is that easy and if this works for full timing scenarios. I will report back when I receive the device.
  17. Chad, do you remember the bolt size on the shunt? It rather short for multiple lugs. Would like to put a stud in it if I can find one. Maybe cut a bolt and make a stud. Now I put a fuse on each end for connecting lugs. I could get a piece of copper and drill holes but stud easier and less connections.
  18. Used my truck this weekend for the first time since we got home from the West coast rally. Short weekend trip.
  19. Interesting it doesn't show a 3 battery setup. It is all in pairs. Mine not.
  20. It is in my generator area on my Teton. Only the chassis steel in the fifth wheel area is there. There is steel there. Go to Victron Community and there are several posts concerning this. Even state they can see inverters and such but not smart shunt unless right close to it.
  21. I have installed multiple smart shunts in various rigs. I have never had any connection issues with them. I can easily connect in a 30-40 foot radius to every one I have ever installed. I am always connecting with an iPhone though. It does make a difference where they are installed. If they are surrounded by metal, they will have a difficult time broadcasting their Bluetooth signal.
  22. We pull some vicious grades out west 7-10 degree long climbs/downgrades. Temps quickly rise in our Freightliner to 210-215, then the fan kicks in and they drop amazingly fast to 180-185. Fan shuts off, temps climb and repeat every 5-10 minutes depending on grade. Worst was Hwy 22 out of Jackson, WY, into Idaho. Sign said 10 miles/10 degree grade and our DD15 pulled our 27K 5er over it at 40-45, repeating the above engage/disengage cycle about 20 times. That sure beat our Dodge, chugging along at 25MPH in 3rd gear (no passing lanes) so there were a bunch of PO'd folks following us then!
  23. We all have a duty to find the means to sustain ourselves and sustain those we chose to bring into the world. An able bodied man or woman should not be standing on the street corner holding a sign "Hungry, God Bless" when there is a sign on the building 100 feet from them that says, "hiring, all shifts, sign on bonus". we have seen this way to often
  24. Kirk, thank you so much! I’ve been busy moving and now working on getting things arranges and settled in the RV. Last week was my first week in the RV. It felt good. I’ve lived in them before, it’s just been a really long time ago. one question that I have about the Athens area is the climate: are there, on average, many tornadoes? Again, thank you for offering to send information. I’m really getting excited at the concept of traveling and taking my house with me. Shelley Kepford haulinit aka The Tiny McMansion
  25. California for the worst roads, particularly for their state highways. I lived and worked in California in the 1970's and as a Forester traveled most of the state. When I retired in 2007 I made it a point to visit all the timber sales, campgrounds, etc. etc. that I had a hand in building. Well, all those state highways in California.....are just like 1970 with 10 times the traffic!! 40 years and the roads are still the same and in poor maintenance. TRUE STORY.....I was traveling up I-5 to Oregon towing my tent trailer. Everything exploded. I pulled over at a Wal-Mart in Oregon to replace the battery box and all the damage done by the rough roads in California. I left my Swiss Army knife on the roof of the tent trailer. TWO HUNDRED miles later I pull over at a rest area and noticed that my Swiss Army knife was STILL on the roof of the tent trailer. I would give Oregon the award for best roads....but I wouldn't send my kids to school there!@!!. Bad schools, good roads. See pictures....leaving California. Thank god....after that I was in Nevada. https://usbackroads.blogspot.com/2012/12/davis-camp-park-bullhead-city-arizona.html?m=0
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