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  1. Netflix doesn't work that way. When Netflix releases a series (or adds a series to its library) all the episodes are available immediately. There is nothing to record on an ongoing basis like with broadcast TV or Satellite TV. Through the Netflix App you can download content to watch later when you do not have internet available. This is easy to do from the app on an IOS or Android device. Then if you wish to view that downloaded program on your television, simply cast it from your device to the TV or directly connect your device to the TV. On edit: Netflix will add seasons to shows on an ongoing (annual or whatever schedule) basis, but again when the new season is available all the episodes for that season will immediately be available. They don't release them one by one or weekly like broadcast TV or Satellite TV.
  2. I went down this road several years ago. I built an enclosure for a generator and used all kinds of methods to vent and insulate it. I had multiple iterations of the enclosure (Styrofoam insulation, vents, powered vent fans, mufflers, openings in the enclosure, etc.), but I could never sufficiently vent the heat from the enclosure and ultimately the generator would over heat or shut down. Granted, I was working with a larger generator than a Honda EU3000, but it was still a losing battle. When I had my Honda EU3000, I didn't worry about an enclosure. That generator was quiet enough that it was never a thought to try to enclose it.
  3. That's what I get as well. Bob, Don't forget about the weight taken off (unloaded from) the front axle because of the hitch being behind the rear axle. You can't just subtract the original rear axle weight from the second rear axle weight without factoring in the weight moved from the front axle to the rear axle with the cantilever from the hitch placement. You either figure pin weight the way stripit did by subtracting the original total truck weight (19240 lbs) from the second total truck weight (22220 lbs) or the way you did by subtracting the original rear axle weight (8400 lbs) from the second rear axle weight (12160 lbs) and then subtracting the weight moved from the front axle to the rear axle from the cantilever of the hitch placement (780 lbs). 22220 - 19240 = 2980 or 12160 - 8400 - 780 = 2980
  4. We will be heading to Quartzite in January, but only for 10 days or so (we both still work full time). We went last year for the first time and had a blast hanging out with some of our friends, especially being able to take off on the RZR's right from camp. It will most likely become an annual thing with us. We are looking forward to retirement so we can spend more time at places like that in the future.
  5. Congratulations again. You should really enjoy that set up.
  6. Chad Heiser

    Gps for hdt

    It sounds like you are set on getting a stand alone Garmin, but I will say that I use a CoPilot app on my iPad and it works great. I like the larger screen on the iPad vs a stand alone GPS device and with the CoPilot app, I can also enter the rig dimensions to keep me off roads I should not be on. So far (several years of part time use) it has worked very well for me and has not led me astray yet. It is also cheaper than a stand alone unit since I already had the iPad and just bought the app to use on it.
  7. It depends on the motor home. Some have heated storage compartments and some do not. Even if the compartments are not heated, they should at least be insulated. If they are insulated, it would take some sustained cold temperatures to affect the lithium batteries. Being that you will be using this motor home as a vacation rig, it will be unlikely you will be in areas that will be cold enough for long enough to worry about.
  8. For the type of set up you are proposing, put the inverter in line after the existing transfer switch between it and the power panel. This way the generator can be used to charge batteries as needed.
  9. Just be aware that a propane generator will use A Lot of propane if run 24/7. Depending on how big your propane tank is, it may be your limiting factor on how long you can stay.
  10. Chad Heiser

    Bad air leak

    My air connection is on the wet tank. Works great. I ran some hose from the wet tank to the back of the cab on the drivers side where the bed meets the cab and mounted a quick connect fitting there. I also added a ball valve as insurance in case the quick connect ever started leaking.
  11. Very similar results with the tires on my 5er.
  12. A bit off topic, but what are you using to draw those diagrams? I am looking for a program to help me with stuff like that.
  13. Chad Heiser

    Bad air leak

    If your Freightliner bags are anything like my Kenworth bags, keeping sun off them won't matter. My cab air bags get zero sun based on the way my bed is mounted. What killed my bags was staying folded over for extended periods (i.e. no air in them). Now that they stay aired up most of the time, I haven't had a single problem. Before when they were empty and folded over most of the time, I was lucky to get a year out of them.
  14. I used to loose a cab air bag about every year because of them sitting empty and folded over for extended periods. I thought about blocking the cab to prevent this, but ended up building my shop that allowed me to keep the truck inside and connected to shop air. This allowed the air bags to stay aired up and I haven’t lost an air bag since. If I hadn’t done this, I probably would have done the blocking. I did get pretty good at changing cab air bags though. I could have it done from start to finish in about 15 minutes. I had to do it at home usually, but on occasion had to do it in campgrounds as well. I’m glad that is behind me now. I probably would have come up with some reminder on the steering wheel or something to remind me to remove the blocking before I hit the road. Knowing me, I would have driven down the road and spit blocks at following vehicles if I didn’t. 😉
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