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  1. I've heard all kinds of 'I don't trust it' stories over the years. In the 90s my credit union was the first bank I heard of to go online. I jumped on that immediately, but most everyone was nervous about it. I thought.. "why would a respected financial institution do this if it was fraught with errors?" Answer: they wouldn't. Then came Amazon, and all the fears about having your credit card numbers "out there" for all to see. Again, no problem. Just a few months ago I talked to a man who mentioned he had to visit the bank. I made a comment about "who goes into banks anymore?
  2. My gas and electric bills are different every month. My water company is still in the 19th century and sends monthly paper bills. It's a real pita vs autopay.
  3. I will continue to use auto pay until I have a reason not to. What drives me nuts is the medical profession, whose billing still remains on paper after all these years.
  4. I find it difficult to understand why, after all these years of computing, keyboard layouts still do not have the degree symbol, but are replete with a lot of other weird characters that only programmers use.
  5. That's right.. it's a risk assessment which is a decision we all make as opposed to "oh no, if I use that wifi my bank account will surely be drained." It's kinda like propane.. some will travel with it on (me), some won't, and some won't even have propane in their rigs. Each of us decides what we can live with.
  6. Your actual chances of being hacked on a public wifi like Starbucks are almost zero. Your bank connection is perfectly secure, it's just the connection from your computer to the router that isn't, which means you have to have the incredibly bad luck to pick a place where a hacker is waiting. Be as safe as you can, of course, but don't assume that your 10 minutes of activity is in any sort of real jeopardy. I know the warnings, but I have never seen a report of anyone being hacked. It's not like some random coffee place is a gold mine waiting to be gutted. I think it's prudent to
  7. He never said why? What do you look like? Long hair, beard, tats, shabby clothes...? sometimes they profile based on your looks. Radical bumper stickers, flags, questionable running condition?
  8. I could go completely paperless if my 1099 was online like it was until a couple years ago. My employer stopped doing that without a word of explanation. I've asked, but nobody's talking.
  9. My check register still shows payments from 20 years ago. About the only time I'll actually write one is at a self-pay campground.
  10. Just don't give police any reason to stop you and you'll be fine. I've even gone through checkpoints that have dogs and had no problem, and I carry real weed.
  11. Yes, I read the whole post, indicating he has the bank issue checks and gets paper bills. Perhaps that's not what he meant. Perhaps he will answer. Not sure how you travel and get paper bills.
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