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  1. I have installed multiple smart shunts in various rigs. I have never had any connection issues with them. I can easily connect in a 30-40 foot radius to every one I have ever installed. I am always connecting with an iPhone though. It does make a difference where they are installed. If they are surrounded by metal, they will have a difficult time broadcasting their Bluetooth signal.
  2. I just installed a second AC in a friend’s 5er. Before I put it on the roof, I took the shroud off and checked things out. I spun the fan by hand and it was making a loud rubbing noise. It turned out the fan motor mount got tweaked a little during shipping and the fan was rubbing on the styrofoam housing. I was able to re-tweak the motor mount to get the fan moved back into the correct position and stop the rubbing. It is possible your fan is rubbing on something. This can be a quick DIY fix if that is what the issue is.
  3. Grand Design has trailers in the weight range and floor plan they are looking for. I have done several installations on Grand Designs recently and have a friend who bought one as well. My impressions on the ones I worked on and my friend's impressions from his are all positive so far.
  4. You can keep your current domicile address and have a separate mailing address. That is no problem. You, however, need to notify everyone you receive mail from about the change of mailing address. Simply putting a forwarding address at your current mailing address is just a temporary measure to make sure you get all your correspondence while you are in the process of notifying everyone of the change. In other words, you need to contact all of your bank, monthly billing companies, etc. and notify them of the change. Most all of these companies have a way to do this on line. Ideally when you notify them, opt for receiving all your correspondence (bills) electronically. This way you get an email letting you know about your bill, statement, etc. rather than a paper one through snail mail. If there is something the business needs to send through regular mail, they still can, but most things can be done electronically.
  5. I regularly make a trim piece or board to cover an old, larger hole in order to install a Victron battery monitor or display. I just did it a couple of days ago. It is pretty simple to do with some basic supplies from a hardware store. Here is a picture of the one I just did. It is for a touch 50 display, but I could have easily made a smaller round hole for a BMV 712. You could also just buy a Victron Smart Shunt. It has no display. You just use your smart phone or tablet with the Victron Connect app to get all the monitoring data. If you are interested in the Smart Shunt or a BMV, let me know and I can provide a discount code off forum.
  6. Regarding your question about a private instructor, if you are in anyway apprehensive about driving a large vehicle I would highly recommend getting some professional instruction. There are many things you can learn from a professional that will greatly ease the transition into driving a large vehicle. I can recommend Glyn Carson. He is a full time RVer with a background as a professional/commercial driver and instructor. He is also an Escapee. He puts on classes at RV rallies and also does one on one instruction. His email is: twolanedrivingtips@hotmail.com. Send him an email and see what he can do or recommend for you.
  7. We have a Truma tankless system in our current RV. I am extremely happy with it and won't go bank to a regular RV tank water heater again. Our Truma system works flawlessly with no issues related to temperature fluctuations when showering. No issues with turning the water off at the shower head when trying to conserve water either. The best thing is we can take multiple showers, run the dishwasher and the clothes washer all back to back or simultaneously without running out of hot water.
  8. Every TV lift in an RV I have ever seen has been 12 volt powered. This means the circuit will be a fuse in the 12 volt power panel, not a circuit breaker in the 120 volt power panel. Check the fuses, then check the wiring at the switch and the motor for the lift.
  9. With a short wheelbase HDT and the hitch behind the rear axle you will be much more maneuverable than with your 250. I had the same worries as you. I bought a Kenworth T2000 singled short. It is only about 18 inches longer than my crew cab dually was. However, with the 5th wheel hitch at the back of the frame, my overall length with the same 5th wheel increased by almost 8 feet. The increased wheel cut of the HDT and having the pivot point behind the rear axle increased my maneuverability though. Our first trip out with the new set up was to a tight campground and a tight spot in that campground. It had narrow roads which limited truck maneuverability. We had been in the spot with the dually and 5th wheel previously so I was familiar with it and a bit worried. It used to take multiple ins and outs to get the trailer into the spot with the dually. When we arrived with the HDT and 5th wheel, I lined things up and started to back in. I was able to get the trailer in on the first try pretty easily. I was amazed how much difference the increased wheel cut and having the pivot point further back made even with 8 feet more length. Since that time, I bought an even longer 5th wheel and can still get into that sight with no issues. I have fit my rig into sites that others couldn’t get shorter trailers (with pick ups) into. A long wheelbase HDT will be less maneuverable, but probably at least as good as a pick up. It becomes a trade off of what you want to carry vs. how long(or short) your truck can be.
  10. Thanks Rick. You guys were missed. I have updated the website with the pictures I have received so far. I know Suite Travels and JonesN2Travel will be coming out with videos on the rally. Once they publish those videos, I will update those links. Here is the page on the HDTWCR website for the 2021 Rally.
  11. I just got home this evening after a great trip. I will be updating th WCR website with pictures from the rally when I get some time in the next day or so.
  12. Glad you are back up and running. I hope you enjoy your trip. Try to stay cool. It was good to see you at your stop in at the rally. The beer was very good by the way. Thank you.
  13. Glad everything worked and you were able to keep your refrigerator cold for the trip home. I will let TahoeShark know his inverter did its job.
  14. We left Hemingway OHV today and are staying the night in Winnemucca. We will be home tomorrow. It was a great trip and we had a great time at the rally and our "after" rally at Hemingway. There were as many rigs at Hemingway this year as there were at the very first WCR back in 2015. 😀
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