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  1. We have one of those in the shop. Its pretty easy to use. (The tire tool not the girl) I have 8 new drives to put on my work truck. Maybe I can get her to help me.
  2. My cousin helps out once in a while. He gets more grease on the floor, himself, and the gun than he does whatever it is I have him greasing.
  3. jenandjon

    Drom box

    That is real nice. Good work!
  4. Sounds like its sucking air somewhere. I dont know jack about Volvo engines but I wold be tempted to give her a shot of starting fluid. But If you have glow plugs that wold be a very very bad idea.
  5. I don't know but I'm scraping this one. AC unit and fridge will be put in storage for now. Water tank and pump just might get mounted on the Freightliner.
  6. Use mine the other day. Got a free salvage camper. Some lady had her brother living in it at a trailer court. He quit paying the rent last spring so she threw him out. When he left the roof vent was open. It was open all summer. It still had potential but the door flew off on the way home.
  7. I use a couple 55 gallon drums. Lay on their side put a spigot in one bung and shrader valve in the other. Pressurize with air and you got running water. This was my first test using a cheap 12 volt air compressor. I held the hose above my head as high as I could reach and it pushed water out. I had no problems filling my camper. Since then I have started using a water pump salvaged out of an old RV. It works just as well maybe better but you have to vent the barrel. Take the core out of the shrader valve.
  8. They didn't have their display hooked to air?
  9. Legacy seats are the best for the price. You can find them at just about any truck dealer. Do not buy cheap. I did once. Learned my lesson. If you are on a budget you can find used ones at Vander haages. The do carry new ones as well. https://www.vanderhaags.com/Search-Results.php?items=10&subcategory=cab-and-sleeper-cab-interior&inventorytype=seat-air-ride-seat&typesetid=9000
  10. Pretty minor repairs. Hopefully you have better luck later. This year I had to do a head gasket, swap transmission, u-joint and slip yolk.
  11. We have a late 80s international truck with a 7 speed. It has a cattle box on it so dont use it too much. But you are right it takes a little getting use to.
  12. I hate that 10 speed but it was cheap. I had to replace it earlier this spring. I wanted a 13 also but I found a low mile used reman 10 to go back in. The company I pull for had one sitting on the shelf in the shop. I couldn't argue the price. $2000 installed.
  13. Could be. I really dont know. Either way its expensive.
  14. I always keep the truck and camper parked by the deck behind my house. The cats love to hang out under the camper. I have never had mice in either my truck or camper until I decided not to put the truck there and park it with the rest of our farm trucks for the winter. When I cleaned the truck out to park it that fall I missed the upper cabinet above the windshield. Turns out the mice just love microwave popcorn.
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