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  1. I've seen a lot of home brewed hitches in this gang, and no failures. But then, they weren't trying to make a profit either.
  2. We're planning to get there a few days early, for the "pre" rally. I was wondering....... I have an old time drink dispenser/chiller. The kind where the liquid sort of fountains against the clear lid and cascades down the sides, like they used in the old soda fountains for lemonade. I could bring it and we could fill it with box wine or other refreshing beverage. It's heavy, so I won't bring it if there's no interest.
  3. Bob, before you spend money upgrading to Mor-Ryde axles and such, do some research on other units. After much looking, we found our Newmar with Mor-Ryde, Dexter axles with hydraulic disk brakes, and other tasty features. Just saying, it might be more cost effective to trade. We put about $15k in upgrades to our old unit, only to trade it in. They allowed us $15k.
  4. I'd like to get our camper buffed. Can anyone recommend someone in Hutch that would come to the rally site and do this? Does the fairgrounds allow it?
  5. The size of the air line is more of a factor than the size of the compressor, if you're willing to wait for it to catch up occasionally. Big tank, big hose. Using a 3/8" hose on a 3/4" impact is an exercise in futility. That said, I use a 3/8 hose for everything EXCEPT when I pull out the big guns. Then I drag out the converted 20 gallon tank plumbed with 3/4" hose. Charge it with the 3/8. As mentioned above, when it comes to impacts, a quality cordless is hard to beat. Love my Milwaukee Fuels.
  6. Yesterday we did a little project on our daughter's/son-in-law's coach, which has a ball conversion. Watching the gymnastics of getting in the truck bed to fasten/release chains and such reminded me of why I like the 5th wheel arrangement. Having both feet on the ground becomes more important with age, so I've been warned.
  7. Our X-Aire (2008 model) is 41', 3x7,000 axles, 14' garage and 21,000 gvwr. Axle weight, loaded, is about the same as noteven's. Tare is a little more, can't remember for sure. Ours is painted, but only the graphics are paint. The white gel coat is chalking a bit. Interior is.....dated. But it's a solid old piece and works for us. Best part is that by buying an older unit, it came without a payment book. More money for fuel, campground fees, motorcycle tires, and cigars.
  8. Perhaps you should consider more than just axle (not axel) ratings to arrive at capacity. Frame, tires, brakes, hitch, etc all factor in to the final number, which, btw, is determined by the lowest rating of any of the components.
  9. It would be interesting to know how most toy haulers are used. I would think a lot of them are really bunk houses with room for bicycles, kayaks, etc. The KZ described above would be more than ample used as such. Before we bought ours, I asked this forum for recommendations for something used, but solid. Not long on frills. Winners were the Newmar X-Aire and Carriage C-Force. I searched high and low but found one. Cargo capacity is just short of 7,000#. There was a 38' X-Aire offered, with three slides, or the 41' with two slides.
  10. I use it more often than I care to admit. I access it via laptop (90%) or iPad(10%), never by phone.
  11. Steve, I had the same thought, and so tried to find the specs for that trailer. I didn't come up with anything to suggest that Bob was wrong on the 13,800. Ours has a gross rating of 21,000, but it's a little longer and 3 axles.
  12. First, if someone sees I'm wrong, please point out my error. Is it not correct to add pin and axle weights for gross trailer weight? As above, pin weight is 2980 plus trailer axles weight of 11,800 = 14,780. Rated max is 13,600, so overloaded by almost 1,200 lb. It's soooo easy to overload trailers, and never realize it until we break spring hangers or blow tires. Been there, have the cancelled checks to prove it.
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