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  1. I thought it was about new campground design.
  2. Got here yesterday. Have to endure a couple days of heat before it cools down. Trees, bushes are barely hanging on with all the heat and presumably no rain. We need some rain!
  3. Yes, 18 years with my wonderful 2002 Okanagan 5th wheel. I'm on the road 7 months of the year, and my cabinets are still on the walls and my roof is still in great shape. I guess it was about a year of ownership before I got fed up with RV parks and purchased 3- 120w carry-around panels. That got old real fast, they're bulky and heavy, so I put them on the roof with big screws and lots of Dicor. Made sure I could tilt them for winter use. I started with 4 - T105 batteries, then moved up to 8 because I'm a big power user. Then went to 8 AGMs when got tired of adding water. Boy that's heavy. Now I have a 100ah 48v LifePo battery pack (135lb) which I'm hoping will be the last battery I ever buy. I have 6 panels which is about the limit on my roof. I've been through several inverters, including a Xantrex, Cotek, something else I can't remember, and now an Outback 3400w, which is a monster and hopefully the last inverter I'll ever buy. I've been through 12v, 24v, passed on 36v and now running 48v with a Victron 48v->12v 30a converter to supply 12v to the coach. The nice thing about that is it's a constant 12.8v, no wild fluctuations from a 12v converter. For shore charging I have a couple Schauer 48v golf cart 17a chargers. The company modified them for my LifoPo free of charge. Oh, I forgot I did have another panel fail, but I left it up there and glued a flexible panel over the top of it. I can't recall why I didn't have it replaced under warranty. It wasn't a BP..some Chinese brand maybe. It's a pain to get up there and replace a panel, and the flexible ones are pretty cheap so maybe that's why. I don't want to put a flexible panel directly on the roof because they get very hot. My panels are in series, running anywhere from 80 to over 100 volts. I like that because I do not like combiner boxes and fat wire, and the Outback 60amp controller handles it just fine.
  4. x2. I don't think RV technicians know much of anything about electricity. If you want it installed by someone else, it may behoove you to design it yourself, or have a reputable solar dealer do it. I think it's a good idea to really understand your system, like what voltages are where and why the wires are a certain size. As a regular boondocker I wouldn't even consider it sans solar. I have 830w, which works out just about right for microwave, toaster, TV, and all other uses. I do have to admit I get a bit irritated when I find myself camped near someone who has to run a generator to watch TV. Generators are a lot easier to understand than solar and inverters.. I guess that's why. The only generator needs I have are for air con. With a 48v LifePo battery I can run my air con on the road to keep the cat cool, but not for very long. The neatest thing about solar is it charges your batteries at full power going down the road. In 18 years I've had one BP panel short out, and BP replaced it without question. The foil connections can overheat and burn out. You can see that happening on the front (and back) of the panel... it's a brown spot. Never a problem with leaks.
  5. I don't think I'll have any problem finding a spot in Quartzsite.
  6. The last time I deleted cookies I had a lot of problems. The forum is behaving now..so I'm touching nothing but cache.
  7. Forum is not letting me in darn near every day, wants me to log in. However, if I go to My content first, then I'm recognized. Is this another one of those "clear your cache' things?
  8. Looks like temps will start to drop about Oct 9. I plan on going then.
  9. New truck blowing through 2 transmissions? What's wrong?
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