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  1. I bet the Credit Card companies have a kickback deal with the local postmaster to hold the credit card payments until they are past due. 🙁
  2. I sure saw a lot of media coverage about the deferred maintenance bill. Most interesting is that 102 Republican Congressmen voted against the bill and only 81 voted for it, while only 2 of the Democrats voted against it.
  3. Al F

    Fresh Water

    First we always travel with full or almost full fresh water tank. Next we stay at city park, state parks, National Forest campground and fill up before we leave. Websites like Campendium NP, NF, RV Parks, Free Campsites. Net and others sometimes list dumps and places to fill your water tank. Also as Linda wrote above a number of gas stations have dump stations and water fills. The Escapees RV club, the owner of this forum has a website which lists thousands of free or low cost places to park your RV at and also has many listings of places to dump and fill your water tank. You ha
  4. Liquid container waste: In a RV park, dump it down a toilet in the bath house. Dry camping with vault toilets or pit toilets, dump it in the toilet. Boondocking, take it 50-100 yards from where people camp and scratch out a hole about 6" deep (cat hole), dump it in there and then cover it up. About the same if you were tent camping. Solid waste. You only need to dispose of it every few weeks and you just bag it up and dispose of it like any other trash. I believe the video I posted in the reply just before this one discusses the disposal issue.
  5. I found this video to be very informative about composting toilets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM71d8wMuUU They had been using the composting toilet for about 1 year before making the video.
  6. Do you dry camp/boondock with it? How well does it work with very intermittent water flow Such as running the water for 2-4 seconds then off for 10-15 seconds then on for 2-4 seconds and repeat. We do this when washing hands, or washing dishes. When dry camping/boondocking you very severely limit the amount of time you let the water run. The one we had, (not the one you have) the heater would start during the 2-4 seconds run time, turn off and run the 20-30 second cool down cycle, but not heating water. When we turned the water back on the heater was still in the cool down cycl
  7. You are absolutely correct. That becomes evident as soon as you start into the "Find Missing Mail" online process.
  8. To report missing mail, go to USPS.com and hover your mouse pointer over the "Help" tab and click on "Finding Missing Mail". From there just follow the instructions.
  9. Another success story with opening an online incident for a missing package with USPS. Package arrived in the Dallas area from shipper in 2-3 days on 12/8, then sat at the Coppell distribution center until 12/12. Then it was flagged as in transit to next destination. On 12/17 at 11:30am I opened the USPS incident, then 38 minutes later at 12:08pm it was scanned in at the local post office. Coincident or did they just "happen" to scan it in as it came off the truck????? Anyways the package arrived today. Edit: I called it an incident report, but actually it is "Finding M
  10. Thanks for the info and clarification. My confusion stems from terminology. That is the terms "supplement" versus "advantage". That was the source of my question. I think that your former employer had (has) a sort of customized plan, similar to an advantage plan, with Medicare instead of a "supplement". Medicare supplements (also called "Medigap" on Medicare's website) are well defined plans with letters such as F, G, N that pays what regular Medicare doesn't cover. Not to say that your former employer didn't use the word "supplement" in describing the insurance, just
  11. Thanks for the info. We probably would have paid $200-$300 for the special lenses. We felt the cost we were quoted for the new lenses was like most of what we have seen in the medical charges the last 20+ years. The retail cost is exorbitant, but they are willing to take from 10 cents to 30 cents on the dollar from the insurance companies/Medicare. After all Medicare was paying for the surgery, all the extra charge would have been for the different lenses.
  12. Which Medicare supplement did you have? Also curious as to what UHC under paid. We have Plan F though USAA. It primarily pays 20% copay that we would usually need to pay. Seems pretty cut and dried as to what to pay, seeming to me to be hard to under pay.
  13. How much of an up charge were the toric lenses? My wife had cataract surgery about 5-7 years ago and they really pushed the extra charge lenses. However as I remember they were darn expensive, maybe like $1000. Medicare covered the base lenses but nothing on the special lenses. She said no to the lenses.
  14. SR-170 goes through a tiny bit of Big Bend State Park, the part along the Rio Grande River. The drive is pretty, especially the "big hill" a short (about 3/4 mile) 14% grade going up and back down.
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