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  1. Why would you run your generator to run the Aqua Hot? If the engine loop doesn't keep you warm enough (I have never had that happen) just turn on the burner. Bill
  2. Well Dutch, I just happen to be at a rally with over 60 coaches. We are at Cajun Palms RV Resort, North Barn Road, Breaux Bridge, LA. I have ben doing a survey on who balances their rear wheels. So far no one will say they don't balance their rear wheels. We also have reps from Freightliner and Spartan doing presentations. I have asked both of them about the question of balancing wheels. They both say all chases shipped have all the wheels spin balanced. Neither recommended balancing beads. So Dutch I will continue to use the spin balance method. I still think the op needs a good ba
  3. I only do business with places that can properly do the work and have the tools to do it right. Places like Cowser tire. https://cowsertire.com/ "Rear tires in these sizes are usually not balanced." Yes but they are mostly on trailers not Motorhomes. You can risk your warranty if you have/use beads. Go look at the Michelin website. Bill
  4. Have you ever had an all wheel alignment done? All the manufactuers some ware in their paperwork will recommend that an all wheel alignment be done after loaded like you are going on a trip. Full fuel, water, propane and all the usual load. It could also be a internal tire problem like a belt separation. Bill
  5. Yes 2014 is the last year you can tow a CR-V. I have one and nearly waited to long to buy it. I didn't know it was the last year till a friend told me. I didn't know Walmart sold those. Learn something new all the time. Blue Ox does have a good wiring harness. Bill
  6. Here is a place that does impeccable quality. Texas Custom Coach, http://texascustomcoach.com/ Bill
  7. So in reality you are just selling the rim. The tires are 12 years old. Bill
  8. Merry Christmas!!! and it is 70 in Dallas today.
  9. I would do a little more research before I did that. The hub in the picture appears good. If you over fill them they will leak out the vent hole and get oil on your wheels, brakes well everywhere. One big thing never get in a hurry it takes a long time for the oil to move and settle. Bill
  10. Best move I ever made. My absorption worked ok but gave up the ghost. I replaced it with a Sears that was about the same size. Wanted to use the popular SamSon but lacked 3" of height in the slide. Here is a little secret. If you had a ice maker in your absorption fridge you already are weird to your inverter. The receptacle that the icemaker was plugged into will give you 120V power from your battery bank. All the ice makers run on 120V So for them to work when on propane they have to have 120V power. That is where I am plugged in and never worried about it when traveling (eaven m
  11. Just a follow up on the vote. IT PASSED. This should give money for upgrading and for building parks. The fun part is it does not raise taxes. For those who might be intersted the results can be seen heare. https://apps.texastribune.org/features/2019/texas-election-results-2019-constitutional-amendments/ One outher big amendment to pass was Prop 4. Making it more challenging for future lawmakers to enact a personal income tax, requiring support from two-thirds – instead of a simple majority – of the House and Senate and a majority of Texas voters. Bill
  12. This would be a good time for all those who "Domicile" in Texas step up and exercise their vote. There are several things that will affect RVers directly. Like do you want to pay a state income tax? Bill
  13. If you can vote in Texas Vote yes on prop. 5 From 1993 to 2017, the state has collected nearly $2.5 billion in revenues from the Sporting Goods Sales Tax, yet only 40 percent has been spent on state and local parks. Prop. 5 is a constitutional dedication of revenue from the existing sales tax, so those dollars can only be used by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission on public parks and historic sites, and not for any other purposes. Importantly, Prop. 5 requires no new taxes or fees. A YES vote on Prop. 5 on Nov. 5 will protect Texas’ nat
  14. The outher big thing (to me) get a towbar like Blue Ox that stayes on the RV not on the toad. One outher thing. I recommend getting a 10,000 lb rate towbar so if you change to a different toad that might be heavier you don't need to buy a new towbar. I also like the added safety cushion to. Bill
  15. I only run Diesel Kleen in the white or gray bottle depending on temps. Diesel Kleen is now endorsed and recommended by Cummins. If you have any concerns about oil lubricity just run Shell Rotella T-6. Bill
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