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  1. I've been trying to remember who's catalog I used when we converted from a stack to under bed exhaust. Drawing a blank, but it was similar to the Ryker catalog above. It might have been Walker or DynaFlo, but don't quote me.
  2. Truckpipesusa.com Steertech.com And of course, Rainey's.
  3. You're right, Jim. I glossed over that part.
  4. More like this, Jay. Around me, they go for about $125-150 a day, in town.
  5. Darryl&Rita

    Wheel Well

    Check your local plastic molding company. They may have something in their books, but you may have to take the existing one in to build a template off.
  6. Would it be possible to use the diagrams from Mark's site, and superimpose the wire numbers from your truck? There's only so many ways to wire an air conditioning system.
  7. Check the Resource Guide, and Mark Bruss' website. ETA: Type too slow.
  8. Padlock hole on the coupler.
  9. Holey heavy spec, Batman.
  10. We're loving the reverse convincing. A tri axle Alfa will make a sweet home.
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