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  1. lappir

    ice and snow

    I agree with the Air Dryer and bleeding the tanks might also let you know there is an issue with the dryer. It's supposed to be done during pre trip inspection on every leg. How many Always do that? With the virtually trouble free driving most of us have had during our recent driving life, it's hard to remember when you "HAD TO" check the oil, check the tire pressure and look at the Radiator at least once a week to make sure all was good. Most it seems just get in and drive unless there is a "Light on" and some continue even with the "Check engine" illuminated for miles. Hope you
  2. The KOA is WAY OUT WEST. Even working in Wellington I wouldn't stay there. I visited it several times but didn't actually stay. Lion Country Safari is there too so you will have the occasional noises that you will wonder what they are. There is also the "Clothing optional" park close by too. Rod
  3. Sent you a PM with another suggestion. Rod ps. LLC
  4. I stayed at TY park in Ft. Lauderdale, not with my Volvo, but I don't think it would matter. It's a "County Park" and has some restrictions and can be busy on weekends but when I was there the only problem was the train a few feet away. Took a couple days to be able to sleep through. There were a couple other parks but not suitable for a large rig. John Prince Park is in Lake Worth and has sights large enough for my rig. Also a "County" park and was full during "Season" and empty most of the other time another park just a few blocks away was good for a year but then management changed a
  5. Not sure what your question is regarding. The job or being able to drive your truck to work. I worked in South Florida for about 10 winters, after living there full time for about 9 years. PM me if you like. Rod
  6. lappir

    Tail light upgrades

    I had to get new fenders this year and they had the round lights in them. The photo of the new fenders showed the round and of course we "ASSUMED" they would be the same size. OF COURSE NOT. The new holes were not deep enough to reuse the old lights so new ones needed to be ordered and installed. Haven't seen them in the dark yet or even in the light for that matter. The mechanic followed me from the shop to my spot even though I told him to not wait for me to suit up and put on my helmet to ride home. Will see them soon as I prepare to move the first week of March. Off topic and no I di
  7. lappir

    Balancing tires

    Unless you are driving 8 hours a day, most of us will never wear a set of tires out and would never miss the rubber that's shaved off to make it round. I'm not saying it will do any good to shave them, but the loss of rubber is the least of the worries. Rod
  8. When the temperatures get above freezing everything will thaw out pretty quickly. It's thawing today in Oklahoma from the sunshine even though it's still below freezing. Put something black or dark colored under your trailer and extend it to the sunlight. The heat will radiate up and maybe assist with the thaw. They are talking the 50s again soon. Rod
  9. lappir

    Balancing tires

    New tires take a while to "break in". Actually several heat and cooling cycles to make them whole. Depending on your style of "Drive" tire, they sometimes take longer if you have a tire with lugs for more traction. If you have put steer tires on the rear, you may not notice. If the tire shop "tossed" a couple bags of balancing beads, it does take a bit for the bags to break open and start actually doing their thing. I also didn't like the Centramatics and took them off. Rod
  10. Try another shop. I put a weed burner on my truck before I really ever started with it. It was expensive at the place I used. Two years ago the muffler went out and the shop I used replaced it for penny's it seemed. I used them again to evacuate and recharge my AC and it was 3 times the cost of the guy 10 miles away who usually took care of me but was in the field when I needed it done. Next time I will plan better or wait. Rod
  11. Will be watching this. I am in a similar situation. My mini split system provides all the heating I need, but for some reason at my current park my surge protector seems to want to interrupt the power coming in quite often. No one else in the park seems to have an issue. It's an older park and initially I thought it was the entire park, but then it happened several times on night and I was seeing all my neighbors with their lights and TV's on and all the street lights were on too. Moved my remote monitor inside and found it was my Surge Guard doing a "Delay". I have reached out to the f
  12. I keep thinking about new a new seat too Brad, then I think about how often it just sits there empty. Wouldn't do any good to get a set, cause the only person who seems to ride in the passenger seat is me when I have work done on the truck and I talk the mechanic into following me home when I pick the truck up. Will be watching your adventure in finding a good buy. Rod
  13. Not any colder than with the prior Coleman Mach and the propane furnace. I have not used the propane since the Mini Split installation and have been in some pretty cold areas. Not as cold as the first month with the trailer, but I think the Mini split would do OK. The Heat Pump did not. I thought about floor heating when I planned the build. It was 2012 or 2013 and not much had been done and I couldn't get a firm price on the cost, so I didn't do it. I should have in the bathroom and the living area, may do it if I ever change the flooring, but have gotten used to having some type of "ho
  14. This is certainly an interesting project. I know nothing from personal use with the Geothermal, but know a person who did one in North Central Kansas several years ago on a new home. It was a large home too, so not exactly what you are looking at. I have read a recent article in I believe the "Mother Earth News", where the person utilized the maximum depth his mini excavator would dig to decrease the length of his run by stacking loops to get the required (or recommended) length without having to cover as much ground. There was also a suggestion to utilize a deep pond of water as the
  15. I have the 12 liter Volvo motor. Had 800 thousand and some miles on it when I got it, turned over 900, 000 a couple years ago. To my knowledge it has not had any type of overhaul. I have some white smoke if I go from highway speed to a rest area occasionally, but it runs well and there isn't oil in the water or water in the oil that I can see. Set the cruise at 70 and it just rolls down the road. I do have the three pedal auto shift so I have to clutch when I start and stop. I can hit the resume on the cruise at 20 mph exiting a rest area and not have to do anything but steer till my next sto
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