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  1. You have more restraint than we do. We had 3 bags of fudge and it did not make it out of the fairgrounds
  2. I had the camera high on the back of the cab but with the Smart on board I could not see the hitch so I moved it to the front of the hitch. Then I put a second camera on the back of the 5er. Now I'm covered for hitching up and to see behind while towing.
  3. Started down the road today and the error went away. Something reset somewhere and all works now. Guess it was the sensor.
  4. Another great rally. Lots of fun and new kids. Thank you Gail and Steve.
  5. Not to worry Dave. All you have to do is let me know and I'll make it a mission to let everyone know what a grouchy old curmudgeon you really are. Can't have people talking nice about you. Brad🤓🤓
  6. Well I replaced the sensor and I still have the message on the display. I replaced the wires from the sensor for about 3 feet until it went into big bundles of wire. The one wire had 4 splices so I'm hopeful that after we start driving down the road something will reset and all will be well. I know the rear end is full and as long as the engine does not derate I will live with it for now.
  7. Everything else on mine is working except the rear end temp.
  8. Nigel I am singled and this has not happened in the last 10 years of running. Jim I could pull it out but with my luck the rear end would have to be drained first. I would hope that the oil would not leak out but I have been surprised before.
  9. Hi guys, I have started to get a 'NO DATA' error on the DID and a picture of the rear end and a thermometer. I assume this is the rear end temp. I have crawled under there and can find no broken wires or anything that does not look good. I pulled the plug and reset it on the sensor and I still am getting the error. There is nothing in the diagnostics and no number displayed. I'm making the assumption that the sensor has quit. (in the past this has flashed on and then gone away. Now it keeps coming on and going away every few seconds). So the question. Is there a way to test the sensor before getting a new one? Brad
  10. Glenn, I would try to pull from the back if you can get hooked on. Do not attach the strap at the base of the tree but about 1/2 way up so it tips over. Also use as much strap or chain as you can. Take a short roll and let the weight of the truck pull the trees not the clutch. I pulled trees like you describe with my Dakota pick up and that was a LOT smaller than your Freight liner. I would be a tad leery about pulling them from the front in case something broke and you had flying pieces and parts of tree or chain or whatever else may be out there.
  11. Bob, I think Phil pretty much has the right idea for you since you are not singled. My Volvo is singled and we never touched the length of the frame. This gave enough room behind the rear tires for another full size box. We put a tunnel between the back boxes and the ramps are inside that.
  12. I use it and always from my laptop. I don't do Facebook or any other social media.
  13. Dennis I only did one side of mine and will not tackle the other side unless it fails.
  14. I'm glad to hear that may hinge repair pictures were able to help you. Brad
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