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  1. Lot's of wasted money, but it wasn't mine so who cares what I think.
  2. It seemed to work for me. I submitted a new Campground in Cape Girardeau, MO. There are actually three that I feel I could fit in with my rig. Have been at one since July Cape RV Park. Sites are small, but my truck, trailer and motorcycle fit my spot. I have parked the car there too, but the overflow parking has a bit more shade, so I park there most of the time. Rod
  3. There is more stuff inside the locations you may consider wasted space. In your illustration above, there isn't enough room between your Bed and bath for the slideout to return inside for travel. There are companies who will customize your rig and build it to your specifications. The down side to that is you get what you ask for and have to pay for it even if the reality isn't the same as your dream. Once it's started it's yours. Rod
  4. I do not think you are able to record from a subscription service. You should be able to watch what ever you like at the time you like. Just because Blue Bloods comes on at 10pm eastern and 9pm central does not mean I cannot watch it the next day since I'm asleep before 9 most nights. ABC is the only major network I have found to require you to wait for the next episode to be run before you can watch the show at a different time than what it's originally broadcasted. I do not subscribe to Netflix, Dish, Direct or any of the other pay to view sites. I do subscribe to commercial free music since for now it's truly commercial free. None of the pay to view TV I have ever paid for had no commercials. Maybe not during the Movie on HBO or The Movie Channel, but they sure made up for it in between. Sorry I'm not really any help. Hopefully someone is able to assist. Rod
  5. Do you feel you will be sad for a whole year if you don't attend. If so I'm sure someone would consider the absence of your sadness essential. Call it an essential vacation. I don't live in Canada, but if I could attend this year. I would. Rod
  6. Here are a couple of photos of my Motorcycle garage. They don't show a lot and I'm sure I have better ones. Finding them proves more difficult each time I try. Go figure. Let me know if you have questions. The opposing side doors are great. Would never do another rollup door. Not sure who built or what it was designed to do . I found it from another forum member. Rod
  7. Thanks, I have looked at (from a distance) the electric bicycles and have declined so far. I haven't heard from the dealer yet but will give them a call later today. It will be November before I will be in the area to pick it up. Rod
  8. I did not say there were none, but you didn't see it on the news, in the TV shows, or made into Video games for Children including all ways of killing people for fun. You got in trouble for playing "War" using BB guns. The only acceptable "Play Guns" were made of wood and really didn't look like guns. Discussions of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll occurred in person and you knew most of the people in the group, you could see them, see the look in their eyes and their mannerisms while they spoke of such things. Today it's virtual through interactions such as this. You cannot see my eye rolling when I read some of your comments and nor can I see yours. I cannot simply turn around and not listen to your comments because they are written and once I start reading I always hope to learn something from the time spent reading. If I am in a personal interaction I can tell pretty quickly when it's time to just walk away. So my memory I think is pretty good. I did not grow up in the 40's or 50's, but remember the 60's and 70's pretty well. Those were the best years for my generation. Rod
  9. It's an older model that with further research seems to have been originally marketed as a "MX" Motorcross bike. It has full lighting including turn signals but I cannot find a photo of one on line with the name listed on the side of the bike. I stopped at the shop late Saturday. The shop was closed and the "person in charge was out racing" over the weekend. They were also closed Monday as many shops used to be. I'm hoping for an email today with information regarding the purchase. I won't be able to get back to the bikes location for 8 weeks or the first part of November. In an nonelectric (so far) less than 4 wheeler, I did purchase a recumbent trike during my trip too. Took it on it's first real ride yesterday and think I will look into adding an electric assist to the front wheel. Have found some YouTube's of a company that was doing it a few years ago. I like to ride, but do not like to ride 1/2 miles per hour climbing hills. I get half way up and decide to turn around and coast back down and find a more flat route. Rod
  10. There was no lecture, just point out facts. We both grew up well before Amazon, it was tougher and I believe we were also. NO seat belts, not car seats limited observations. There wasn't blatant, sex, drugs, violence everywhere and we all did fine. Did you contact the local store where you were? Did you ask the if they would deliver to you. Did you reach out to your neighbors. Never mind don't even answer that question because I already know the answer. The reality is no matter what you do, if it's your time it will be your time. Remember all the things you did as a child or young adult that killed a lot of people and not you. It was not your time. I'm a strong believer in destiny things just don't randomly happen there is always an action that triggers the reaction. I don't know how a reaction can if there was not an action. The reason there is an Amazon is because you were told and believed it would make life easier. I ask you to consider but I will never tell you what to do. You seem to want to assume that people are not doing what you want them to. At least that's how I read what you wrote above. Rod
  11. Another good one. Is it a long pants day or short ones? Rod
  12. If you continue to support mostly Amazon there will be few if any "Market's" left. Buy local, buy from a small business and not the big box stores before all the "Family" businesses are no longer. The easier you make your life the less you will be able to do in the future. It's great fun to Joke about writing in cursive and leaving the keys in a car with a manual transmission, but the reality is we older people are the reason the younger ones don't know nothing and it's only going to get worse. It's easier to just do it my self instead of trying to teach that yahoo how to change a dam tire. Better yet, sign them up for AAA so I don't have to get out of bed after the football game when a friend pulled a prank and let the air out of the tires. Amazon is not saving your life. It's taking it away from you. Survival of the fittest. Only the good die young. No pain no gain. How many more do you want? Rodney Lappin RN
  13. Looking at an older Zero motorcycle. It needs a battery rebuild, but seems perfect for a back and forth to work Bike. I am usually not more than a 20 minute ride. Waiting to see what they think of my gas powered trade. Rod
  14. lappir

    Engine heater

    Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes I overthink or under think. When using the induction there is no magnetism between the pan and the surface. If I would have thought a bit...... jumping to a conclusion is good exercise though, isn't it? Rod
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