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  1. Initially, I thought their prices were steep, but the finished building square footage pricing isn't out of line. The wall finishes might become tiring, but drywall is easily added. The exterior would be more expensive to change.
  2. Don't forget HDT RVRV. I think it would be allowed there, too.
  3. Too far in the future to worry about now, but Great Falls definitely has testing facilities. Shelby may even. We use Coutts/Sweetgrass crossing, mostly.
  4. Your aftermarket sensors, or from the sales yard? Sounds sketchy either way. A local dealership got caught red-handed a few years back when they tried to refuse warranty work on trucks with sensors from other brand dealerships. Swapped in their own shelf stock, and the problems remained. The deals included core charges, supposed re-programming to remove the bad sensors, etc. Tsk, tsk. This wasn't a case of freightliner parts on a Volvo, but KW on a Pete.
  5. We'll let you clear up any confusion or miss-steps with border patrol. I hate being the practice dummy. We plan to cross mid-November.
  6. All depends on the wiring between the switch and controller location. As you know from using the drill battery, reversing the leads to the motor reverses direction. Use this for an example: This will only work if you have 4 wires available at the switch location. If you have less, you will need relays to make it work.
  7. We've got a simple ground mount that we use in our summer local, and for travelling. It's a piece of PWF plywood, with a dish mount screwed on. A couple of bricks, when in summer locale, or water filled milk jugs for travel use hold it steady. I have seen a dish mount on a rotating light base. The dish was removed for travel. Our air stays up, as long as the temps stay up, but we travel in shoulder seasons, with cooler evening temps, so we loose all air overnight. This would affect dish aiming too much for me to bother with. We had a small TV, that we use for security camera display, that was pressed into service for the entertainment centre. It just fit, between the dash and the overhead cabinets above the window. Any bigger, and I might have had to open my wallet. Shudder!
  8. Ewww! Can you track down a guy with a laptop, to go through all the parameters in your truck? Some manufacturers have a mileage/engine hour timer for that filter. It seems that should have been caught when you got the truck inspection done at purchase.
  9. Disconnected the satellite dish from the cab. We've been using the sleeper for the last week to sleep in, and had the dish hooked up to allow a little entertainment after hours. We have a 30 amp 125/250 volt service, and used it to feed the coffee pot, microwave, fridge, portable heater, etc, etc. It wasn't the best, but was better than a tent, given the weather in a northern Alberta fall.
  10. We're currently staying in the sleeper of our Kenworth, while the suspension is rebuilt on our 5th wheel. Air BnB, cheaper hotels, bed and breakfasts, and campground cabins are all options. Unless the repairs are warranty covered, a mobile service tech should be able to deal with the black tank problems, just use the park facilities, or a Porta Potty.
  11. Most likely. I haven't been elbow deep into Volvo schematics, but KW has one there. It's basically a conductivity probe, if I remember right.
  12. Bad sensor. The shelf life of DEF is very long. Very long.
  13. Sounds like a pipeline welder, building piles sitting on the steel pipe, while piling on the bead. 😃😄😃
  14. Oooh, ooo, teacher! Waves hand frantically.
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