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    Brother Henry, Alas, I fear your quest to go beyond, has gone too far. And your exposure is far worse, than the inclusion of a horny hare in your scriptorium work. I've spoken with Father Boniface about your dabbling in the dark arts, including your use of FEA in the design of your ET hitch. He was appalled! You need to back-off of any further promotion of FEA. Father Boniface will be calling you about your Finite Excrement Analysis soon! Bless you Henry
  2. DanZemke

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    Henry, Your Jackalopee pdfs are a work of art. It must have taken you many hours to design and refine them. Thank you! And I'm pleased to learn that I'm the proud owner of a horny interface.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. We appear to agree. I will often opt to buy made in the USA (even at a higher price) too. Two nuances. The masks I recommended did get FDA approval, which I verified last Spring when I first purchased them. I've actually used them, and found them preferable to several others I tried. Shouldn't that make them the gold star standard? ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Chalkie, I respect your opinion and see nothing wrong with honest responses, like your's. But I'm not a moderator ๐Ÿ™‚ With my economist's hat on (yes I have a BA in economics), most economists, believe that world-trade is a win/win situation for consumers. For example, about two thirds of the world's semiconductors are currently produced in Taiwan. Not because they cheated. They invested more, and with some luck, created superior manufacturing capabilities. How do we in the US benefit from this? We consumers get better, and less expensive devices, like cellular phones, than we would have without without the Taiwan' manufacturing capabilities. Which companies, and their employees lost? An obvious example is Intel. But after I graduated, the only company I worked for, was IBM. IBM lost too, as well as many others. They all bet wrong. To be clear, I'm not, pro-China. I am - pro US-consumer. ------------------- This link provided a small bar graph when I first accessed it. But it now results in a request for payment from me. Hopefully it will work for you. In any, the key point is Taiwan, 66% https://www.statista.com/statistics/1037531/taiwan-global-semiconductor-market-share-by-operation/
  5. I see nothing wrong with the KN-95 masks that Kirk linked to. I'm suggesting an alternative KN-95 because I've had lots of satisfied experience with them. I sent packs of 10 to several folks last spring. One, my ex-wife, who has a small head (not brain), said they didn't fit well. She ended up having to buy "kid's" masks for an acceptable fit. I also purchased a few 3M 1860 N-95 masks. These are, or at least were, pretty much the de facto standard in US Hospitals. They have two elastic straps that go on the upper and lower parts of the rear of your head. And although the mask is also made of layers of blown polypropylene, it is much stiffer than the fold-flat versions, like the one I am suggesting. The primary benefit of the 3M 1860's is that the stiffer mask and the two head straps seal much better than any mask I've seen with ear loops. But I find them to be much less comfortable, and I'll confess, pretty dorky looking. Mine remain in my closet and won't be used, unless I need to to do something like take a coast to coast flight. I have no relationship with these folks, other than being a repeat customer. Here is the description of the masks from their website. Personally, I prefer the black ones, especially for black-tie events ๐Ÿ™‚ "We are the largest authorized Powecom's distributor in the United States and Canada for the Powecom KN95, which has been tested by the NPPTL and CDC repeatedly for its filtration efficiency of equal to or greater than 95%. Like the N95, the KN95 face mask is rated to provide 95% or greater filtration of particles larger than 0.3 ยตm (microns) in diameter such as bacteria, viruses, pollution particles, fine particles, smog, dust, pollen, etc. Made of multiple filtration layers of polypropylene and electrostatic cotton, they come in both ear loop and headband models. The 3D foldable design makes them comfortable and provides excellent ergonomic fitting and sealing." https://bonafidemasks.com/face-masks/kn95-respirator-face-masks/
  6. I haven't seen that proof. Please tell me where I can find it.
  7. If you know someone that hasn't been fully vaccinated for Covid-19, and is hesitating, please consider passing along this heart-breaking article. It appears to be from an unbiased source: https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/im-sorry-but-its-too-late-alabama-doctor-on-treating-unvaccinated-dying-covid-patients.html
  8. The poll seems to have run its course. So far, no one, has indicated that they prefer the new "badges". But only 23 people have "voted". If you haven't "voted" yet, and have a preference, please register your opinion soon. If the consensus, remains the same through Tuesday, I've decided to take the lead on removing the "badges". My objective is, to make it as easy as possible, for the Escapees IT folks to implement the change. I don't have paying-customer-level access to the Invision Community website, that presumably provides some help file(s) on how to install the plug-in and disable the badges. If anyone can provide me with the how-to content, I'll take the ball and run with it. If they would prefer to take the ball themselves, I'll actively support them. I can be contacted at - email address removed by Dan Dan
  9. Lou, I get the fact, that some on this forum have paid for it, and others are free-riders. But to me, any post that provides useful information is welcome. Dutch_12078's post was very informative, IMO.
  10. I honestly do not understand. The only interpretation I've been able to come up with, is that current dues paying members opinions, should be more important that life-time members. That could be an interesting discussion. If that was not your intent, who are you positioning due-paying members against?
  11. If you haven't already, please consider registering your opinion about the new stuff (badges) here: https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/142423-bad-post/ The "bad post" part is my fault - just ignore it. I haven't changed "bad-post" so something else because I was afraid it might break the link.
  12. Nope. That's not the way it actually works. Invision makes it easy to disable the badges. Escapees IT folks have complete control.
  13. It turns out that it appears that the Escapees company can disable the Badges if they want to . Please consider expressing your opinion about the Badges in this poll: https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/142423-whats-your-opinion-about-the-new-badges/ P.S. It appears this thread has been edited. A snarky post removed. But one casualty didn't make any sense to me. So, I want to make it clear, that Dutch_12078, is the one who found the link to the Invision information about a free plugin. It enables admins to easily disable Badges, if they want to.
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