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  1. I did run into a problem with the Blyth Rite-Aid "Locker". I got a message a couple of times I tried to use it that the locker was full & not available. Seems a bit strange since it is just a shelf behind the counter, not actual lockers.
  2. Another app wort checking is Highway Weather.
  3. One of my favorite stops on the way to & from Quartzsite. While you are there, spend a day next door at the the Desert Museum.
  4. I had a drain put in last June after progressive pressure increases even after a regiment of 4 different drops. They did a cataract replacement lens at the same time. The pressure has been good since, although I'm back on one eye drop.
  5. vermilye

    Water hose help!

    Another vote for RV Water Filter Store custom hoses. I've tried most of them and by far they are the best.
  6. I suggest that anyone considering a Medicare Advantage plan over straight Medicare and travels to make sure the Advantage plan will cover you on the road. Many are extremely localized.
  7. Another difference between "throttling" and "deprioritizing" is you will usually get notices from your provider as you approach the throttling limit, with the opportunity to buy more blocks of data. That doesn't happen with deprioritizing. For what it is worth, on the Mobly service on AT&T, I have never been throttled, but have been deprioritized after 22 GB a couple of times. Only lasted a short time & the speeds went back up later in the evening.
  8. Might be nice if the Post Office in Quartzsite learned from them!
  9. I called the Matagorda post office to see if they do general delivery and the answer is sorta. All the other places I've done general delivery just had you address the mail to my name, C/O General Delivery, but the post master (well, mistress) wanted me to mail her a letter with my ID before she can accept a general delivery letter. I had the mail sent to Bay City, although it was a bit further away from the Matagorda campground.
  10. While I am happy with a pair of Battleborn Li batteries, if you are looking for an alternate to lead acid and don't need to save weight, and want a wide temperature charging range, check out SiO2 batteries. About as close to solid state as you can get...
  11. It depends on what you are gluing it to & how long you have for it to dry. Here is a You Tube video showing the results of a bunch of different glues. I used Lock tight PI Premium Fast grab to attach blue foam to fiberglass. It is tacky enough that it holds almost immediately.
  12. While a battery disconnect switch obviously solves the problem, many of the phantom loads are useful. Keeping the stations & adjustments on the radio, time on clocks, etc and other settings that are a PIA to reset makes a disconnect switch a better idea for long term storage, but for a week or two, a small solar panel is a good solution. Under 15 - 20 watts won't even need a controller...
  13. I've also been in Quartzsite for the last 4 Big Tent shows (I'm in one of the LTVAs all winter). While there certainly sections of the LTVAs that look like the cartoon, particularly during the middle of January, there are just as many sections where RVs are well distanced from each other. During the last Big Tent show I was in La Posa West, the smallest of the Quartzsite LTVAs & closest to the Big Tent area, and we still had 40' - 50' between trailers. All depends on how close you want to be. As to the show, I don't see how it can happen & meet social distancing rules:
  14. Have to agree. I've tried having prescriptions transferred between both chain & small local drug stores, and have found it is far easier & faster to call your home doctor's office & have them send a prescription to a drug store near your current location. Usually only takes a day, sometimes a couple of hours or even while you wait. While transfers between pharmacies in the same chain are usually fast & easy, not every chain pharmacy is in every location.
  15. You might also want to try either (or both) the Casita User's forums - The Casita Club and The Casita Travel Trailer Forum. Another good place to look for fiberglass trailers is at Molded Fiberglass RVs For Sale. If you see what you want, act quickly - they go fast!
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