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  1. Before we sold the house, we streamed a lot on multiple TVs and never came close to hitting the cap with Comcast.
  2. I don't use imgur so I may be doing something wrong, but I see one picture only at the link posted.
  3. Here is the link to reviews for the fairgrounds in Campground Reviews. It gets generally good reviews and I noticed only one review that mentioned that the sewer hookup was a little far away. It does have pictures too. And, I do not imagine that Escapees would choose a park that would have the issues you are describing for an Escapade, can you really?
  4. The Amazon Pharmacy delivery also does "Pill Pak" where they put your pills in packs for morning, evening, etc. Unfortunately, my insurance will not cover it.
  5. We use Wash Wax All and it is awesome. We are currently in a park that does not allow washing of rigs. Our granddaughter and her boyfriend did the whole rig in 3 afternoons after school and it shined.
  6. I do not have this antenna but there are a number of references to this error on various forums. It seems to be an error that is shown when the antenna is attempting to return to the "home" or lowered position. In almost all references I saw Winegard's solution was to run a re-calibration procedure. One of the forums posted that process.
  7. It seems windy must have been thinking "Let's give Linda what she really wants". When I opened Windy this morning it asked me if I wanted to try out their new trip planning feature. Click on three bars top left, then choose distance and planning. Next, select the waypoints you want and then at the bottom choose the mode of transportation.
  8. The difference being, as was discussed before this thread got a little derailed, is temperature. Hepatitis and Shingrix need to be stored at between 36 and 46 F. (as is true for most traditional vaccines) whereas COVID vaccines need to be stored anywhere from -4 to -94 F. A simple refrigerator handles the former but not so much the latter.
  9. As said previously, it is what YOU prefer. We prefer a residential size King Sleep Number bed and that is what is in the RV.
  10. I found this article in Discover Magazine this does a very good job of explaining the distribution chain and the hurdles that need to be overcome.
  11. Windows in an RV, just like in a stix and brix only more so, are the thermal weak point. Those pictures above show a fair number of windows. However, if the a/c is decent sized you might be able to keep it tolerable. We spent a couple of weeks in Texas triple digits and our RV stayed tolerable (80-85 vs 105-110) but I am not sure I would want to face more of it at a time.
  12. Only way I know of to get lime out from the inside out would be white vinegar and because it is considered an industrial cleaner you can get it in gallons just like the pink RV antifreeze. So, you could pretend to winterize but use vinegar. And just like the pink stuff you will need to flush the lines thoroughly to get rid of the taste. Having said that, if the faucet is a standard vanity faucet with 4" o.c. fittings it might be time to visit Lowes or HD, or Walmart even and get a new faucet. Presuming the plastic lines are PEX or similar in a standard size (3/8" or 1/2") you can cut back the pipe and with some new bits of pipe use Sharkbite fittings, which require no special tools and can be found at Lowes or HD or just about any plumbing supply, and then replace it. I did this to ours since the original faucet was so low to the sink you could hardly get your hands under it. I replaced with a higher rise faucet I found at Lowes.
  13. Budget friendly would be IKEA if you have one near you or shop online. It is not too heavy and they have some that are non-stick. It is not the thing if you are a gourmet cook however. My daughter has a set of Calphalon stainless steel cookware that is induction ready. It is more expensive and heavier. I wouldn't mind it as the price is not all that high but it is more pieces than we have room to store.
  14. The sign just before the parking area where you can leave an RV or trailer reads "Road Not Recommended for Trailer over 20 Feet and RVS over 24 Feet". I took a picture of it. What it doesn't tell you is the amount a tow truck will charge and the amount of money you will be charged should you end up in trouble on that road or blocking it. They told us at the Visitor Center and it is enough to stand your hair on end. I'm used to Colorado mountain driving but those hairpin turns going in made me a little uncomfortable.
  15. I believe this link should provide you all the info you need. https://www.nps.gov/bibe/planyourvisit/big-bend-covid-19-status-updates.htm
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