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  1. Ok then, tell us how that works out for you. Bill
  2. Sounds good. I was thinking your pop off valve has a bad gasket. You tried to create a air pocket several times and it didn't hold it. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  3. The problem is you have to prove you did the required maintence. Bill
  4. So once again we have those who wanted facts are now in a river in Egypt. You know De Nile. If 3000 mile makes you feel so good you should do 1500 mile changes. think how good the oil would feel then. For those interested in facts I do a annual oil sample on the engine and transmission. If I see something that I want to watch closer I will do more frequent samples. Bill
  5. Without doing a oil sample you can't tell anything. You can't feel the where metals in the oil as they are in parts per million. Bill
  6. These type of threads are always fun because of the diverse opinions. Hear is my opinion based on my experience and background. Yes I have actual training and ran a oil analysis lab when in the AF. First the oil of today is not the oil your grandfather used. The oil companies love those who still believe in the 3000 mile oil change. Dirty little secrets oil does not where out. Oil becomes contaminated and the additive package is depleted. The engines of today run many times cleaner than those your Grandfather had or even your father. First thing is if you are under warranty follow the manufactures instructions to the letter and have documentation. Now for those who want to extend their change intervals (low use or just extend it) I would start a oil sampling program. The big thing I see is at least 2 people talking about taking a sample when you drain the oil. This is the wrong way to do it for a couple of reasons. 1 when you take the sample from the oil stream draining out you are prone to get contaminates swept up by the fast moving oil off the bottom of the pan. This will give you a false reading. 2) you need to pull the sample with a little vacuum pump (you can buy them from the website) and a tube down the dipstick tube, being carful to not hit bottom and suck up contaminants. I use the length of the dipstick as a guide on how long to cut the tube and mark it. The reason you do this and have the results back BEFORE you drain your oil is if you get a false reading like really hi iron or al. you want to do a re test to verify the results. If you have dumped the oil you have no way to verify weather it was correct or not. In the example Kirk W posted if his Were really hi the only alternative would be to borescope the cylinder's or do a teardown to see what was going wrong. As it is he needs to find out why he has so much fuel in the oil. Bill
  7. Yes they are called slam latches, but they don't do well when used that way. On my Bounder I found the best way was to shut the door while holding the latch open. then release it while holding the door closed. I would try soaking them with WD-40 and seeing if you can't pull the latch/plunger part out. I had more problems with the end breaking off than sticking. Look carefully and see if they still have the tapered part. Bill
  8. Why would you run your generator to run the Aqua Hot? If the engine loop doesn't keep you warm enough (I have never had that happen) just turn on the burner. Bill
  9. Well Dutch, I just happen to be at a rally with over 60 coaches. We are at Cajun Palms RV Resort, North Barn Road, Breaux Bridge, LA. I have ben doing a survey on who balances their rear wheels. So far no one will say they don't balance their rear wheels. We also have reps from Freightliner and Spartan doing presentations. I have asked both of them about the question of balancing wheels. They both say all chases shipped have all the wheels spin balanced. Neither recommended balancing beads. So Dutch I will continue to use the spin balance method. I still think the op needs a good balance and inspection for damaged belts. Bill
  10. I only do business with places that can properly do the work and have the tools to do it right. Places like Cowser tire. https://cowsertire.com/ "Rear tires in these sizes are usually not balanced." Yes but they are mostly on trailers not Motorhomes. You can risk your warranty if you have/use beads. Go look at the Michelin website. Bill
  11. Have you ever had an all wheel alignment done? All the manufactuers some ware in their paperwork will recommend that an all wheel alignment be done after loaded like you are going on a trip. Full fuel, water, propane and all the usual load. It could also be a internal tire problem like a belt separation. Bill
  12. Yes 2014 is the last year you can tow a CR-V. I have one and nearly waited to long to buy it. I didn't know it was the last year till a friend told me. I didn't know Walmart sold those. Learn something new all the time. Blue Ox does have a good wiring harness. Bill
  13. Here is a place that does impeccable quality. Texas Custom Coach, http://texascustomcoach.com/ Bill
  14. So in reality you are just selling the rim. The tires are 12 years old. Bill
  15. Merry Christmas!!! and it is 70 in Dallas today.
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