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  1. Blues: Medicare is very helpful on the phone. Why not give them a call to answer your concerns?
  2. ... just read an interesting article this morning: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/electric-vehicles-certainly-do-pollute-their-battery-packs-are-poised-to-be-one-of-the-biggest-new-sources-of-pollution-11634577011?mod=mw_latestnews
  3. I agree... keep the older posts in the forum. However, the OP is asking about For Sale posts. For those it would be great if it were possible to have a reasonable timeline on them - 6m or 1 yr. At that point, perhaps a automatic-generated notification to the original poster that their post will be deleted after a certain date. If they still want the item listed they could be able to do an automated addition to the post, along with an updated date that "This item is still available as of (date)". I know this isn't an Escapees thing to do but instead, the Invision programmer's. It could easily be done. I'm sure it's frustrating when interested in an item and making multiple contacts to the owner with no replies if it's sold or whatever.
  4. We have a grand-fathered Plan J supplement which is comparable to the current Plan F at $2700/year. We don't pay co-pays and we've never received a bill for medical procedures/exams even with surgeries. Our prescription is $84/yr. So, yes, $6000 is very high.
  5. Can you post a link to the "handy-step" you're having installed? Will it be portable in that you can still travel? It may help others with similar issues.
  6. Since we've full-timed for 16 years it can't all go smoothly! We've had our share of mishaps. We were due to ranch sit on a 10,000 acre ranch in Oregon. We pulled into the gate and the owner met us and showed us where to park. We backed into the spot and immediately the left rear of our 40' motorhome broke through the septic tank. The owner forgot it was there from a previous mobile home in that spot. We and the owner took two days of building a 'road' within the break so that we would be able to drive out. Luckily, on a ranch of that size, the owner had every kind of tool and supplies needed. Railroad ties were used. The first attempt didn't work and we broke through again. The second build worked! In the meantime, we had to sleep on a huge slant and we were worried about our refrigerator because it was way off level. It was OK in the end. We had a side radiator but luckily just the outside frame was dented. Nothing was torn off the underside. We laughed a lot afterwards! The ranch gig was awesome! We watched the cowboys move the cattle and horses around and we were free to explore the huge acreage with our Jeep.
  7. Here's yet another site you may want to investigate. We are so glad we've had a Medicare supplement. Honestly, we have never had to pay out-of-pocket for anything, including regular exams, specialists and multiple surgeries. We don't pay deductibles and we don't need referrals. We can go to any doctor or medical facility we want if they take Medicare and we've never, in 20 years, came across a doctor that didn't take Medicare. We didn't have any problems with travel and medical help. https://www.medicarefaq.com/faqs/medicare-supplement-insurance-worth-cost/ There's a lot to read on the subject. It IS overwhelming.
  8. Vanleigh is based out of Mississippi. https://vanleighrv.com/ One review I just glanced at stated that contact information is very slow. Here are more: https://www.google.com/search?q=vanleigh rv dealers&oq=vanleigh+rv&aqs=chrome.4.0i355i433i512j46i175i199i433i512j0i457i512j0i512l3j46i175i199i512j0i512l3.24426j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&tbs=lf:1,lf_ui:2&tbm=lcl&sxsrf=AOaemvKlsxT5Z8a4wQEt8W2i5h8orwPHwQ:1634232980806&rflfq=1&num=10&rldimm=284218552494604570&lqi=ChN2YW5sZWlnaCBydiBkZWFsZXJzSPDC8YWiqoCACFofEAIYABgBIhN2YW5sZWlnaCBydiBkZWFsZXJzKgIIA5IBFHRyYWlsZXJfbWFudWZhY3R1cmVymgEjQ2haRFNVaE5NRzluUzBWSlEwRm5TVU5uTUMxRVJGbFJFQUWqAQ8QASoLIgdkZWFsZXJzKAA&ved=2ahUKEwi64rOiuMrzAhVeJzQIHTxtBiIQvS56BAhCEDk&rlst=f#lrd=0x887d981854388f6d:0x3f1bf448404411a,1,,,&rlfi=hd:;si:284218552494604570,l,ChN2YW5sZWlnaCBydiBkZWFsZXJzSPDC8YWiqoCACFofEAIYABgBIhN2YW5sZWlnaCBydiBkZWFsZXJzKgIIA5IBFHRyYWlsZXJfbWFudWZhY3R1cmVymgEjQ2haRFNVaE5NRzluUzBWSlEwRm5TVU5uTUMxRVJGbFJFQUWqAQ8QASoLIgdkZWFsZXJzKAA;mv:[[36.076209324149,-86.32519989230882],[33.52324981208441,-92.4555709860588]]
  9. Things have changed greatly in 20 months. Science is always learning and adding, deleting, changing as more things are learned. This was all new 20 months ago.
  10. Yes, always do comparisons for the drugs you take and we use the Medicare drug comparison program to do that. We also do comparisons every year during enrollment time and change to the best price. We use two very expensive meds and this last time Aetna Silverscript came in with the best price for us - $6.60/m.
  11. In 16 years of full-timing - 8 in a 5th wheel and 8 in a motorhome, we had never stayed anywhere but in our RV for maintenance issues. We were always able to stay in the RV on their site. If they know it's your home they'll get on it fast. We also made appointments for a place in the direction we were traveling. Upon arrival we always were taken care of promptly. I think your problem is with LazyDays. Do they know that it is your temporary home and you have nowhere else to go? Have you tried calling the manufacturer yourself? I have never heard of Vilano. I wonder why LazyDays needs to talk to the manufacturer because obviously it would be out of initial warranty.
  12. This couple has a 40' motorhome when touring New York City. Read about how they did it. Note there are a few posts on it as they went multiple times. They give excellent details with photos! https://wheelingit.us/?s=liberty+harbor .... and this is how they did Boston: https://wheelingit.us/?s=boston
  13. This is what it states: " r produced with a Berkey® water purification system is not designed for water storage. Water storage can be purified through Berkey® water purifiers. Details Aquatank II Water Storage Containers are ideal for heavy duty applications when the Aquatank just isn’t strong enough. Unlike our previous models that were designed to stay in one place after filling. The new Aquatank II can be transported in an SUV, truck, camper or trailer, even when it has water in it, without the risk of damaging the unit., of course with certain precautions. The material used for the Aquatank II is a heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon that is suitable for potable water." The first sentence is that water produced with a Berkey is not designed for water storage. ...... tap water IS suitable for storage.
  14. Glenn, now is the time for enrollment for everything and there are usually many free Medicare question and answer groups on the subject. We get notices of these free seminars all the time; some even include lunch. They're usually Medicare Advantage plans though - which we don't use. Watch for ads in your town. Or... go to the Medicare.gov website and explore it thoroughly to learn of differences. We have Medicare A and B and a supplement - not Medicare Advantage plans (different from standard Medicare supplements). We have always had Plan D (prescription). We pay absolutely no deductibles; no co-pays and honestly, never pay anything - even though we've had hospitalizations and surgeries. Everything is completely paid for. Of course, we do pay for the supplement of our choice. We got our supplement many years ago - Plan J. No one can get it anymore but it's comparable to Plan F. It covers co-pays and deductibles. It also allows us to use a doctor who doesn't accept Medicare although we've never run into that. We can freely travel and use it. If we bought plan F nowadays we'd be paying a LOT more for it. Plan D - prescription: Once you choose one you can always change during the October/November enrollment period. If you don't take drugs now just get the cheapest. We pay $6.60/month and we're on various drugs. You choose one based on the drugs you take. Each plan is different as to what they'll pay for your drugs. Some of ours are even free. The Medicare website has a place where you can compare drug costs to you using various plans. If you don't take anything just enter '0' and the cheapest plans will appear. Then just choose one and sign up for it. It's very confusing when you first get on Medicare so seek out help via the popular seminars going on right now in your town to answer your questions.
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