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  1. I went on Medicare last year and found the videos from Boomer Benefits very helpful. I have worked in healthcare all my life and still learned a few things I did not know. One thing I also learned this year is that if you have an HSA account, you cannot use that to pay for a supplement. I have a high deductible G plan which is a low premium and it worked out better for me since the medical expenses before I reach my high deductible can be paid from my HSA account.
  2. You might want to find the nonprofits in the area you want to be or state parks and call around. Not everyone would have RV parking but you never know what might pop up.
  3. I have a lot in an Escapee Coop Park and there is a clubhouse with WIFI available. There is really no private area to setup to work but I was able to setup a workspace in my shed as a leaseholder. However when school started I could not hold a connection long enough for internet phone calls.
  4. I live in a B fulltime. Researching options with more space. It has been a confining year with COVID. I have found some TT plans with no dinette.
  5. Is there a particular brand of Class C RV that is made with no dinette. I find them very uncomfortable and they take up alot of room. I know you can maybe remove them but sometimes there are essential RV components hidden under them Thank you
  6. It had been discussed in WA news to open the border for Canadians to cross but not US to go into Canada. Not sure if that happened but I am seeing more license plates.
  7. I am seeing some Canadian license plates in WA campgrounds. Welcome Back
  8. Wandering Labs is a free search tool for RV cancellations in parks that I am trying. There are others that are rated higher but I did not want to pay for the service. I think part of the issue with parks that do not have a limit on the length of stay is that they are becoming residential mobile home parks with RVs. That I do not see changing with the cost of housing.
  9. Linda I do know that parking is part of the issue. My little Class B takes much less electric than a couple in a larger rig and I am not usually in the park on my days off so I have offered them to rent out my site and even dry camp if need be. Supply and demand. I am finding some parks wanting to hire local and not give a parking spot at all.
  10. So I am working a temporary position at a hospital hired to work 20 hours a week in a state that has a $13.69 min wage I have done workamping in the past in many states for $10 but as a single am not able to find jobs that allow you to work only 20 hours a week. The total hours we are working has been cut since we have had trouble finding enough staff from 7 days a week 12 hours to 5 days a week 8 hours. Now I am only getting 7 hours a week. People are moving up to better wages and benefits in other hospital positions. I prefer the temp position but would like a few more hours. Next month someone else may quit and that may happen. It is a changing situation. I wish there were more opportunities for paid workamping at 20 hours a week for a single. Maybe employers need to be a bit more creative in their requirements
  11. If you become an Elks Club member there are good affordable RV parking options. I don't think the newer younger campers have discovered this yet Casinos are another option. casinocamper.com Faithfulparking.com is a new option starting in churches
  12. I am sure it is full by now. Near Pensacola FL
  13. I would suggest to those looking for help to lower the number of hours required to this older population. I realize that there is a limitation on the availability of RV sites which is why some singles are also overlooked but it may be time to be a little creative.
  14. They have been pumping gas throughout the pandemic when I have traveled. I believe rural areas have been exempted since before the pandemic since it was difficult for them to staff 24/7.
  15. I copied it from RV Lifestyles by Mike Wendland. Why are authorities shutting down boondocking? This is a reason why authorities are shutting down boondocking For starters, consider these recent stories about the shutting down of boondocking areas: · In Oregon, Trash, Human Waste, Forces Authorities on Oregon to Shut Down Dispersed Camping · In Utah overnight camping has been banned in Middle Fork because of trash, vandalism and rowdyism · Popular Colorado area closed to dispersed camping Those are just three examples. There are many more, from all over the US. There is a detailed interview with Drivin and Vibin More boondocking sites are shut down indefinitely. Here's the info: https://drivinvibin.com/.../wma-imposes-boondocking-ban.../ More boondocking sites are shut down indefinitely. Here's the info: https://drivinvibin.com/.../wma-imposes-boondocking-ban.../
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