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  1. You seem to be speaking of a "slide out" and they do have adjustments. But there could also be wear on the mechanical parts that play a part in the problem. How does the slide work, is it electric motor with a drive gear, or electric with a worm or screw type of drive, or is it hydraulic driven? Do you know if it works at all.
  2. We are showing how easy it is to replace a baggage door latch which didn’t lock anymore on our RV, a 2008 Fleetwood Bounder.
  3. I use Blackstone Labs as well. The keep a record of each sample from each vehicle and the report shows all samples over time so that there are trends there to indicate what is happening in the engine. They do the same for a transmission. They also make recommendations about how long you should go between oil changes,
  4. That is still a bargain. My dad had one of those. He was 81 when he got it,
  5. Welcome to the Escapee forums! Is the problem that the dogs do not slide out to latch the doors shut? If they look like this one you can get replacements from Amazon for Fleetwood style latches.
  6. Cummins Newsroom: Engines Top RV Maintenance Tips from Cummins for Travel Season
  7. You don't understand what a small nuclear generation plant is. The term MWe is million watts electric. Small Nuclear Power Reactors (Updated April 2021)
  8. I do agree with that part. We are in Mesquite, southeast part of the metroplex. The lowest our outdoor thermometer has recorded since that cold broke was 32°F and nothing close to that in the past month or 6 weeks. You folks on the west side have had more of the nasty stuff than we have lately. We did finally get about 1.5" of much needed rain last Friday.
  9. 2 US agencies send teams to probe Tesla crash with no driver
  10. It would seem that the site is owned by one CB Williams. I wonder if he has bothered to let the Escapee management know of his use of the SKP name?
  11. The nearest to San Diego would be Jojoba Hills and it is 75 miles for the city of San Diego.
  12. Welcome to the Escapee forums. I did a search and found the following: Welcome to the Go Power! Support Center. Here you'll find technical support, installation assistance, and frequently asked questions. Enter your product, issue, or question in the search bar to get started. Or, choose from the links below.
  13. Actually, most of our winter was very mild with only a few nights below freezing up until Feb. 10, when we got the second longest period of below freezing temperatures ever recorded here. Most years the worst of winter is over by then and since that ended on Feb. 17 we have not been close to freezing.
  14. That is probably a common thread in many accidents with pretty much any sort of vehicle, car, truck, boat, airplane, or even bicycle. Is the autopilot a standard feature of the Tesla? Some of those features are showing up in even the lower cost automobile markets nowadays. My 2019 VW isn't fully loaded, yet it has automatic braking if you follow too closely. Several vehicles now have line following and reactive cruise control that will adjust your speed to the car ahead. And the trucking industry is moving in that direction as well. Driverless Trucks Are Already on Texas Roads
  15. They do, but you still have waste tanks to deal with. I think that you would be wise to spend some time learning about RVs and RV parks before you spend your money. You should also look into requirements for tow vehicles and the weights that they can tow safely as well as the weights of the different RVs.
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