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  1. RVs 4 Less in Knoxville, TN is a Cheap Heat dealer and have installed plenty of systems if you are still interested.
  2. The ice maker will slightly "defrost" the cube compartment just prior to ejection, the heating element may be going bad as it could be overheating. This will create a "wetter" ejected ice cube and thus freeze with other cubes in the tray.
  3. The hitch will still be located behind the rear axle but closer than it is currently. My bed will have to be modified to allow for the semi pin height so I am looking at a hitch height of around 45" - 48". The Spacecraft pin can be modified as needed but I am looking at interior height of the trailer but definitely will keep the bed height lower than the hitch! Not sure of the hitch whether it will be fixed or oscillating. Lots still on the drawing board. Thanks
  4. Sounds great Rick. I'll give you a call to discuss.
  5. Thanks Jack. I know Comfort Ride was working on one. Are you guys developing one too?
  6. Thanks David. Holland makes a rigid 12K pin weight head.
  7. Not picky at this point. Thinking a fixed hitch with the semi frame.
  8. We are looking at building a semi frame "5th wheel" from Spacecraft. For various reasons, I'd like to lower my hitch height and move it closer to rear axle. Suggestions on a hitch capable of 10K lbs pin weight and 35K tow weight. Actuals will be closer to 8K/27K but want some wiggle room. Thanks David
  9. Of course, the "Beverly Hills" section is by invite only...LOL Looking forward to another great rally. We'll be there as I completed registration yesterday. Super easy. Thanks David D for getting it set up online. Nice!!!
  10. We have a D13 with 405hp XE, 1450/1550 torque. It handles our 24K trailer fine but if I were to do it again I would order a D13 455 hp with 1550/1650 torque and not the XE package. I would go with the dual torque. If the dealer will support you on no FET with a 12K front and 21K rear then that is good. You will be close on your weights but Volvo is comfortable with you exceeding your weight rating by 15% or so (not officially but engineers have stated as much verbally). The VNR 400 is the new model body which looks nice but I hope it will be comfortable for you on long trips. Shorter WB and the cab set up is different than a VNL 730/780. Good luck and enjoy the process. Welcome to new! David
  11. KOFA does not take RSVP's but we were just there a week ago and had no problems getting a site. Many are heading north for the summer. Great prices on LP too!
  12. whatsnext

    Camera system

    I ran my wires from the monitor mounted in-dash (like Phil's) behind the steering wheel and came out by the steering wheel adjustment pedal. I ran the wires out of the cab via an access through the firewall which Volvo provides and covers with a large rubber grommet. I slit the middle of the grommet in an "X" configuration and fed the wires out into the engine compartment. From there I ran them to the back of the truck securing to existing air lines/electrical wires.
  13. Oak Mtn State Park has an equestrian section that will fit big rigs(PELHAM). Birmingham South Campground will fit big rigs as well. It's about 4 miles further south at the "tank farm".
  14. Having toured the VA Volvo assembly plant, I can tell you that our 2016 emissions levels exceed the Federal requirements. What comes out of my exhaust has no smell and is "virtually" cleaner than the surrounding air. My $.02 David
  15. Just pulled in to Disney's Fort Wilderness campground for 2 weeks. Need a vacation after the Tampa RV show! Haha.
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