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  1. Check with a local Walgreens. Ours here in upstate NY will do either Rapid (ID Now) test which is not on the Canada acceptable list or the PCR which is for free. One problem - the typical results of the PCR test is 2-3 days, and Canada wants the test within 3 days of entry...
  2. I have an 8000 BTU Midea window AC in my bedroom. Probably would not work well for an RV since it is sorta a mini split and would be difficult to install in a typical RV window. The window closes through the middle of it, leaving the compressor outside. Very quiet, inverter technology, and cools the bedroom fine.
  3. In 2012 I stayed at the Trail of Tears State Park in MO, and they had GFCI breakers on all (15, 30, & 50 amp) receptacles. Don't remember the name, but on another MO state park stop a few years later I found the same.
  4. I attempted to post a image & evidently I'm at 100% of my attachment quota: "You have used 995.62 kB of your 1000 kB attachment limit".  How do I get rid of older unused attachments?



  5. A couple of stops for photographers in the area are Mule Canyon off UT 95 for the "House on Fire" ruin, and Cigarette Springs Road off UT 261 above the Moki Dugway for a hike to "Fallen Roof Ruin". Both are reasonable hikes (Fallen Roof is a bit more difficult, at least at the start, and finding the ruin), and well worth it.
  6. Just finished All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr & highly recommend it. As to Lee Child fans that have Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, check out the Mark Dawson John Milton series. Not quite up to Lee Child, but pretty good & free. For those interested in the Southwest, I enjoyed both The Monkey Wrench Gang & Desert Solitudes by Edward Abbey. Since giving up TV, I read over 200 books per year & at least 100 audio books checked out from the library. The NYC library is open to any resident of New York State, and has a huge collection of books, both audio & standard.
  7. I have no idea where they measured for Denali National Park, but at the Teklanika campground there was no cell service of any kind.
  8. An interesting book. I haven't seen the movie, but the book was well worth reading. I've met some of the individuals interviewed (I spent 4 winters in Quartzsite) and it is an accurate portrayal of the area & folks. A sector of RVers that many haven't met and don't even know exists. I suspect that Amazon & some of the commercial camp workers are not pleased with the book.
  9. In order to parallel the output of two inverters, they must be synced, i.e. in phase even if you are not attempting to produce 120/240V single phase. Most inverters will not do this, although a Grid-Tie inverter might be used to sync one to the other. I suspect it will be less expensive to use 2 inverters, each sized for the appropriate loads, and keeping each completely independent of each other.
  10. Let's hope they are open by then. I've been through both a couple of times. Upper is easier & busier. I took a Photo Tour of the upper & it was more sane than the standard tours, but I'm not sure they are still doing them. The lower is less crowded, some narrow sections, and, as you mentioned, ladder/stairs. I had no problems negotiating them, but definitely harder than the upper canyon. My latest visits were in 2012, so I'm sure many things have changed. For example, for the lower canyon they handed me a pass & pointed to the start of the canyon. No guide, just 2 hours of wandering around. As to Horseshoe Bend, there was no charge for parking. Here are some photos from my visits to both canyons...
  11. Three days prior to two different minor procedures at our local hospital, they required a Covid 19 test, and isolation from the test date to entering the hospital. One of the visits was a month after my second Moderna vaccination, so I don't believe they will depend on vaccination proof to replace the test.
  12. I have NY's App. Easy to apply for, they fill it out from the state records so a counterfeit would be difficult, however it will be a PIA in that it is only good for a month even though I'm a month past my second vaccination. Haven't yet tried the renewal process.
  13. I've seen good reports on the Dickerson Marine Oven, although you better have a full wallet!
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