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  1. Are you or your traveling partner a disabled SKP who is currently RVing with a mobility device, such as a wheelchair or walker? If so, I would love to talk to you for an article I'm writing for the Escapees blog. Please let me know here or via private message if you're interested in participating and we can set up a time to chat. Thank you! -Rene
  2. We've been full-time since 2007, and have definitely experienced more difficulty securing campsites on a whim, but that started before the pandemic. You'll find it harder to spontaneously pick a spot anywhere east of the Mississippi and as others have said, at popular destinations anywhere, especially during the holidays. As a writer for the RV industry, I've spoken with quite a few campground owners during the last year, and they have all experienced a surge in visitation. They've also pointed out that although thousands of new RVers are on the road now, only a miniscule amount of camps
  3. I LOVE your jewelry! As a metalsmith myself and Texas-based business owner who works from the road, I really appreciate your work and would love to learn from you some day! I believe what your friend is referring to is the Polk County Business Personal Property tax. Each year I fill out their rendition form and Polk County taxes me a very small amount on business equipment I claim. It's not a big deal, I believe less than $200 annually for just under $10k of equipment that I claim. Can't recall at the moment. You can call the Polk Central Appraisal District for more info, 936-327-217
  4. Oh boy you've touched a nerve with me. I recently wrote about the sorry state of health-insurance for full-time RVers who are under Medicare age. It's gotten worse with every passing year for younger full-timers. As of 2021, there are no PPO plans for TX residents who buy on the Federal Healthcare Exchange, just HMOs. HMO plan members who buy on the exchange are not covered for anything but extreme emergencies when traveling outside of Texas. My husband and I fall into that category. You didn't say if you are or are not 65 or younger (we are). We found a relatively good clinic in Kerrvil
  5. Thanks Kirk! Yes we really enjoyed that park, it's on our list of potential spots.
  6. Good point! I'm gonna revise that description, thank you for pointing out the obvious;
  7. I know it sounds crazy right?! We dream big! Yes we are getting on the list for Sutherlin. Thank you for the suggestion.
  8. We are looking to buy a nice RV lot to spend summer in Northern CA, Oregon or Washington. Our ideal scenario is that it will be at least an acre, a BIG lot, with utilities and year-round access. In a perfect world it would be part of a co-op structure (and not a camping club). It also wouldn't be more than an hour from a decent sized city like Eugene or Redding. We aren't finding anything doing web searches. If anyone out there has any leads to a property like this, we would be so grateful. Thanks! -Rene & Jim
  9. Yes! There are so many positives to that outlook. How many of us wished that more RV parks had better amenities, sites that can accommodate newer RVs, etc. The market will respond accordingly and eventually we can all enjoy more creature comforts out on the road. It's a win-win.
  10. Exactly. We've seen a lot in our 14 years as full-timers without a S&B. Yes, it's busy out there. But like the pandemic, my gut instinct is that this is a temporary situation. Because if there's one thing I've learned when it comes to this lifestyle, is that most people, tenters, RVers, whatever, will predictably flock together to the same spots close to home, pandemic or not. Since the majority of new RVers are dependent on Internet access, the key to getting away from the hordes is to get into the outback away from good cellular connectivity. This is one thing that hasn't chan
  11. Oh this is helpful, thank you so much for the details. Since we used WillMaker software to do the wills, I'll double check on the self-proving affidavit component (I don't think ours required one). Thanks a bunch.
  12. These are all super helpful links, thanks so much! I may report back here to let you know how it went.
  13. Thanks. Yeah our problem is that estate planning docs have to be signed by a notary in the state of which you are residing (at least in Texas, anyways). We aren't in TX right now, thus the need for an e-notary.
  14. Oh yes they really do exist. I didn't know about them either until COVID. Apparently the rules for notarized docs have been relaxed because of the pandemic, and e-notaries have popped up all over. Apparently Texas was the first state to legalize it, you just have to participate via video conference with one of these vendors.
  15. Hey full-timing friends! My husband and I are registered Texans and need an e-notary for our estate planning docs. I've never done an online notarization and have no idea who to use (there are tons!). If anyone out there has a service they used and liked, I would love to hear about it. Thanks!
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