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RVers looking for work camping or hosting positions.

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    • look into a iceco  unit. icecofreezer.com   wont really solve the problem. but these unit do work 120V ac or 12V dc. will also do "other" voltages. can be used as a extra. to store food stuffs. or as a usable unit that way you keep the in-house closed. but as to the built in unit. do you have a aux fan on the outside coils blowing hot air out and away? is this area clean? no bugs, dust, trash? and after X number of years they do fail, just due to the loss of coolant. motors wearing out, etc. but if parked for a couple weeks, months. shade that part of your rv. but never block free air movement.
    • ok good points to think about. ( i just skipped down) but what about medical? medicare does not kick in till 65. if i retire next year (age 63) how do i pay for medical? sure obama program has no tax penalty (if i read it correctly) if you would rather have real care. but in ca they have there own (kicked out the obama program) and ca has a tax penalty.  if you do not want cacare service. sad my employer does not want to even do a 5 year gap coverage, even for those who have put in 15 + years, afraid all the good drivers will leave. instead we have been working far longer than even some want to, and die on the job (varied reasons). yes two have died "behind the wheel" in the past three years. luckily not while moving. and one in the warehouse just last month. hart attack. my DR says i am pushing for a stoke. how does one cover themselves for a couple years? the watered down "retirement" plan i can buy. still cost's $1600.USD a month. that's more than my house payment, taxes, and all my insurance combined. this is the second big question for my retirement age. first is taxes. but we will not go there. if there is a medical thread i have not found it.
    • i could use a little 1000W unit, but for the price.   as you can get the new 2200I for less than $300.USD more. about the same size and weight, longer run time, and double the wattage out.
    • heck even here in cal i have lived out of a po box for decades. not a "fancy" domicile box. just a regular post office number. but then i am a truck driver. mail theft is a big thing these days. but yes everything legal has a po box number including my dl. been that way. for how long.......mid to late 1980's only trouble i have encountered is the county dump. free if you live in the county. great way to stop ditch dumpers. no charge bring it all.
    • viair is a very good brand, but think about not just the top psi, but the volume you get out of the unit and the "run" time. do you just want to "top off" or fill a flat? change tires? get a good 5 gallon min sized tank. yes a full sized tire can be changed with a couple hand tools and compressed air supply. no fancy powered lug nut tool needed. just a socket, a bar and a six foot pipe, couple tire spoons. (pre mounted on a rim). heck even on the rigs at work, the tire guys change out a tire without even taking the rim off the truck. sure they do it all the time but a fast 5 min job.
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