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    RV Batteries

    In addition there is no limit to the number of pairs of 6V batteries, that are wired in series, so each pair makes up a 12V battery, that can be wired in parallel. There is a practical limit in dealing with the wire size or bus bars to carry the huge numbers of amps a large number of batteries can supply to the inverter or the amount of amps coming from the charger to get all those batteries charged. It is one thing to build a battery bank that can, for example, run two air conditioners in an RV for 10-12 hours. It very much a different situation when you try to have enough solar panels or other charging source to put all those amps back into the batteries.
  2. Here is a link to an excellent article about Escapees mail service: https://www.escapees.com/a-look-inside-escapees-mail-forwarding-service-for-rvers/
  3. Thanks, that was what I was looking for.
  4. 1) Is the Truma gas operated? 2) If it is gas operated, does the heater go through a cool down cycle when the water flow stops? Then will it immediately relight when the water flow starts even during a cool down cycle? I ask question #2 because, when we wash dishes we will run the hot water until warm water starts to flow out the faucet and then generally let the water run for several seconds and then off for 5-10 seconds and then back on, and so forth. The Giarad we had would turn off the flame once the water stopped flowing (as I would expect) and then go through a 20-30 second cool down cycle and would not relight until after the cool down cycle is over. Then when we ran the water again for several seconds and turn the water off again, the heater would only be heating for the few seconds and then off again. Bottom line was we mostly had cool to cold water because the heater stay off for so long. Have either of you used your hot water in this manner to know if this is a issue with the Truma?
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of tankless water heaters! Maybe just the Girard. Ideas & thoughts. Pull the piece of junk out and put in the old fashioned water heater with a tank water heater. Our experience was that you MUST have enough water flow to keep the water heater, heating. If not the flame turns off and it goes into a cool down cycle for some 20-30 seconds. If during that time you turn the water on all you get is cold water until the cool down cycle ends. Since, for a variety of reasons, when we are in our RV a most of the time we are not connected to sewer. When we do dishes or shower we limit the amount we turn the faucets on. Because of this the Girard we had would not stay on heating the water. I replaced it with a tank water heater.
  6. For those that have replied in this thread about EV vehicles, both positive and negative, here are two videos giving some perspective on the drivability and charging of the Mustang Mach-E car. I found the videos very informative and interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMPpumtCbZQ Mustang Mach-E - Denver Road Trip (and Charging Problems) - YouTube
  7. Is there any info available about: -- What affect does running the air conditioner in 95-100 degree weather have on the distance you can drive on a full charge? -- What affect does running the heater in 0-15 degree weather have on the distance you can drive on a full charge? -- What affect does leaving the car outside in the sun in 95-100 degree afternoons have on the battery? Any affect on distance you can drive on a charge? -- What affect does leaving the car outside and charging in 0-10 degree temps have on the battery? Any affect on distance you can drive on a charge?
  8. What insurance company do you use? Is there something in your insurance policy that would keep you from seeing a doctor in Bexar County, or requires you to only see a Dr in Livingston.
  9. We are not as dedicated as Nwcid, but we very, very seldom stay at an RV Park. Going cross country we utilize Walmarts, rest areas, open parking areas that allow o/n parking. For more than just an o/n stop we seek out National Forests, State Parks, City Parks, BLM land, pretty much anywhere that we can find where are not jammed in like sardines side by side with other RVs. Most of these places are listed on DaysEnd, Campendium, Freecampsites, etc.
  10. I have a Trav'ler I bought in 2011, how do I check to see if I have a Dish Pro Plus LNBF? I was looking at the links above and saw the LNB requirement. We have always used a VIP-722 DVR.
  11. There are a few free RV spots around with at least elect. Might be only 20amp or 30amp. Mostly in small towns. Not being willing to learn how to park overnight w/o hookups does limit the places you can stop for a quick overnight stay if RV Parks are full. Everyone has their preferred way of traveling in an RV.
  12. Not sure what a "water treatment panel" is. Good starting places for prices of used RV's is NADA.com and go to some of the online forsale websites like https://www.rvtrader.com/ to see what some people are ASKING for their RV's.
  13. I agree totally. If it ever becomes important enough, politicians (and the public) will use eminent domain to take over land in the west for a repository. They do it all the time in cities to build things enough people feel is important. Don't get me wrong, I am not dismissing the importance of being able to visit certain places in the west, we love the wide open spaces much more than the forest. If we can boot a few hundred people out of a city location we can do the same in 50-100 square miles (maybe much more) in the desert. While I don't know the details, I believe France recycles their spent fuel so is there a reason we can't do that here?
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