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  1. Greetings! There are a number of HAM operators here although this particular forum is not that active. I had a thread here on mounting my Yaesu FT-8800 in my truck. I have not invested in Baofeng as I read mixed reviews. I have a Yaesu FT-60 for an HT. I have another Yaesu in the wings whenever find the space to make a home for it in the RV. So welcome back to the world of HAM! 73, KC6USN
  2. Trusting the rig comes with time and practice, although as has been suggested making sure the rig has all its bit and pieces tuned up is also good. I have been driving on mountain roads since I was 14 or 15, highways and trails. I have driven over passes in 4WD drive vehicles that might give many pause and up mountain trails to well over 14000 feet, but let me tell you one of the scariest drives I ever took was pulling our new 40 foot fifth wheel over Wolf Creek Pass. I just simply hadn't developed a trust in the truck and trailer to manage the elevation and hair pin turns. Now it is no b
  3. Oh, my! Prayers for all those folks. Does anyone know a place to donate for assistance? A GoFundMe page or something?
  4. I see from your profile that you are in CA so that may effect pricing. One thing to consider when moving from a TT to a 5th wheel is the need for a heavier duty tow vehicle which may also change your considerations. DRV is a good brand to look at. We just purchased a Montana which Keystone certifies for full time living. Your budget range would help us help you but we understand the need for space when full timing.
  5. What would you find to be more helpful? I mean, if you get the info straight from the county what could be better? Just curious and I am sure other inquiring minds would like to know.
  6. Where are you? We have had a number of nights since then that the "official" reading was close to freezing and my thermometer read 32 or lower. Tonight there is a Freeze Watch in effect for the northwest part of the DFW area and Hard Freeze Warnings in the Panhandle. This has just been one strange winter that is not ready to give up quite yet.
  7. Yes, and they should continue to hang on to the Escapees Park in Pecos, TX to hold up as a shining example of what a park should not be.
  8. I need oxygen when at higher elevations and have a Inogen On G3. It can run on 120v or 12v so when driving I use a `12v plug in the truck and should we not have shore power I can keep the battery charged the same way.
  9. We just purchased a new Montana. Had we wanted a full paint job it would have added 6 weeks to the delivery date and $8000 to the price tag.
  10. From what I have read the amount of nuclear waste that we have on Earth would be kind of like spit in the ocean as far as the sun is concerned. The very real danger would be trying to launch it from the surface. Storage containers are very heavy to keep the radiation in and so you would have to use smaller payloads (more launches) or create some lighter safe storage for fewer launches but all it would take is one "oops" to cause irreparable harm to the planet. We all know that rocket launches are not 100% so it is highly probable we would have an "oops".
  11. Yet. All electromagnetic emissions are found in nature. As man's curiosity has lead to the discovery of these, that same curiosity has lead to theorized usages and then to for ways to produce them at will. We don't yet produce gamma radiation like we do radio, but we do produce x-rays which are almost as short in wavelength as gamma rays. We also utilize gamma rays in medical treatments and smoke detectors. Now in the progression of things it is theorized and computer modeling shows that laser light projected at a carbon rich plastic will generate gamma rays but we do not have any lasers of su
  12. And a matter of power. A leaking home microwave can cause physical damage over time. A military radar operating at full power can cause physical damage almost immediately. Gamma radiation is at about 1% of the speed of light and it doesn't take much to start damaging living tissue. All these examples are in the electromagnetic spectrum and indeed are defined by the frequency, wavelength and power.
  13. The folks at the Healthline as well as other sources disagree with that. That is taken from this article. The wife and I had very mild reactions to the second shot consisting of a little muscle ache and neither of us have been sick at all in the last 3 or 4 years. I personally am not really sure I would use a level of reaction to a vaccine as a diagnostic tool.
  14. Well, I am not a Navy nuke operator but sure have been aboard a whole lot of Navy nuke ships. I think that if the Navy can design and field the number of nukes that we have with the incredible safety record achieved, we certainly have the knowledge and production capabilities to bring many more civilian nuke plants online in relatively short order.
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