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  1. Take the turntable out, level off the actual metal of the interior.
  2. That's a headscratcher, for sure. I'd start with the connections at the back of the gauge cluster, also checking the grounds for the dash while the cluster is out. I don't remember what truck you have, but Gen 1 Volvo's have had solder issues on the gauges. Check the back of your gauge cluster for questionable solder points, while it's out. Let us know what you find.
  3. You should be able to replace the 90* fitting with a straight fitting, and a 90* adapter. Then you can get grease in there. PS: You want grease in the throw-out bearing.
  4. Local welding shop?
  5. If it works, it's not crazy. Some of the range carts I've seen during competitions can only be described as "Impressive". Most are homemade, often to accommodate the users physique.
  6. First year engineering prof said the most important thing you'll take from this course is the following phrase, "Constants aren't, and variables won't". This many years later, that's the only thing I remember from that course. Time has proven him right.
  7. We've had Redwoods in our RV park. They seem to be a reasonable rig, if on the larger side. People are pulling them with newer duallys, and 450/4500 series, not just HDTs. We use a Kenworth for our Trilogy, but it works for us. I agree about looking at DRV.
  8. Bed armour has been the savior of many work trucks, getting a few more years out of them, before the "Push" say it has to go. Looks great.
  9. smart has had traction control since the pre-historic times. Has to do with the short wheelbase. The emulators I spoke above have a push button on the end, that must be pressed each time the ignition is turned on, to countermand the traction control. A Brabus edition most definitely has it, and almost certainly has an override. They are the tuner of choice for the tri-star and flying propeller crowd
  10. You should have a button on the dash, to turn od the traction control. If not, there is an emulator to plug into the OBD port that will disable it.
  11. Most RVs with tanks on opposing sides have a medium pressure regulator on the off-side. The NFPA has something about the requirements, but I'm too lazy to look them up. Step 1; Make sure there's gas coming out of the hose going into the switching regulator. The failure rate for the switching valves seems to be higher than any other part in the supply system, but that's just anecdotally.
  12. Rim the edge with flat aluminum bar from Princess Auto, Self tapping screws with washers to hold it to the main belly covering. More self-tapping screws with washers to hold a piece of Coroplast in place.
  13. I've heard that the secret to black powder shooting is patience. Don't do anything in a hurry. Slow, methodical, quiet. Slow.
  14. Thanks, Dan. The previous versions of Invision software haven't had much for user customization, but I'll look into this, if demand warrants.
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