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  1. The good sam website might be able to help. Some parks do not allow long term parking so you will need to check. The ones that do seem to be permanently full
  2. I might check out some parks in my wanderings the next couple of months around Idaho for future reference. What parks would you recommend if I wanted to volunteer in Visitor Centers as a single. I prefer not to have alot of cleaning responsibilities Thanks for the info
  3. Since there are some socially distanced events starting to pop up with Escapees are their any chapter events starting to reschedule events
  4. I like the Oxygenics as well but put a shut off valve in line near the head to easily shut the water off. I prefer not to use my shower because of the small size but with COVID now many of the showers are closed and I would not want to use them anyway. I take a shower at night and allow my curtain to dry out open overnight and run the fan. A squeegee to wick the water off the walls and direct it to the floor drain works well too
  5. A company called Westat hires retired teaching to do testing in the schools and pay for your travel. NAEP is the project. You do that have to be a licensed educator.
  6. I think the network with us working remote just has too many people on it. I do seem better today. After 5pm yesterday the upload and download speeds soared. I am not in a business area but we are working via computer network and when onedrive kicks in I get kicked out at times.
  7. How can I tell if my provider has throttled me down for usage from last week to this week? I can see it today is slow but wondering if this is going to impact my work from now on? ATT mobley but have not had this issue before Thank you
  8. I had been wondering how the folks in Livingston were after I heard about the MD that had exposed a number to the virus. I volunteered at CARE in Jan.
  9. I have a lot at Evergreen Coho. It was in the $13,000 range but depends on if there have been improvements made to the shed which I think is capped around $6000. You also pay a yearly maintenance fee which is close to $2000 a year. If in the rental pool you can get up to about half of that back depending on how many in the pool and the time of year your lot is in the rental pool. There can be assessments and the maintenance fees can also increase. I pay monthly electric. I believe there are 180 on the list and I believe the deposit is $1000. I was 56 on the list a few years ago and the list has more than tripled since then. It took me a little over a year to get to the top of the list but I was expecting 3-5 years.
  10. Check out volunteer.gov They can probably use extra help in the campgrounds to get them open
  11. I usually limit my assignment duties in the area of rule enforcement and housekeeping. I am waiting to hear if my paid position will happen near Glacier that is office registration. I guess it would depend on what backup you have if things get overwhelming.
  12. Just hope that those who choose not to wear a mask or whatever other guidance is requested when out in public at least respect the business right to make that request. I am hearing about violent behavior, employees refusing to come to work and the business ends up closing again because of the behavior of their customers. Requesting no shoes no shirt no service didn't get everyone so angry
  13. I have a lot that is often rented out at Evergreen Coho. I picked this area because I feel I could live here year round if I needed to since I am not a fan of hot weather. I am usually there in the winter and feel like they have enough activities to suit my taste even in the winter. The area has a wealth of music options as well and I love riding the ferry system. Did not consider Sutherlin because they have no shower facilities option in the clubhouse.
  14. I have heard they are looking for land in Colorado but zoning has been a problem. It is something that might be geared toward folks that are still working and may still have children.
  15. The post said NYC and was asking for RV parks near NYC
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