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  1. Wanna' talk about fabric & sewing heavier material? PM me, I am a canvas/upholstery fabricator.
  2. ARGO

    route planning

    Lots of traffic & idiots. Remember NO propane in Balt tunnels if you get tempted...............
  3. Whatever you buy (if more than 1) check that the mfr dates are all similar & with an acceptable time.
  4. I got tired of this too, and put in an "accumulator" similar to an expansion tank in a home heating system. Made out of PVC pipe & 2 ends
  5. Do-it-yourself accessory bidet?
  6. We just had a ceiling replaced (leak) and I have maybe 6 small-tube 12VDC florescents if you want something like that. We went with 5" LED downlights, updated the coach & look great. I think they only cost me $7 each. https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-x-4-75-LED-RECESSED-DOWN-LIGHT-INTERIOR-CEILING-FOR-RVs-BOATS-12V-CW/172113232306?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 If that doesn't come up, seller was "rvoutlet" on Ebay.
  7. Can't tell for sure, but may be an "anti-siphon valve", used on boats due to being below water line
  8. ARGO

    Singling the Volvo.

    If you decide to single by moving the rear axle fwd, or leaving it long, just be aware the input yoke on the rear axle is NOT the same size as the front. If having a driveshaft made keep that in mind. And it is a Metric tube on Volvos
  9. ARGO

    Singling the Volvo.

    I singled short. Short or long is your choice, but if'n I was to do it again- I'd trade the whole tandem to a yard for a factory single. Brakes etc are bigger, & same time you get the gear ratio of your choice. I went from 3.73 to 3.08, a little too far. Hindsight says 3.23, but I can run 55-65 in 9th.
  10. How about a battery impact gun, & adapt the crank to it with a socket, etc
  11. ARGO

    Convert to weedburner

    My 2000 635 came w/ a factory weedburner that dumped under the frame. I turned it 180 & it now exits thru the fairing R side. You can use my SNO to get the factory part, but there's lots of cheaper solutions to be had. PM me if you want more info
  12. When you go to the dealer for the "computer dump", be sure the tech or service manager goes over ALL the parameters you can set yourself, not just what you "want". There's LOTS of stuff you might not know about, time to idle before shut down, etc. Get them ALL one shot, same price, they might forget to tell you.
  13. I'd suggest you either put a bolt in them or get some T-shaped plastic ones from an auto parts store. The ones i mean have what I call "pine trees" on the shaft, push in & the little things resist pulling them back out. Seen on many cars to hold down plastic shields in the engine compt & elsewhere. Maybe a little silicone in the hole first. Look in the "Help" section
  14. I bought a used J7 off Ebay, not as many toys but does fine for cheaper than an S
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