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  1. We have personally sized ourselves out of some parks but is is because of the 5er size not the HDT. I have started using rv trip wizard and the filter for big rig access to plot our trips. We are quite pleased with the HDT and have towed with it for 12 years now (full timing for 11 1/2).
  2. Robert what do you use for plotting your trips? I used to use Microsoft Streets and Trips before it went away. I discovered RV Trip Wizard and have been using that for a few years. It costs about $30 per year and you need an internet hookup but it has worked well. And I figure since it is online it is always current. Anyway I set a filter for Big Rig Access and it will only display those parks. Has been very helpful locating parks that take our rigs. It is not 100% accurate (I can't see how that would be possible) but their turn by turn directions are pretty good. But when I find an error I contact them and they make corrections.
  3. My readouts are now covered by a 9" monitor for my cameras. I moved any active switches to other positions on the dash. My readout is on the DID in the middle of the cluster. It bounces between that message and the 'Check brake ECU at next stop'. That message has displayed for 12 years because of the antilock brake light. It is looking for the other axle that is somewhere in Canada.
  4. I chased mine as far as a big bundle of wires and quit. I know the rear end is full of fluid so I was good. Maybe this is one of those things I can get turned off so it does not display. Also a 'someday' project. Now that you are back in operation it is time to enjoy yourself.
  5. Glad to hear that you are back on the road again. I followed your saga and can really feel for you. If you find the cause of the no data from the rear end sensor I would interested because I have that showing up. I changed the sensor and cleaned up a couple of splices someone else made but it still displays intermittently. I have not chased it.
  6. Beautiful job. Now enjoy.
  7. Registered. See Y'all in Oct.
  8. I have a TST 507 and Chad is correct about it not being just a simple swap. My sensors are numbered (per the installation instructions) because they need to go back in the same position if they are removed. As part of the initial programming when they were installed they know where they are supposed to be on the rig and the high and low tire pressure at that position.
  9. You don't have an air horn??? That is just wrong. Big trucks are supposed to have big horns. My 630 has an air horn and a little in town horn.
  10. That manifold you mention should have 5 solenoids on it. I have replaced the one for the air horn a couple of times. I'm not sure if they are all the same or if they use different pressures but I have one for the sliding hitch that is not used any longer so when I needed to replace one I just swapped that solenoid into the position that was not working. That did not work and I had to buy one anyway. Just mentioned this because if you do not know what is controlled by the one that is leaking they are also color coded by the air line. I do not have the colors handy right now but could probably find them if needed. Last thing about the manifold you are going to remove. The holes that the bolts use have a bushing in them. Something else to jump out and escape if you do not know they are there (guess how I found out?).
  11. Now Dave you cannot claim to be the only surly one in this group( some of us look up to you as our mentor 🥴). Besides we all love you just the way you are.
  12. I have a 2004 630 and the passenger side mirror back flew off while driving and I never did find it. The numbers I have for the mirror back are: 85133994 Passenger side 85133996 Drivers side These were not an EXACT match for my truck. The mirrors had been changed out at some point so my VIN did not do us any good. We went out in the lot and found a truck with the same type mirrors that I have now and used that VIN. Apparently the design changed again slightly after mine were installed because like I said the replacement was not an exact match but unless you are looking at both at the same time you do not notice. So I got mine at the Volvo dealer. It cost $90 but $35 of that was shipping.
  13. Dave I agree with just replacing it with a gear reduction one. I HAD that done a few years ago (notice I had it done not I did it). It is heavy and there are younger people that will do that for you.
  14. This may not be consistent with your thinking but I don't give MPG a single thought. We have been FT for 11 years and have put 100K on the Volvo. We have also put 90K on the smart since we got that. 2 years of the Volvo being an everyday driver. At one of the rally's the subject came up of changing the rear end gearing to improve MPG and Greg Shields had dollar figures for the cost of the change and the improvement in MPG and fuel prices. The difference would never pay back in our FT lifetime so I have never given it a thought since. I live with my 7.5 - 8.0 MPG and go on. Life is to short to worry about the trivial things. When I got our Volvo I had it singled short but left the frame untouched. Why? We were newbies (green as anything you can imagine) and we were anticipating the smart, just didn't know when. Back then a big concern with singling was the amount of weight that would transfer and possibly over load the front axle. This was not a problem for us since we had a 14.6K front axle instead of the 12K that was pretty common back then (I don't know what is common anymore). Come to a rally and you can gather all the info you will ever need. I was on over load after my first one and nearly wore out a camera taking so many pictures. It is also the best way to get the wife to come around.
  15. I agree with Rick. That is why we are members of the 230 club (230 miles or 2:30 in the afternoon). A cocktail and lawn chair make good places to watch the RV's park.
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