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  1. I guess this sentence gave me that impresson, "The UL listing makes our battery the only one of its kind that’s allowed to be installed inside the vehicle". Maybe they meant they would only install UL listed batteries and this is the only would that had been through that process. Linda
  2. My understanding is only one brand of lithium batteries can be put inside an RV without vents. I got that information here: https://www.embassyrv.com/features/embassy-battery-systems The picture of the red battery is right inside the slider door of a Ford Transit van. Linda Sand
  3. When i saw that picture of the belt going through the floor I immediately wanted to add rubber gaskets around the edges of the holes. Linda Sand
  4. OK. So what types of things do you like to do? Are you looking for things to do in Vegas? Or places to boondock awhile along the way? Or one RV park in which to spend your time? Or potential long term parks to check out? Or...? Linda
  5. Six weeks to make a 6 1/2 hour drive? Have I misunderstood something here? Linda
  6. Funny, I continue to lose weight in spite of the pandemic. Maybe not going to the grocery store all the time to buy junk food is actually a good thing? Linda
  7. We did that before we moved into our first Class B motorhome. It only sort-of worked. We did not know how a much lower ceiling would affect Dave, who is tall. Nor did we have any idea how small a 10 gallon black tank is. Yes, we lived for awhile in that taped off space, except for using the kitchen--and bathroom--and closet--and bed... Linda
  8. I like the floor plan but those interior doors are pretty narrow. Not sure the walker I used after my knee replacements would have fit through that bathroom door. We now live in a 1-bedroom, 1-bath, apartment and it feels HUGE! Linda
  9. This survey is ONLY for those who tow a trailer (bumper pull or 5th wheel). That's let's a lot of us off the hook immediately. Linda
  10. Yes, please. I like doing surveys when I know who actually sponsored them and how the data will be used. Linda
  11. How many of those seats were forward facing with accessibility to the back for modern child seat anchors? In my most recent research into class C motorhomes I have never found more than one place for a child seat anchor if any at all. As mandated security becomes stricter, it also becomes harder to meet. I remember when lap belts were not even a thing yet. And lighted turn signals were an option with stick your arm out the window to use hand signals were standard. As a child, I took baths in a wash tub set in a shower and at a kitchen sink. It's still something that needs to be consider
  12. We received Moderna last Thursday and have had nothing beyond tenderness at the injection sites. There was a multi page questionnaire we had to fill out about health and allergies before receiving the shots though. I was lucky in that my allergies only cause dermatitis not breathing problems. Linda Sand
  13. Right. But Barb suggested they consider a Class C so I thought seating was an important thing to discuss. Linda
  14. There are four things I would consider first given the ages of your family: 1. Seats for the kids while traveling. Room plus anchors for child seats is mandatory for me and few Class C motorhomes allow for that. 2. Sleeping arrangements. How good is your two year old at staying in bed? We camped with one family who didn't get any sleep because the little one crawled all over everything all night. A bunk bed on which you can install a side rail might help with that. 3. Bathing. Toddlers are not very good at taking showers. 4. Grow room. Kids require stuff. Sometimes less a
  15. When I suggested they look at fiberglass eggs they said too small. So they want to pull a larger trailer with their small truck. How many ways can we explain that's not a good idea? We've tried talking about pulling power. We've tried talking about stopping power. We've tried talking about the limits of stuff they can bring. They need to somehow understand that, if they want a bigger trailer, they need to buy a bigger truck. Having them look at weights seems to me to be the only way left to teach them that. Linda
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