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  1. Glad to see there was no rush to judgement.
  2. They are in the casino campground just outside Whitecourt, tonight.
  3. After spending almost too much time digging, at least 1 of your FB posts is bumped up. I knew you used a different handle, but couldn't for the life of me remember it.
  4. Don't be in a rush, let the weather warm a bit more. 35* last night. 60* yesterday. Good snuggling weather.
  5. It means the epoxy isn't thick enough to hide the matt/grid. You'll see/feel them. They'll fail from being walked on.
  6. Electric floor heating pads need a subfloor on top of them. The elements will telegraph through the epoxy.
  7. Tough to tell from the pics. Tire shop visit time.
  8. Well, their neighbours happen to be a couple Hutterite colonies, so... I might be wrong on their total acreage, but I think I'm close. As you get further from the farm, I don't want you to forget words like rhizome, and Post-emergent. I think you've sampled Crown Royal, in all it's varieties, but that's a Rye set for an American taste. Most of the Ryes I used to prefer weren't as sweet, and had a fuller taste. All of our local micro-distilleries have award winning labels in various world competitions, so we're pretty proud of them. I think they all have a brandy style liqueur based on a local fruit, the Saskatoon. We got lots to entertain around here.
  9. We got contacts involving distilled grain products, too. Not that skunky bourbon, mind you. Mostly Canadian Rye whiskey, along with some birch tree Gin, and some kinda Vodka. We got us an airport, so as not to exclude the more sedentary members.
  10. This is aimed at Dave Larue, and Rickeieio, specifically, but is open to any other travellers. If there's interest in a farm visit and lunch out, we have contacts to a medium size farm locally. It's a grain operation, running around 50 quarter sections. I've got some other contacts for other day trips, some involving fermented grains. Let us know if there's any interest.
  11. What's that saying? "We'll keep the lights on?" or something like that. We're busier this year, to date than last, so reach out a day or three before you arrive. Make sure you get a spot.
  12. Apologies, Rod. I bumped it once, then lost track of it for you. I did see the latest video, but didn't put the two together. GLWS.
  13. I don't think you're getting enough eyes on it, Len. The year isn't that old, the mileage is low. If possible, get more, better, pics online to share here. The photo hosting here is trash. I'd also advise sites like RVT.com, RVTrader.com, even your local Craigslist.
  14. Ain't nobody gonna tell him it's never "really" done? There's always something tempting you, either to add, upgrade, or repair. Looks good, though.
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