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  1. Lot's of info to review. I have read most and almost thought the cost for Medicare would be near what I'm currently paying for BC/BS, but then I reread the info. I have been very healthy for the majority of life, but recently was told I have a huge risk for an event due to a high cholesterol and some mild hypertension. I didn't do well with Statin drugs many years ago and only recently had the elevated blood pressure on subsequent visits to my health care provider. I'm also a health care provider and you know what they say about nurses who are patients..... I'm trying not to be that nurse/patient, but it's hard. I was able to sign up for the Medicare card last week and in a few weeks I will check with my mail box to see if the info has arrived. At first I thought why have all the stuff included with the card sent, but it might have important info in it. I'd rather they send the card with a link to an on line source for information that is able to be updated as needed and not forms that may be from 1999 (exaggeration). I won't be taking Social Security until forced to. My plan is to keep working and seeing the USA. Rod
  2. Carl told us he is planning to let everyone know when he is able to make the decision. I'm sure he will post here in addition to Facebook. Rod
  3. The vehicle in question is now illegal for road use in Maine and another state. See below attached article. https://gearjunkie.com/motors/delica-vans-illegal-road-legal?utm_source=flipboard&utm_medium=flipboard_rss&utm_campaign=gearjunkie Rod
  4. The trip North To South was without issue. Not so going East from the West. Lost all power, looked down and had a "No Data" message on the readout. I was cruising at a pretty good clip and there was an exit in view. About half way to the exit it suddenly started back up and continued to run like nothing happened. Made it all the way to Spacecraft from Hays, KS. It started fine at Spacecraft and all was good until I slowed down for the first turn toward the interstate in Concordia. Had an engine emblem in the read out, but it wouldn't show any faults. I pressed my luck once again and made it all the way to Cape Girardeau, MO and as a post on another topic I'm parked for a while. Haven't reached out to the repairing dealer in Grand Forks, yet. Will notify them of the issue tomorrow after I've had a good night sleep. Chose the dinette to sleep on last night and in South Dakota. It's OK, and easier to get in and out of, but I think I sleep better on the top bunk. Maybe a mattress topper is needed. Rod
  5. I arrived at my winter parking place and once I got it in the spot, unhooked the batteries and flipped my switch so the ECM isn't powered until I want it to be and it will sit like that for at least a few days. It's also near empty of fuel. Can't decide if I want to try and drain the tank my old "Pony Pack" was used for fuel by removing the bottom bung and putting in a twist valve. I've always been sort of worried about someone turning it to drain some fuel and then just letting it drip. Bought fuel in South Dakota at $2.99 in Kansas for $3,65 and it's almost $3.80 here. Will wait a bit before filling up. Maybe spring. Rod
  6. Still a good number of rigs and RV's at the Campground Sunday when I got back after dark and still the same number the next morning when I left before daylight. I was 30 minutes late for my appointment, so even though I got up and started an hour before my alarm was set. I still didn't allow enough time. I had planned to be back before sunset Sunday, but got caught up with yard work and stuff at my daughters. It was worth it and the staff cut me a break and actually got me in and out in time for the second appointment. Rod
  7. Good luck with the sale. A few years ago I'd be looking at it, but I think I'm set now. Rod
  8. I cover my car, and motorcycle with Car Covers dot com covers and have been mostly happy with them. I have sent an inquiry about a cover for the truck in the photo to the left of this post. Will be a pain to put on and take off, but it might just help me get another 20 years out of it. Rod
  9. Pressure regulator is most of the time needed. A way to check the power before you plug in or a power management system that should prevent a faulty system from damaging your rig. They may prevent a "Surge" but not always. Rod
  10. I didn't read or look at the photos of the initial post, but I do understand what Chad is saying and why I will never attempt Solar without a qualified person who will review my plans and supervise any of my actions. Better yet would be a plug and play system that I only need to find space to install and plug in color coded harnesses. All the necessary equipment would be mounted on a durable panel with the wires attached, the batteries grouped in manageable sizes and could be added as needed when additional power was required, but also removed if needed for service, repair or replacement and not affect the critical power needs (IE Fridge and coffee maker) . I have a full roof of space for panels and one day I will do it. Rod
  11. So I just noticed the post I thought I submitted was in fact submitted 23 hours prior. Sorry for the double post. When I opened the forum this morning my post was sitting there with the Submit reply sitting right there. I assumed the button hadn't been pushed. Maybe I edited something, but don't remember what. I might read them both later. I did take a couple photos yesterday, but have yet to upload them into the computer. Rod
  12. Apparently the post I wrote yesterday morning failed to send before my phone was out of range for the WIFI. ++ It's 0630 something on Friday now and I had a very enjoyable day at the Rally yesterday. It was the day for vendors to arrive with their new Show Models and the tours of some of the newest homes on wheels. Someone from "Sport Chassis" was supposed to be here, but cancelled at the last minute on Wednesday. Greg from Spacecraft was present and was well prepared for his talk and was entertaining for the most part. There were a few comments that I might of thought uncalled for, but it did not seem to phase the person or persons they were directed at. Unfortunately there was not a new Spacecraft Show Model for 2021. Cole came up next from New Horizions. I have heard him speak multiple times and it was sort of sounding the same. I had some other things to do so I slipped out the back during his talk. He did bring a nice trailer for viewing and a "Sport Chassis type" of International MDT that had a for sale sign on it. All the prior years of coming they always had a F3, 4 or 550 Ford, so that was also new this year. Alicia from Rolling Retreats representing DRV was up next. I didn't make it back to the building until she was finishing up so I didn't find out why they didn't stay with the trailer they brought for after the presentation. All I know is I didn't see a trailer in the lineup and then saw one with a dealer plate in front of me as I was heading out to the grocery store. I got back in time to join the walking tour of trailers and boy what a tour it was. There were several opened up by some very gracious owners. Way too many for me to visit all of them and I don't have a list of the owners names. I toured a Spacecraft or two that I have wanted to see for a while. I visited a couple Luxe models and several DRV's. I saw the outside of an interesting SpaceCraft or two, but didn't venture inside. They were toy haulers and I didn't want to get any ideas of wanting to think about trading after Greg says there are no openings in the build schedule for over a year. Two are already scheduled for 2023, but one of those has sort of a rolling start depending on the availability of a new tow vehicle. I'm certainly interested in that possibility, but I'll never be able to afford one unless they flood the market with used ones right away. Won't happen in my lifetime I'm afraid. Well this has turned out to be a pretty long post. It's time to submit it and start getting ready for breakfast. Rod
  13. Arrived last night in time for the BBQ dinner. Very good as usual. The park was nearly full when I arrived and there is another "Group" enjoying the western part it seems. I thought I stopped at a "Happy Hour" location in the Jeep after unloading it, but it was a group of Winnebago owners having dinner. Wondered why I didn't recognize a single face. For those who don't know about the "Loading Dock" on the West end, I have used it a lot. Almost every visit. Sure is easier to back up to it than drag out the ramps and wonder if they are placed exactly right. Anyway, back to the Rally. Walked into a full house at the meal. Not sure what time it was, but there still was a line for the food. I snuck behind the table to find Steve to make sure I had in fact paid for the rally. (It was a long time ago.) Gail came up and said I couldn't eat if I didn't have my Lanyard on, but Jack and the Springfield's served me anyway. Talk about missing a year or two seeing some teenagers, they grow up way too fast. I think I heard there were 90 trucks all lined up earlier yesterday for the group photo. Hope someone post's it here someday. I had planned to have both my truck and Jeep this year in the photo, but I guess it will have to wait till some other year. There are a gaggle of jeeps it seems. Many new faces this year and a good portion of new Trucks sitting around. There are still a few LGT's. Today is the New Horizions, Spacecraft and I hear DRV and maybe Sport Chassis too. Saw Greg, but no Spacecraft trailer. Not sure if they don't have a "Show Model" ready this year or not. Not sure if I will have the time to stop by on my way through next week to see what's going on at the factory. I'm rested now after the 600+ miles yesterday and looking forward to seeing everyone I missed last night today. I missed a few seminars I had planned to attend, but it looks like there are still some I will have fun with and maybe learn a thing or two. Rod Maybe some photos later. Too late, too dark and too tired last night.
  14. Not sure, but a Volvo dealership should be able to tell you if there is a "Wicking" issue with your motor. Rod
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