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    • Like many other diseases the amount of effort in finding a cure or the amount of money spent researching a cure generally depends on the number of people affected or the socio-economic sector impacted. Macular Degeneration is found in about 3% of the population which is actually a good thing (in a bad sort of way) as it is a number that will garner research dollars.  What a lot of folks may not realize is that there are some underlying contributing factors that have been identified: Over 50 (can't do much about that), Smoking (if ya'll do quit now), High blood pressure (get it checked and under control) and a diet high in saturated fat (lay off the fried foods) and finally HEREDITY. Again that is something you can't control but you sure can start checking early for symptoms. My mother had macular degeneration and it was sad watching her go from being very independent to very dependent on others as her vision deteriorated. So I get regular eye exams.  Vern, I for one am interested in your journey with this disease and hope your treatments continue to help.  
    • Tried that. Can't  make it out.
    • Maybe use a small mirror to see what the screw is .
    • I want to give a update on my eyesight situation.     I went to see my ophthalmologist on Friday afternoon. The first thing they do is to take a picture of your eyes.   Next I had a eye test. While in there I noticed that the person giving me the test was doing more particular or specific test. And having me get really specific on what I could see. So the test ended.   Then I got my eyes dilated.       So the ophthalmologist finally came in to see me. Ask me how I was doing. I said great, as my personal eye test that I do about twice a week has shown  improvement to a point of being stabilized.        So he ask how I am doing. I said really good. I am still taking 1 - 400 milligrams dose of willow bark a day.     He looked at my eye pictures before he came in. Then he looked into my eyes. Then he said there is nothing wrong with the front of my eyes. He has said that all along.     So he said he did read several of the articles from the National Institute of Health that I gave him on my situation.   Then he did say again that aspirin has been studied for treatment for macular degeneration. That it does not work. But he was not really forceful about that statement.    So I gave home a bottle of the willow bark treatment that I am taking.    I also said that I will get him a list of other articles on eye problems that discuss similar symptoms as macular degeneration. I am only reading articles from reputable sources such as Mayo Clinic, British Medical Journal and several other respected research institutions.      So will say he is rather confused and curious at the same time.      So when this first happened, in the early May-June 2020 time frame I had no idea what was happening. There was a few times that I questioned my eyesight.     At that time I was posting on another part of the forum and unknowingly mentioned some of my problems. The other forum posting had nothing to do with having eye problems. Although it did affect what I was doing.   Also some times at work I noticed odd sight problems. But I thought it was just being in a dark place where I was working.     Is it not macular degeneration?       Vern
    • I bought a new chinese  faucet from either home depot or lowes a few months ago. Single lever pull out head. It started leaking. Packing base loose. Little plug in back of handle. Removed plug and tried every allen wrench I got and nothing fit. No screwdriver. None of my star bits will go in far enough. Can't see in there as it at rear. I used my channel lock pliers and tightened it some. But i need that handle off so i can tighten it good.
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