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    • Here we discussed my gains with Tesla. I also talked about my losses on ACB and NBEV. Bith are on their way up. But I stand to lose about $20k on ACB even if it quadrupled because that 12/1 reverse split made my 5000 shares bought at $5-$7 now only 425 shares. But my 1000 shares of NBEV bought at $2.50-$3.00 may show a profit yet. The ego and willingness to dissemble isn't here. You've read about my gains and losses. My ego isn't fragile enough that I need to impress anybody. So not all gamblers only have a choice of lying when they lose or telling the truth or an exaggerated truth. I'm way ahead. My 285 Tesla shares I bought on the dip at exactly $350 a share after the 5/1 split recently are now worth $574.75 after hours today.  I even have a Navy Federal Investment counselor engaged who just sent me a proposal for a diversified portfolio that he'll need to redo as 3% gains with a 1.5% annual cost is not for me. But we'll keep working on it until I'm happy with it. But again, I expect a big correction in the near to middle future. So I'm not in a hurry to jump into a financial advisor's low risk and gain investment as I want the rest in cash to again buy low. I am not worried about NBEV or Tesla. However if StarLink is spun off from Space X and IPOs, I'll sink at least half into it. I have a retirement and assets separate from my investing funds. I'm not risking my future security, just my kid's inheritance. These are fun exciting times, And no, I hated getting my shares cut to nothing. But I believe I might get a significantly higher return than I thought a week ago with ACB. Big loss but not as big as if I sold while it was down. And my gains have been much better than a $20-25k loss. I like this market. When it corrects and the market always does, I'm ready to buy index funds again cheap. My wife's ready to roll her funds into cash soon to do the same with her IRA. Then we catch index funds cheap and maybe buy some options which I'm still learning about. Like I said about Tesla in their IPO at $17 in 2010, I repeat now a out Tesla if you can get it on a dip. I think it is going much higher. But I've learned not to make recommendations here. What works for me won't for some others. Folks need to be accountable for their own cash flow, as caveat emptor always applies. I am very happy with my outcomes. If Tesla ever drops down to under $200 again I may have 1000 shares to sit on again. None of it perfect because Those shares would have netted me $2.5 million had I not sold at $348.00 in 2018, and just held until it hit well over $2000 a share. No regrets, as I can't foresee the future, and I'm OK with that, and making a lot being close, not perfect. I hope everyone else is doing very well too.  
    • Good link. Yeppers, it just gets better and better.  
    • My Air drier on my 2015 FF M-2 is located in front of the right front tire. Clay
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