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  1. Thank you. I'm hoping the wine tour will sort itself out. We will see what happens.
  2. Thank you. Thank you. I have collecting information for a lot of years. Now I have somewhere to put it. 😁
  3. It has been a couple weeks since I posted anything about the rally. I am sitting at my desk working on the schedule and a few other odds and ends for the rally and wanted to put out an update. As of today (2-21-21) I have 48 registrations for the rally with 96 total people planning to attend. This will be by far the biggest WCR to date. Of the 48 registrations, 43 of those are reserved at Ambassador, 4 are reserved at a nearby RV park (which I learned this morning is also now full the week of the rally) and 1 is staying at a local motel. In addition to these registrations, I have a gr
  4. I know what you mean. I am still young (relatively) and hope to have many more years of use out of my rig(s). I'm still under 50 (for a few more months) and my goal is to spend at least as long in retirement travel as I spent working 😉. Usage also make s a big difference. Once I retire and can get out of vacation mode travel, my battery usage will change considerable. We will transition to longer trips and more boondocking in retirement. Lithium definitely benefits that type of travel, not to mention the weight savings so I can carry other stuff. It will be nice to reduce the weight of
  5. Just as an aside, the reasons I am currently leaning toward ReLion batteries are: 1. The company is a well established player in the battery world and has been around for a "long" (in the Lithium world) time. 2. They construct their batteries out of multiple individual small cylindrical cells rather than larger prismatic cells. Basically, with many small cylindrical cells, a few cells in an individual battery can go bad and still allow the battery to function. With a battery constructed from larger prismatic cells, if one cell goes bad the battery is no longer viable. 3. Re
  6. That is if you only have one battery. As you add additional batteries, you get an additional 100 amp hour draw per battery. I am looking at potentially 4 of those batteries, allowing up to 400 amp draws from the 1200 amp bank. That 400 amp potential draw should allow for running pretty much anything.
  7. Nice. I forgot about those batteries. I looked at there website a while back and liked them.
  8. I'll keep that in mind. I am currently leaning toward Relion 300 amp hour batteries, but that could change in the next year or so.
  9. Which batteries are you looking at? Is that 600 amp hour total?
  10. Chad Heiser

    My Bed design

    Looking good. I've got some ideas for my new bed that I have been building (in my head) for some time. I don't think I will be doing the actual work myself though. I wish I had the skill and the metal working tools to do it myself, but I guess it is good to do my part to keep the economy going and pay someone else to do it too. 😁
  11. We don't specifically have trucks available for sale, but we have had attendees who have had their personal trucks for sale in the past. There is someone I am talking with who may come to the rally to show trucks he builds to suit customer needs as well.
  12. In theory I am all in on building my own battery, but in practice I really like the convenience of an OEM drop in. I still don’t really have the need for lithium based on our current travel style. Once retirement comes, our travel will change and thus our needs will change. It is hard to justify the switch currently when I have a perfectly good AGM bank of 1040 amp hours that meets our needs. When we start spending multiple weeks/months boondocking at a time, then the lithium will win out for me.
  13. I have wanted to make the switch to lithium since before the OEM drop in replacements hit the market. There are a lot of benefits to lithium that would make my travels much nicer. The only thing stopping me is my shall we say “frugal” wife. 😉 I think next fall/winter, I will finally have worn her down enough to let the purse strings loose a bit. The fact I will probably be retired by then and we will be able to use the trailer for more extended trips with her now being able to work remotely is also helping. We’ll see what happens the end of this year. One can always hope.
  14. We spent 10 days or so in Quartzsite. Only had good sun for about half those days. We were watching our power usage because of that, but not being overly cautious. I probably ran the generator for maybe 8 hours total in ten days. I didn’t track it exactly, but somewhere in there. My wife worked for a day or two from the RV during the time as well. It was also chilly at night while we were there, so the heater ran off and on most nights. If we hadn’t had so much cloud cover I wouldn’t have needed the generator near as much. I would guess maybe a quarter of what I used. Also, if I had l
  15. So as a follow up, I am back from Quartzsite and have some updated data. Unfortunately we only had a couple of days of full sun while we were there, so the data is not conclusive. With my rig and my buddies rig sitting end to end in a line facing basically east/west with the exact same panels and exact same solar controller (PT-100), I was able to do some comparisons. My trailer's panels are wired in two parallel strings of three panels in series (2P3S). My buddies trailer's panels are wired in three parallel strings of two panels in series (3P2S). His battery bank is smaller than mine so
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