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    • We have been at Saguaro skp park in Benson for almost 3 months now except for time in quartzite. Been to 3 other escapee parks but this one is the most friendly and active that we have experienced. The lot prices here are reasonable with all the amenities you get. The key here is volunteering. That’s what keeps the price down. If you haven’t been here stop and take a tour of the park. It won’t be time wasted
    • Lately I have read more magazines with National Geographic and NG History the leading ones. I usually have a biography or historic novel of some sort in progress as well. I rarely read a book the second time but did do that with both Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn after about 50 years. 
    • The Best Reviews Guide lists several but Garmin tops their list. At present the Garmin RV 795 is highest rated and as one who has used Garmin GPS through several generations, I tend to agree. I have one that is a generation older and that I've had for several years now but have really liked it. Since I got my first GPS back in 2000, I have tried several other brands and have always returned to Garmin for the RV. I also have owned a couple of hiker GPS units that were not Garmin. 
    • Very interesting! While it has been 2 years since our last stop there, we have spent a night or two there about every other year, usually in March or April. We too went to the happy hour and when we were there it was well attended and friendly. We have also stayed at Saguaro Co-op in Benson on several occasions but it has now been about 5 years since our last visit there. We have never been to Rover's Roost. If it makes any difference, Dream Catcher is an Escapee owned park while both Saguaro and Rover's Roost are co-op parks. 
    • It’s great to see some nice progress! The dry fit is looking good. Once the painter gets after that thing, it’s gonna be looking sharp!
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