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  1. I read a couple of his posts then gave up on him as they all seemed to be self-promotion. Linda
  2. We went fulltiming to get away from Minnesota winters. We did NOT take them with us. Linda
  3. sandsys

    Classy RV Park

    I found it at https://classyrvpark.com Linda
  4. The general rule is to stay south of I-10. Have you looked into Rainbow Plantation in Alabama? We have enjoyed our stays there. Linda Sand
  5. Those "associated amenities" can get you. I've been in parks where I was more than twelve feet from the next RV but my hookups were right by their picnic table. In another park, sites were separated by flowering bushes. I easily listened in on the conversation taking place on the patio on the other side of those bushes while sitting inside my RV with the window open. It would be hard to set a standard of distance that would work for all parks so using every other space is easier to enforce even when we deem it not necessary for a particular park. I feel sorry for park owners trying to make it on half the site fees, though. For me, it seems those who normally crowd everyone in would be better off right now. Linda
  6. One of my blog friends just posted that his 13 year old panels weren't providing as much power as they used to do. On checking he discovered they needed to be washed. They are back to 100% power now. When I was snowbirding, I parked under a tree all summer. Dave would wash my panels before I set out for the winter. He's supportive of me that way. Linda
  7. Hmmm. I regularly used Blue Beacon Truck Wash but never had that problem. Linda
  8. In a Class B everything has a place and things spend most of their time in that place. It takes me no longer to be ready to go sightseeing than it takes you to move your gear to your car. And I NEVER forget anything since it's all with me all the time. As a bonus I can immediately put away groceries so I don't have to make that the last stop on an outing even if it's hot outside--my frozen food stays frozen. At a truck stop I bought a couple collapsible orange cones like traffic cones. Place one of those at each end of a pull-through site and no one will take your site. Mine stored in the door pockets which made them readily available for use. My van, fully loaded, averaged 18 mpg. What mileage do you get when you average out your motorhome as well as your toad? I wonder how much experience you have living in a Class B? Linda
  9. We like Mountain House brand freeze-dried food because they cook the meals first then freeze-dry them so they taste great! We bought a lot of entrees and desserts (some from Backpackers Pantry) then we would make one entree and one dessert to feed the two of us. When it's just me, I eat the whole entree without a desert. It doesn't take a LOT of water to make these. I once brought a double batch of freeze-dried blueberry cheesecake to a potluck and it was very popular. Linda
  10. Correct. My builder used z-feet along with the VHB tape to get that air space. Linda
  11. X2. Last night we watched a docu-drama on Netflix where many people who helped build various social media sites expressed sorrow over the way they are being used now to inappropriately influence users. The Social Dilemma in case anyone here want to check it out. Linda
  12. On my Sportsmobile, I had four 100 watt panels. That's what my builder preferred to use and it gave me enough power for my all electric/diesel van--no propane. I cooked with either the microwave or an induction burner but I am not a great cook so easy meals were my thing. And my water heater was only 2.5 gallons so I could turn its circuit breaker on for 10 minutes and have the water be just the right temperature to shower without adding cold and have enough hot water left over to wash dishes. I miss that van; I wish I had kept if for shorter trips when I could no longer go for a whole season. I spend a lot of time now dreaming up my next van while knowing I could never justify spending that kind of money on one again now that I am old and decrepit. Linda
  13. X2. Our solar panels were installed using 3M's VHB tape. No holes in the roof. Since the panels also provide protection for the roof, repair is less likely to be needed. I liked AGM batteries since they don't require monitoring or watering. If starting now I would look at lithium. Linda
  14. I disagree with both of the above. I have owned two class B rigs, one for full timing and one for snowbirding for six months of the year, and have spent most of my day using a computer in each of them even while boondocking. My computer is a laptop which makes a huge difference. I simply moved it off the table for mealtimes and dropped it into a padded bag that sat behind the driver's seat when traveling. Plus, in my Sportsmobile, I carried two bag chairs and a folding table--even a small vacuum cleaner and my TravelScoot--and I had a real office chair in that one since it was built to my design. Please, don't listen to naysayers. You can do this if you want to do it enough to do what it takes. Linda Sand
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