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  1. It would be difficult in a RV if one has the virus and the other doesn't. You'd be sharing the bathroom.
  2. I think all states offer the ability to check that your ballot was received.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Our PressurePro's on our motorhome and our car were good for 8 yr.
  4. Get the zip code of Charleston and enter it in this site for information: https://www.cnn.com/resources/coronavirus-information
  5. It's a beautiful park with lots of birds and other critters around in the desert.... one of our favorites!
  6. Has contact tracing started to see where she might have gotten it? Hope her symptoms aren't serious!
  7. Personally, I don't think this would go over well. How would RVers meet new people by being in a book? If you're planning on taking lots of photos it's going to be a HUGE book! Full-time RVers cultivate lots of friends as they travel... their choice. If not, they aren't interested in meeting up or communicating with others. Many like their privacy. It sounds like you are hoping for this to be a way of earning money somehow.
  8. You may be surprised that possibly the park could come up with some clever ideas for fun things to do while distancing. You can also hike, bike, walk, rent a Jeep/ATV and do some 4-wheeling along with branching out in all directions on the small roads and explore. Do you do geocaching? If not, this would be a good time to begin. Look up the site and pick out some near you; take a GPS and have a ball. We absolutely love this activity as it takes you to places you'd never think of going.
  9. 2gypsies

    Aqua Hot Service

    I just did a Google and LaMesa RV in Tucson was listed. Might be worthwhile just driving there to have it done.
  10. I don't know where you live but if in the north, do you want to spend winter there? You can be safe vacationing in a RV in a warmer state and being able to be outside. What would you do in your home town to keep you safer that you couldn't do in your RV. You'll still be going to grocery stores, etc. At least in warmer climate you can get out and walk, hike, sitesee rather than sitting indoors.
  11. There is over 12 BILLION in deferred maintenance just in the national parks alone! There are 421 national parks in need. https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/articles/2019/04/09/cost-of-unaddressed-national-park-repairs-grows-to-nearly-12-billion The water supply for Grand Canyon Nat'l Park has been patched for many years. It will cost at least 100 MILLION to fix it by 2025.
  12. I use Chrome and have never had a problem with this. Are you running a security program? Perhaps it's in the settings.
  13. Timing is crucial. The Smokies can be visited very easily by many people because it's close to populated areas. However, October is extremely popular because of fall color. Black Hills/Custer is popular in summer with school vacations. Sept/Oct would be good there. Some places you have to make an effort to get there because of a long drive so they're are not so much weekend trips for the locals like in the Smokies. They are a major destination for vacations and for when school isn't in session. Someone mentioned that Moab/Arches Nat'l Park was a zoo this week. That's because of an extremely popular annual Jeep Jamboree. Ouray/Silverton, CO also has a fall jamboree & that's a popular time. Try Googling for Calendar of Events for the area you want to go and see if there is a special thing happening and avoid that time, if possible. For a park like Yellowstone some can avoid the major crowds by starting your tour at 7 or 8am; return to the campsite for lunch and a nap and go back out at 3 or 4pm until dusk. Those are the best time to see the animals, also as they take naps mid-afternoon, too! Basically, you can't avoid crowds at the popular destinations but you can reduce being in them if you do a little planning. Have a good trip!
  14. I really wouldn't put much faith in the campgrounds being updated any time soon. They just don't have the money. The money they get from the General Fund doesn't even cover all the repairs needed. Having volunteered in the parks and listening to the rangers there is a severe money shortage. The only way something like this will be done is to privatize the parks. Camp costs would go way up.
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