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    • I also had a car dealer overcharge me for a car, in spite of my having paperwork for a special price through a project I was working on with General Motors Headquarters.  It was only about $300, but I sent a letter to my corporate client at GM explaining what had happened and asking for her advice on how to resolve the matter. (This was after trying to get the salesman to refund the overcharge.)   I cc'd the owner of the dealership.  It took about three days to get a phone call with an apology and a check in the mail for the amount I had been overcharged!  Amazing.   And when I have bought a vehicle, I warn the salesman that I will not take delivery if the vehicle has an advertising sticker on it.  Ditto for those license plates with the dealer's name.  If it already has a sticker, I will want to inspect that removing it has not caused any damage to the paint.  No signature until I inspect.  I am not popular.
    • My understanding is that the CCC was the key to most is the USAs park facilities from back in the 1930's.  Maybe it's time to reintroduce a similar scheme. For my simple brain it's a win win situation. Employment and improved facilities. But it would become a political football that would go nowhere.
    • Saw the 'trains' again this evening, Thursday, May 6, @ ~9:00 PM.   This is almost exactly 24 hours later from last night... Interesting!   We were enjoying an evening campfire with friends.... and one of them looked up and said... Look!   There they were.   Lots of good chat material about Elon Musk!
    • I just put 8 new Road-X SDR1  11R22.5 (http://roadxtire.com/SDR1.html) tires on my tandem motorcoach for $3200cdn ($2675us). Came highly recommended by my tire shop.....and they know I don't buy junk but also don't like to throw money out the window. Only out about 100km on them but no vibration that I can feel and we didn't balance as they have never had issues with Road X tires.   They still only recommend Michelin for steers for highway use.
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