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  1. Locast is designed to stream over the air TV stations only to areas within their local markets. If you're within the market you can get the same programming using an OTA antenna. If you're outside the market you have to use a VPN or other subterfuge to defeat the geofencing.
  2. I think he was referring to frequent posters who let their Escapees membership lapse 5 years ago.
  3. Many people have it backwards. Inflation isn't when prices rise, it's when the government increases the amount of money in circulation without corresponding increases in productivity or supply. Price increases naturally follow this. When the value of the dollar drops, you need more of them to buy the same product or service. The real root cause of today's price increases are the government handouts over the past year that increased the money supply, making each dollar worth less. Edit: Whoohoo! The board just told me my rank has been increased to Rookie! (for the third time).
  4. Not that I know of, Baofeng pretty much has the market cornered on that price vs. performance point. There's a newer model, the UV-82 and variants but I don't know much about them.
  5. Parallel capable Honda inverter generators self-sync if there's 120 VAC on their output when they're started. No phase matching needed. The way it works is you connect them in parallel and start the first generator. When you start the second, it automatically phase matches to the running generator. What you do have to be careful of is current matching. Identical generators have similar voltage vs. current curves so they'll load balance themselves. I'm surprised a Honda 1000 contributed useful power to a pair of EU2000s. When I tried matching a single EU1000 with an EU2000 the 1000 overloaded before the 2000 was at full output. In other words, the combo had little or no additional power compared to a solo 2000. The same thing happens if you try to parallel a Honda generator with another inverter generator like Yamaha or Harbor Freight. Each has different voltage vs. load curves so one generator will assume the majority of the load and will trip out before the others reach full power.
  6. Kirk, you're right, HOWA does not support what the majority of us would consider as a fulltimer's lifestyle, they're more of a lifeboat alternative for people who would otherwise be homeless or on the brink. Occasionally we do get people here asking about the fulltime life from that perspective, and IMO it's appropriate to steer them towards HOWA. What you're quoting is not an "Application for Membership" in HOWA, but an application to qualify for one of the 4 minivan conversions HOWA plans to build and give away this year. HOWA will place a lender's lien on their title, and a recipient agrees to pay HOWA monthly payments which will be deposited in an emergency repairs/maintenance account. If they don't make the payments, or if they decide to stop living in the van within the first 3 years the van will be returned to HOWA and any remaining money in the account will be refunded. If they're still living in the van after 3 years, the remaining funds in the savings account and the title are signed over to them. Not a bad deal. As far as I know, HOWA does accept donations and volunteer help, but does not have memberships or dues as such. Links to their annual reports (2 so far) including their financials are on their home page.
  7. Actually, 2019 was the last Tucson Escapade. The cancelled 2020 Escapade was in Rock Springs. 2021 was supposed to have been Tucson's year again (in March) but the facility cancelled because they weren't yet out of lockdown. Rock Springs stepped up to the plate so we're having the 2021 Escapade there instead of in Tucson. Lebanon was scheduled between the Tucson years (2021 and 2023) and is proceeding as planned. The next Tucson event will be two years from now, in 2023.
  8. Drug testing for any commercial driver is a federal requirement. Not just at the time they're hired but any time on a random basis.
  9. Diesel engines used to be more resiliant than gasoline engines, but that changed in 2007 when they added troublesome particulate filters, regeneration and DEF pollution controls to the diesel. The added complexity and lowered reliability these emission controls add to a diesel engine is one reason automakers are coming out with large, high torque V8 engines as an alternate to medium duty diesel engines in their truck and RV markets. Ford's 7.3L gas V-8 is the first example.
  10. How does $6.73 a gallon sound? https://www.sfgate.com/travel/article/Northern-Calfornia-Mendocino-most-expensive-gas-16220638.php
  11. I don't understand that logic. I've always paid my CCs in full each month, except for a 2 year period after my divorce 6 years ago, and my credit rating is north of 800. I don't have any other debt, always paid cash for my (cheap) cars and RVs and never had a mortgage.
  12. Wow. I went through Needles yesterday going south to north. The heat was brutal in the morning, I can imagine what it was like at 4 PM!
  13. Take your new meter, set it to DC Volts and measure across the cutoff switch - right on the terminals. If the switch is ON you'll read 0 volts. If you read 12 volts from one side of the switch to the other it's OFF. You can also use the same technique to measure the battery voltage. Set the meter to DC Volts and put the red lead on the battery's (+) terminal and the black lead on the (-) terminal. 12 volts or better is good, less than that the battery is dead or needs to be charged (it won't charge if the cutoff switch is off).
  14. You'll probably be able to get the legally required liability insurance that pays damages to other people or property if you're ever in an accident. But finding insurance to cover the value of your "RV" in case of an accident will be more of a problem. If the other party is at fault, their insurance will pay. But if the accident is your fault you'll have to eat the cost of repairing or replacing your unit.
  15. No, the relative positions of the 3 change as you move from the east and west parts of the country. It's a subtle change but enough to throw off the aim towards the more distant satellite. After the dish finds 119 it can then skew to lock onto 110 or 129 but not both at the same time.
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