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  2. I just signed up for a supposedly unlimited hotspot plan with AT&T for $50 a month. I added it to my AT&T unlimited cell service account which has 3 phones with an unlimited plan. I received my mobile router, the Nighthawk M1, 2 days ago. After I set up the NightHawk it displays that I have a 5 GB Plan and shows my data remaining and the SIM card was suspended! I called AT&T yesterday to activate the sim and I complained that this is suppose to be an unlimited plan, and they assured me again, that it was an unlimited plan. I’ve rebooted the Nighthawk several times it still states I have a 5 GB plan! Going to the store sometime this week and if that’s not the case I am going to return it within that 14 day window! When I first called AT&T and set up this plan and added it to my account I spent 1 hour and 44 minutes on the phone with them, Having them ensure me that this was in fact an unlimited plan with no throttling. I did this because of the research I’ve been doing. I found that most of these service providers will throttle you down with high usage. AT&T told me with my plan they would never throttle me down due to my own personal high volume usage, however, their network, as a whole, may slow down due to high volume. I repeatedly asked the same question, I even held on the phone for 30 minutes Just to speak to a manager to double check this!. FRUSTRATING! I will give an update once I’ve found out what is really going on.
  3. Customer call’s yesterday. She explains that her new 2020 Fleetwood rv’s camode will not flush. Could I come to her new RV and fix it. Nooooooooo I will not. She never gave a thought about Covid 19 I gave her Fleetwoods tech number and Dometic numbers.. they CEO can fix that da..... thing. I am not. POV
  4. As anyone ever looked into purchasing an existing park? There may be one off the beaten path that is struggling. The idea of Xscapers coming together to start this venture would be synonymous for how the Escapees park system started: would not this be a way to finalize a complete renewal of Escapees, through the Xscapers. What if, as you drive around the country, inquiries were made of existing parks. With 5000+ members looking, I would bet someplace would appear. Sounds exciting.
  5. Because I have read the Washington Post the maximum number of free times, I am unable to read your link but here is another version of that same story from CBC news. Florida sheriff bans deputies and visitors from wearing face masks: "This is no longer a debate nor is it up for discussion" After reading the story, I am wondering how many of his deputies will choose to quit, rather than expose themselves to this danger?
  6. Was looking forward to Quartzite and boomers bof. Tried to join twice and got no reply. Just perpetual "complete this queastion" which we did several times. Oh well...guess not ALL birds of a feather flock together!
  7. I wouldn't call this a "lockdown". To me, a lockdown is when the gov't. posts armed guards in the street to keep people in their homes. Appears to be the exact same regulations that many states here in the USA did a few months ago. I would say the two big differences are that New Zealand doesn't have near the amount of international travel as the USA and evidently the citizens over there abide by the rules a whole lot better than our citizens do.
  8. It’s my understanding that external antennas should only be use when you have little to no service. It could in-fact make you signal worse. In the case of the nighthawk, there are 4 in internal antennas, when you use the external antennas connections you drop down to two. It’s best to speed test, not go by bars, and most improvement of externals might be upload speeds. there is a “hack” on YouTube to connect the 4 internal antennas on the Nighthawk to four external antennas, (2 x 2 mimo). This would require a kit that you can buy on eBay, but it involves drilling through the Nighthawk case, (voiding its warranty), and installing 2 small jumper cables/connectors. I have not done this or know of anyone that has. But It looks intriguing to me.
  9. We just encountered this since we moved from Colorado to Texas. We were trying to get into the practice our daughter uses but were told they are not accepting new Medicare patients.
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  11. Foresters are ALL wheel drive, and while the OP doesn't specify some are turbo models as well.
  12. Thanks for everyone's replies. Yes I understand not many people who full time would choose a truck camper for that. I will say that some of the NEW triple slide campers have a lot more room than older models that only had one or no slides. I will also say that my reasons for choosing a truck camper is because I have some unique stipulations for what I want to bring with me. Just to share a little: 1) I had a motorhome and didn't like the fact that if I wasn't towing a toad with me once I setup camp if I needed something from the store or wanted to go somewhere I had to pack everything back up to do so. This was my first dislike. 2) I want to bring my toys with me. a) Built Jeep b) Touring Harley So to be able to bring both toys with me I would need a 24' trailer to tow behind a MH. They get bad enough MPG without towing something. Also I'm back to not having a way to run into town under some situations without having to break camp. IE: I break a part on my Jeep that I can't carry on my bike. Not likely BUT it could happen. Also if the weather is crappy and riding the bike isn't a option? 3) Maintenance. I can do most of my own repairs on my truck and camper where as when I had my MH I had to hire out most of my repairs. Now as I said my situation is a little different. For my needs I am going to build myself another RNTH (Red Neck Toy Hauler) This is where you take a truck camper and mount it on the nose of a gooseneck trailer. If I have a GN trailer with 30' deck the camper takes approx 12' of the deck which then leaves me 18' of open deck behind the camper. The Harley will be side mounted behind the camper which will take 4'. That then leaves 14' of open deck for my Jeep to be parked on. Yes an enclosed trailer towed behind the truck could do this also but climbing in and out of the Jeep once it's in the trailer would be difficult. Plus when the Jeep is all dirty after a day of FUN that mess gets inside the trailer. With a open deck it's a lot easier to cleanup afterwards. With the camper mounted on a GN trailer once i pull into a spot it is super easy to unhook or hook back up. A GN trailer tows a LOT better than a bumper pull trailer and it is easier to maneuver getting into tight areas. Here is a few pictures of my old RNTH.... I got stupid and listened to my ex-wife when she felt there wasn't enough room so we sold it and bought a MH. After owning that MH for 5 years I was convinced I would never go that route again.
  13. I turn 65 in October. I'm surprised at how easy the switch-over is from Tricare Select to Medicare and Tricare For Life. Most all of the process is automatic unless I want to decline Medicare Part - B (which I don't). So other than setting up an account at the Medicare website. . . I've done pretty much nothing, which I've become very good at. Of course, in October I may be singing a different tune, but so far this is a breeze. Jim
  14. And - RV.Net Open Roads Forums...."Truck Campers" - https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/listings/forum/27 .
  15. $72,500. Selling our Jayco Seneca 36FS Super C. New Tires, new furniture, 2 ACs, laminate vinyl, removed bunks and overhead bed for storage but they can be replaced. 59,000 miles. Call or text 210-878-5667
  16. We started with factory installed 4 acid house batteries; 2 chassis. Later we went to AGM As stated, we didn't use much electric at all. .. lights, radio, quick microwave use. Used a stovetop coffee pot and toaster was a fry pan.
  17. The wife isn't on Medicare. This program would be good for those not on Medicare.
  18. No new Corona cases for 105 days in the whole country. Then four cases turn up in one city. They shut it down with a lockdown in one city. Excerpt: "New Zealand’s biggest city Auckland will be shut down from midday on Wednesday after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned four new cases of coronavirus had emerged. The country had achieved a record 102 days of no new transmissions and has been widely held up internationally as the model on how to beat the virus with the strictest regulations in the world. Citizens in Auckland will be expected to work from home unless they are essential workers, and schools will close, as will bars, cafes and restaurants until the end of the week. Ardern said in a televised press conference, “We’re asking people in Auckland to stay home to stop the spread. “Act as if you have COVID, and as though people around you have COVID.” Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/new-zealand-moves-fast-to-lock-down-auckland-after-surprise-covid-outbreak-following-weeks-of-no-cases-2020-08-11
  19. Got er' done... summary: Just to wrap up our experience - We moved our Motorhome under our new RV Port, love it, quite happy with it. We had Centurylink WiFi in place prior. Bought a Roku Ultra device (Amazon), hooked it up to TV (HDMI), linked Roku Ultra Device WiFi to Home Centurylink network. After successful linkup, We took advantage of the many, many "7-day free trials of channels & programs. I would mention, for us, the quality of video & audio is excellent - there is 'some'variation between streaming providers, tho. We settled on Fubo with "Fubo Extra" add-on to receive all the programming that we (wife) wanted. I want to thank all that commented a couple months back - it made the whole process go smoothly, and come to a successful conclusion!
  20. Texas A&M just started in 2020. It is new and no MDs yet. All of the rest except TT and Baylor are part of UT. Your list doesn't include U of Houston which just completed its first year. A medical school is one that educates MDs.
  21. I don't know about PlushCare but my medical records are online and I have access to some of them. My doctor has also ordered labs for me to have done wherever I am on future dates. My doctor will give me names of other doctors but I am not restricted to using them. And, since the corona virus became ubiquitous, she does video or phone visits. But, I still chose to go in person for my annual physical.
  22. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/08/12/masks-florida-ban-billy-woods/ Vern it is a good time to think about where you will winter at
  23. I only knew one guy who lived full time in a truck camper that but they are out there; they are just a minority so there hasn't been a big call to have a section of their own here. I've been on this forum for 13 years and you are only the second person I can recall asking about that. Linda
  24. In my 24' van I had 400 watts of solar power with 400 amps of battery in an all electric rig--no propane but did have a diesel furnace. Frig, water heater and cooking all used electricity. But I did have to drive to recharge my batteries occasionally. I once got a solar charge from the light in a Walmart parking lot at night, though. Linda
  25. Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine is the medical school at Texas A&M University. The college offers M.D., M.D./Ph. D., M.D./M.P.H, M.D./M.B.A., and several other M.D./M.S. dual degree programs. Texas Medical Schools Baylor College of Medicine Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine The University of Texas at Austin-Dell Medical School The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston McGovern Medical School The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston The Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Medical School The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine
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