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  1. Cabinets don't move around easily. They're attached from the outside. $50k will get eaten up faster than you can believe. Hang onto your wallet.
  2. Cut the insulation slightly oversized to be a friction fit into the voids. Reflectix by itself isn't a great insulation, what are you planning to back it with?
  3. West would be uphill, while east would be a slight drop. North/south would likely cause issues.
  4. Waiting to see what the border closure does. Might be on the cold side of the Medicine Line.
  5. Clear them all out, start worrying when they come back. May have been missed when repairs were made in the past.
  6. Wreckers. Local pickup, or ship to you, if they're cheap enough.
  7. Do it, there's no downside. Unless you find yourself buying new clothes too frequently, one size larger.
  8. Looking good, Vern. Isn't that C clamp historically incorrect? It's way too new.
  9. We're aware of it, every time a minivan passes us with kids in the back. Parents blissfully unaware in the front, one or more kids glued to the glass. Honk honk to brake their boredom, seeds sown.
  10. That sounds like the used department of almost any RV dealership. Have fun with it.
  11. A switch has just as much of a chance of voltage drop as a fuse. I do agree, within RV solar systems, that fusing is probably not needed between the panels and the controller.
  12. I still maintain that legalization isn't a stock friendly process. The private dealers are still alive and kicking in Canada, while the stores still struggle. Covid didn't help them one bit, but the internet based business' may have fared better.
  13. Look at each road on the map. The more loops and squiggles, the more the road is suited for motorcycles vs. RV's.
  14. On top of the embarrassingly long list of data breaches in the intervening time.
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