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  1. Isn't Palo Verde Hospital in Blythe about 20 miles closer to Q than Parker?
  2. Another alternative is to use smaller gauge wire that has the ampacity to handle the load and ignore the long distance voltage drop, i.e. #6 or larger foir 50 amps. Then put something like a Hughes Autoformer at the load end to boost the voltage back to normal. I haven't priced wire lately so I don't know if this would save anything vs. just using larger wire.
  3. No, no, and no, usually jeans and a pocket tee shirt in good condition. If you've ever been to an Escapade you probably saw me running the sound board in the big room. No bumper stickers or flags, just a small, older motorhome and a car with some paint fading from the desert sun but both clean and mechanically sound. Like I said, I'm sure I fit some profile, probably being alone in an older motorhome from CA where they allowed small quantities of pot for personal use. Illinois doesn't. I only posted this because RVs may come under increased scrutiny since the Memphis bombing and f
  4. In over 30 years of RVing, I've been pulled over exactly once. It was by an unmarked car on an Interstate just east of St. Louis about 5 years ago on my way to the Sedalia Escapade. When the uniformed officer approached the driver's window he asked for my license and registration, which I gave him, and said "I think you know why I pulled you over". I replied I really didn't, at which point he walked away. The only thing I could think of was wind gusts were blowing the motorhome back and forth in the lane and he thought I was driving under the influence. When he returned he asked me to
  5. Except for this Forum posting glitch, Brave has worked flawlessly. All those annoying pop-up and third party ads simply disappear. And on the rare times this removes some content you want to see you can disable the Brave shields and return to it a straight browser with one click on the Brave logo in the address bar. The one exception I've found that isn't fixed by disabling Brave's protections is the message editor here. I kept Chrome as a secondary browser and use it where I'm not worried about popup ads, etc. like online banking, bill paying, etc. And here when I want to post somet
  6. Welcome! Comments about already registering were from last year's Escapade (2020), which wound up being cancelled due to Covid. Registration for the 2021 Escapade (also in Rock Springs, July 18-23) will open in February.
  7. When I try to post or reply using Brave, there's no place to enter text. Logging out and returning using Chrome makes everything normal. Any idea on what I broke in the Brave settings? Attached is a picture of the Brave posting screen - notice there's no place to enter text.
  8. Look again at the Hindenburg. Which way are the flames going after the hydrogen cells ruptured? Straight up and away from people on the ground. Compare that to a gasoline tank truck fire where the flames are spreading out across the ground - if the tank itself doesn't explode. All fuel sources have hazards, we're just used to the risks posed by common ones.
  9. It works fine as long as the filter is on the intake (suction) side of the fan. Any backpressure through the filter just draws air around the edge of the fan so the motor load doesn't increase. My sister's house was less than a mile from the Creek Fire and when she returned after a 2 week evacuation it had massive smoke and dust inside the house. She ran two box fans with filters 24/7 for the three weeks until her electrostatic filter arrived and they did fine. Went through 2 dozen filters in the process.
  10. Truck drivers are usually dispatched and paid out of a single terminal, even if they are driving across the country. This becomes their place of employment for tax purposes. Even independent truckers have a fixed addres somewhere they use as their office. Even if it's just the kitchen table in their home.
  11. Originally communities set their clocks based on their observation of the local "high noon" sun. This was called natural time and was different in each community. Ever notice in the old western movies the first thing someone would do when entering a new town was to check his pocketwatch against the local town clock? Natural time ended when the railroads connected the nation and needed consistent timing across their operating area so they could enforce timetables that kept trains from colliding with each other. This meant synchronizing each town's time to the railroad's master clock. T
  12. Technomadia's app US Public Lands maps all of the public land holdings in the U.S. It's available for a few bucks on Apple's App Store and on Google Play.
  13. There's a seller on Las Vegas Facebook Marketplace offering Trina 250 watt panels for $50 each, local pickup only. They're 6 year old panels removed from a major installation because they're upgrading to higher wattage panels. I bought 6 out of the thousands she had available, they're in excellent shape and make their rated power. It's impressive to see the back and side yards of a suburban house filled with pallet stacks of solar panels. Watch out for shipping costs if you can't pick up locally at Santan or any other seller. Larger used solar panels have to be strapped to a pallet fo
  14. Locast is great, and I didn't have to alter my location. AT&T reports me as being in Huntington Beach, CA whenever I visit a chain store website even though I'm physically in Nevada. Did the same for Locast so I qualified for the L.A. market channels.
  15. Death Valley is open for day use but closed their campgrounds effective today. But there are workarounds. Longstreet Casino and RV Resort is just across the NV border in Amargosa Valley and is only 40 minutes away from Furnace Creek. Pahrump, NV is 20 minutes further and has numerous RV parks. And gas prices low enough to more than pay for the drive back and forth.
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