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  1. Because I have read the Washington Post the maximum number of free times, I am unable to read your link but here is another version of that same story from CBC news. Florida sheriff bans deputies and visitors from wearing face masks: "This is no longer a debate nor is it up for discussion" After reading the story, I am wondering how many of his deputies will choose to quit, rather than expose themselves to this danger?
  2. Do you have any conditions that require continuing medications? Our experience has been that most doctors will not renew prescription medications without some of their own tests and diagnosis. Some drugs are more sensitive then others. Another thread brought up the use of Plush Care, online medical doctor services.
  3. It is an interesting website and while it is new to me, they have been in practice since 2014. I visited the home page of Plush Care and find it very interesting. I don't believe that I am quite ready to go totally online for medical services yet, but it is interesting. I still have several questions that I wasn't able to find answers for. Do they look at previous medical records like an in-person doctor usually does? What about lab tests for continuing conditions or annual physicals? Do they refer patients to another doctor for surgeries and such? If so, do they find you a doctor to go to?
  4. Welcome to the Escapees forums! We really enjoy seeing new members join us so do return and contribute often. Thanks for posting the information as it was new to me and it could help a lot of people here. Like BarbOK, we prefer to have a continuing relationship with a doctor for our ongoing medications, because of possible need for changes or changes in our medical condition. I am really surprised that they renewed the medications without a visit or lab work. I'm particularly surprised by the depression medication as we have found it to be one of the more sensitive medications for renewal. If you aren't aware of it, you can get about anything in Mexico if get down near the border. I don't know why you made such a remark, but I assure you that the SKP number is valid and I appreciate the new information.
  5. To relocate the kitchen may be possible, but it would push the cost far up and with many rigs there could be structural problems that make it impractical. Moving the RV appliances adds a lot of cost and work since many of them (refrigerator, water heater, furnace) have openings to the outside and the hole to be repaired can be pretty large. Moving the furnace would mean patching a hole of about 18" square, rerouting the propane supply, the 120V & 12V electric supply and all of the duct work. Windows could be modified but changing the size or moving them may be impractical because there is often structural elements of the walls that are problematic. Major changes there is further complicated by the fact that most RVs today have walls that are constructed as a laminated unit with all openings structurally built into the unit. The electrical wiring is is usually also in the wall during the lamination process. You would do well to take the factory tour.
  6. Kirk W

    Enough Power

    When Bounder first brought out their diesel pushers(1992) they were powered by a 275 Cummins engine with a 3 speed transmission that was designed for garbage trucks. Many people loved to make fun of them and call them names. There was a very active member of these forums who owned one and he loved to poke the Bounder critics. CC is no longer living but some of us will long remember the retired Houston police lieutenant. He often pointed out that it went everywhere anyone else could go, but took time to see the sights along the road and for a much lower cost to buy.
  7. Welcome to the Escapee forums! Let us know if you have further questions. Are you planning to reside in Polk Co. via the Escapees? If so, the county employees there are very helpful.
  8. Keep in mind that what is called an extended warranty isn't really a warranty at all but it is a contract to cover future repairs. It is much like a health insurance policy for the RV and as such most of them also have a deductible that you pay before they pay anything, then there is often a maximum that they pay, and there is always a list of excluded items which they do not pay for. There are contracts that only pay for the listed items and better ones that pay for everything except listed items. Since those are not sold by the manufacturer of the RV but rather some insurance company, the dealers usually can't get everything you want paid for. Never blame the RV manufacturer for what an extended warranty doesn't pay. RV  Service Reviews
  9. The entire section that you address has come to exist based upon requests from members of the forums. If they see enough interest in a specific subject area, they start one. When these forums began it was pretty much an open campfire type of forum with subjects little defined and they tended to change over the course of a thread. The downside of those type specific forums is that some of the more active ones detract from other subject areas. It is very common on the HD Truck forum to see subjects that would apply to everyone discuss there, such as appliance problems, yet many who do not have a big truck never see or participate in those discussions.
  10. Your information is not correct, it was only the city of Auckland.
  11. Welcome to the Escapee forums! Texas is a very large state so do you have any ideas of what part of TX you wish to visit and what you expect to find there? Also how long would you be wanting to stay?
  12. That is probably the best answer. Even if possible to add a roof air conditioner, you need to do major modifications and you have add the wiring to supply power.
  13. Since you do not understand the way in which RVs are constructed, I would suggest that you start by visiting at least one and preferable several RV factories and tour them to see what it is that people here are talking about. You seem to believe that it is a very simple thing to do and that most anyone could do it. I think that what you have in mind is much more complicated than you realize. Most of the larger cabinets and appliances are installed inside of the RV before the exterior is put on. Twice I have helped a friend convert a bus into and RV and over my years of RVing I have made many modifications to them. Very little in those projects was ever easy and most of the time it is also expensive. As we consider the cost of this RV, NADA lists the 2005 Coach-House as average retail of $34,900. Then if you add another $50,000 to your cost that will get you to a cost far above what you would ever be able to recover, should you not choose to keep it. In addition, you will have difficulty finding an insurance underwriter willing to insure it for that far about the usual depreciated price. Before you get too far into this project, I advise that you contact some RV remodeling companies and discuss with them the plans that you have in mind.
  14. I suppose that may be possible, but since the discussion was about filling the RV water tank, most RVs have a tank of between 20 and 80 gallons of water. Not only would it be a lot of water to boil, in most RVs it would also be a challenge to get that water into the potable water tank. Boiling water for emergency use is a good technique, but for filling an RV tank is isn't practical.
  15. Not really. I do wonder if you need 4WD for a tow vehicle. I have owned several 4WD vehicles over the years, 2 of them while living in WY where we went far into the back country and the first CR-V that we towed while fulltime was an all-wheel drive so had some off road capabilities. There are some serious off-road folks RVing but most of them do that with one of the smaller 4WD units since the trucks that we typically tow larger RVs with are really too large for much serious off-road travel. There is always the justification for a thing of "I want it and can afford it" which in my opinion is a valid reason. If it were me, I would get a sound truck to tow with and there are many very good choices currently available. I currently tow with a 3/4 ton rated, diesel truck but it is 2WD and thus far I have only 1 time been in a situation where 4WD was needed. I don't do much boondocking so that might increase the justification, but even a 4WD truck isn't going to make your RV one that will deal well with rough terrain. When we were in Australia, we saw many RVs that are designed for off-road travel but that sort of design has never sold well in the USA.
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