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  1. I am sure it is full by now. Near Pensacola FL
  2. I would suggest to those looking for help to lower the number of hours required to this older population. I realize that there is a limitation on the availability of RV sites which is why some singles are also overlooked but it may be time to be a little creative.
  3. They have been pumping gas throughout the pandemic when I have traveled. I believe rural areas have been exempted since before the pandemic since it was difficult for them to staff 24/7.
  4. I copied it from RV Lifestyles by Mike Wendland. Why are authorities shutting down boondocking? This is a reason why authorities are shutting down boondocking For starters, consider these recent stories about the shutting down of boondocking areas: · In Oregon, Trash, Human Waste, Forces Authorities on Oregon to Shut Down Dispersed Camping · In Utah overnight camping has been banned in Middle Fork because of trash, vandalism and rowdyism · Popular Colorado area closed to dispersed camping Those are just three examples. There are many more
  5. Temp agencies seem to work with employers rather than individuals. I have seen jobs advertised on Indeed that have happened to be recruiting through an agency. Use temporary as a search item. I believe the Beet Harvests are done through a temp agency and I have worked as a contact tracer through a temp agency. Cruise ships sometimes hire shore staff through temp agencies but not this year.
  6. I saw on Volunteer.gov that camp hosts are being recruited for Fort Pickens campground for the fall. Nice place if you are looking
  7. Sounds like the Johnson and Johnson single dose vaccine is in process soon. The single dose will be much easier for those of us traveling. Hope we have that choice
  8. The latest from Escapees for those of us traveing. The most frequently asked question among RVers about the coronavirus vaccine is, “can I receive the vaccine in a state if I’m a resident of a different state?” So far, we are not aware of any state that has explicitly imposed residency requirements or required patients to show proof of residency. And at least two states, Arizona and Florida, have specifically said that residency will not be a requirement for vaccination in their states While the vaccines are still in short supply, Escapees recommends that once RVers receive thei
  9. Burdened Arizona hospitals turn away ambulances, transfers https://apnews.com/article/public-health-arizona-coronavirus-pandemic-doug-ducey-b7ae89f2a67c1e8731d02624939b6f46 Just an FYI in response to this comment earilier " If some one needs urgent care in Parker or in the outlying areas they will load them on to a life flight and fly them to Tucson or Phoenix." SInce the AP article hospitals have eliminated elective procedures to try to help. Also if you have SKymed you are required to have a negative COVID test before you are allowed to be flown out. (see discussion under health
  10. Drivin and VIbn just put out a list of 10 over run Boondocking spots on 12/17. One of the sites in Quartzsite is listed (Plumosa Rd) as well as Craggy Wash in Lake Havasuhttps://drivinvibin.com/2020/12/17/boondocking-spots-overrun/Every January, this area is a mecca for RVers. Thousands gather for the annual RV trade show. This particular site is popular among boondockers for much of the year, except for when the extreme desert heat drives them toward colder climes. With record crowds, it’s obvious that many RV enthusiasts decided this year to find out what all the fuss is about.
  11. I was looking into Skymed. It appears that should I need transport I cannot be transported if I have COVID. I was thinking about it now since the hospitals where I am are full and it would be nice to have the option to be transported back to my home state. Guess that is not currently an option. Even if you end up in the hospital in an emergency accident it is probably pretty likely you could test positive at this point in time. Any comments about Skymed for future reference after COVID. Anyone with current experience using the service in the pandemic
  12. The area I saw was closer to the Pleasant Valley Airport on the north side of the highway. Just dirt with about 5 RVs scattered
  13. I drove by an area a few miles west of the Ben Avery shooting range where there were RVs parked on what I assume is BLM land. How do I know that this is BLM land and is there any permit required if you just stay a night. I have not done BLM camping since many areas have rough roads. This was right off the highway. I do not see it on the online BLM map
  14. The good sam website might be able to help. Some parks do not allow long term parking so you will need to check. The ones that do seem to be permanently full
  15. I might check out some parks in my wanderings the next couple of months around Idaho for future reference. What parks would you recommend if I wanted to volunteer in Visitor Centers as a single. I prefer not to have alot of cleaning responsibilities Thanks for the info
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