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  1. Since the inside and outside walls go up at the same time, how to you do electrical and plumbing?
  2. That was my first thought. too. But Lincoln log kits came with roofing; this does not. This is only walls--the area between YOUR floor and YOUR roof. So you probably want to consider methods and costs for those as well. Otherwise, going back to playing with blocks could be fun. Linda
  3. I once walked into a shoe shop and told the clerk I wanted a pair of "tourist" shoes. He offered precisely what I needed--leather tie shoes with gum soles. That was before the days of ubiquitous tennis shoes but I would still choose the shoes I bought that day if I still could. I did go back and buy more later but they are gone now. Linda
  4. I did have one neighbor complain about the noise of my water pump so I switched to city water in that park. But I switched back again when I left because I like to keep the water in my tank circulating. Linda
  5. We used a portable EMS system. Never had one stolen but able to move it from one rig to another when selling/buying which we did way too frequently. Linda
  6. My van was 24 feet long. It didn't fit in a typical parking space. Drove through cities just fine but parking? Not so much. Unless I found two spots front to back (and paid two meters). Also, it was a high top so didn't fit in any parking garages, anyway. Linda
  7. When we turned 65 we got Medicare cards in the mail but we had already signed up for an advantage plan. It took me awhile to find out I should not carry the Medicare card at all--only the one for the advantage plan. Yes, it is all very confusing. Linda Sand
  8. Many of us believe this is the bast source for anything related to water in an RV. They even make hoses to order. I got a short one to go between the regulator and a filter so I could stand the filter casing on the ground then a long hose to go to the RV itself. https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/rv-water-filters-and-systems-rv-water-filter-store Linda Sand
  9. It depends a lot on your life in California. If you are working there or living in a house you own there you probably can't change your domicile that easily. California does not like people to leave so they nitpick. You need to physically leave the state and most of your connections to it. It's best to do this at sometime other than year end so you can file a partial year income tax to make your intent to leave clear. You can get your South Dakota address whenever you like but it takes more than that to change your domicile. Linda Sand
  10. My guess would be that those two nuts are stripped. I had that happen with a tire change when they used a power wrench without aligning the nut first. Linda
  11. So, trying searching the home fixit stores for something similar. "Fridge lock" got results at Home Depot. Linda
  12. Here's ours: https://sandcastle.sandsys.org/2011/01/sand-trap/ Linda
  13. The owner's manual in our 2010 CRV told us exactly what to do. Do you have, or can you get, an owner's manual? We had to refer to it for the first several times before memory finally kicked in. Linda Sand
  14. Especially if you are staying on site using their amenities. Linda
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