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RVers Looking for Work

RVers looking for work camping or hosting positions.

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    • I get 8-10 MPG on my 32' 2012 motorhome with the v10 engine.
    • I am a 79 year old woman who has traveled alone in a 32' Motorhome for the past 10 years, driving 183,000 miles in that time.  Obviously, I have to do grocery and other kinds of shopping, and I have never had my rig broken into or had anything stolen while in a campground or in a parking lot.  I do not spend the night in parking lots of highway rest areas, but instead almost always stay in county, state, and federal campgrounds.  I would not feel safe sleeping at night in a parking lot, though some people do it.  But, I have never felt unsafe parking there during the day to do my shopping, so you should feel comfortable parking in a grocery store parking lot during the day.  Be careful of overhanging branches in parking lots, however.  One once grabbed my TV antenna and damaged it.  And more recently, I hit some overhead branches in a parking lot that broke the plastic cover on my refrigerator vent fan. 
    • This is the part number for the 2006 Volvo with Ultrashift.
    • Just finished it up today👍🏽 I’ll preface it by saying I chose to clean and dialectic all the connections at the transmission. Once I pulled a couple of connectors apart only to find pristine contact points, I decided to pull the plug out of the top port of the tail shaft. I noticed a LOT of powdered rust and debris came out with the plug. This prompted me to pull the lower plug as well.  Rusty powder poured out like water, the tone ring inside however was shiny clean. I was hopeful this was the cause of the surging, but I chose to reach out to Nextran the local Volvo dealer to see if they had a new sensor in stock. Mike said we have 1, quoted $47 so I put everything back together enough to drive the truck over to get it. The cruise was somewhat better on the way over but not perfect. I took the tools I needed and had the port cleaned and prepared with anti-seize so I could slide under and install the new sensor as soon as I had it in hand. The drive home was exceptionally pleasant, the sensor corrected the surging cruise control completely, and improved the shifting of the truck. The shifts are smoother, and seem to be at the appropriate timing. With your advice Suite, I am planning on leaving the old sensor as a plug, Thanks for the advice, this made the job quick and painless.
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