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  1. Many of the dust and dirt issues in RV's with slideout's is the openings necessary to keep the floor at the same level with it extended out. The little carpet you have at the transition isn't there to keep out the dirt and wind, but to make it look like it does. I have raised floor slides on my home and no longer have that issue. I did try placing foam to block off the areas, but it didn't really work for me. (in my previous trailer.) Rod
  2. Hijack alert, I have a Davy Crocket and it does not get used all that much. Going on Three years and have maybe used 3 bags of pellets. It's not that I don't like to cook on it, but the legs/handles are not what I thought they would be looking at it in the showroom. It's a real pain to set up if you carry it with the handles and a worse pain to slide it in and out of the area I store and transport it in. Has anyone modified the legs to make it easier to move and set up? I do like the meals I have cooked with it. During the "Shutdown" I cooked many meals on it, because it took all day. Now that I'm back to work I don't have the time to "Smoke" things. I do miss the smoked bacon and sausage though. Rod
  3. Or someone who has experience with RV's but has never used the Antifreeze during all the years. Thanks Dutch.
  4. I'm pretty sure I stayed there in the 1990's on my first trip into Florida. I had to stop in Jacksonville to get my temporary nursing license and found a campground on the beach near a military base. I had a pickup with a topper and no A/C. Thankfully it was not summer time. I lived in South Florida for many years and saw several RV parks close down there to make room for strip malls and housing developments. Glad you found this one still there. I haven't had to stay in Jacksonville overnight since. Rod
  5. lappir


    There are many factors that need to be considered and all have an integral part in towing safety. Your tow vehicle. Is it made to tow or has it been converted? What is it's tow capacity? What is the tongue weight of your trailer and have you filled it with your stuff yet? What is the capacity of added weight? What is your total weight of the trailer? Is it full of water? Do you have your food and clothing inside? Are you ready for a week long stay or just a night out camping? Finally have you ever consistently pulled something or is this your first experience in dragging something behind a powered vehicle. Experience is key, the more you do the more you find out, both good and bad. Keep off the freeways and major roads until you feel you can safely keep up with traffic. Avoid High Traffic times when ever possible and stay in the Right Lane unless you absolutely have to make a left hand turn. The better choice is to go past your desired location and make only right turns until you arrive back at the place you want to be. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new camper. Rod
  6. They are quite pricy and once you unpack, inflate and deploy most likely won't go back into the box they were shipped in. You will need to find a large place to store them and make sure there is nothing to rub a hole into them while heading to the next place. I do think they would work very well though. Rod
  7. Pure Antifreeze will freeze more quickly than a proper Antifreeze/water mix. Make sure you are mixing or using a Mixed Antifreeze. Rod
  8. I certainly am not an expert, but keeping your underbelly much above freezing is a waste and may cause you to have significant humidity/condensation issues until things get dried out. I'm not sure how many burrowing creatures you may find in the spring by keeping an area constantly significantly above freezing. I'd consider putting a layer of insulation under the floor of the slide out that could be removed before closing the slide and see how that works to keep the floor warmer. Sealing the gap caused by flat floor slides is also very important. My trailer has raised floor slide outs and I have no "Cold" spots near the slide out, because it's all sealed. My prior trailer with the flat floor slide had HUGE gaps with only the gasket to keep out the wind which didn't work particularly well. I only used that trailer once in the sub zero cold. My current trailer does not have heat in the floor and the "Possum Belly" did not have any insulation installed during the build. A gas furnace was later added, but since getting my Mini Split system it has not been used. I am planning to remove it one day and had thought of using it to just heat the "Basement", but the current placement isn't where I want it. It is directly under one of my two slides right in the middle. If I had a flat floor slide I probably wouldn't be around to write this. The exhaust would have come right up and in. Enough rambling. Rod
  9. I have friends who have a cabin near the fire area. It came within a mile of their property before the recent snows fell and took away some of the dryness. The region is mostly very difficult to traverse and dangerous even in clear weather and no fire. Sending people and equipment to fight the fires would be a loosing battle. Hopefully the new growth over the next few years will be spectacular to see. Rod
  10. Some good Cast Iron cookware can be found in lots of places, prices vary. Over the long haul it's most likely the best buy. It is very heavy so if weight is an issue there are newer thinner pans that work well, but not as good as the heavy stuff in my opinion. Rod
  11. My Mini Split worked very well for me in Edmond, OK. last winter. Several days that didn't get out of the 20's and nights in the teens. My Coleman Mach would have been blowing very cold air, but the mini split has 80+degrees all the way to the front of my trailer with the unit at the opposite end. I have a wall unit in the bedroom, but it most of the time makes it too hot when it blows air so I keep it off while sleeping. The reversing during the coldest times is quite a sound. I have never been outside near the ODU when it's happened, but it's very noisy. I recommend putting the ODU at the opposite end of where you sleep if possible. Rod
  12. Looking very good, thanks for the photos and updates. Rod
  13. Another way to load the motorcycle is to fashion a wheeled trolly for the front wheel and use an electric winch to pull it into place.The suspension has no weight on it and if you need you can stop and put a block under the rear tire at the breakover the first time loading and then make is semi permanent at that point for the standard loading. OF course things can change and it's either not needed or more is needed at times. Send me a PM if you would like more info on mine. I have some photos I can send via a google photo link, but can't seem to get them to my pc and post them here. Rod
  14. Back when I was younger I lived on a farm. We had "Well Water". Often times we would have to take a large "Water Tank" to town and fill up the tanks for the livestock, it took too long for the well pump to fill the 1500 gallon tank when the one in town could do it in minutes verses hours and the possibility we would run out for a day or two before the well could replenish. Over the years I have seen more and more concentrations of run off water from fields. Every farmer puts tile in the field to eliminate wet spots so they can farm all of the open ground. The rain water doesn't have a chance to filter down through the soil and is quickly added to the closest running stream, which connects into maybe a pond, but most likely a creek, then a river and then a delta or the gulf of Mexico (at least here in the US). The runoff contains the fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides and portions of the plant residue some good and some bad and all without the opportunity to break down or be diluted much. That is the reason I have multiple filters on my water input into my home and why I think you should too. I forgot to mention the "Fracking" that is going on everywhere to squeeze more oil out of the ground by pumping water under it. Who knows where that water is collected? I know I don't. Rod
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