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  1. Home Depot because it is my store of habit, but when the DW is with me she wants Menards because it has such a variety of stuff women LOVE to look at. 😄 😁😁😁
  2. noteven, you would be Bobtailing
  3. The picture that posted was of the odometer
  4. Dutch, we are in Michigan, have the Dish Playmaker and receive Satellites 110,119 and 129.
  5. Thank you, i wasn't sure how it worked there.
  6. Thanks Chad, I followed Tipsy Marlin's daily videos, and can't wait to see more of them.
  7. Chad Is anyone going to post pictures of the rally or possibly a link on the WCR site.
  8. Just a general question, but does the state of South Dakota hold your original title to your vehicle when you register there, or do you hold it?
  9. Very nice looking rig. I like the vertical pin box move.
  10. We stayed at Pecan Park RV Resort, northeast of Jacksonville. Great park, right off I-95
  11. Insignia is under the Best Buy family, but they cannot sell them there for an RV as that one is exclusive to RV's, but they are so far behind in production that we had one ordered thru Kansas Rv, and they could not tell them when it would ship. We had ours ordered for 4 months before we found out that it never shipped.
  12. I just paid $3.39 gal at Tractor Supply in Canton Mich yesterday.
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