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    • For the most [art you will not find a State Highway SR that is RV unfriendly in Florida. The state spends it's highway funds fixing the roads tho some are a little rough while waiting their turn fort repair. And considering that the highest point in the state is less than 400 ft there are no major grades in Florida.  So SR 20 should be fine. We've probably been down it tho I done specifically recall that road. Lake City is about 35 miles from us.
    • As I recall... Rt 20 is a full sized road and I've been on much of it with my commercial truck and trailer with zero issues. It's a pleasant, if slow way to go. It's only slower because of the towns, etc., but very enjoyable. Hope my memory is still accurate.... Jay
    • Under regulations issued by the Department of the Treasury, mutilated United States currency may be exchanged at face value if more than 50% of a note identifiable as United States currency is present. If you have over 50% of the original torn bill and it's easy to identify, most banks will exchange it for a fresh bill in the full amount. For burned currency it is a bit more difficult but not impossible. Reference: Federal Reserve, Mutilated Currency and Bent or Partial Coin
    • Hello, I'm looking for some travel advice, we're in the Florida Panhandle now and will be traveling south to the Orlando, Winter Haven area.  Right now we're in Fort Walton Beach and we are looking to stop over in Lake City Florida in a couple of weeks.   My question is, looking at the map we could take HWY 20 east out of Niceville Florida towards Tallahassee, picking up I-10 there and then getting on I-75 heading south.   Is HWY 20 a "trailer friendly" route or should we be using I-10 all the way?  We're pulling a 39' fifth wheel with a pick up. Thanks in advance for any insight. Dan 
    • Good discussion. We do a little of everything that you all have been talking about. We do have a fire "resistant" safe in the RV and most all of the documents like passports and a few hundred $ (just in case) are in a fire proof bag inside the fire "resistant" safe, key or digital combination. However, like you say probably end up ashes if the RV burned to the ground. I think they will still replace burned cash if it isn't too burned up. We also have a "Go Bag" in the truck. We have run into one campground that would only take checks/cash, no credit or debit cards. I haven't wrote out a check in years. Use CC for refueling, restaurants or other purchases and multiple CC from different banks in case a card is compromised so we are not stuck waiting for a card to be replaced. Watch the postings to our cards very closely and have cancel card on speed dial. Only use debit cards at grocery stores or WalMart and sometimes get $20 or so back. For irreplaceable documents/items you could always get a bank safety deposit box near a family member and have them on the list so they can get into it as well, just in case. Then they could send you what you need or copy/notarize it and send it to you.
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