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  1. I saw where 3 crashed in Wyoming just outside of Jackson.
  2. Same here. Try going to the Medicare site and plugging in your address.
  3. Santa Fe Skies is very nice but I didn't mention it because I thought you wanted something inbetween the two cities and something inexpensive.
  4. If looking for a used... try Alfa motorhomes. They have attics (high cabinets/ceilings)
  5. Cochiti Corp of Engineers is excellent right between the two cities. In your free time you can explore .... within a few miles of the park .... Kasha-Katuwe National Monument (Tent Rocks) - very unique formations. https://www.campsitephotos.com/campground/nm/cochiti-recreation-area/ I see that the tentative opening date due to the virus was August 1 so check it out. https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/233461 Stagecoach Stop RV is just N of Albuquerque. RV parks in that area are pricey. http://www.stagecoachstoprv.com/our-rates.html
  6. I heard the Coleen Sykora died of a massive heart attack. She gave some good information on her 'Workers on Wheels' site. RIP
  7. Welcome! First, your post is extremely difficult to read with the black highlighting. With two small children you definitely want bunks and a table.... no tv trays. Having to make up the bed on a sofa every day is a pain and then you have to store the bedding daily. Bunks are great for kids. They have their own space and can read/play in them. If you know the trees are so low over the road that the RV will touch them, I'd seriously look at a used trailer rather than putting addt'l money into new and have it ruined right away. Fiberglass is more difficult to repair. However, the real issue is the roof. Having a tree put rips in it will lead to leaks and that you don't want. Personally, I wouldn't be using that road... ever. There's no way around not getting damage.
  8. We purchased 3 new as the most recent in our most recent 25 yr. of RVing. Previous to that were used travel trailers and pop-ups. Tents previous to that. Never used a dealer. No mechanical issues. Truthfully, with the three new ones we never had warranty issues or repair issues. We just had to do regular maintenance. We really lucked out! A 27' travel trailer was a Fleetwood product - bought off a dealer's lot. No slides and a very basic entry model trailer. The 5th wheel was a Travel Supreme - a very small company known for quality RVs. We were then full-timers and wanted quality. We ordered directly through the manufacturer and were able to watch it being built. Being small they didn't last through the 2008 financial hits and many of the heads and workers went across town to Newmar. Our diesel motorhome was from Newmar - another quality manufacturer. We were able to customize it - a big plus for us. We bought from a dealer but were in constant touch with Newmar during the build and customization. They sent us constant photos of the build. When we picked it up from the dealer that was the last time we saw the dealer. Being full-time going back to a dealer typically isn't done because full-timers travel. After we left the lot we had a handful of very minor cosmetic issues we wanted done under warranty so we made an appt. at a Newmar dealer in the direction we were headed and it was a good experience - all completed within two hours. We never had a reason to return to a dealer afterward. Never bought an extended warranty on anything. We always felt if something goes bad it will do so during the initial warranty. Thereafter, we saved for future repairs although never had them.
  9. Ah... got it & it is good. I was trying to find a town named 'Echo'. Thanks!
  10. Canada has done a good job with keeping the virus in check. Good for them! It's an awesome place to tour, including Yukon and up to Alaska but plan for another year.
  11. I'm confused by I-84. She's not driving from the north. She's coming across on I-80. Where is Echo?
  12. It's an easy drive (if you can stand all the semis you'll encounter). The first 'issue' will be Parley's Summit on I-80 east of Salt Lake City, UT at MP 140. Westbound descent has brake check sign "3-6% grades next 10 miles; truck escape ramp left lane 3.5 mi.". The first 6 mi. are steady 6% grade then 3 mi. of 6% after the escape ramp. Get into lower gear before going down any 'hill' and you won't have to use your brakes as much. In Nevada you'll have Emigrant Summit about 9 mi. west of Carlin at MP 271. Westbound is 3 mi. of 3-5% grade. Then you'll have Donner Pass, CA; 27 mi. west of the Calif/Nevada state line. Westbound: A sign stating "40 miles of downgrade"... yes, 40!! ... ending around Auburn, CA. There are 33 truck advisory signs; 2 runaway truck ramps; the grade is 5%. This is where you'll definitely need to be in low gear and pull over to cool your brakes and take a breather. I got these stats from the 'Mountain Directory for Truckers & RVers' - highly recommend!! Have a good visit!!!
  13. Who, in particular, is giving you problems? We never did with the Rainbow address.
  14. Using your Ford's year, check out these guides: https://www.motorhome.com/download-dinghy-guides/ http://www.remcotowing.com/Towing/Store.php
  15. OP: Family of 6? What ages are the kids? Kids love to sleep in tents and in public parks they're allowed on the one campsite. That way perhaps you could go smaller and just get a regular truck. A 36' 5th wheel would fit in many public parks. Our 40' motorhome and Jeep did. The issue would be the big HDT truck with a big RV. Calling a park and asking about sites? Chances are slim that a ranger or the person in the office answering the phone knows about the sites. Reservations are usually done by a company out of state. They know nothing about the sites other than what on their computer screen. We volunteered at Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park and one of our jobs was matching the incoming reservations with a site. Every morning we soon ran out of big sites according to their 'site board' but having walked the campground a lot we knew there were big sites that weren't listed on that board. We offered to measure each site and make recommendations for a new 'board' based on our findings. We took into account rocks, trees, etc. The rangers were absolutely amazed at how many more big sites we found. That's why we rarely made reservations. We'd much rather drive into the park and choose our site knowing what we could fit into. Quite often we got the best site in the house because we liked being in the rear of the campground away from everything. Sites at the corner of a turn in the road usually had the most yard room and are easy to get into. Also, we only had two slideouts and both were on the same side which gave us more choices. Slides on both sides makes some sites very limited because of trees. Good luck finding the right one for you!
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