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  1. It is difficult to guess what you have, but Amazon has a selection of under sink filters and cartridges. We always used water from our potable water tank or the city connection for all of our purposes while fulltime (still do now part-time) and I used one of the whole house design filters. They have an array of different filter cartridges available and what I used depended on where we were and the water quality there. Some people use one of the two cartridge systems, keeping a sediment filter in one and a more complete filter in the second one. A good place to lear
  2. You may want to check the Caretaker Gazette as well. Safe Harbor Farm in North Carolina also has RV sites. Although it isn't animal rescue, we did a lot of volunteering at national and state wildlife refuges.
  3. New public betas for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 are coming soon. As a member of the Apple Beta Software Program, you can take part in shaping Apple software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.
  4. Is this Vtext something similar to the Apple I-message?
  5. While I have not looked in that area, I have been planning for an extended trip to start shortly and in doing so I find that RV sites are not easy to find in busy areas and even the more rural areas are busier than they have been in past years. I did make advance reservations for most of our trip and suggest that you do the same. Try finding sites with Campendium and/or Campground Reviews.
  6. For locating RV parks and campgrounds I suggest two sites, Campendium and Campground Reviews. I find both of them to have good things to offer and really have little preference as to which is better. I use them when planning our travels on the computer before leaving. With the huge increase in RV sales during covid, the availability of parks and campgrounds is more difficult and I am finding that you need to have reservations if going into any area that has attractions or any large metropolitan area. Rural areas are not as difficult but even they are much busier than they were in past years.
  7. I think that most of us tend to slow our rate of travel as we are on the road for more years. When you look at total distance covered each year, that is usually influenced by the chosen lifestyle. If you stop for no more than a week at any point you will certainly accumulate far more miles per year than those who sit for a month or longer. We initially got into the RV volunteer lifestyle to conserve money and travel few miles because of our limited budget. When we began to receive social security, we had planned to stop the volunteer lifestyle but after 6 months we discovered that we missed th
  8. Me too. Been doing that for a long time and I also send things like pictures from my phone to the computer in the same way. Since I'm not a Verizon subscriber I was not aware of Vtext until this thread.
  9. In our 11+ years of fulltime RV life we ranged from a low year of 3,800 miles to a high year of just over 9,000 miles. Our average was just over 7,000 miles per year. As an interesting side note, before we were retired we used to travel between 4,000 & 6,000 miles in a typical year with 3 weeks of vacation and lots of weekend trips. Eventually it occured to me that when we live in a fixed location every trip is twice as long because you go to the site and return, while a fulltimer goes to a location, and then just moves on to the next location without the return travel. Since returning to
  10. I received the following information with a request to share it with others who may want to spend some time volunteering for a worthwhile project. If you are looking for summer volunteer opportunities, I invite you to check out our current project schedule at www.historicorps.org/current-projects. Fall opportunities will be posted in the coming weeks. We train volunteers in hands-on historic preservation skills, and put those skills to work saving historic places across the country! We especially need help at the Lemley Mill project near Lander,
  11. That could be true to some extent ever if sharing the information on these forums. 😏
  12. I don't believe that there is any ownership by Amazon, but they are part of the Amazon Associates program. The following comes from Amazon: According to Zoom Info, the business is owned by Brian Easterling & Leigh Wetzel who founded it and they have 83 employees and revenue of $17 Million. The following comes from the Campendium website: Like yourself, I read a lot of what they publish and I find that I use their campground referrals more and more. As it happens, Escapees RV Club also has an Associates Program.
  13. Welcome to the Escapee forums. Unless it has changed quite recently, that particular home is still available. I know that it was a month ago when we visited there. There are also several other houses currently for sale there. Just visit Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community on the internet.
  14. The most difficult part of the choice is the fact that you can easily find people among us who consider any type of RV you bring up to be the best choice. Some of us also have a spouse in the choice which sometimes complicates things. My best advice at this point would be to spend a lot of time at some of the largest sales lots and consider everything. For most of us, there comes a time when one of them just feels right. Most of us at times tend to overthink things. Your best choice may be more a matter of feeling than of logic.
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