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  1. Get a roll of 2" blue tape, start taping all the joints near the area, drive it & see if it stops. Another option on the front door- spray silicone on the metal ( i say metal, meaning the door frame or the door shell, whichever does NOT have weatherstrip). Close the door, open it & look for shine on the weatherstrip indicating a seal. If you see no shine on spots, there is no contact. Remember, the noise could be coming from an outside source, like the mirror or arms. The RV repair near me has a big fan in a board for leaks. They mount it in the doorway, turn it on & spray soapy wa
  2. ARGO

    Onboard air

    Glad hand is fine, but it will pop at 60 & you have to reset it. Plumb to tank is better.
  3. How about this? PRIVATIZE it, fire everybody & let them re-apply for their jobs. At least then you'd be able to fire a slug without 50 reams of justification.
  4. I have several spares. I can look for part #'s on them this AM, pm me pls if you want the #'s
  5. Yeah, that was before they got smart & dyed the fuel. Thinking back, I could have saved a lot of labor just running the return line to the truck's tank, had V12 Detroits.
  6. To get back to the topic- many engines with a return line use a "day tank" . This works if it is not a "bypass" system like Detroits had, & you only need a suction line from truck to sealed tank. It will pull only what it needs. On a "old trucker story"- I ran team for an outfit out of Minnesota for a while. They had a HUGE reefer tank, like 150 gals. We were expected to stop halfway to the east coast and HAND pump the fuel to the truck. Wonder why we had to do that?
  7. And in MD you would have failed. You being a "trainee" here must have a fully qualified driver with you in the truck to get it TO the test
  8. ......and ignorant & lazy kids grow up to teach the next generation
  9. ARGO

    1/2 vs 3/4 impact guns

    3/4" isn't really good unless you have more than truck air PSI to run it, I have one.
  10. I'm keeping my '03 KA, one of the last with a real 16" frame.
  11. Not a fan of USPS ever since I was pushed out of a job even with veteran's preference. I've posted this before but Postal creed in part "through rain & storm & dark of night" Suggested next verse "even tho we can't read or write"
  12. I have a cam too. But I wonder if I am at fault and the camera is seen in the truck, can I refuse access ala "testify against myself" ?
  13. Maybe it was a factory setup for the optional bidet ?
  14. Don't know where you are, but sounds like an RV salvage yard is a good bet. Not sure the wattage, but how about a truck APU?
  15. Uh, I'll expire at home, thank you
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