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RV Repair assistance for elderly


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I am a full timer and have noticed a incrediable number of elderly living long term (years) in RV parks. They are either disabled and/or just elderly and living on SS income. 

The park i am currently in has Joe. Nice old man, tries his best to hold his acient RV together. goton his roof last year and had to replace the wood then covered (very neatly) with a tarp. no insulation, no nothing. His slide is barely holding on. He needs lots of help. 

Today heat index is 109 and his AC gave up. I got him a window unit (not allowed in the park- Owner gave temporary ok) but I wouldnt know how to do any of the other repairs he needs.

So my question is; 

Is there any organization or repair assistance for people like Joe? or that has donated RVs that are in better shape that may be avaliable for very low cost?

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I was wondering the same. Iam 65 years old and on disability. My ac went out on my rv and I don’t have the funds to replace it. I live in Jonestown Texas . I paid to have it fixed twice in less than a year and apparently it didn’t get fixed right because it’s still not working and I don’t have the funds to have it replaced or repaired right. Really need help with this issue due to the extreme heat 

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Jeffrey, maybe you need to look locally for a shelter and cooling center.  If you are retired from the military, you might check with the local VFW or DAV to see if they can assist you.  Otherwise check with area church Ministry Assistance groups.

I am sure that there are many like us that would like to help, but we worked and saved and have money set aside for us and want to be sure it will last for our lifetimes.  All we can do is give advice and try to help to supply some labor, but at 76 years old, that also is limited.


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I am 63 permanantly disabled living in my 1989 class c in Lake Los Angeles Ca. near palmdale. My mobility & dexterity has been limited by spinal injury and my condition worsens monthly it seems. Last week I took a fall attempting to work on my rig outside and now am really limited to what I can do. The ignition actuator switch, tilt steering, shifter column went out and Im having difficulty reassembling. The blackwater tank is full and I cant drive to dump it. In the process of installing a rear sway bar, but cant crawl under rv to complete the install...

Is there anyone I can contact for help?

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Find more information about:

EMERGENCY FUND – grants for Nomads without resources who are in an unexpected emergency. 

TENT PROGRAM – tents for Nomads with an emergency need for shelter.

BYOV – grants for Nomads-in-need to improve their vehicle-homes (BYOV=Bring Your Own Vehicle).

VEHICLE GRANTS – homes on wheels – currently suspended until covered by insurance.

ONLINE BULLETIN BOARD – mobile-community connections – post what you have to offer, post what you need.

RUBBER TRAMP RENDEZVOUS – RTR & Women’s RTR – Nomads gather in January in the desert southwest.

IN-PERSON CARAVANS – Nomads share a two-week camp locations to find and build community.

VIRTUAL CARAVANS – a welcoming community that meets on Zoom to discuss the nomadic lifestyle.

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY – talk about all things nomadic, find campmates, make plans for the RTRs.


Tel: 775.764.8115,  www.homesonwheelsalliance.org, is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered with the Nevada Secretary of State, pursuant to Title NRA 82A.200. Its purpose is to assist seniors and the working poor with unconventional housing as shelter. Contributions may be tax deductible pursuant to provisions of Sec. 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C.§170(c).

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