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  1. Every 3,000 miles on a Cummins 8.3L diesel at 50 quarts would get a bit expensive.
  2. I'm sure if the public can accept carrying around a tub full of gasoline it can accept a battery.
  3. I can only recall getting one. Not that I need it.
  4. Elon may have competition from new internet companies like Access...something which I found at Las Vegas Bay CG a few months ago. Darn fast, and if you pay a week it's only $2/day. Also the KOA at Avi Casino recently upgraded theirs and it's really good. But, I'm sure he wouldn't be going into this strictly for the benefit of Rvers! Visible sounds great, but it's hard for me to wrap my head around something that's "just as good" for $40/mo instead of $100. I've been burned before on "good deals"!!
  5. Yeah, well, this thread's gone off the rails. Have fun.
  6. I camp in places like Quartzsite where my cat wouldn't even come near your campsite. Cats bury shit. You don't know cats very well. Some people actually like cats and welcome them to their sites, it's so unusual to see. Unfortunately it looks like that isn't this kind of crowd. Besides, this is for the OP, not the 'get off my lawn' crowd. I should know better than to ever mention this on any board, or to anyone, ever.
  7. I have an 11yo female traveling cat companion who loves the RV life. I do let her out by herself, even at night, when it's warm enough. She loves that, and I've found many campgrounds where there is little risk of predators...so far at least. I don't sleep real well when she's out, as I get up about every 2 hours to check on her, but so far we're good. And I do walk with her, unleashed, during the day. I love to watch her climb trees and run. Took a couple years for us to get that down. I do see cats camping from time to time, but they're almost always inside or harnessed. That's fin
  8. He told me about the frequency drift...but I'm not clear on what causes it.. unless it's just high demand which what, causes the turbine to spin slower? I guess this is the technique used in paralleled Honda generators... but certainly not by engine rpm.
  9. I watch a you tube series called "Practical Engineering" and learn all kinds of stuff. He went into a very detailed explanation of what happened in Texas, and I was surprised to learn that power problems have more to do with the frequency (Hz) than actual power availability. He explained that if the Hz drift below 59.4 for a certain period of just minutes, things start shutting down. I guess that frequency drop can cause some big problems. I trust this guy and I hope he's correct.
  10. That's cruel, especially in cold weather. Cats and dogs get cold just like we do.
  11. I think I'm going to have to write a paper letter to Amazon to get through to anyone. I'm hoping I can find an online site that does this, since I would have to hunt for paper and envelopes. I do have stamps from the 90s.
  12. I did. That was almost worse. The man was obviously of Indian descent with a heavy accent, hard to understand, and put me on hold for over 3 minutes. I hung up.
  13. Even a rich company like Amazon hires know-nothing chat clerks who are paid to listen, not understand the problem, assure you it won't happen again, and say your complaint will be passed up the chain.
  14. Just got off a chat with Amazon. The tech "assured" me this wouldn't happen again. Yeah, right.
  15. I had a gas can delivered to my house yesterday by UPS, no problem. Not an Amazon order. Perhaps Jeff doesn't have a trillion dollars yet so he's having UPS contract out to the post office to save a dollar on the delivery. It occurs to me I may be able to get around this nonsense by ordering from somewhere else.. but then I'd be waiting longer for the item to actually ship. That's how it usually goes.
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