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just overnight boondocking


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I have a new 2024 Rockwood 2608bs TT and am planning a trip from NE PA to Florida in March, stopping twice, with 5+ hour drives between stops to arrive at a full hookup cg in Florida. I have 2 each 200W solar panels. If I start after plugging into shore power at home for at least a week while packing will I have enough juice to supply for overnight camping by boondocking on my way down? I'll probably run a television, coffee pot and a couple lights but may run some heat, either fireplace (or furnace if it's too cold.) It came with a Marine/RV dual purpose 505MCA 64 AH battery and would consider getting another (I don't boondock enough to go Lithium) as it's set up to accept a second battery. I do have a 3500w Generac inverter generator, just don't know if I'll need it for just 2 overnights.
Yes, I'm really new to the whole solar setup. Thanks, let me know if you need more info.

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OK a couple of points:

1} Boondocking is tough east of the Mississippi.

2) You may be able to park overnight in places like Walmart, Cracker Barrel or Bass Pro after checking with the store manager. Some states allow overnight parking at rest stops but most do not.

3) Running a furnace will kill your battery faster than just about anything else.

4) Last long term weather forecast I saw calls for cold fronts, including snow in the east until mid April at least.

5) Campgrounds are still full of snowbirds here in Florida.

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How much do you know about your trailer’s electrical system?  You mentioned that you want to run the television, a coffee pot and perhaps the fireplace for heat instead of the main furnace.  The coffee pot, fireplace and perhaps the television will require 120V power to run.  They won’t run on battery power without an inverter.  So if you want to use those things, you will need to run the generator to use them (unless your trailer came with an inverter, which is usually an option).

I would want a second battery.  It’s supposed to be bad for a lead-acid battery to be taken down below 50% so one 64Ah battery doesn’t give you a lot of Ah to use.  I’ve used as little as 30-40Ah in a night but only when it was mild and the heater wasn’t running much and I didn’t watch TV once the sun went down (I had a 12V television at the time, no idea if your trailer has one or if it is 120V like my current trailer has).  I was also cautious about using lights.  I’m more likely to use closer to 50Ah a night if the night is cold and charging electronics using the USB ports.

It won’t matter whether you have the trailer plugged in for a long time before you leave - your battery can only hold so much power (the 64Ah rating).  Once it is at 100%, it is 100%.  Leaving it plugged in doesn’t give it more power (but can be useful if you are pre-cooling the fridge, running the lights and making sure the battery is fully charged etc.).

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