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  1. We are in the Tampa area, and there are 2 ABC stations. One is owned by Scripps, and programming on it has been pulled. The other station's signal is still being broadcast on the Dish locals.
  2. Last summer, we booked a site at a national forest campground in the Rockies for 2 weeks. We knew there was no sewer at the campsite, but counted on using the blue tote to haul grey water to the dump station. When we got there, we discovered there was no dump station. The nearest one was at a water treatment plant on the other side of the nearest town several miles away. So, we just conserved, and did what you are planning on doing. We made it for the whole 2 weeks, and we only have a 55 gallon grey tank. You should have no problems.
  3. chindog

    Becoming Hermits

    We're hunkered down at Sumter Oaks in Florida, where we've been wintering the last few years. Our normal routine would have us on the road cruising around the country pretty soon, but we've extended our stay here for a while. The worst thing that has occurred per my wife, is the cancellation of the weekly park dinner. That was the night she didn't have to cook, and now that opportunity is gone. "C'est la vie" I said, to which she replied "Lahvee". Hopefully this pandemic thing will resolve itself before it gets too hot down here, and we can travel to cooler climates for the summer.
  4. That company doesn't have any relation to Escapees Smartweigh.
  5. I'm here at the Bushnell park now. The smartweigh station is not closed. You do, however, have to make an appointment with the weighmaster. He is not here all the time, so he'll have to come in to weigh your rig. I don't have his number (and may not be the same guy as was here last year), but they do at the office. You can call the office at 352-793-1333.
  6. I checked with the office today. They have a very limited number of short 30 amp sites for next season available.
  7. I'm here in Sumter Oaks now. And you may already be too late to book next January if you are staying for more than a few days. Best to give them a call now, as the winter months fill up quickly.
  8. Last fall, we stayed at the Bear Creek Lake park campground, which was pretty nice. It's like being in the wilderness of the high desert, but actually right next to civilization, and close to shopping, dining, and attractions.
  9. They had a booth at the RV Supershow in Tampa, and I got an email from them last week, so it seems like they are still in operation.
  10. Betty White is actually older than sliced bread.
  11. I wonder if there is any way to get this information to the admins?
  12. I don't know if this will help or not since I have different hardware, but on my Winegard Pathway X2 satellite dish, it has two outputs. (It is a single satellite at a time dish). If I hook up cables to both outputs, and connect one receiver to cable A and another receiver to cable B, and go through the setup for 2 receivers, it only looks at 72.7. If I do the setup for only 1 receiver, it will pull in all 3 satellites. Perhaps there is something in your setup that is similar that is causing your receivers to ignore the other 2 satellites.
  13. All I see is a string of numbers.
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