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  1. Used my truck this weekend for the first time since we got home from the West coast rally. Short weekend trip.
  2. I run my generator. I tell them upfront when we make reservations. They will usually put the noise makers all together in one group if there is room.
  3. I haven't had any problems with HH. IT says in the description how long a rig they can accommodate. 99% of the time you can find them on google maps and check it out.
  4. Been there done that. Thats what I call a "Learning experience" LOL
  5. You will be much happier with that.
  6. What do the steer tries look like? This sounds like something I would make them fix before I write the check.
  7. Just got home from the West coast rally. I have another oil leak somewhere. Its not a bad one just enough to be irritating. I suppose I will crawl under the truck tomorrow and see what I can see. Could still be reside from the previous leak but I doubt it. On the up side the batteries I got from Mr Cob at the rally and the Inverter I bought from.....I forgot his name, worked great. Thanks again you guys and especially Chad for helping me hook it all up. Cant forget Wandering Dave. If you are in here thank you for your help also. Couldn't ask for a better neighbor!
  8. Are both of your tanks the same size? My work truck is a 2021 Kw. I see an uneven draw also. But, my drivers side tank is 150 gallon. The passenger side is only 75. My gauges show the drivers side is always lower than the passenger.
  9. We just got home. Had a great time.
  10. One hiccup on the way to the West coast rally. Hole rubbed in my dipstick tube splattered oil everywhere. Temporary fix is some foam rubber hose clamped over the hole.
  11. Not my truck this time but the trailer. My fridge quit working a few days before we are set to leave for the west coast rally. Over the phone diagnosis with the tech is that the cooling unit failed. So what to do? I have an old dorm fridge laying around so I got the tape measure out. It fits perfectly in the hole where the washer/dryer is suppose to go. The shop is backed up for 3 weeks. So if we get parts ordered and make an appointment we can get it in right about the time we get back.
  12. There was a change in our plans. We will be running solo this trip. Leaving northeastern Nebraska Thursday. Heading across I 80 to Little America WY. From there tanking Hy 30 to I 15 then to I 84 in ID. We are staying at various Harvest host along the way. Set to arrive at Caldwell Monday morning.
  13. Everything back together and test drove. Everything seems to be good. On to the next thing. Got the spare generator in the box. Its a little louder in there than it is out of the box. I will have the door open when its running. Should be plenty of ventilation. I have to get a 30 amp plug so I can run off the breaker box on the bed and plumb in the fuel line so I dont have to worry about gas cans.
  14. Thanks for the link I am going to save that for future reference.
  15. Well I ran across a guy a Facebook with a factory single. He said he was 2 1/2 inches of clearance. That just happens to be the same as the front axle on the tandem I measured. So that is what we are going to shoot for. Jen got the drive shaft in to the machine shop yesterday and got new splines welded in. He said they looked good but I know I could wobble the drive shaft around so we did it any way. One of the U joints was a little stiff so replacing that also.
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