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  1. Go to the last outlet in the line that still functions and check the wiring there. Something could have come loose in that outlet and therefore no power is passing from it to the remaining outlets.
  2. You do not want to pipe that "rinsed" water back into your fresh water tank. It will be full of minerals and other sediment that could eventually cause issues in your fresh water system. You could come up with a small storage solution under the sink to capture that water so it could be used for washing dishes and flushing toilets, etc., but based on space limitations that might get a bit cumbersome. Piping that rinsed water to another location where a larger tank could sit might work a little better.
  3. As stated above, trying to determine state of charge by voltage alone is difficult to do. There are conversion charts to reference like the one posted, but they relate to a battery "at rest" and an RV battery is pretty much never "at rest". There is always some type of load on the system. The only accurate way to know what state of charge your batteries are at is to install some type of battery monitor. A battery monitor will use a shunt on the negative line between the battery and all loads. The shunt measures current going in and coming out of the batteries and uses an algorithm to dete
  4. Chad Heiser

    Soft starts

    If you are interested, I can give you a discount code to order the microair version. PM me for the details. I don't want to get afoul of the forum rules here.
  5. A 600 watt power station only has 600 watts of total power available. It will only run your fridge for a short time. Even assuming no line or heat losses, you are looking at less than 2 hrs of run time for the fridge before the power station is completely dead. A cigarette lighter plug in for the power station will not provide enough power to keep the power station charged with that kind of draw on it. As John T stated, your best bet is a dedicated, hardwired inverter. Even with that, you will need a significant battery bank to supply the power needed to keep your RV fridge running on 120
  6. I know we're off topic now, but I am going to replace the six 235 watt panels I currently have on my 5th wheel roof with six of the new 365 watt panels (from 1410 watts to 2190 watts) and I am going to upgrade my four 260 AH AGM batteries to eight (maybe) 100 AH lithium batteries this fall (1040 AH with 520 usable to 800 AH or so usable). Then I will run at least one of my three AC's through the inverter. We already are able to boondock for extended time with no real power issues (unless its cloudy). The new set up should make it a no brainer and will give me the option to cool off the bedr
  7. Chad Heiser

    Soft starts

    https://www.microair.net/products/easystart-364-3-ton-single-phase-soft-starter-for-air-conditioners?variant=30176048267 I have them on two of my three AC's and I have installed them on several other AC's for other people. They are very beneficial in saving energy and running AC's on lower power sources (including inverters). If you have limited power available, they make a big difference on start up. Microair was the originator of the computer controlled models, but they are not the only player on the market anymore. My only experience is with Microair though. I can say they are ver
  8. Don’t forget to add the weight of the 5th wheel hitch to your math. I also would not hang my hat on the sticker weight of your truck. Fill it up with fuel and you and any passengers/cargo you would typically carry when towing and drive it across a scale to get the actual weight of the truck and use that number instead for calculations. You should also use the GVW number of the trailer and plan on 20 to 25% of that weight as pin weight on the truck. You may find you are within specs on GCWR, but may be over on rear axle rating. That is a common problem when towing a fifth wheel with a 3/4
  9. Too bad you are so far away. I have a bunch of brand new REC 365 watt panels I am selling.
  10. As someone who enforces those laws, all I can say is I wish it was that easy. We have plenty of laws to clear out homeless encampments like that, unfortunately we are not allowed to use them due to case law decisions and law suits from homeless advocacy groups. It is very frustrating.
  11. Yes, I got it and just replied.
  12. I have the same adapter rynosback mentioned. There are still some apps that won't allow the video to pass through it though.
  13. If you have some specific questions, I’d be happy to help. I have been lecturing on the subject for years at rallies and have designed and built a number of different systems. It really all comes down to what you want to power and for how long. Then that pesky budget comes into play. 😉
  14. Some apps prevent the exporting of the video signal through the connection port on the iPad. I'm not sure if your wife is using an app or just watching via a browser as I do not have an MLB subscription so I am not familiar with how they broadcast their games.
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