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  1. I've bought a 25', perhaps 6-7,000 gross weight travel trailer to tow behind an F-150. Hitch weight probably about 600-700 pounds. I'm intending to go with a Class III hitch, but was wanting feedback on which hitches (say that fast 5 times) would be both excellent at weight distribution, towing stability and anti sway, and also Easy to use. I've seen Blue Ox, Equalizer, and Andersons referenced. Just want to hear some of your experiences and preferences.
  2. So we've now bought a new 25' travel trailer for our summer travels, and are leaving our 32' 5W permanently in a southern AZ park. We're now ready to downsize our truck to an F-150. I am wanting to go with a short overall length, 232", to continue with out Small theme - for state parks, ease of parking, etc. That means either a 2 door Supercab with 6.5' bed (just foldup rear seats and a couple feet of space), or a 4 door crew cab with a 5.5' bed - both come out to the minimum 232" of overall length, 145" wheel base, for the F 150s. Any of the engine/axle packages can tow our small trailer, and some would be able to move our 32' 5w to a different permanent park, when we want. So my question boils down to towing a 5W with a 6.5' or 5.5' bed using a special hitch. Anyone have experience towing a 5er with a 5.5 or 6.5' bed? Hitch recommendations or other considerations?
  3. We've been posting questions lately about getting a small travel trailer for summer trips. We are parking our bigger 5W permanently, and are looking for a 20-25' TT. Today we looked at an Aspen Trail by Dutchmen, a Springdale by Keystone, and will be looking at some short Jayco's tomorrow. Any thoughts on the quality of these units/manufacturers? Other recommended manufacturers for small TT's?
  4. I'm looking at VW Touareg SUV's. One article said they have a towing capacity of 7600 lbs, and I have a general respect for VW and German engineering. Any body with experience with a Touareg?
  5. You sound very similar to us. But I'm very much wanting to downsize from our F-350 dually king cab 4x2, to a strong, small 4x4 SUV or shortish bed SRW pickup
  6. Yeah, I think pickup camper is to tight for us. But a thought I entertained.
  7. Very nice, Kirk. Just the kind of information that's helpful. What would be some examples of trailer ultralights that we could look up?
  8. We are older than this photo shows, and deeper and happier.  But I can't figure out how to change the photo on our ID

  9. I wasn't thinking of back road fun with the trailer, so much as with the 4x4. But there are some nice booning spots that have primitive roads. Now that we're on the subject of vehicles, though, do any of you have thoughts about a good travel trailer/vehicle match for us. A minimalist couple and cat, who will be travelling 3 months out of the year. (We lived very comfortably for 3 and half years in a 32 foot 5W and then reduced size to our present 30' 5w, which we will presently be using as our Arizona main home. And, bearing in mind, neither of us is 27 years old, but more like a reasonably healthy 72 - so not interested in motorcycles with trailers, and such. What would be your various recommendations as to vehicle/trailer combinations for our summer travels, and as the only household vehicle. (We could have the present 5er towed if we want to change parks) Bearing in mind, there is No Right answer - what are some of the appealing combinations? Your experiences? I need an intro to this topic, having been a dedicated fifth wheeler, only
  10. We are Not beginners, have been living full time in a 5er for 3 and half years. But we are looking at settling down in our 5W in a park full time in southern Az. We want to have a second, smaller, more maneuverable, home to travel with in the summers. Also, I want to dump my big dually F-350, and get a smaller 4WD vehicle (which I can use for back road fun) to tow either a small 5w or trailer. We originally thought of buying a small 5W for our summer travels - thinking that the overall unit length would be shorter and more maneuverable, and that it would back easier and fit in state parks easier. As we think about it further, there are lots more, and less expensive travel trailers around, than small fifth wheels. We've never towed a trailer, and I understand they are not as inherently stable or maneuverable than a 5W. And it seems the overall rig would be longer for backing and placing in a space. What are some of your thoughts, those of you who have experience with trailers and 5Ws?
  11. From specs I've seen so far the Toyota Tundra with a 6.5 ' bed can tow up to 9000lbs. The other 2 candidates appear to be an F-150 and Ram 1500 which are both 6.5' beds I believe, in the crew or supercab types. I've been towing with a 8' box till now. What has been the experience of those of you towing a 5er with a 6.5' box. I can sort out the weights and towing/payload ratings myself, but just wondering about the difference in handling/parking a small 5er with a 6.5 box vs 8'. Does it limit your sharpness on turning? Would a sliding hitch make up for that? What think you? And Merry Christmas! How troublesome is it to use a sliding hitch?
  12. We've been travelling full time for the last 3 and half years. Driving a big F350 dually and first pulling a 32' Hitchhiker and now a 32' Open Range. We've hit that point in our journey where we want to park our Open Range permanently in Southern Arizona, and get a Smaller 5er and smaller truck for summer and occassional trips, as well as some mild 4 wheeling. We want to get a 28' or smaller fifth wheel - to fit more easily in state parks and to park more easily. Most of the smaller 5ers are somewhat older, but there are plenty in the 2000's. Several we've considered only have the half high bedroom, and we even like that for travelling. So my question is not so much what 5er to buy as what Trucks to consider. I would prefer a short bed, four wheel drive, SRW, gas engine, capable of hauling a small 5er- we always rip out furniture and go with lighter stuff - easier to stow, etc. So far, I've just checked out Ford - my fav - and the only thing there seems to be a F-150, with a large gas engine and perhaps a high axle ratio, but they have a standard 6.5' bed. I'm just starting to investigate Nissan Frontier, some of the Toyota Tacomas, Chevy Colorado, etc. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for the truck at this early point?
  13. "The fact that the "manager" streams doesn't necessarily mean that the "owner" is OK with it." As I've said a couple of times here, this park is Unique - 30 trailers, most of which stream, a manger of 5 years, literally no written park rules - just treat your space and neighbors well. And it's owned by the Why, AZ water department. Coyote Howls West in Why. This park was repeatedly reviewed as having Fast, broad WIFI. And they do, for a park, with limited occupants. But some evenings do approach the limit of pleasant streaming, Seems like this park is starting to bump up against it's bandwith limit in the evenings. We've never park streamed in Any other park ever, (except for a couple of minutes test), unless hooked to phone or cable lines. So please let loose of that bone. We have so seldom been where we can stream - boondocking, or no phone or cable (not worth it for a month or 2 stay). Now that we will be using this Why park year round, just roaming in the summers, I think we will bite the bullet and pay for an unnecessary land line so we can get DSL for Netflix. We really are movie and series junkies. On the road, we'll just use DVD's and books, as we have in the past. Again, your feedback has been invaluable
  14. We've been park camping (2/3) and boondocking (1/3) for three and a half years fulltime. So we are not novices on what parks provide. We always ask the office before streaming. Part of this parks appeal is that it is very small - 2 outside rows and a partial center row, and has excellent reveiws for fast cable. The manager here streams netflix as do many of the residents. We have streamed many hours of it as well - a season of Longmire, but it is a bit unpredictable. Sometimes we can stream in the evenings, usually during the day. It's a bigger capacity wifi than most parks - or just the smaller park itself. I think a combination of the 2. Also, I do believe Netlix must stream priority on this system, as you can run netflix when email or facebook is crawling. I know his routers have priorities built in. I use our Verizon mobile hot spot for web surfing - everything but Netflix Your feedback has been helpful as always, and we are good neighbors. We do not stream when it would harm others.
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