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  1. Hope you are advertising it in other places too. It's a collectors item and not something I would want to use for an RV of any type. Good luck with your sale. I grew up in Iowa and have worked in Cedar Rapids several times. Rod
  2. Or like with the insurance. They have to be connected to be covered as an RV.
  3. Always hear "IF you don't use it you loose it." I'm finding that even though I keep using it, sometimes it doesn't do as told, or is painful later. Yoga class yesterday, brain said don't try that body tried anyway, sore today. Rod
  4. If you have free time in October (9th to 16th) the National HDT Rally is taking place in Hutchinson, Kansas. Rigs of all shapes and sizes will be there and usually one day Spacecraft, New Horizons and maybe another manufacturer come to show off their recent "Show Rigs". That day also typically offers tours of some of the "Custom" designed units. Check out the HDT section of the forum for more info. My story has probably been written several times, but how to find it is another matter, so here it goes again. I have been a Travel Nurse since 1989. If you don't know what that is here is a brief description. A hospital is short on Nursing staff and place an order for a temporary nurse. Many companies see the order and try to find someone qualified to fill it. They offer all sorts of perks and such to nurses to get them to sign on with their company so they may fulfill the order. A contract is usually 13 weeks in length. I have usually stayed more than the 13 weeks at some locations. I considered the purchase of an RV in the early 90's to travel with, but at the time it didn't seem feasible. I had completed two "Assignments" in California and had very nice apartments with brand new rental furniture supplied at no cost. I had just left an assignment where the "Housing by Hospital" was the living arrangement and it wasn't as nice. (Hence looking at an RV). I went back to California, then Reno and finally off to Hawaii. (My plan when starting was, do an assignment every 13 weeks for 2 years go to Hawaii and then come back to settle in the place I liked the best. It was a good plan, but I have yet to find the best place to settle. (Should have bought an RV when I came back from the islands.) I did try to stop the travel lifestyle in Michigan, Florida and Kansas. (Those are other stories). After selling my last sticks and bricks house in Kansas I embarked on a find the best RV mission. I had rented my brothers Toyhauler for a 3 month trip to Florida and found out I could actually live in the space provided. IT wasn't without problems. I was less than a mile from my destination when the transmission on my Ford F350 decided to spill out almost all of it's transmission fluid on the road and stranded me in the middle of a multilane major roadway in Hollywood, FL. Had the transmission rebuilt during the assignment and had no issue pulling the trailer back to my brother in Iowa. While in Florida I attended the Tampa RV Show, visited many RV Dealers on both Coasts and really didn't find anything I wanted. I initially was set on a Class A Pusher and was going to pull a trailer with my Toyota Celica and Goldwing inside. After staying at a park for 3 months and finding it would be difficult to have everything on site I nixed the additional trailer idea. It may have been less expensive in the long run, but I didn't see it at the time. I found what I thought would be a rig good for 10 years in Utah. It was about an year old, hadn't been used much and was pretty close to matching one I really liked but made too much of a low ball offer that I didn't get it. (It was probably a sign, but it didn't get it either. What was already going on with that rig ultimately happened to mine and was not as easy a fix as the owner suggested. Maybe dodged a bullet). Anyway, that rig lasted about 3 years. I stretched it out to 5, but it was done when I turned it in for my Spacecraft. I went with a Custom built unit and while it's not everything I wanted or expected, it will last me as long as I want to keep it and will last the next owner many years too. It was born in 2013 and has had no significant structural issues and I doubt it ever will. Design errors, both mine and the company, a bit of questionable workmanship in areas have been found over the years, but nothing that would stop me from hooking up tomorrow and moving a 1000 or more miles to set up in another place. I could most likely survive a below zero winter with the proper preparations, not ready to try a full winter yet. It's first week of my full time use did see temperatures of minus 12 degrees and it's been in the snow more than once. So my final thought. I am borrowing from many people with some of these sayings and I hope they don't mind. Mission Profile (what do you plan to do), Give and take ( make a list of the have to have and the want to have. Maybe you can have them all, but maybe not). You can do anything with enough money. Finally it's a work in progress. Probably true in all forms of life, but to me most evident in the Fulltime RV life. Rod
  5. Maybe lack of maintenance or poor quality to start with. Then there are the Earthquakes in California. I have only traveled very short distances in Louisiana and don't recall the roads being bad. Born and raised in the Midwest with the freeze and thaw and then the explosions of the asphalt during the sunny hot summer days. In the late 80's in the Bay Area the roads not affected by the 7.3 earthquake were good as far as I remember. Rod
  6. Second session today and thankfully the North winds didn't blow in the "Toxic" smoke. At least that's what they are calling it. Not sure how a wild fire could have anything more than what a campfire or fire place would have in the Smoke, but I guess "Smoking" is bad for us. Did learn of a couple other classes each week today. They are in the evening and that's not my favorite time. I'm an early riser so going to bed early is pretty easy. May try it once or twice since it's weekly and the weekend one is every other Saturday. The class was smaller today but more active. I may feel it tomorrow. Rod
  7. States that have winter freezing and thawing temperatures have the worst roads, especially if they get a snow before the ground is actually frozen, it melts and then the really cold weather comes and all that moisture expands in the cracks and crevice's. Repeat that over and over and the road just crumbles. Add in the chemicals used to melt the ice and snow or maybe just to keep it from freezing on the road. Florida roads were mostly good when I lived there. I traveled many on a motorcycle. Kansas seemed to always be renewing a portion of I 70 when I lived there. It was usually very smooth when completed, unlike some of the other states I have lived in. Am in North Dakota today and they have "Grooves" in I 29 that make my motorcycle seem to want to wander all over the road. The few non interstate roads have been fine, but it's "Construction Season" in ND right now and many are having work done. Not sure when that season ends. My coworkers say it's either "Winter or Construction Seasons here. " Rod
  8. Have been recommending the "Earth Children's" series of books by Jean Auel to some of my younger co-workers. Anyone currently enjoying? I'm out of books for a bit, but will find some again one day. Rod
  9. I don't think I have had a day where I checked the forum and the HDT didn't have a new post. Anyone know what's the longest with out someone posting? Twenty One hours is what was on the counter before this post of a new topic. Rod
  10. I have been to multiple RV Parks over my years of travel and have not found one that would accommodate your desire every day. Some might allow it for a short time, but unless you are camp hosting or doing work for the park, I don't see it happening on a routine basis. Best option is to set up a room with a door in your RV and set work time as the door is closed, do not bother. Similar to you actually leaving the rig. Not knowing what you are traveling in, if that's even possible. Good luck, Rod
  11. And if you are not retired it sometimes takes a little longer to get settled into a routine. Trial and error seems to be a proven technique. Rod
  12. There may be something amiss with your current heater. My 10 gallon gas/electric will provide hot water as long as I want it, except under extreme cold outdoor temperatures. While I am a single guy and don't have a bath tub, I do live full time in my home on wheels. I have a dishwasher and can turn on my water heater (when on Gas primarily) about 15 minutes before I want to take a shower. I can fill the dishwasher drawer, run the dishwasher and then take my shower. I have plenty of hot water. Again I don't have a tub. I have used a tankless system in a friends home and it was very difficult to regulate the temperature. His next home had a 50 gallon tank and all was good. Rod
  13. lappir

    Hauling a Canoe

    What part of Iowa, Phil? If close to Ottumwa, Iowa you have to stop at the Canteen in the Alley. If near Marshalltown it's an Original Maidrite. Both places serve "Loose meat" sandwiches. Then on to the Pork Tenderloins. The best place is long gone, but almost any place that has them on the menue will be good. Stay away from the "Port Fritter" at first. It's a less expensive alternative. I'm assuming you are still "Motel'ling" it. One of the hardest summer places to find a spot for a big rig was Iowa. Go figure. Enjoy, Rod
  14. Not to derail the topic and I've only heard about them, not ever used one. There used to be a very few rental places that had lot's of equipment, lift's, jacks and tools all to rent so you could DIY many simple repairs and such. One I heard about even had a well experienced mechanic (no longer working) who would hang out and offer an expert opinion. If anyone still knows if these places still exist, maybe a list of cities and phone numbers could be compiled to offer in addition to the use of parking lots. Rod
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