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  1. Throw some blended fuel in it and call it good. I drive mine a couple times through the winter. Don't go anywhere special just a Sunday drive to keep everything working. You dont need to plug it in unless you are going to start it. Even then I plug it in a few hours ahead of when I want to go.
  2. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    From what I can tell with what I learned from google and my cheap harbor freight protractor the operating angle of my rear u joint is at 15 degrees. What I earned for Driveline angles 101, 15 degrees is not even on the chart. Very interesting video on there. https://shiftsst.com/blog/post/driveline-angles.html
  3. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    Try again. This is the work truck front rear end.
  4. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    this is the HDT. Remember I am using the rear rear. It is still in its factory position. This is the work truck.
  5. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    Ok Thanks. I will do some investigating.
  6. I am going to go with a Kubota generator when I upgrade. If Onan has a Kubota engine then It kind of makes scene to me to just get a Kubota. https://www.kubotaengine.com/generators-listing/
  7. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    Thats what I use. It says the file size is too big.
  8. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    I cant post pics because I got a new phone and apparently they are too big. I value my life enough not to wake Jen at this hour on a weekend to fix it. Pics will have to wait.
  9. jenandjon

    Drive line angles

    My truck was singled when I got it. The previous owner simply pulled the front rear and extended the drive shaft. My camper at the time was very light but I did get a little vibration when it pulled harder running across the Rockies. I dont think anything of it. Its an old truck with 1.3 million miles on it. Forward ahead a couple years I got a newer much larger trailer. I take off from the dealer and as I'm rowing the gears I got a vibration. I recognize it immediately as the same vibration I got in the mountains. I get up to speed, set the cruise its fine. Come to a hill and it pulls harder the vibration starts up again. So I'm thinking transmission. I call a mechanic friend of mine to see if hes got anything used laying around. I go through the whole spiel. Everything I just said above. He asks if they changed the angle of the rear end when it was singled. Because the rear rear sits at a different angle than the front rear. You need a 12 degree pitch. He thinks when I'm pulling harder its flexing the rear end changing the drive line angle causing vibration. I said OK I have to check that out. I didn't drain my low points in time and they froze I have to pull the camper in the shop anyway. We just happen to have one of the farm trucks in there right now so I pull up side by side and get the creeper out. Sure as I'm sitting there they are different. So I call the guy I bought it from and asked if he changed anything. No he didn't think to change anything. So he walks over to his truck and says yea they are different angles but it never even crossed his mind that it would make a difference. I need to get a hold of Freightliner and find out exactly what the drive line angle is suppose to be then Figure out what mine is. I dont know exactly how to do that. I will be posting pictures below off my phone. They are not very good but if you know what you are looking at you will see there is a difference.
  10. I apologize if i came off as rude. That was not my intention. We have 5 trucks with fenders and I am somewhat of an expert at tearing them up. I Didn't have 200 miles on my new truck before I ruined one of the minimizers. I dropped a trailer on another truck in the winter below zero. Didn't even scratch them. So just because they are thicker dont mean they are stronger. But I realize we are not doing things with the HDT that I am doing with our work trucks. When I say I hope it works out for you I mean it. I am the last one you will find dogging on someones build. Heck almost everything on mine came out of a junk yard.
  11. I dont know about that. I would be worried about road debris shattering it. I hope it works out for you.
  12. jenandjon


    Thanks Glenn. The guy that singled it is helping me do some wheel seals this winter. We should be able to figure this out now. Sorry I didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  13. jenandjon


    How hard is that to do? Where is the box located? My freightliner was singled by the previous owner. I get a no abs message when I start it. I guess I just never worried about it.
  14. Ive been using Monroe on our farm trucks. Not by choice really. I call the parts store and say hey I need some shocks. The next day they get dropped off. Monroe every time.
  15. jenandjon


    Meh we put crossfires on all our farm trucks. They were great. Until you had to take one apart. They only lasted a couple years. I suppose on highway use only they would be fine. 2 or 3 years of gravel roads and salty highways didn't do them any good. I really like that when you did lose one tire it didn't let the other one go flat also.
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