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  1. Indeed. I meant not to fill it up and let it sit for the summer. A week is no problem, especially if the sun is kept off.
  2. As long as you keep the water flowing through it, shouldn't be a problem. Fill it, use it, empty and dry it as good as possible when not in use. A cover will keep the contents cooler than paint, and heat will encourage the bugs. Cooler water tends to feel nicer, too. Especially when getting rid of trail dust.
  3. Add in the tight quarters, and you've got the fixin's of a full swear jar. Good work.
  4. Tractor Supply paint works, on the cheap. Just gotta block the sun from the "bugs" in the water. Can't grow very fast, if they don't get sunshine. Note I said "very fast", they'll still grow.
  5. Deal with lots of water hauling around the area, lots of the wells here have hard water, with dissolved iron and other minerals. Natural gas in solution is common, too. The only difference between a tote and your RV tank is the sunlight hitting the tote. Expect to bleach more often than the onboard tank. The water station has a long piece of hose hanging from an overhead pipe. The pipe is high enough that a full size semi fits under, and the hose is long enough to fill a tank on a car hauler trailer. Needless to say, the hose will drag over the hood and cab of the semi, as well as th
  6. Been here since '09 or '10, lurked for close to a year before that. Seen them, did my own research, and been in and out several times over the years. Hindsight is a bitch, should have went long. Bitcoin, too. C'est la vie.
  7. People hate change, even more so if they don't understand them.
  8. Blocking at the bottom of the ramps to decrease the climb of the ramps. Think RaceRamps.com Build the deck lower. Blocking at the top of the ramp. Remove after the rear tires are off, and before the fronts come on.
  9. If a State charges more taxes than a neighboring State, and the business pays taxes to both States, and the business passes on their increased costs to their customers, is the resulting billing difference due to fees or taxes?
  10. Darryl&Rita


    You need to start building the relationship somewhere. The prices quoted here are substantially cheaper than anywhere I can get. Local KW dealer's shop rate is $175, independent's run about $50 an hour cheaper.
  11. Guessing taxation? Can't cost that much more to get across the pond.
  12. Staying tandem, it won't be an issue for you, unless you build a 10 foot tail overhang. If the steering wheel feels light or "squirrelly", time to bring some weight forward. I don't think there's a hard and fast number.
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