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    • No, if you look at the map the dry camping area in blue has site 620 that is not blue. That site is the same color as all the rest of the sites “hence” full hook ups. We stayed in that site for a week last year in January, then 10 days in March on a lease lot. This year we are going on 3 months here on a lease lot. The only thing that site 620 doesn’t have is cable tv. 
    • Here are the additions done Friday. What you see here probably would not be necessary if the next thing after extending the rails was building the bed on top of the frame. Even with rails that long. The bed would tie everything nicely together. However, the customer wants to have "some fun" and take it for a spin as is. That's a lot of length at the end of which "resides" a 730 pounds ET with 4,000 pound pin weights on top of it. Torque, twist and moment are not a nice combo when they work together.    
    • Think about putting 5/8” furniture grade plywood on top of the whole slide floor. Use drywall screws to pull the lower floor up in place.   There needs to be holes drilled in the upper plywood for the screws to go through. This needs done before the plywood is layer down the final time. It the saw dust will keep the lower floor pull up against the upper floor.        Do not put a joint over the center dip.   Just a thought.  
    • There are some youtube videos of them. they work well and cleaning is simple. They are power hungry. also make a gas model. They are costly though. Less than lots of septic systems though. Search youtube for Ambition Strikes, burring our poop. 
    • If there is room on the underside to add a angle iron brace across the center to support it and push it back up to the same level. It would depend on the clearances for the slide operation equipment and for things to clear as they go in and out. A picture of the underside of the slide where the sag is located would help to make suggestions.
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