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  1. Chalkie


    Almost all LED strip lights are 12v. The issue may be getting the color changing aspect without the transformer block.
  2. I would suggest that you paste the contents of your document into a regular post for two reasons. One, not everyone has Microsoft Word and two, a lot of us will not download and open a file from an unknown source.
  3. I carry the disposable masks from Costco in my back pocket. That way if I forget my preferred mask at least I am "covered".
  4. So I guess the wife and I have now joined the Class of 2020. We sold our house in Colorado Springs and as of August 7th are now full time in our RV. We are still wading our way through the Texas red tape to become a resident. We chose Texas as we have a daughter living here even though there are a couple more hurdles than South Dakota, but it is what it is. Full timing has been an adventure (or misadventure) so far. We had an electrical issue with the RV and were fortunate to find an electrician (not RV tech) that was familiar with RVs as his father had had an RV business. He fixed us right up for what I think I was a very minimal charge. And then today I found that the washer drain is leaking somewhere. I am learning how the RV is put together as I disassemble it along the path of the drain to find the leak. Mind you, I am not complaining (well, not a lot) as things always were in need of maintenance in the S&B and that is just a part of "home" ownership. Let the adventures begin!
  5. I'm commenting here not because I know of one but because I never even knew such a thing existed. I thought the purpose of a notary was so you could appear before someone and they could check your IDs and then certify your signature. I'm intrigued and need to do some research it seems.
  6. For what it is worth this a pic (albeit not a good one) of the TV screen on the hot spot right now. https://chalkcliffs.smugmug.com/Other/Forums/i-h9MKjcc/A
  7. There is one in Kerrville though. I think they place their stores based on population. I had thought about adding a mifi line of service but the folks at T-Mobile told me it would be cheaper to just add line of service with an inexpensive phone to be hot spotted. That is one thing I have always appreciated about them, they are honest and look for the least expensive solution to the problem you have.
  8. I don't see the comment as off topic as that is basically what started this thread. I don't think we will ever be rid of it no matter what we do. Why should we think we will? We are not rid of a lot of other diseases that are corona viruses. There are 7 different corona viruses that can infect humans and we are no closer to ridding ourselves of the 2 more recent ones. From the CDC:
  9. Yes, I am. Now it does depend on the tower you are connected to I will admit but 3G can give you anywhere from 1-14 Mbps. You only need 2-3 for standard def and my 5-6 for HD. At any rate with T-Mobile you are getting HSPA+ which is kind of like LTE in speeds but not a true 4G.
  10. I will simply say that we hot spot our phones all the time and have no problem streaming Disney+, Netflix, CBS All Access, etc. T-Mobile hot spot is 3G all the time on the 55+ plan without paying any extra for 4G (which is an option). We have already used 35.9 GB in this billing cycle which for us began August 23rd. It works for us and that is all I can say.
  11. Although I do not know what you use Quicken for, Quicken does make a mobile version for Android according to their website.
  12. Late to this thread, but why is Win 10 a requirement? My SIL who is a server design engineer for one of the current top brands just bought himself a Chromebook. He said it does everything he wants. He can get all the apps off of the PlayStore like MS Office, etc. I can promise this is the route I will take when it is time to replace my current laptop.
  13. Really? We are in a park right now in Cedar Park, TX. I have paid for upgraded service the park but honestly it is just slightly better than hot spotting our phone for streaming. As for plans, look at their 55+ plan.
  14. Let me tell you what, recently I have found that mobile RV techs are overrated and charge too much. I had a problem with the electrical panel in the RV and the mobile RV techs were 2 - 5 weeks out. Fortunately I had a place to stay but seriously? Called a normal residential electrician and he came out on a Saturday, fixed the issue in about 1.5 hours. He charged me a normal service call charge (Saturday, mind you) and no silly trip charges which would have been almost as much as his total bill. Never again will I call a mobile RV tech if the issue can be solved by a regular tech without the mobile tech "premium".
  15. We have always gotten solid 4G service with T-Mobile anywhere around that whole area, SW to Kerrville and east to Johnson City.
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