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  1. I am curious why they would want military insurance as COVID shots are covered in full by Medicare. We finally got appointments for our first shots this coming Tuesday at UT Health. They never even asked about insurance at all only that we show up with picture ID and the QR code from the email validating our appointment. Interesting how different states are doing it differently. The lack of uniformity of process suggests to me that there will be a lack of uniformity in end results.
  2. It seems from you are saying that only you have to domicile in Utah. Why not have your husband become a Texas resident and that would then cover the licensing and having Texas plates on a vehicle in Utah. He would be "visiting". I understand that there might be some complications with tax filing but a good CPA should be able to sort all that out.
  3. Interesting article. I have been to Carson City and it is a nice town. I am never sure what criteria Forbes uses when it compiles some of these lists. To carry the stats a bit farther as per Johns Hopkins Carson City has 255 hospital beds with only 219 of them staffed and 32 ICU beds. The death rate is 1.95. Williamson County in Texas where I am has 971 beds with only 843 staffed and 156 ICU beds. The death rate is .99 or almost a full point lower. Based on that I think I would rather take my chances where I am.
  4. If the messages on the device are too small for you to read you can log into the device itself via the device Admin screen at my.mifi/ and read them on your computer screen. Note: You must be connected to the internet via the device for that to work. If you have not downloaded the Owners Manual yet you can find it here M2000 Manual and it tells about the Admin Website starting at page 28.
  5. Barb, I did some messing around with my hotspot and you CAN receive messages on it IF you know the number. I was able to send some test text messages to mine. If you go to the main screen hit Menu. Then scroll down and you will see Messages and it is there you will see them.
  6. You do have a T-Mobile number, the device is assigned one. Does it require text message or just a confirmation? I only ask because as a T-Mobile customer I am (depending on what I am doing) offered verification by text or email. If that is not an option would call T-Mobile tech support as I am sure they can help get it all set up for you. Oh, and the online account is also good to track your usage.
  7. Many years ago when my parents lived in the Colorado mountains a group of inner city Boy Scouts visited sponsored by a neighbor. In typical fashion all the neighbors pitched in to provide quarters and meals for the boy with daily day/evening/night activities where all the boys got together. One night before lighting a bon fire they had the boys sit in the dark. All of a sudden one of the boys jumped up and pointed to the skies and asked what he was seeing. It was the Milky Way, something he had never seen with the light pollution of the city. We rarely turned on outside lights as they dr
  8. This may be something you have already done, but have you checked out the RV parks on Camp Ground Reviews? If you have, then never mind. 😁
  9. Well, yes and no. Fry's grocery was owned by the father of the owners of Fry's electronics. He sold out to Kroger and the kids had no interest in groceries but did in electronics. If you take a look the emblem for Fry's Groceries and Fry's Electronics you will notice they are very similar.
  10. You said you have a CDL and you live in California, so I am going to presume that you have a California Drivers License. CA licenses are good for 5 years and they started issuing Real ID licenses January 2018. So if you don't have a license with the star, you surely will when you next renew your license.
  11. I don't think that Fry's Electronics going out of business was all that sudden. It was more like slow death on a ventilator and someone finally decided to pull the plug. Fry's was a privately owned corporation and the owners decided to take what money they could and get out. The internet and other businesses that reacted faster and better to the internet (Best Buy for one) killed Fry's.
  12. We have taken our 40' 5vr over the Mackinaw. We kept the right lane, took our time enjoying the view, and as said if it is windy they will double up the vehicles. No worries at all!
  13. The correct term "non-commercial" as you said. From the Texas DPS site:
  14. Herd immunity is simply put when a large part of the population becomes immune to a certain disease. It doesn't matter if people are immune due to vaccine or immune due to having the disease and recovering from and thus having antibodies. It doesn't matter what administrations wish to call it, the medical definition is the only one that counts.
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