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  1. The 10 foot garages will only fit the smaller SXS’s. Same with carrying them crosswise on an HDT. The RZR 900s is about the same footprint as a Smart car and there is one of our members that has both and can carry either one in either location. The bigger, sportier SXS’s (like Can Am X3’s and RZR Turbos) need a bigger garage and won’t fit crosswise on an HDT because they are quite a bit longer and wider than a Smart.
  2. Let me know when your ready Rod. 😉
  3. Chad Heiser

    Drom box

    I’m jealous. Very nice work.
  4. The first thing I see is you can’t mix batteries of different ratings like that. The lower rated battery will affect the ratings of the larger battery. Also, if your batteries are actually wired the way your diagram shows, you have some voltage issues as well. You can’t mix two differently rated 12 volt batteries into a 24 volt bank like that. If that is the way your batteries are truly wired, I’m surprised you haven’t fried something. You need to take the third 100 ah 12 volt battery and the 70 ah 12 volt battery out of the system. If you want to increase the size of your 24 volt battery bank you need a fourth of the 12 volt 100 amp hour gel batteries and it needs to be wired in series with the third battery. That series pair then needs to be wired in parallel with the first series pair. Your positive and negative connections for your components then need to go between the positive terminal of the first series pair and the negative terminal of the second series pair so the batteries are used more uniformly. Finally, I assume the rest of your coach is 12 volt (like lights, RV fridge, jacks, RV water heater, slides, etc.), so you need some way to step back down to 12 volt from the 24 volt battery bank to run those items. This is usually accomplished with a 24 volt DC to 12 volt DC converter. It can also be done by running a separate 12 volt battery bank Independant of the 24 volt bank to run your 12 volt appliances, leaving the 24 volt bank just to power your inverter. Of course doing that requires two separate charging systems, one 12 volt and one 24 volt.
  5. Another delay kept me off the internet for a day and a half. We had a wonderful PSPS event here. That is a Public Safety Power Shutoff where the power company de-energizes the power lines due to a high wind event to prevent fires. I love living in California. Retirement has been nice. It finally set in a week or so ago when I was finally retired longer than the longest vacation of my career. It didn’t hurt that my first retirement check also finally showed up. With my router, I have to connect to the router wirelessly via WiFi. I then go to a specified IP address that points to the router’s set up page. The router does not have to be connected to the internet for this to work. On the set up page, I can point the router to my hotspot and enter the hotspot login information. I can also set up the local wireless network the router creates to rebroadcast the hotspot network. It is all fairly straight forward once on the router’s set up page. The set up page IP address was in the instructions that came with the router. I now have that address saved as a favorite in my browser so I can get to it easily.
  6. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. We were at an RV park with no cell signal and less than reliable WiFi for the last two weeks so I wasn’t on the forum during that time. Did you get your stuff hooked up? When I connected my mobley to my linksys router, I used my iPad to connect to the routers start page. I then pointed the router to the mobley for Internet access and set up the WiFi network for my other devices to connect to.
  7. I was off line for the last two weeks out at the coast in one of our favorite RV parks. We love the area, but there is no cell signal to be had at the park and the park WiFi is not much better. Roofman did send me a pm and I responded to him. For the rest of the group, I will say it is technically illegal to convert a road tractor to RV title in California. There are specific codes that prevent it and there has even been a court case on the subject that upheld the codes. Of course that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. There are still a few people who have gotten it through, but it is typically done by importing an HDT with an RV title from another state. Even then it is still a crap shot on who you go to to get it registered and verified. Sometime in the last few years, the state even updated the VIN verification form with a statement saying you can’t convert a road tractor to RV. Not great news for prospective California HDTers.
  8. Battle Born has had a self heating battery option for a while. I believe a few other manufacturers also offer the option.
  9. Micro Air has a nice replacement digital thermostat that should meet your requirements. I didn’t look to see if it is specifically compatible with your unit, but if I were in the market for a new RV thermostat, that is the first place I would look.
  10. I have it in every vehicle I own, including my RZR. It is great to not have to scan for local channels when traveling to a new area. I don’t experience the compression issues that others have mentioned. All the stuff I listen to is crystal clear and sounds great. I haven’t listened to regular radio in years. On edit, I should say I haven’t listened to regular radio in a vehicle I own in years. I did listen to regular radio in my former employer’s vehicles or in other people’s vehicles as a passenger. If I have access to my XM, I will always choose it over terrestrial radio.
  11. I second Dutch’s sentiment. While driving, I rarely check the TPMS display. I will check it before starting out and after arriving at a location. I will occasionally glance at it while in motion to get an idea where whatever set of tires happens to be on the display is at temperature and pressure wise. I am familiar enough with my rig and it’s tires that I can spot something out of the ordinary range before it alarms this way. Mostly though, I let the system do it’s job and notify me when there is something amiss by alarming. I have the TST system which is designed for the commercial trucking industry and it is very reliable and accurate. I often double tow and it monitors my truck and both trailers without issue. On the smallish displays that come with all the TPMS systems I have seen, I don’t think it would be possible to read the necessary tire data for the number of tires I monitor (usually 10 and sometimes 12) if they were all on the display at the same time. Just my $0.02.
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