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  1. ARGO

    Convert to weedburner

    My 2000 635 came w/ a factory weedburner that dumped under the frame. I turned it 180 & it now exits thru the fairing R side. You can use my SNO to get the factory part, but there's lots of cheaper solutions to be had. PM me if you want more info
  2. When you go to the dealer for the "computer dump", be sure the tech or service manager goes over ALL the parameters you can set yourself, not just what you "want". There's LOTS of stuff you might not know about, time to idle before shut down, etc. Get them ALL one shot, same price, they might forget to tell you.
  3. I'd suggest you either put a bolt in them or get some T-shaped plastic ones from an auto parts store. The ones i mean have what I call "pine trees" on the shaft, push in & the little things resist pulling them back out. Seen on many cars to hold down plastic shields in the engine compt & elsewhere. Maybe a little silicone in the hole first. Look in the "Help" section
  4. I bought a used J7 off Ebay, not as many toys but does fine for cheaper than an S
  5. OK, you get points for being generous anyway. TKS!
  6. GAWD, please! Suburb of Baltimore (murder/shooting capital), Middle River. Shoot me a PM & I'll send $. This is a 5 button 2 unit duotherm control like this? https://autoplicity.com/10431708-dometic-rv-3106486008-sensor-kit-remote?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInPLmu7DG6gIVVQiICR3ZxQSOEAQYBSABEgJxvPD_BwE
  7. Look for a drawbridge & dump it. It's the celebrity way...........
  8. I had a similar experience, no AC power to the curb-side slide out . After a LOT of crawling under and tracing wiring, it turned out that there was a GFCI in the system - IN THE ISLAND IN THE KITCHEN! Everywhere you can find a visible GFCI, reset it. Behind sofa, in a cabinet, etc. see if you get lucky.
  9. No, just too dim. If you pop it off the back part, you can see 2 small black circles on the board. These are the lights, twist them with a finger & they pop right out. Tks again, I may take you up on it anyway,.How much will cover your trouble to zip 21220? (Dometic take note: The village idiot could do this, and you want me to buy a whole NEW one?
  10. Unit works fine, except my old eyes can't read the LCD's with the crummy little bulbs in it. They easily twist out from the back, but I want to buy same size LED's for the spots. Tks for the offer...
  11. Oh, there's plenty on line & I'll check my local store. But the question is, are they T4 or T5 ? The biggest part of the base is 3/8", looks like 10mm so T4.
  12. I have a 5 button control for my 2 units. I must be blinder than s***, cause I can't see the LCDs w/o a flashlight. Well, upon opening the thing up, here's 2 little bulbs like car dashboard lights, look like T4 or T5 neo. So I wait on hold to Dometic for a half hour to see which they are. "oh, we don't sell them, & have no way of knowing anything about that. You have to buy a new control" for several hundred$. The damn bulbs are less than $2 on many sites, and they just turn & come out. Thanks for nothing Dometic, I hope you sell another control & then shoot yourself.
  13. Coach probably has ''maxibrakes". Bleed ALL the air down, locked up tight'er than a crab's butt (watertight)..............
  14. Maybe your "friends" don't want you to camp near them?
  15. I beg to differ. Maryland scales are posted as "ALL vehicles over 5 T must cross". A big stink ensued several years ago because Grandpa with his motorhome (2 drive axles obviously over26K) was being ticketed for no CDL of any kind. FMCA jumped in & the law is not being enforced, but to my knowledge is still on the books. I dragged my rig across a scale maybe 7 yrs ago & the cop was pissed I came in. I asked if he knew what the word "ALL" meant & he chased me out, told do NOT return.
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