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  1. I'm not familiar with that size spec. Tires done, crisis averted! Thanks all.
  2. I pulled off onto the shoulder towing a 5th wheel. What looked like a normal dirt shouler was mud! I sank to my axles and thought the RV would fall over. I barely had cell service to call road service, but within 10 minutes some Mexicans showed up in pickup trucks. They chained me up and by some miracle were able to get me out. Not a fun day, but we survived. No more pulling off onto unknown ground.
  3. thanks..that may result in nearly the same diameter as the -80, but, there's only 3" between my duallies as it is
  4. Tire shop just called, said they'll be here this week! Yay! Would hate to head south with that on my mind.
  5. Well, that's where they do big trucks. I'm a big truck.
  6. There's a big tire shop at Love's in Quartzsite. I'm hoping to have success there.
  7. The door sticker says 255-80. It's getting moot as they are difficult to come by. I'm actually entertaining the idea of putting a set of 255-70 Falkens on there and wait out the shortage of Michelins.
  8. Thanks. The speedo reads too fast as it is (actual 55 is about 58), so I pretty much use the GPS as my speedometer.
  9. I would hope so. Isn't this just a "semi" tire that any truck shop should have? About 3". The tread width is the first number, isn't it? 255 mm is about 10", but the actual tread with is more like 7.5". Not even close.
  10. Needing 4 Michelin 255-80-r22.5 for my 2008 m2 -106 Sportchassis. Steers are fine. I'm hearing everything from they're discontinued, to back order, to 'we have them but transportation issues getting here.' Tirerack dot com says 'Backordered.' And I can't seem to find anyone who has anything decent in any other brand in that size. The best I could do was a Falken tire (cheap) from a dirty, pig-sty of a tire shop. At about 1/3 of the price of a Michelin I'm just slightly skeptical. And another shop wants to sell me Toyos that are a different size, claiming the 'sizes are different from each maker'. That's sounds fishy to me, but I could go measure them myself. So... what to do? Anyone out there with similar issues? Can I put a 255-70 on there without too much disruption? It never pays to wait to the last minute for truck issues. Trying to head south.
  11. Last fall I found a couple RV parks with good enough wifi to stream.
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