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  1. Bob, I think I'd try for what's known as a "variance", based on the fact that your truck is an "rv" only because the laws are written so that it's prohibitive to have a large truck for safety. You might mention that there's no such thing as a "semi truck", only semi trailers and truck tractors. You could even offer to help them re-write the code so it makes sense and is enforceable.......
  2. So, a while back I related that I was having trouble getting Progressive to write the KW. I called Lazy Days three times, got the same bi....female each time. She insisted if it didn't have a bathroom, it wasn't a motorhome. Called again today and spoke to Grace. This lady knows her stuff. The only glitch was she seemed a little confused that it was a KW rather than a Volvo. Max liability, injury, roadside assistance, everything except glass replacement, $5k deductible, all for $553/yr. Less than I was paying on the Volvo.
  3. rickeieio

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    Not to fear. I gotcha covered.......
  4. Give us a little more notice next time. Especially if you happen to get close to Cincinnati.
  5. You're just up the road from Paul and Paula Gillenwater. They're about 2 miles from the southern Sherhardsville exit. And you're under two hours from us.
  6. The jury's still out on the Volvo v. KW. Out first choice was a Volvo 730, but we couldn't find what we wanted. This KW popped up close to home. We'll see how we feel in a couple years. Meanwhile, we took some time off from the bed build. Worked a motorcycle project yesterday, took my mom out for lunch today with 4 of my siblings (her 89th b-day), tomorrow I'm hauling grain and grading dirt roads in a conservation area we help maintain. Good thing I'm retired.
  7. Brother in law has helped a bunch. He's recently retired and bored. The channels are where the car tires ride, lower than the bed, and the edge of the truck tires. So, I made extensions to move the break over 2' away from the bed. Doubles as a bar.......
  8. All our non-leaning vehicles have it. Even Susan's Spyder. The only one I ever turned off was the corvette.
  9. Where's that dang "LIKE" button?
  10. Agree with Randy, mostly. My daughter totaled the same car three times. Had it fixed for far less than the estimate the first two. The last time, I stored it for her, got re-imbursed for hauling it and storage too. Be nice to the adjuster and they'll work with you, once you demonstrate that you're your not out to fleece them. BTW, since she didn't owe anything on the car, there was never a rebuild title issued. Now to slightly disagree.... I've owned two trucks with rebuild titles. I bought them from a reputable shop specializing in Ford Super Duties. I paid far less then market value for them, and got less when I sold them. But I still lost less over the time I owned them than one would if buying "clean titled" trucks. I never had a problem getting insurance, but I've never had a claim. That just might be a factor. My banker buddy said he'd loan on a rebuild, but might require a larger down payment. So, don't stress too much over "stated value" or "agreed value". In the unlikely case it becomes an issue, you'll likely come out ahead.
  11. Down on the farm, we'd call that "going over center." Never a good thing. I had my leveling valve set to have the Trailersaver ride at the line on the side of the hitch. I never had any issues with it, and it weld up well with our 21k lb. trailer. That said, there's an ET on the KW.
  12. So today, my brother in law came over and we got a LOT done. Removed the steps and rear fairing supports, designed new supports, drilled holes and re-thunk some of my plans. Things got simpler. I've got a 24' stick of 3"x5"x 1/8" tube I may not even cut into. I also discovered that due to a shop floor drain, I'd calculated some pieces wrong, so I'm having to put in some shims to give back what I'd lost to one axle not being fully seated on the stop when the bags were dumped.
  13. Carl, you've become a dirty old man........Much like the rest of us.
  14. The badge thing seems to be based on the post count AFTER the badges appeared, and takes no heed of the total number over the years of participation. Purely "fluff". My "status" got raised just because I visited the forum on 7 consecutive days. That and a buck will get me a cheap coffee. However, something we used to have, and put to good use, was the little number in the top right hand corner of each post, indicating where it fell in that string. Quite useful when it was appropriate to respond "That question was answered back in post XX."
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