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  1. Fauci and his children, if you can believe that, have 24/7 security. This is some sick stuff. From what I've seen, the internet experts expect science to be perfect, to know everything, and when it doesn't, that's their ticket to dismiss it and make up whatever conspiracies they want.
  2. I never thought I'd be living in a time where science and medicine were just "opinions", and the media would be blamed for being the messenger. It's a very strange world now.
  3. I don't think fusing solar panels is necessary.
  4. The kids would, it's the parents who wouldn't let them. Nobody doubted vaccines when I was young. Misinformation and fear spread like wildfire now. It seems there's this new attitude toward science that if it isn't perfect, it's no good. I've heard Fauci get blamed for giving "bad" advice (at first) about a mask. Yeah, so what? It's a new disease and we're all learning. Mr Gohmert went on Glenn Beck's program and actually blamed the mask (or his handling of it) for getting Covid. Denial is a powerful emotion.
  5. Posted last September. I guess he's not coming back.
  6. I was able to find that at the 3rd store I tried, but no Pepsi. This old body can't tolerate much caffeine.
  7. I can find every kind of Pepsi except what I want.
  8. Many strange shortages. First, the TP. Then coins. Now, aluminum, mainly having to do with pop cans. I can't find my favorite Pepsi beverage, but the shelves still look plenty well stocked with thousands of other aluminum cans. I guess Diet Pepsi caffeine-free isn't a top seller.
  9. It's getting to look that way. I know that Republicans hate change, but I didn't know to what extent. Now that we have this wonderful thing we call the internet, with the world's knowledge at our fingertips, what's it being used for? Conspiracy theories (aka fake news) and vile hatred.
  10. From the news I see this has pretty much boiled down to Republicans against Democrats. I don't understand that. Viruses don't know the difference.
  11. If you camp with the toad connected, use 50
  12. That would be it. Perhaps they aren't, I mean ain't, scared 'o nothin' they cain't see.
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