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  1. For questions about vehicle registrations, just call the office and tell them that you are a new Escapee and they will be happy to assist you and supply current answers. Phone: (936) 327-6801
  2. I just received this sad news from his wife, Suzanne.
  3. we lost jim  he passed yesterday. the 24th. he was 74 and had covid. he will be missed. love him with all my heart and love. you all be safe. hugs suzanne spence.     jim.e.spence@gmail.com   I still get his mail.,

    hugs suzanne

    1. Kirk W

      Kirk W

      Thank you for letting me know. I will share the information with the forum and offer a prayer for you. You are in my mind and in my heart. I am now 78 and Pam 79 so we are hiding out but will shed some tears with you.

  4. Could be. Contractor built they can easily run to $150k or more. If only the building is put up and the inside all self built they tell me that it is between half 1/2 and 2/3 of that.
  5. You might want to consider something of this type, It is a picture of our home that we owned for 8 years. You can see a variety of steel building homes by visiting this tour of the community.
  6. Either that or by code enforcement officers. I believe that both CA co-op parks also have a maximum time that you can spend there in a year. There may also be restrictions on park models as I don't recall seeing any of them when we visited, but don't bank on my memory!
  7. Historically that has been true. There have been too many residents who were registering expensive things like boats and RVs in other states to avoid taxes, while not actually mover from CA to the state involved. My wife's family are pretty much all in CA and we have spent quite a lot of time there for that reason, never having any problems but we also were never there for longer than 5 consecutive months and while we did do volunteer for RV site positions in parks, we were employed as paid workers there. What is most commonly watched for in most communities is the keeping of an RV with out-of
  8. Could it be freezing up? When ice builds up most RV a/c units do turn off the compressor.
  9. Do you mind sharing where you heard that information? I have read of that case before as it has been in process since 2918. I have mixed feelings on the issue of commercial use permits, but understand that the parks are looking for much needed revenue, which is probably how that all began.
  10. While I am not the biggest fan of the desert, your choice of route could send you through Quartzsite, but the activities are winding down by March. We have spent several days there in late March several times and while the big gathering is pretty much gone, there is still activity and things to visit but with much more availability and few crowds. There are also several national wildlife refuges along the way if you are interested in those. We spent a winter at Imperial NWR once and there is much to see there. The Phoenix area also has much to offer and again the snowbirds will be moving out
  11. The distance that you open the valve does not affect the pressure of the propane from the pressure regulator unless it opened so little that it isn't possible to supply enough propane to maintain the pressure. The valve position is no indication of the proper pressure from that regulator. It should always be operated with the valve on the tank fully open.
  12. What is the parking like in the campgrounds and out at the LTVA's? It must be way down as well.
  13. We have two working nurses in our family who were very early in the vaccination program because of their exposure. They gave us very similar advice but with the addition that they say as soon as the shot has been administered, take a does of either Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen, whichever you prefer as they act as a preventive. They say to do the same again at bedtime and when you get up. We followed those suggestions and experienced almost no side effects at all.
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