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  1. I don't know about PlushCare but my medical records are online and I have access to some of them. My doctor has also ordered labs for me to have done wherever I am on future dates. My doctor will give me names of other doctors but I am not restricted to using them. And, since the corona virus became ubiquitous, she does video or phone visits. But, I still chose to go in person for my annual physical.
  2. I only knew one guy who lived full time in a truck camper that but they are out there; they are just a minority so there hasn't been a big call to have a section of their own here. I've been on this forum for 13 years and you are only the second person I can recall asking about that. Linda
  3. In my 24' van I had 400 watts of solar power with 400 amps of battery in an all electric rig--no propane but did have a diesel furnace. Frig, water heater and cooking all used electricity. But I did have to drive to recharge my batteries occasionally. I once got a solar charge from the light in a Walmart parking lot at night, though. Linda
  4. Why do you think that? We have several professional writers on this forum. Linda
  5. That trojan might be what sent us to ads. I'll have my Dave check to see I didn't infect anything. Thanks for the info. Linda
  6. Most of the people on this forum live full time in an RV. Truck campers are not popular for that because they have little storage capability. It's as simple as that. Linda Sand
  7. Our add ons to our Garmin originally came from the Discovery Owners group. Linda
  8. sandsys

    Got mice?

    Those sources might surprise you. We once had a carpet cleaner move our loveseat recliner and he called out, "Treats!" Yup, Cheetos snuck down there. Linda
  9. We were not discussing using ground water, only water from a faucet which has likely already been treated to some degree. Yes, if you are getting your water from a creek or river you need to boil it or otherwise chemically treat it. Linda
  10. That does not negate the challenge of you wanting specific items which may or may not be doable but you won't know until you pick an RV, make your design, then find out if what you want can be done. You may not know that many RV manufacturers build the interior before enclosing the walls so they have good access which is not available later. In my van, the furnace was nearly unreachable because it was installed before the cupboard was built around it. Once the service guy got it out where he could reach it he decided not to put it all the way back which affected my storage space but I decided was a reasonable trade off. You might want to consider having a tiny house built instead as those builders are used to doing custom builds and they can build to RVIA standards if desired. Linda
  11. It appears RV Service Reviews.com is lo longer functional. My Google search only came up with this not very helpful site: https://www.dealerrater.com/directory/Idaho/Recreational-Vehicles/ Linda
  12. Rebuilding an RV is harder than remodeling a house because everything is inside something else. For instance it's hard to replace a couch if your fresh water tank is built into it. We had a dinette where the furnace was built in under one bench. It's not unusual for the engine compartment to be partly under the bed. A water heater may be under the kitchen counter. All those things would restrict what you could do. Maybe if you are good at playing Tetris you could figure it out but I sure wouldn't want to do it. Linda Sand
  13. It might mean the roof is not built to support the weight of an air conditioner. Linda
  14. Rainbow's End, an Escapees park, is a good place to begin because there are so many helpful people there. You can even get an all-wheel weight there with advice on how to best balance the load in your rig. https://rainbowsend.escapeesrvparks.com Linda Sand
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