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  1. Thanks on the tip. My Dometic is 2 zone, and I have to keep a flashlight next to it to read it. I even put LED bulbs in it, still sucks
  2. I have an assembly but the cover is trashed. Complete with mounting arms, guts etc approx 11 ft long white ends/arms PM me if interested for pics/price & accurate length. (BTW, these can be cut down)
  3. Aw, you guys stole the joke..................
  4. Is that the same as a Henway?
  5. "Atlas Shrugged" (Ayn Rand) Written 1957 but prescient for today.
  6. I have always been told that the oil drains out of the compressor if not upright in refrigerators. If on it's side, just wait 24 hrs after back upright to run it.
  7. Cripes, for that size I'd get a METAL baking pan from Wally.
  8. 2 answers- ask your insurer about a "stated value" policy Or, have your rig appraised by a qualified appraiser with pics, etc. In the event of a total by theft etc, you can use that to show ALL the stuff your rig had since it is unable to be appraised. Beware of policies that say "stated amount ***OR*** ACV, whichever is LESS"
  9. I changed gears in my Volvo ( AS .74 OD, 22.5's). Went to 3.08's. Little too far, should have done 3.23's. Worked out OK, I can run from 55 to 65 in 9th, cool to pass someone at 65 & shift UP
  10. Look at how it is geared vs what use you will give it
  11. ARGO

    Dog Ramp Ideas

    Pet Loader, not cheap but really good getting Sibes into Volvo
  12. I have a fiver/HDT combo. Size of truck is somewhat relevant, but I never want to sell a power unit I KNOW has been maintained and I TRUST every time I want new decor, more space, etc
  13. I have a couple of boat macerators I'd sell. Bad news- 24VDC, but many HD's could supply this by wiring a couple batteries series
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