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  1. Full body Paint job takes care of it too. 😀
  2. Ray I just went back and watched the video again, and I didn't find one place were either Jesse or Melissa complained about being told they needed to leave, but were more grateful that they were told that it had been closed, when the day before it was open. And Melissa said how courteous the Ranger was in letting them know that it had been closed.
  3. I look at their Vlog each week, sometimes i watch the whole thing and other times i click it off because I'm not interested in it. They like so many others make money from ads that run on them, and it is not unlike a lot of others that do the same thing. No one says you have to watch their blogs so....
  4. Same with ours this summer, several people stopped at our site and asked about ours, google wouldn't pull up Hitch Hiker. LOL
  5. Have you checked out Spacecraft RV, they build trailers like that. spacecraftmfg.com
  6. Scripts and Dish are in contract dispute, negotiations, or what ever they wan to call it, but our local ABC station says something about it every morning.
  7. Well, after taking it to a shop to have it looked at to figure out the problem, the mechanic said lets call Dexter to see if they had any ideas. we talked to the tech there and they said there is a computer board inside the actuator , and it was bad. You can't buy that, you have to buy a new actuator, so $700.00 and an hours work , everything is working again.
  8. Happy 4th to all whether traveling or hunkered down somewhere.
  9. I will do that tomorrow, but yes it keeps running after the cord is unplugged. Fluid was low in the reservoir, so i topped that off til it stopped taking more fluid, and it was over 6oz.
  10. i'm thinking of that, but we have pulled with this truck since we got it in August 2019.
  11. I am going to call Kansas RV tomorrow and talk to them. That is the service shop for NuWa.
  12. No, it was doing it before i changed it
  13. Yes, i replaced the breakaway switch a couple weeks ago because it was loose.
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