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  1. Not to derail Carl's question, but what about wireless cameras clad in camo? I have trouble with people driving onto the farm and dumping trash. Asbestos shingles, concrete, yard waste, you name it. I'd like to put up some cameras that could be hidden and have non-visible flash (infra-red).
  2. Yep. Standing there, lemonade in hand and calling "Here fishy, fishy" didn't work. But, we had a good time.
  3. Original poster never said much about their truck, other than it's an F-150. I can tell you, with my last F-150, with my every day tool box, full of fuel, and wife along, I was right at max gvwr. No cargo in the bed, no hitch weight, nada. Things like a duffel bag with some clean cloths, console full of "stuff", ipad in the pouch on the back of the seat, rubber bed mat, all add up. Crew cab, 4wd, and few options all eat into that magic number. So, when I bought my newer truck, I got a shorter bed, took a couple hundred pounds of tools out of the box, eliminated some of the things stow
  4. Carl's gonna need more than a new boat to have any success fishing. Back in June, he and Donna, Georgia Hybrid and his bride, and Susan and I all met near Crossville for some covid relief. We went fishing nearly every day for a week, and you couldn't have made a decent sandwich from all the fish caught.
  5. I have stated value on some old motorcycles. If anything happens, I don't want to have them offer me stupid short $ because there are no comparables. That said, most of our trucks wouldn't justify that option.
  6. I don't know Carl. You're a pretty shady character. This all sounds like a plan to fund a new fishing boat.
  7. I'm on my third F-150 w/ 3.5 engine. So obviously, I like them. And I'm a retired farmer, I'm not easy on trucks. That said, consider trading up to a similar truck in the F-250 range. It likely wouldn't cost much if you stay in the same model year and trim level, and you'll open the door to campers that will be more suitable for full timing. Oh, and you'll be safer. Almost any truck will pull the load. It's stopping where many fall short.
  8. Call Lazy Days RV near Tampa. That's who we went with for Progressive insurance. No bob tail restrictions, and I can pull any non-commercial trailer. They did require both truck and trailer on the policy. Been with them 10 years so far. BTW, no other agent could match this policy. Miller said no bob-tail and was a bit higher, quoting Progressive.
  9. We have nearly a high a bed as yours. and 10' ramps. We put a 2x12 at, not under, the base to give the car a little head start so the air dam doesn't drag. Wife drives the car on/off. If I try it, the suspension sags enough to drag the bottom of the car at the breakover point. So, some things to consider: Putting something in the hinge can reduce the angle of the breakover, at the expense of increasing the approach angle at the bottom. Forgetting about the hinge, the RaceRamps mentioned by Darryl solves both issues. That's the direction I'll take. About 6" high and 2' long should w
  10. For the same reasons I avoid Wal-Mart and other big box stores. They're killing small town folks. I don't mind paying a little more to keep a neighbor in business. He'll be there when I need him, and take care of me. Besides, blindly buying form Amazon can be pricey. I bought a Milwaukee impact wrench locally for over $100 less than the Amazon price. New, in box, and a certified factory Milwaukee repair center to boot. Will I always be so lucky? Not a chance. But it pays to keep the local folks employed.
  11. Having enough weight on the front is greatly affected by how many axles you have in the rear. I used to drive a tri-axle grain truck. It was scary on a wet road with 12 tires wanting to go straight and only two trying to turn. I would think if you're singled, weight wouldn't matter much.
  12. rickeieio


    Find a Volvo or Mack dealer nearby and establish a relationship. Buy some stuff there, even if they're a bit high priced. Once they know you, and you've treated them kindly, they'll bend over backwards to help, and your parts will get cheaper. One of the oldest Mack dealers in the country is about 15 miles from me. I started going there when we bought a Mack for the farm, and when we got the Volvo I asked if they could get parts for it too. They've been very good to me.
  13. If I remember, you have a pretty new Volvo. If so, there's a sticker in the door jam, driver's side. Take a picture of it with your phone. It'll come in handy. The front axle rating is there.
  14. "Stunning" falls far short.......👍👍
  15. You were on the right track, just over thinking it.
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