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  1. That phrase and it being a first post says to me this is a seller. Linda
  2. I learned to just lay out all my membership cards and let the clerk pick which would give me the best rate. For instance, one used Passport America for weekdays then AARP for the weekend when PA wouldn't cover those days. We did buy into a membership resort after a year of traveling. Our home park was in Arizona where we spent the winter--two weeks in and one week out--but we never used any of the other parks in that system because we didn't like making reservations in advance. (I would call our home park from Walmart in town where we stocked up for the next two weeks to reserve for that night.) We did stay in several Escapee Member parks and some others with Escapee discounts plus lots of Passport America parks as we traveled the rest of the year. Linda Sand
  3. And many canned goods weight one pound per can. Obviously, a pound of ground beef weighs one pound. It's easy to not realize how much food weighs. Or clothes. Or shoes. We literally weighed everything we put in our first motorhome since its capacity was limited. Linda Sand
  4. Thanks, RV. Do I still get to come to you if we have an apocalypse even though you've moved? Linda
  5. My frustration with Texas back when we were fulltiming is they would move entrance ramps without updating data so a GPS could not give correct directions. I sure got tired of hearing, "recalculating" while there. Linda
  6. Your words, sir, were disrespectful. You are right in that I have no other way of knowing anything about you but by your words. And they were disrespectful. Linda
  7. Escapees and Passport America. I recommend waiting until you learn how you travel before joining any others but those two will get you a good start. Linda
  8. This irritated me. I know people who give away sandwiches to the hungry. And who volunteer at soup kitchens. And who support Feed My Starving Children. And make donations to food shelves. The ones I know, including me, don't play tambourines or act like you suggested. I'm glad you don't support activities like these because your method does not show respect to the recipients who are, after all, still human beings. Linda
  9. So instead of having kids playing you might have women knitting and chatting, men having discussion groups, someone teaching yoga classes, etc.
  10. Are your pans warped? Some lightweight baking pans don't stay level in themselves. Check when they are hot because cold may not give the same results. Linda
  11. My experiences with park wifi were not good ones. It was important to us that we have decent bandwidth when we wanted it. So we bought a plan that worked for us. But, we didn't have to deal with kids while working. You might have better luck finding parks with programs for kids so they can be the ones to leave while you work. Linda Sand
  12. Welcome. It takes most of us year to realize we can slow down now because we don't have to be back to work on time. If you can start slowly you might enjoy it more. Maybe. Some people really do need to feel busy. Linda Sand
  13. Wow! My van had a 2.5 gallon electric water heater. I would turn it on for ten minutes then turn it off and take a shower using only the hot water tap. Yes, the "get wet. turn it off, soap, turn it on, rinse" method but I never ran out of hot water when taking a shower. I guess it really is what you are used to doing. Linda
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