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  1. By far the easiest solution is to add a resistor across each of the LED bulbs. As far as taking away the "advantage" of LED bulbs, the only thing the resistor does is draw a little bit of current when the LED light is on to clear the trouble code. Not enough to worry about unless you plan on leaving your truck unattended with the flashers on for more than a day or two. https://www.amazon.com/Zento-Deals-Pieces-Load-Resistors/dp/B01N0ZKV1R
  2. What is really frustrating is I did check on "Orders" and there's nothing there. Paypal didn't give my CC a transaction number, just "Paypal - Gearbest" showing the $375 charge. Gearbest's chat representative upgraded my inquiry to their Customer Sales team promising a response in 24 hours. Three days later still nothing. My order really did fall down the rabbit hole and my only option has been to dispute the charge, which is pending.
  3. The hot deal right now is in used panels removed from buildings when their tax credits expired. With panel life exceeding 25 years one that's been removed after 5-10 years service still has plenty of life left. SanTan Solar in Arizona and other dealers are selling used 250 watt panels for $50 each. These are about twice as wide as the 100-150 watt panels usually found in RV systems and are nominally 24 volts (36 volts open circuit) so you need a MPPT controller to feed a 12 volt system. MPPT controllers are pretty standard nowadays, you'll only see PWM controllers in the cheapest systems. A single 250 watt panel is enough to keep a pair of batteries charged. $50-100 for a panel and wiring, $50 for a Chinese amp-hour meter and $150-200 for a basic MPPT controller and you're up and running to charge the batteries you now have. Of course you can expand the system beyond that if you want.
  4. Visible is strictly phone based. You can't put their SIM in any hotspot device including the Verizon Jet Pack. The unlimited data is available on the phone itself and via the phone's hotspot, one device at a time unless you use an external WiFi router as the single device.
  5. Just FYI, I placed an order for RV's "#1 Choice" and it disappeared down the rabbit hole. Paypal was quick enough to pass through the $375 charge to my credit card on October 5 but neither Paypal nor Chase can give me a transaction or tracing number, only a charge from "Paypal *Gearbest". I've received numerous promotional emails from Gearbest since then but nothing to verify the order was actually placed. I've not received the merchandise. Gearbest's customer service is a joke, the only contact is through the website and it just leads you in circles. I've disputed the transaction and I'm now waiting for resolution.
  6. Most motorhomes have the generator wired to the house battery so repeated starts and stops while boondocking doesn't wear down the main starting battery. If the house battery is low, it may not have enough oomph to start the generator. If this happens, you can push the Boost switch to connect the house and starting batteries together to get enough power. Or start the main engine first so the alternator can supply the power, start the generator and then turn off the main engine.
  7. Jimmy Travis, if I remember correctly. At the sound check before the show he confided this was his first time performing to an RV audience and he wasn't sure they'd appreciate his brand of humor. Boy howdy was he wrong as he brought down the house with his first joke! Since then he's performed for many more RV groups including FMCA and Good Sam.
  8. The Visible phone only allows it's hotspot to connect to one device at a time. So turn off your computer, then cycle the Visible phone's hotspot off and then back on so it clears the computer connection and will accept the Hopper as a new connection. Repeat the process in reverse when you want to use the laptop. Then get the $30 wireless mini travel router mentioned above. Connect it to the phone as it's single device and use the router's signal to connect the laptop and router.
  9. Forget the roof - it's designed to support the weight of the car without crushing if it flips. Look at the suspension!
  10. I bought a Lifetime Membership when they were first offered 25 years ago to raise money to purchase the Racoon Valley and Turkey Creek parks. It paid for itself in the first 10 years when Escapees membership was $60 a year. The last 15 years have been free except for my CARE donations.
  11. Buying stuff in Quartzsite stopped being a bargain when the Town Council raised their sales tax to 10.1%. That plus the business fees, space rent, etc. make it hard for vendors to offer the kinds of deals they had 20 years ago. I go to Quartzsite in January to meet up with online friends I haven't seen for a while. Plus make at least a cursory trip through the swapmeets. IFor example, there are a couple of miscellaneous tool vendors in Tyson Wells that show up every year and have good prices on things like cheap flashlights, individual wrenches and sockets, gloves, etc. One thing the Big Tent is good for is meeting up with workcamper recruiters. Amazon, Adventureland Resort in Iowa, the Sugar Beet harvest and national and state park campground concessionaires have representatives there and hiring for their seasons. It's a good opportunity to meet with them face to face. Another plus is like most major rallies,. accessory manufacturers set up service and installation shops out back for the week the tent is open. Several years ago I broke an arm latch on my Roadmaster towbar and the company repaired it at no charge. Although the shop manager did suggest I tip the factory worker who did the repair $20 or so since they were there on their own time.
  12. There are pictures posted on the Escapees Facebook page - lots of trees blown down but not much other damage. https://www.facebook.com/chris.matchett.94/posts/10157696876753325
  13. Or book a room at one of the three hotels in Los Algodones. Check tripadviser.com
  14. Algodones has three inexpensive hotels if you want to stay overnight. Check tripadviser.com
  15. You might as well fix the spelling of the company's name while you're at it. Hint ... it's spelled the same as mine.
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