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  1. Or Happy Beginning. She is settling in nicely, still sleeping (hiding) under the covers on the bed a lot, but is starting to play with toys a bit when I get home. Eats mostly at night, but did come running when I put food in the bowl last night. Food from the morning was mostly still there. I'm here only for 4 more weeks and then will travel for a week and start my next job somewhere in South Dakota. Will see how she does with the big truck. Have blocked off all the places I can think of where she might get into trouble. My hope is she plants herself on the dash and mostly stays there wa
  2. lappir

    Need Mirror Back

    I don't have any part numbers handy, but had the back of both of my 2001 Volvo mirrors replaced this winter in Lawton, OK. Was supposed to be a$100 fix but it turned out more for some reason I don't actually remember. If I find the invoice I may remember and might find some part numbers too. Rod
  3. As an ex EMT and Paramedic I thought a retired emergency vehicle would be a good choice and then I remembered all the times I started one and headed off to an emergency call without any warm up of the engine or mechanicals at all. Sure they can be low miles, but a lot of time can be on the engine as they are hardly ever shut off while on a "Call". Complete maintenance records could be there, but unless you know who has been driving you don't know much. I would take the box off of an ambulance and put it on a vehicle that had been driven well. The compartments are usually well built and the un
  4. Do you have a "Transfer Switch" or a cord to plug in to supply power from the Generator? My first RV had a single receptacle for incoming power. You had a long cord with two ends that plugged into the coach and another cord inside the compartment that was connected to the Generator. If you didn't have that cord plugged in you had no power to the coach even if the generator was running. It did not have a transfer switch. Rod
  5. [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/HByqF5Sl.jpg[/IMG]
  6. I can now consider Tuna to be my cat. Successful trip to the local vet and was given a clean bill of health, determined to be about a year old, so may not get much bigger. My estimate was a few months only because of size. She weighted in at a little over 6 lbs. Before the Vet did anything I had them scan her for a "Chip" none was found so I had them place one. I will now register it to my email address. I have had only one pet with a Chip, but I was stationary then and it wasn't really necessary. As someone who moves around a bit I think this is important. Will try leash training in a week or
  7. Got lucky Monday morning. Had decided Sunday evening to stop feeding what ever was eating the food until I could see who or what. Early Monday I happened to see the Kitten coming out and called her. She came to me and I put out some food. She allowed me to pet her and pick up and bring inside. I put food, water and a litterbox out before heading to work. A few hours later I came home to find her sleeping in my bed under the covers. She has stayed inside since and seems to be acclimating well. She didn't eat yesterday until I got home. Tuesday I didn't get home till almost midnight from w
  8. lappir

    Volvo for sale

    Tried to find, but their web site is very slow and want's an email address way too many times it seems to just look. Rod
  9. Sorry you think that, I'm more afraid that something happened to her that wasn't her choice. I am hoping she is OK. Rod
  10. The Kitten has disappeared. Last time I saw her was Thursday a week ago on my Truck. She wouldn't come to me and I didn't have a chance to see her all week. I sat outside for over two hours today hoping to see her come for her evening meal and have not seen her. In fact the food placed this morning has hardly been touched. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Will call the Vet Monday to cancel my appointment to have her "Fixed" on Friday if I can't capture her today or tomorrow. Wish me luck. Rod
  11. I wondered that myself when I first looked at HDT's. I am so glad I went with the 770 and not something smaller. I am a RN Travel Nurse and have used the truck for an assignment and it wasn't really as bad as I though it might be. It was winter in Pensacola, Fl. but it was a year when the temperatures were in the 20's many times and measurable snow did fall. I typically rode my motorcycle from Tallahassee to Pensacola for my working days but was glad I took my car the week it did the freezing rain stuff. I did ride to Tallahassee one Saturday with snow on the sides of the roads.
  12. Was in SE Kansas today and asked my navigation app to guide me to RVH Lifestyles. It took me to their first location. Found Jack's number and I was only a few miles away and it was still on my route to my next destination. Stopped by for a visit and took a tour through the camping area on my way out. The electronic devices to help out in many ways, but sometimes they still need some alternative thinking to bring out the real info. Rod
  13. If you are happy then every one who sees it will be amazed. I'm usually not happy with my polishing, but then people will rave about it. (or used to...) Rod
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