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  1. They started coming out then got tight. I worked them back and forth until the first one snapped. There were 4 that were stubborn. We will see how this goes.
  2. It snowed so I thought I would do a quick tune up on my generator. That turned into a couple broken bolts and needing new rings. I was going to actually follow directions and pull the heads off to clean the carbon. I sold have just kept buying new spark plugs. The first side came off real easy. The head gasket was leaking. Not a big deal they are $12. The other side was the one that wouldn't come apart very easy. So for now I am gong to pull it off the truck and install my spare. I may be in the market for a new generator. We will see. The bolts were really messed up so I'm not confident that
  3. I think I would go ahead and swap it out Dave. They make a smaller gear reduction starter now. Pull the monster out and replace with a starter no bigger than one off a old Chevy. I have not personally done this but I have seen them. When its time that is what I will be doing. Too bad you cant put an old air starter on there. That would wake up the neighborhood!
  4. You need at least 3. I run 4 because I have an inverter to run the fridge and stuff.
  5. If that was in my area it would have been sold in 2 days.
  6. I have a couple grab handles off a Peterbilt that I want to put on the Freightliner to help the wife and kids get in easier. I figured a few self taping screws and we will be good but the skin is awfully thin right there by the doors. I will have to pull some interior panels out and find some structure.
  7. That is they way I have been doing it for years. Good to see it the right way.
  8. We are going to need pictures when you get them seat covers on.
  9. jenandjon


    Get rid of them. I am a big fan of the Hankook DL12 smart flex. But they are open shoulder. Some people dont like open shoulder.
  10. I guess I cant answer that. It enough to air up a tire and run my cheap little air impact. That's all I really need.
  11. I dont know if this will work in your application or not but I just plumbed into the supply line for the trailer. I put a quick coupler on the end. When I want air I push the red button.
  12. Dave I had 7 inch stacks on my Pete. I burned myself a few times. Wife was not happy riding either. She got burned a few times also. When I got my new KW I was shooting the bull with the sales manager. He said more and more guys are gong back to the factory style "classic look" of mufflers and 5 inch tips. They have a heat shield and more grab bars so the wife wont get so hot climbing in.
  13. The gravel pits around here have an assortment of trucks. The one closest to me has changed out from Mack trucks to Peterbilt 567. However I have a friend that owns several rock trucks and he will only run Kenworth and Western Star. In our Farming operation we run 3 Kenworth T-800s with the heavy duty 20,000lb steer axle and one T880 with a 16,000lb steer. I ran a Mack Vision for a while. I really liked it also. Rode great plenty of power but it had the Mack E7 engine and only the dealer cold work on it. Independent shops do not have access to the software. The 3rd time back tot he dealer
  14. Got the truck back. this new transmission is real tight. I didn't realize how worn out the old one was. Straightened the gear shifter out a little bit so it wont the the seat in 1st and 5th. Straightening it moved over it over a few inches and also made it a little taller. That messed up my muscle memory a little bit. I ground a couple gears. Still got a slight vibration when I coast down the back side of a hill. I crawled back under and checked everything out. The only thing I found was a little play in the drive shift splines where it slides in and out. I pumped in about 20 pumps of gre
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