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  1. Dave glad to hear that you are all (??) recovered and able to be back on the road again. Hopefully you are past the medical problems now and will be able to enjoy your toys again. We pulled into our winter quarters in Edinburg, TX on the first of Dec. and are now kinda hunkering on the golf course for 4 months🤪. Golf 3 - 4 ties a week is stressful😁 and my game is not improving (Lets be honest. My game has not improved since I was 16) but I'm having a lot of fun. We have about 80% of our normal bunch (missing all the Canadians) but we are managing. You guys have a good time out there and tell C
  2. UPDATE Rand McNally does not sell the part I needed separate from the entire unit. However, They asked for lots of numbers off the unit and offered to provide a new mount as a courtesy. I accepted their offer and a new part arrived today. Took a little time but I have a new part at no cost.
  3. Is the power back on yet Dave? It got cold in Texas last night. It was 51 this morning when I got up and windy. Brad
  4. Beautiful job. How long are those ramps?
  5. Hi Linda. I like the velcro idea. And I have some on hand.
  6. Good suggestions here (at least most of them). Thanks for the help. Just got an email from Rand Mcnally opening a ticket so maybe I'll get a new mount yet. Keep you posted. At least I'm not going anywhere for 4 months. Brad
  7. Phil it is a Rand Mcnally dash cam 500
  8. But what if the screw strips out? A toggle bolt?
  9. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any luck removing super glue from a suction cup for a dash cam. My Rand Mcnally started failing to stick to the wind shield and being the inventive genius 🥴🥴 that I am I decided that a dab of super glue would fix the problem. It did not. So if a little does not help how about a lot. Still did not. So now I figure I have probably ruined the suction cup so I called Rand Mcnally to get a new mount. They do not sell them and I don't want to buy an entire new camera outfit. So now when you get done laughing and says 'Dumb ass' how about suggestions for clea
  10. I have had Coachnet for 10 years. I have had the Volvo towed 4 times and have never had any problems. The last tow was 140 miles and I have never seen a bill ever. I think it is $179 a year and I'm thousands of dollars ahead. When I first got Coachnet I had heard to many bad things about GS being shaky about if they would tow our trucks so I never messed with them and went directly to Coachnet. May be different now. Every time I have called Coachnet the first question they ask is 'Are you in a safe place'? I have never considered anything else since then.
  11. You may want to think about making the width 101" instead of 102". That will give a little opps room and still keep you legal.
  12. He can't get a new rig yet. He just got a new awning and has to pay it off. 🤪🤪
  13. Send a message to Mark Bruss. Last I knew he was the keeper of the resource guide.
  14. Carl I always travel with about a 1/2 tank of water. We have had the no water at the park problem 6 times in 11 years for various reasons (broken pipes, no electric, bad screen in the well).
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