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  1. Maybe it's because the poster was attacked at the very beginning. Re-read how you and others replied. Environment, what we know and how we can protect it is a big thing nowadays. We should all be concerned about it. The survey was simple.
  2. It's a good, scenic, paved two-lane road and It's RVing country so many RVers use it. No big elevation changes - just ups and downs and curves. It's a short, less than 20-mile drive. Enjoy!
  3. Hope you get the one you want! Keep us posted.
  4. I hope you can make your proposed trailer work for you! It's a beauty for a 26'....good storage, big holding tanks for that size and I like that the TV is on an arm and can be viewed from the comfy chairs or from bed. Good luck!!
  5. Your last sentence mentioned 'trailer' and truck so that's what I thought you were talking about.
  6. During a month's time you don't have internet? Don't you ever go near a town to get access? When you get groceries or fuel? How are you getting it now for your posts?
  7. As I stated above, we see our bill one month before it is AutoPay'd. . plenty of time to review it. They send it via email. I use Quicken and every penny we spend I enter it in Quicken (a basic accounting program). Then I reconcile the bill before it's paid so I know if it's correct. It's just like the old-fashioned way of getting a bill in the mail a month before. I have never had an issue of the companies making errors.
  8. They're looking at trailers or 5th wheels so the children will be riding in the truck.
  9. Evidently it's sold out. Do you have a reservation? https://www.escapees.com/event/big-bend-area-winter-home-base-hophead-out-program/
  10. Kirk: You quoted me as saying "Why I do not use AutoPay". We use AutoPay. Jcussen said that. 😉
  11. I don't agree with these warnings. As always, everyone should take responsibility of monitoring their bills. You should do this while on AutoPay or whether paying yourself. We have our AutoPays set up so they notify us via email in plenty of time - about a month in advance - with a due date... just like if you would receive a regular bill.... so there are no surprises. I just looked at our credit card statements....one has a closing date of Jan 12 and the payment is due Feb. 9. The other has a closing date on Jan 6 and payment is due Feb 2. So we have about a month after receiv
  12. Thanks for moving the post, Kirk. Suzanne, you have our prayers going out to you and Jim. Where are you?
  13. Suzanne, you posted this notice in a post titled 'Confused' and I don't think many will see it. I would suggest you start a new post in the 'General' topic and title it something like 'My Husband Has Covid' or similar. Jim has made lots of posts on this forum so many know of him. Hope this helps.
  14. Oh No..... so very sorry to hear that.
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