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  1. If you get extra tanks keep an eye on your weight. Water weighs 8+ pounds per gallon in whatever tank it resides. Linda
  2. If they thought that why would I not be able to use the microwave safely? Linda
  3. podwerkz likes to make posts that don't say anything. Linda
  4. Here's my reasoning: Electrical first because I don't want wet hands when doing that. Water next because I want to be able to wash my hands after hooking up the dump hose. Whether I do all those, though, depends on my status. If I'm only staying one night I may not hook up anything because solar will keep my batteries full enough. If my fresh water tank is nearly full or if I'm not sure about the quality of water I may not hookup to water. If I've been boondocking, so I need to fully charge batteries and dump tanks, I do all three. But, always in that order. Linda Sand
  5. Hitch mount is good but inside a cargo trailer is not so good. Propane tanks need to be in a ventilated area. On motorhomes even the permanently installed propane tanks have to be in a compartment that has no lock. Linda Sand
  6. Welcome to a great group. Here's my quick thoughts on a first pass through: They both have adequate kitchens with the Grand Design being a bit better if you use the counter under the TV. Neither has much closet space but if you only do weekends it will be enough. Both have U-shaped dinettes which, if you look at the pictures, you will see only have enough surface for two place settings. I would not want to wash kids in the shower so would pick a tub for that but as a kid myself we had a shower we put a wash tub in for bathing so that might work for you. The Grand Design has steps up to get in the lower bunk for the little kid but I don't know what they offer for access to the upper bunk in either trailer; some kids are climbers so it might not matter for your family. I don't like the open bathroom in the Grand Design but that is MY preference.The Passport has better angles for viewing the main TV. The Grand Design has larger tank capacities which is important to me but may not be a problem if you indeed only do weekends. I agree that I would not try to drive under trees if they are low; can they be trimmed? Too much? Sorry about that. Linda Sand
  7. I was in school during that whole range of years but never experienced either type in school.We got our vacinations at a doctor's office. My oldest brother's TB test always showed positive even though the never had TB. I think he might have had a light case of polio, though, because he's had hip problems all his life. Linda
  8. We have never bought used but we almost did so I am only qualified to answer #6. PPL Motorhomes in Houston will, by appointment, bring the rig to their front lot for your inspector to go over it. It turned out that rig had a safety recall that had never been done. I found the recall notice on page 6 of a Google search for that model of rig. Even if you have a professional inspector they can miss something that should have been done several years ago so do your own due diligence as well as evaluating what your inspector finds. Linda Sand
  9. Back then we were a more homogeneous culture with a herd mentality. Now we are freedom fighters each with our own opinions. I can't imagine all the kids lining up for a vaccine now. Linda
  10. Nice looking RV. I hope things get better for you soon. Linda Sand
  11. If there's a vaccine, the most vulnerable among us may be too scared to get it so social distancing will still be a reality for us. Remote working will continue which will impact commercial rents. Some office buildings will be converted to apartments as people want to live closer to amenities. We will value relationships more and work less. People might actually TAKE their vacation time off. Schooling will change as kids will no longer be willing to sit at desks all day long--I see that as a good thing. My hope is that classes will be centered around interests rather than standardized textbooks. Why wouldn't kids prefer to learn math by measuring ingredients for cooking or material for sewing or learn about geology by studying dinosaurs or learn enough about auto mechanics to be able to tell if a worker is trying to rip them off? DYI skills and materials will increase as people who stayed home learned they can do a lot of things themselves. Families will reevaluate their housing now that they have leaned how to share space. And with minimalism becoming ever more popular will realize they no longer need so much storage space. I could probably come up with more but that's enough for now. Linda
  12. Or family members of military or ex military. USAA started as only officers. Then added noncoms. Then extended family. Our daughter has never served bur she is insured under Dave's service. As to Progressive: In 2008 they insured our Winnebago View which, at the time we told them, was our only vehicle. Then the small print of the coverage said it would not cover us if the RV was our only vehicle. Sure glad Dave read that small print so we were quickly able to cancel the Progressive insurance to switch to Foremost. Linda Sand
  13. If he then refused to wear a mask, how many other people did he infect?
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