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  1. I have a B&W Companion Slider hitch that I have had since 2013. I have no idea how many 1000's of miles I have on the hitch but it is still in perfect condition (well, as perfect as can be 😀). I now have a long bed truck, so no need for the slider function and it just takes up too much real estate when I do not need a slider. These sell for around $1500 new but being realistic I think $500 is a totally fair price. The attached pic is from website as the hitch is currently at my daughter's house. I'll take some actual pics in the next couple of days. I won't ship although I might consider delivery within a reasonable distance. We are currently in Leander, TX which is an Austin suburb on the NW side. PM me here or call 719-357-7543 and leave a message.
  2. The Fire tablets should be used as an example since they operate off a truncated version of Android and like Apple they push you toward using their own apps.
  3. Custom does not have to be super expensive. Take a look at Dune Sport RV. You start with a basic plan (and they have some close to what you envision) and then fill in the options you want.
  4. They are basically the same. We just like the Firestick in terms of ease of use. Our daughter has Roku and the interface seems a bit clunkier, at least in my opinion.
  5. We have a Firestick and it works for everything. Subscription wise we have Prime, Netflix, Disney+ and CBS All Access. You can also use it to cast to your TV from a cell phone.
  6. Once the app is installed you log in so you may need that information. Then you watch and/or download the shows you want. Not all shows are available for download but it seems most are, at least the shows we like to watch. You do need to download one episode at a time but, depending on your internet, that goes quickly. As others have said, it is streaming and therefore you watch what you want when you want so there is no schedule. Pick the show you want and go for it!
  7. I was just going off the pics on the B&W site, I knew it must be a puck system and it looked like GMC. Anyway, it will not work for me as I am looking for a regular Companion hitch.
  8. So I was recently hospitalized with pneumonia. This is led to some spirited conversation with the doctor because I have had both PCV13 and PPSV23 pneumonia shots. Of course, my case turned out to be caused by something that the shots did not protect against. This led to a discussion of the flu shots. The flu vaccine covers four different strains of flu and, per him, they look at Australia since they are coming off their winter, to provide a key as to what those strains should be. I will be honest and say that I have never taken a flu shot since I retired from the military 30 years ago and have not had the flu and can count the times I have had a cold on one hand. This year, I am going to get a flu shot. The reason is simple, if I get sick I would like to be able to say I had it to assist the doctors in my treatment in isolating whether it is flu or COVID.
  9. That looks like a Companion for GM puck system. Is it?
  10. Sta-Bil now makes a product for diesel, it that is your concern, however diesel has a longer "shelf life" than gasoline. I too use the Diesel Kleen and I think it helps, especially the cetane boost when running biodiesel. However, and this is according to Power Service Product's website, the white and silver bottles do not provide any anti-microbial properties. They do make a product for that if it is needed.
  11. A small correction, she passed due to pancreatic cancer, not liver cancer.
  12. We put one of these next to the porch light. It works very well and I am considering putting one next to each of the scare lights. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Ever-Brite-Ultra-Ever-Brite-Ultra/1002654332
  13. Chalkie


    Almost all LED strip lights are 12v. The issue may be getting the color changing aspect without the transformer block.
  14. I would suggest that you paste the contents of your document into a regular post for two reasons. One, not everyone has Microsoft Word and two, a lot of us will not download and open a file from an unknown source.
  15. I carry the disposable masks from Costco in my back pocket. That way if I forget my preferred mask at least I am "covered".
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