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  1. A real quick Google search produced these results. Travel in Style: Top 5 Luxury Fifth Wheels Grand Design Solitude. Forest River Cardinal. Crosswoods Redwood. DRV Mobile Suites. Luxe Toy Hauler.
  2. I use this thing called "the Wife" Not too hard to train but you gotta feed her. Sometimes she only waves with one finger. I still cant figure that out. I lost the manual.
  3. jenandjon

    Rally Trucks

    The hippies would be out there protesting it because they might run over a bug or something. Could not have it in Commiefornia either. Too many emissions.
  4. If you fill them up again next year then it might be time to find a different place. Ambassador will be hard to beat. Great showers and pool with meeting room.
  5. Thanks for the input. I live in a rural community and I know there are a couple guys running around with their call sign on the license plate. I will see if I can track one down.
  6. I have been interested in radio for a long time I just never had the pocket book to buy all the equipment. I still dont. All my extra money goes to travel. Showing my kids this beautiful country of ours. An acquaintance recently showed me his Baofang radio. He paid like 30 bucks for it then another 20 something for a longer antenna. It works off repeaters so I do understand In a SHTF situation they are useless. What I am thinking is this. My wife is not a hiker. My boys and I are. If we get off trail somewhere or something happens I can call for help or at lest get in contact with the wife. W
  7. Reefer fuel is not dyed. You fill your truck tank then shut off the pump and pull forward some. Then you get back on the little speaker and tell the fuel desk you are now getting reefer fuel. It all comes out of the same pump. If those of you that have diesel generators had separate tanks you could do the same. Just fill your truck tank. Then tell them the second fill is for off road use.
  8. No road tax on reefer fuel. Off road use.
  9. We will be making reservations today.
  10. jenandjon


    OH yea. I pay cash there.
  11. jenandjon

    Dream Truck

    My wife if from southeastern Kentucky. I know exactly what you are taking about. After 3 years I finally go her to pull a head and backup a few feet while I move blocks. She drives tractors with 1300 bushel grain cart and never spill a drop. She will pull the camper with a pickup but not that truck. (insert girl voice here) Because it not automatic.
  12. jenandjon


    If I'm cutting across country on 2 lanes I will try to hit a small town CO-OP. There is actually one in Illinois that I will hit every time.
  13. Seems high to me but they have to start somewhere. They didn't even replace the cracked glass over the speedometer.
  14. Trucking and farming go hand in hand. Were always hauling stuff. Either ours or for others picking up a little extra cash.
  15. jenandjon

    Bronco Sport

    Anything without a 3rd row seat is jut too small for my clan. Not that we need the seating but cargo space.
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