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  1. Yes, to pass on to the one from IT who asked me. Weekend Moderators have no involvement in those decisions, we only remove clear spam. It is the IT department who make decisions on what is or isn't spam if it is in doubt. Go read the first post in the thread, which is what triggered my question. It is my intent to point this thread out to the IT person who asked so they can read what people respond. In addition, weekend moderators do not remove anything, only hide it so that someone from IT can make the call during normal working hours. If they disagree, the put the post back and let us know why.
  2. That was the subject of the discussion since posting spam is against the forum rules and has been at least since the 1990's. The subject of the discussion was that an IT employee who I had occasion to speak with for unrelated reasons asked if I considered it to be spam, mostly because it is an income generating channel and the owner has not posted anything else to the forums. He made two posts prior to starting this run. The IT concern was that he might run off the posts of such things made by active members of these forums and to me that does seem to have been happening. It is an attempt to keep the forums serving the members who participate. That is the only reason to go to the expense of having a forum since it does not run on the owned server but is on one that is dedicated to hosting forums for organizations, for a fee. The question came up because the management does care. If you click on the author's name in the upper left corner it will open a window that shows more about the poster and a list of their recent posts. Anyone can do that. I am not sure what criteria you are speaking of? The only question was if others consider his posts to be spam and detrimental to the forums. I would point out that it was not me or any moderator or IT person who originally brought it up. The only criteria are those of the guidelines listed at the top of each page.
  3. Welcome to the Escapee forums! I did some searching and I found another one from Amazon for about $200. This one is from Mor-ryde so is a quality product but it is not powered but manual. I also found this one from Technology Research for $335. As Bob has suggested, the space for the equipment could also be a problem as it will need to be near if now where the cord is presently stored.
  4. Might it be this one? Electrical Cable Hatch for RVs - 5-1/8" Diameter - Polar White Or this Replacement Access Hatch for RVs 5" Or.......... Valterra Electrical Cable Hatch for RVs - 5-3/16" Diameter - White
  5. That is the reason that all posts to the Escapee Facebook must have approval of one of the moderators before they go up. It must be a big job and they seem to do it very well. Even so, subjects do roll off very quickly and discussions rarely stay visible for more than a few days. And that is the reason that I prefer the bulletin board type forums for most discussions.
  6. Interesting subject to me because I had a conversation with our IT contact about Jessie and his posts only being videos intended to drive people to his Youtube channel. The decision was to let him do this since he seems to get a lot of visitors and for that reason he is still part of the forums. I suspect that if there were a consensus from the forum members to do so we he could be taken down. How about it? Lets hear from everyone what the opinion is. Does Jessie A contribute something worthwhile or would you rather that he were blocked from further postings?
  7. Wow! Until last year our address was Lindale but we were actually closer to Van. We still do some business there and were in Van just last week.
  8. I have to wonder about the theft problem from rural property? I have friends and family who are rural and they tell me that there is very little problem with theft. The farm that we usually spend a week or two on each summer has a nice house, barn/shop, and several other buildings as well as some equipment that sits out. The main property sits empty most of the time and is now primarily recreation property as most of the land is leased to farmers & ranchers. The nearest neighbor is about 3/4 mile in one direction and probably 4 miles the other and it straddles the county (gravel) road. Perhaps the problem is when your rural property is near to the city as this is a Kansas county with a population of about 6k. Until a year ago we were based in rural, east TX about 20 miles from Tyler (population about 100k) and as far as we know none of the neighbors had a theft problem either and some of those were also weekend hidaways.
  9. Another good source of information which is updated daily is from National Geographic Magazine and is also free to the public.
  10. There is a major difference in the attitudes about RV's and camping between the USA and AU. Probably one of the major reasons is that in the USA, even if traveling on foot or horseback, there are few if any places that one can get as much as 50 miles from the nearest maintained road, while in AU about all you need to do is to get 100 miles into the interior of the country. One needs to see the difference in what we consider to be a developed national park for most Americans to begin to understand. Most of us here would think that we were really roughing things if we spent more than a night or two in the typical AU national park campground. I wonder how many of the AU citizens actually get out of the cities and developed areas for recreation? I read somewhere that the average American visits only 9 state in his lifetime. Most of us who RV here are thinking more in terms of roughing it meaning that we don't have room service.
  11. When she is gone they may steal her signs. 😏
  12. No. The cord that you show in the picture uses a plug and socket. Notice in the picture there is a socket for the round end of the cord. That socked has to have wire run between it and the distribution panel inside of your RV where the circuit breakers are located. the socket then mounts where your current cord enters the RV and you disconnect the cord and roll it up to travel.
  13. Take a look to see if you can get to the place where the cord is now connected to the distribution panel and then could string wire between the two. If you don't understand electricity you might be wise to have them do it. Any competent RV tech should be able to do it.
  14. That is a good improvement if you have a place to store the cord. I haven't done ours but did do one for a friend and it isn't that difficult. The small trailer that we now have really doesn't have a good alternative to store the cord so I have lived with that one. Just what it will take to make that change depends on what you now have. It will need wire from the distribution panel to the location where you will install the socket. The parts you need are readily available and the work isn't difficult if you have reasonably good access to the area. The one that I put in even fit the hole the previous one had occupied. Access is part of the reason I haven't done mine. Are you thinking of doing it yourself, or having an RV tech make the change?
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