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  1. I checked that out. For non-owners they have very short stay limits. For potential owners, the wait list may be several years long. If you think you might want to buy in there, you might want to get on that wait list NOW. Linda
  2. There's an RV park in Durham, NC, that has mostly people living there while undergoing treatment. It's a lovely place with cheerful workers. I was only there long enough to do a dump and fill because I was living in a nearby parking lot but the staff made me laugh several times in those few minutes. Linda Sand
  3. sandsys

    microwave fudge

    Mug cake. Mix together one box angel food cake mix and one box any other cake mix. Store in air tight container. In mug, stir together 3 Tbsp mix and 2 Tbsp water. Microwave 1 minute. Eat. Also known as 3-2-1 cake which helps remember the portions. Linda
  4. sandsys

    microwave fudge

    As long as you don't put peanuts or peanut butter in it I would like all of it. Linda
  5. sandsys

    microwave fudge

    I woman I know says she has a graveyard in her backyard where she buries her failures. Linda
  6. sandsys

    microwave fudge

    I've never seen a recipe for microwave fudge. But maybe that's a good thing? I remember serving the one made with marshmallow creme to Dave's family and his mother saying something like, "Oh, that one." Linda
  7. That year. Our rigs were good to about 20° though as long as the days warmed up so below freezing how far? Linda
  8. I doubt that will be allowed to happen. Although rest areas in the Twin Cities metro area do limit the number of hours you can stop there. Linda
  9. Perhaps if you give us an idea of where in the USA this doctor's office is located we might be better able to help. Linda
  10. The too selfish person in a tribal setting is soon made aware of what benefits (s)he is close to losing by being ousted from the tribe. Linda
  11. This is a discussion forum. Those of us who write blogs about our travels, post them elsewhere. It is accepted, even encouraged, for you to put a link to your blog in your signature block. Linda Sand
  12. I did use an occasional pool but the amenity I most appreciated, next to level sites, was a laundry. Linda Sand
  13. It's Renogy. Renology was me mistyping. Sorry about that. Linda Sand
  14. X2. Taking the meds actually speeds recovery because they let you do the exercises required to recover. Linda
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