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  1. Thank you for your input. I DO NOT recommend the blue fan, above, by Vitera, as it is useless. I bought it and discovered it has NO air flow because the fan blade is to small. I got one from Target, a 5" fan by Treva that is battery operated and works great. I do need to still put a fan to draw the air through the upper cooling fins by the roof, but can't do that until after I've closd the sale of my home, and have gone full-time.
  2. I am having a problem getting my refrig down to 40 degrees. I'm in tucson, with daily ambiant temp's of 104-114, and at night it is going down to 80. All day the box temp was at 70+. Tonight, at 9pm, ambiant temp is down to 86, and refrig is now down to 50. The freezer does not have a problem, as it is in the teens. The refrig is on the shady side. I am assuming the ambiant temp is having a lot to do with not letting the box cool. I don't have a fan in the box, and am unable to find one, but will try finding a computer chassi fan to see if that will help. Luckily I am not on the road, but with sale of house closing in 5 days, I will then be forced to live in RV as I will be a full-timer at that point. I thus have a couple of questions: How does outside ambiant temp effect the box temp? If outside temp effects the box, why would it not also effect the freezer? How can I tell if crystals have built up in system, causing the cooling cycle to not work properly? How, though, would a fan help cool the box. I know it works to circulate the air to keep refrig items cool, but if the fins are at 40 degrees, what would keep the rest of the box from also being the same temp? Door seals are only 3 years old? Any help and comments will be appreciated.
  3. Fantastic replies from all of you. What I wanted to hear. I'm committed now, with a closing date of next week, so what happens will happen. I've been on the raod long enough that I hope I know what to do. I mostley boondock, so I will find out how that has changed. I bought a lot at Rovers Roost several years ago, before this heat wave. The one issue I did not anticipate was this heat. I'm looking for a small a/c unit to suppliment the roof unit, but this has proved to be a challenge. I'm looking for something that will fit in the upper windows in the overhang (class C), but no luck to date. Hope I don't end up having to put in a unit in the big window, but we will see. BTW, the smoke from CA is limiting visibility to what looks like about 15 miles here in Tucson. Another challenge? Thanks again for your stories. Very interesting to see what others are experiencing.
  4. Replaced thermistor, with no luck. I have the ARP installed, so my next move may be to call them - after I review some YouTube videos.
  5. Not having done any research on this yet, but do any GPSs also work on or through an iPad? Or maybe I should ask the question, is there a GPS built to use the screen of an iPad.
  6. During this heat wave (in AZ), with temperatures in the 100 to 110 range, I HAVE NOT been able to bring the refrigerator portion of my Norcold. N611 below 65 to 75°. The freezer part does get cold, but not Totally freezing Is this normal? If so, it makes the refrigerator unusable! Do I have to move to cooler temperatures, which at the moment it’s not possible. Any suggestions?
  7. After 3 years of being on the road 1/2 time, I’m finally able to go full-time on Sept 3, when the sale of my house closes. People have said To me, “are you Crazy doing it at this time! COVID-19, an usual hot spell, economy in turmoil, etc, etc.....” But, is there ever a good time. I’ve come to believe after many years, if I don’t make the choice to follow my bliss, live my bliss, I will end up living a life of regrets, and that would be a real crime against myself. I'm curious to hear from others who have gone full-time this year. What was your experience? Any regrets? Any unusual challenges?
  8. Interesting thread. I’m needing to buy four tires for my rear duallys on a class C, With a GVWR of 12,500#. It’s on a E-350 chassis. Tires are LT225/75-16. I’m in a quandary trying to decide what brand to buy, especially After reading Bot Rod,s and Tireman’s input. I have 2 new Coopers on the front, but don’t know if I should also put Coopers on the back, or if there is another brand which would be better. Michelin’s are out due to price. I also do not want cheap tires. Any recommendations?
  9. What a fascinating thread. I was just getting ready to sign up with Escapees roadside assistance plan, thinking since Escapees was promoting it it would be a good plan. After reading this thread I’m wondering what’s going on with Escapees to not be taking a more definitive look at getting information out to those on the road. Can someone in Administration update us on the status of SKPs promoting the SafeRide, or is it VES, roadside assistance program?
  10. This mobile home, in Tucson, AZ, is located in the ParkWest Mobile Home Community. ParkWest is a 55+ community secluded in the western hills of Tucson, above "A" mountain. Overlooking Tucson, this community of 151 homes has RV parking for any size rig, and has been the winter retreat for many Escapees over the years. At 64' wide, and 68' deep, this lot is the 2nd largest in the park. You will be amazed at the view of Tucson from the clubhouse veranda, or the night skies as you float in the salt water swimming pool. This home has been my winter retreat for many years, but I have now decided to go full-time. This home will be sold with a Home Warrenty. You can view this furnished, 1020 sq.ft., 2-bedroom, 1-bath home at mhvillage.com/homes/2181828 .
  11. As anyone ever looked into purchasing an existing park? There may be one off the beaten path that is struggling. The idea of Xscapers coming together to start this venture would be synonymous for how the Escapees park system started: would not this be a way to finalize a complete renewal of Escapees, through the Xscapers. What if, as you drive around the country, inquiries were made of existing parks. With 5000+ members looking, I would bet someplace would appear. Sounds exciting.
  12. What part of the country are you in? Do You have solar? Remember, google is your friend. In just 5 min you can find a trove of sites which can help you. There are several women only groups and singles groups which could be of great help: SKP solo’s, Loners On Wheels (LOWs), rvingwomen.org, WINs, google for women’s and singles groups, Facebook RV groups, sistersonthefly.com, read all the RV forums you can find. if don’t have wi-fi, go to a local library. Good luck. You are starting a fantastic journey in what looks like a nice rig. Dan
  13. Since this is your first RV, and it appears you basically know nothing about RVIng, I would recommend buying USED. Why: You have not told us if you are going to be a weekender, once a year traveler, Part time, or going full-time. Each is unique, and will most definitely define what you Ultimately end up with over time. Depreciation. The original buyer will eat the initial depreciation, which can be heavy the first year. Repairs. If you have done any kind of homework, like reading the many RV forums, you will discover that many RVs today are full of mfg defects. This means you will end up repairing those defects. THOR. I can’t really speak to Jayco, but all products built by THOR Are crap. 1st RV: It takes your first RV to discover what it is you “really” want when going on-the-road. Today you like a pop up, but after a few rains, or binning cold weather, you realized it’s not what you want. Or, you buy a pull trailer and discover might like a 5th or C or A better. Time: It takes time to discover your passion when in an RV: camping vs RV park; small vs large; boondocking; RV parks only; gaining experience over time. I hope You get the picture. Some, after many years are still living in their first RV, while others have gone through 5 or more in their first 5 years. Good luck, and have fun in this initial selection process, as you are beginning a fantastic Journey.
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