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  1. Boy I'll say. Trusting the PO to get this right is a crap shoot. In my experience they will keep forwarding mail even after you specifically tell them to stop. Whether online or in person.. it doesn't matter. If you want a separate mailing address then change it at the source. Do not trust the post office.
  2. I believe it's working now. I guess the best answer is just waiting it out, because Verizon "help" was no help at all.
  3. I drive a big truck and almost without fail the first question out of anyone's mouth is "what kind of fuel mileage do you get?" I answer politely, but what I really want to say is "I am comfortably retired and don't pay attention to fuel prices. I fuel up where it's convenient, not cheap. If I cared about fuel mileage I wouldn't be driving this, but just the same I am happy you get better mileage."
  4. I've been messing around with the cap on tank 2, and I think things are ok now.
  5. The tanks aren't always equalizing either.
  6. As far as I'm concerned the 'customer service reps' are just salespeople. Been having a problem with Verizon, but trying to get it solved has proven impossible. I love V's service coverage (my T mobile camping neighbors had to go to town for service) but other than that, not real pleased.
  7. It seems to work fine. And they're 2200s. If you need some data, the voltage with a/c running on 2 2200s is 122. With the a/c and micro running with the same 2, the voltage is 116, and the surge is noticeable as they spool up to start the micro. With all 3 gens running, the voltage with both a/c and MW is 118, and there's little if any surge dip.
  8. I'm finding every search parameter under the sun, but have not yet found how to search a particular user's posts for a keyword.
  9. Just 3 extension cords with hots and neutrals connected at at 30a socket. The 1000 is parallel ready.
  10. Added a 1000 to my two Honda 2200s today. Parallel just fine (with homemade wires). Why did I do this? The 2200s weren't quite enough to run air and MW at the same time without surging, but adding the 1k is just the antidote. And the 1000 is SO quiet and light and cute, I may use it for occasional charging when the sun is away. So why do I need to run MW and air at the same time? Dinner time is usually hot in the summer, and I often need MW for that, and I don't want to lose AC.
  11. Thanks.. I'll see what SC has to say. They may be getting tired of hearing about my problems.
  12. The problems with this truck just never end. 2008 FL Sportchassis Cummins 8.3L When the truck is parked on a slope, facing uphill, it takes a lot of cranking to start. Anyone know why?
  13. What's dumb and immaterial is when there's 6 pages of a thread with the questions already asked and answered, but each new 'customer service' rep doesn't read any of it, and only responds to the last person reporting the same trouble. That gets very annoying. I call it the "thoughts and prayers" response, because it's obvious they don't know how to help.
  14. Well if that's the case the hacker certainly has a sense of humor. Vtext has slowly improved and only minor delays, no thanks to Verizon employees who insist on asking the same dumb questions over and over.
  15. Oh Joy! Both cab and rear bags stayed inflated all night, and the system lost only 50lb. I don't know what you guys experience, but losing 'only' 50lb overnight' is a major improvement for this truck.
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