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  1. I called my sister yesterday to tell her that her weathermen were wusses. Our "feels like" temps were a few degrees higher than hers yet we she had a heat warning where she lives in north-central Kansas and yet here in the Austin area it was business as normal - ho-hum. At the same time I was giving down the road to a friend in Colorado that was complaining they had to light their fire place because it was 60! We haven't had a drainage problem on our slides (yes, we are getting some occasional rain from thunderstorms) and the cakes and oil in the pans has been the greatest annoyance. I will get it fixed where we are and hopefully when we travel I will have it dialed in.
  2. Truthfully, we would not have noticed aside from grease running to one side of the pan or the cakes not raising level. Truth being if we are going to be slightly off I would rather it be nose high than low, that way water would run at the back instead of the front where we walk to the cars. I'll mess with it as much as the wife will allow without be closing everything up and doing a full on level up.
  3. There's something to that. While we lived in Spain the English were second only to the French in crowding the beaches in summer. My son-in-law's Irish family after our daughter and he got married in Monterey, CA wanted to and actually did visit Death Valley on the way to Vegas...... in AUGUST! I think there must be something about sun and heat that draws in those folks that live in cooler, rainier climes.
  4. So I got an angle finder, specifically this one from Lowes, and found that the RV is perfect side to side and yet is 1.5 degrees high at the front. So know I have found directions to recalibrate the auto leveling system. The small amount indicated by the angle finder is not enough to show up on the other methods of leveling I had, so now I have a new tool.
  5. My son always used to complain that the union he belongs to had rules for working in heat but not in the cold.
  6. Thanks all ya'll for the replies. I have tried a number of these suggestions. Tomorrow I am going to Lowes or Harbor Freight to buy an angle finder. They are stupidly simple and non-electronic so I will see what of them says. I'll let you know.
  7. Interesting. We have a 2021 Montana 3791RD.
  8. The RV is in my sig and the convection oven is part of the microwave. When I place a 9" level on the microwave turntable side to side and front to back and the bubble is spot on.
  9. I guess this might be considered technical. I have a leveling issue and I am stumped. The Lippert Level Up system says the RV is level, 2 different apps on my phone says it is level, and a good old carpenters level says it is level. However, grease in a fry pan runs to the side towards the front as if the front is low. Cakes baked in the convection oven come out thicker on the side towards the front but a small level placed inside the oven shows it it level. Sure, I could manually raise the front but that defeats the whole purpose of an auto leveling system. It is maddening and I hope someone here has a suggestion.
  10. Another reason could be that OPEC increased output which caused a temporary drop in oil prices, but they are now creeping up again.
  11. I think statement sums up my feelings for the most part. There are some things, however, that given a choice I will opt to buy made in the USA (even at a higher price), medical items comes under that category as I am simply not comfortable with the quality control.
  12. I am glad you are satisfied with them Dan but my objection to them would be the same as in Kirk's original mask link. They are made in CHINA. I hope my reply is polite enough since they last time I was spanked for rudeness.
  13. Huh! Never would have thought of that. We have a dark gray hose and I do know it seems to take a while to get hot water from the tank. Once the water gets cold enough from the well then all is good. Thanks for the explanation!
  14. While they are all in Prime in paperback format they are also all available on Kindle Unlimited.
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