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  1. Pretty much the same situation here in upstate NY. I tried the state, county & commercial websites & they all showed no appointments for at least January & February. Did another early morning check of the various sites & one of our drug stores had a few appointments; snagged one for January 29th. Now the problem seems to be a lack of vaccine. They have been rescheduling appointments & closing large vaccination centers in Onondaga county. It appears the federal distribution system is delivering fewer doses than promised. Hope they don't cancel mine...
  2. I got ambulanced to the Parker Emergency room from Buckskin Mountain State Park in 2014 with a first time case of A-Fib. Spent the night at the hospital. No complaints on service, although an interesting problem - I travel solo, and there was no taxi service (and at the time no Uber, etc). A nurse volunteered to drive me the 12 miles back to the campground. While I wouldn't recommend them for a dire emergency, there was helicopter sitting on a pad next to the hospital...
  3. Have to agree with 2gypsies. The shift to reservations only sure hurts "travelers", even if it helps with destination campers & the campground bottom line.
  4. For those in NY, the governor announced that phase 1B will start Monday, January 11th.
  5. Here in NY you can sign up on a email/text message list that will announce when your group becomes available. Our area just (January 4th) went to the second phase of 1A, but no news on my 1B group.
  6. The trucks I was referring to (UPS 18 wheelers) were labeled hydrogen powered, but used combustion engines. Within the last couple of years, UPS has been running Class 6 delivery trucks that are fuel cell based. A couple of other articles on the progress of fuel cell based electric trucks: Fleetowner Toyota Hino Nikola Daimler These are either prototypes or development plans a couple of years out, but if they happen, fuel will likely become available, at least at interstate truck stops. Other than cost, I don't see any reason that the technology would not be practical for RVs.
  7. I've bee using FreeTaxUSA for a number of years. Since retiring, my taxes are simple enough that an accountant would be a waste of money.
  8. While the future of hydrogen powered RVs probably depends on the availability of fuel stops, I've seen hydrogen powered 18 wheelers on some of the western interstates for a few years. Usually UPS trucks...
  9. Just a reminder for those that live in New York State. The New York City Public Library will give you audio & ebook lending privileges to anyone in the state. They have a hugh collection of ebooks & audiobooks available on line. Apply for a NY Public Library card.
  10. I've been a long time Garmin fan (although still annoyed with them when they killed Delorme) & I have one. Since my trailer is small enough that I rarely need the RV functions, I purchased it for the display size & as an update to my current NUVI 3580. Excellent screen quality (it is actually a modified Android tablet), fast response, and lots of extras. The larger screen size gives you much more "information" adjacent to your route, much like the older Delorme Street Atlas. That alone makes it a winner. You will not be able to use a previous "sandbag" mount & I don't like
  11. I did run into a problem with the Blyth Rite-Aid "Locker". I got a message a couple of times I tried to use it that the locker was full & not available. Seems a bit strange since it is just a shelf behind the counter, not actual lockers.
  12. Another app wort checking is Highway Weather.
  13. One of my favorite stops on the way to & from Quartzsite. While you are there, spend a day next door at the the Desert Museum.
  14. I had a drain put in last June after progressive pressure increases even after a regiment of 4 different drops. They did a cataract replacement lens at the same time. The pressure has been good since, although I'm back on one eye drop.
  15. vermilye

    Water hose help!

    Another vote for RV Water Filter Store custom hoses. I've tried most of them and by far they are the best.
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