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  1. rickeieio

    Sad News

    We got word this morning that L. D. Osborne, aka Shorty-O has passed. He will be missed. Please include his bride, Judy, in your prayers.
  2. Dang it. And I swore when I hit 70, I was done buying tools. Not.
  3. No, and no. We have the plan that lets us use it at home, or take it with us. It will not track while in motion. When we set up in a site, I set it where I think it has the best view of open sky, then look at the app on my phone to adjust as necessary. Oddly, at home (near Cincinnati, OH), we point it due north. Where are now, near Whitehorse, YT, it says to point it south. As mentioned earlier, the directions consist of a few crude drawings, and the online support is dismal, at best. If you have no internet, you're screwed. And if you have internet, maybe you don't need the Starlink in the first place. That said, it's working for us, and since January, has saved us enough over our old cable plan to pay for the hardware.
  4. We've only had Starlink for a few months, but are happy with it so far. We're travelling the Alaska Highway, with long stretches of no cell coverage. The wifi calling lets us stay in touch.
  5. rickeieio

    Alaska in 2025

    We're on our way to Alaska now. We left home (Cincinnati-ish) June 6, with no reservations. The farthest out we've called a campground, so far, is the day before arrival. As for travelling in a group, we like the freedom to just decide to stay, or not, without consulting others. Besides, we likely have many friends in Alaska that we've yet to meet.
  6. Looks like a lot of elbow grease was used.
  7. Woo-Hoo!!!! Get back out there! The more we hang around with other rv'ers, the more we realize the compromises with whatever size/shape you choose. As to the microwave, I call them "flavor suckers". I try to not use them other than to defrost some things. YMMV.
  8. We stayed at CampNrv, just west of Lloyd. We'll meet up someday...... When we went to our site here in Grande Prairie, there was a string across the site with balloons spelling "50". thank you Darryl and Rita.
  9. Most of us are too old for that.
  10. Yessir. We are indeed here in Whitecourt. Stayed last night just west of Lloydminster. Lawrence, aren't you somewhere near Edmonton? Traffic and construction there was not fun.
  11. I suppose. if one wanted to be a stickler about it, I lengthened the frame by putting a piece of 5/8 plate on either side of the hitch to take up the space, and those plate are what the rearmost bolts in the hitch go through. No welding to the frame though, and those filler plates only extend behind the rails a few inches. I spent a good bit of time measuring our old truck (and other peoples trucks) making notes, and drawing it out on papers that I took with us when truck shopping. It paid off in the end.
  12. And, there are exceptions. We are tandem, haul a smart, and did not extend the frame. In fact, I'm considering shortening our trailer pin box over a foot. But then, we have a Kenworth. You'll find that most of the answers you'll get apply to Volvos, because that's what most of us have/had. There are many frame lengths, and the brand of hitch can make a difference, as some don't need as much space fore/aft inside the frame. Bottom line, is that you need to do some careful measuring on any unit you're considering. Make some drawings and do the math. It's not difficult, once you wrap your head around it.
  13. I hate to disappoint, but you're not my type.😮
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