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  1. Needing to fix my EPDM roof. I've used DICOR self-leveling in the past, but would like to find something else. I've talked with DICOR and they admit their sealant has a problem with collecting dirt over time, and thus turning black. I have used elastomeric on the roof of a mobile home, but have heard it does not work on EPDM roofs. Does anyone know of a sealant other than dicor which would do the job, and not collect dirt and turn black?
  2. this is a poll to determin something
  3. Has anybody actually been to the Rock Springs fairgrounds to see what the full hookup parking is like, as well as the boondocking sites? I was at a small Gathering yesterday and one of the people there said they had been to rock Springs to see what it was like. They were giving a parking space that had a coral like enclosure around it. She was in a class B and said she had a problem parking in the slot they gave her. Furthermore she couldn’t reach the hook up posts (electric-water-dump), and was actually told she would need extra long electrical dump hoses. We began wondering what
  4. Ruidoso is an interesting place. I lived their in 2005, on Sudderth, across from a large RV park with a creek going through it. The day I left Ruidoso I was sitting in the parking lot lamenting about never having seen a bear while their. As I’m lamenting, a black one walked behind my van and went into the park across the street. I love it when synchronicity shows up in my life.
  5. Thanks for the various reply’s. I note it is used extensively in smaller engines. Until I hear more about putting it the oil (don’t want to remove carbon buildup around rings) I will hold off on doing that. Will though put it through carburetor and generator (which doesn’t get used that much).
  6. A friend told me about the SEAFOAM additive which he uses in the Engine of his RV. I'm wondering if anyone has used it in their engine. I have an E350 with a V10, and use synthetic oil with 135,000 miles on the engine. Before putting SEAFOAM in the gas and oil, I'm wanting to find out what expereinces others have had with SEAFOAM.
  7. Surfing YouTube can be fun, especially when you find articles that are very useful, like this one which tested AIR FILTERS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ3L-E-ufYo The Project Farm channel has tested many types of products, which might be interesting to look at what has been tested on the YouTube channel.
  8. Thank you for your input. I DO NOT recommend the blue fan, above, by Vitera, as it is useless. I bought it and discovered it has NO air flow because the fan blade is to small. I got one from Target, a 5" fan by Treva that is battery operated and works great. I do need to still put a fan to draw the air through the upper cooling fins by the roof, but can't do that until after I've closd the sale of my home, and have gone full-time.
  9. I am having a problem getting my refrig down to 40 degrees. I'm in tucson, with daily ambiant temp's of 104-114, and at night it is going down to 80. All day the box temp was at 70+. Tonight, at 9pm, ambiant temp is down to 86, and refrig is now down to 50. The freezer does not have a problem, as it is in the teens. The refrig is on the shady side. I am assuming the ambiant temp is having a lot to do with not letting the box cool. I don't have a fan in the box, and am unable to find one, but will try finding a computer chassi fan to see if that will help. Luckily I am not on the road, but
  10. Fantastic replies from all of you. What I wanted to hear. I'm committed now, with a closing date of next week, so what happens will happen. I've been on the raod long enough that I hope I know what to do. I mostley boondock, so I will find out how that has changed. I bought a lot at Rovers Roost several years ago, before this heat wave. The one issue I did not anticipate was this heat. I'm looking for a small a/c unit to suppliment the roof unit, but this has proved to be a challenge. I'm looking for something that will fit in the upper windows in the overhang (class C), but no luck to da
  11. Replaced thermistor, with no luck. I have the ARP installed, so my next move may be to call them - after I review some YouTube videos.
  12. Not having done any research on this yet, but do any GPSs also work on or through an iPad? Or maybe I should ask the question, is there a GPS built to use the screen of an iPad.
  13. During this heat wave (in AZ), with temperatures in the 100 to 110 range, I HAVE NOT been able to bring the refrigerator portion of my Norcold. N611 below 65 to 75°. The freezer part does get cold, but not Totally freezing Is this normal? If so, it makes the refrigerator unusable! Do I have to move to cooler temperatures, which at the moment it’s not possible. Any suggestions?
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