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  1. Nothing wrong with that. Batteries will only draw as much charging current as they need. A 55 amp converter won't overcharge a small battery. Think of electricity in water terms. Voltage is pressure, amps is flow rate (gallons per minute). You can have a large pump or a small pump but as long as the pressure is right, you'll only get so much flow out of a garden hose sprayer. Same with your battery. As long as the voltage is right (14.7 volts) it will only drink as much current as it needs.
  2. I haven't had any really bad situations in 30 odd years of RVing (knock on wood!) but I do have some experience with broken leaf springs. Around 2000 I took a shortcut on a graded dirt road and at the end I noticed the trailer was sitting lower than normal. I'd broken all 4 leaf springs on the trailer, all snapped on the trailing side of the axles. The intact front half of the springs were acting as a trailing arm suspension with the broken end of each spring resting on the trailer's chassis keeping the axles roughly in place. Nothing was rubbing so I was able to carefully go another 50 miles where I was able to stay in an RV park until the replacement springs arrived. When I was 16 my first car snapped one of the rear leaf springs. I used a length of 2x4 and four U-clamps to tie the two pieces of the spring back together. Also worked, getting me 25 miles to and from my after school job in a neighboring town until the new spring arrived.
  3. Legally, you need 12 volts to apply the trailer brakes through the breakaway switch if the trailer ever comes loose from the tow vehicle. If this ever happens, it's easier to point at a 12 volt battery as the power source than trying to explain the brakes didn't work because they or something else caused a voltage converter to overload and shut down.
  4. Or just measure the voltage at the output of the DC-DC converter when the slide reaches full extension. If it dips there you've reached the converter's limit. If it doesn't dip then look at improving the wiring. I got this AC-DC clamp on ammeter a while back, it works great. https://www.amazon.com/KAIWEETS-Multimeter-Auto-ranging-Temperature-Capacitance/dp/B07Z398YWF
  5. Yeah, I moved from CA to WA state in 2005 and traded my CA license for a WA license. Six years later I returned to CA and transferred my license once again. My name and old CA drivers license number instantly came up on the DMV terminal and my new license was issued under my old number. Once CA has you, they have you for life. That was one reason I got on the waiting list in the Pair-A-Dice co-op and got a lot there when I retired - so I had a valid address to make a clean domicile transition out of CA.
  6. With that large of a truck and that light of a trailer, I'd just mount the hitch behind the axle where the trailer clears the rear of the flatbed. You can see how much the truck will squat or lift the front end by putting 1500 lbs of a load at that location - maybe lower the trailer's hitch pin onto a metal plate to spread the load on the bed. People tow conventional trailers with the hitch point behind the rear bumper so you shouldn't have any trouble towing a light 5th wheel with the pin slightly behind the rear axle.
  7. Several years ago I was living in Los Angeles and purchased a Sunnybrook trailer from a private party in Las Vegas. Found it on Craigslist and I drove out there, completed the transaction and hitched the trailer to my truck. This was right after Governor Brown approved issuing drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. The lines at every DMV office in the Los Angeles area were horrendous, out the door and several times around the parking lot. They had even brought in porta-potties and several food trucks were doing a booming business. I decided to see if I could register it with my LA address at a DMV office outside of the LA area. I drive down to Needles and walked into the DMV office there. I was the only customer. The two DMV employees were passing the time listening to the radio. We completed the registration process, which included one of the agents going out to the parking lot with me to verify the trailer's VIN number engraved on the A frame. I got my new plate and registration, with pink slip to follow in the mail. Easy peasy. When we returned inside, another customer had joined the party by now. I mentioned my driver's license was expiring next month and I had not received a renewal notice. No problem, I could renew it right there if I was willing to take the written test. I did, and passed with flying colors. The agent then noticed I had an M motorcycle endorsement, did I want to renew it also? I hadn't ridden a motorcycle in over 30 years, and told her such, but what the heck, why not. So back I went to take the Class M written test. When I brought it back to be graded, I had missed the maximum number of questions by the time she got to the last one. She said, "well, we know this answer isn't right, would you like to change it?" I took a wild guess at the remaining 3 answers, she smiled and said "Would you like to try again?" I picked one of the remaining two. She smiled again and said, "Congratulations, you passed!" The motorcycle endorsement transferred automatically when I retired, moved to Nevada and got my Nevada driver's license the following year.
  8. If you click on Jeff's avatar (the green J) to bring up his profile, you'll see he hasn't been here since May 10th.
  9. Look at the pictures again, the two ends aren't connected and stop short of touching each other inside the insulated handle.
  10. Since Sirius and XM merged, they use an excessive amount of data compression to cram as much content as they can onto the satellites. Makes my ears hurt after listening to them for a while.
  11. Dealers selling RVs with 15 or even 20 year loans that leave you underwater with a huge balance due if you try to trade it in for a newer model. RV parks not allowing RVs more than 6 to 10 years old into their parks. Sounds like a storm is brewing.
  12. Not well. On most generators the 12 volt current capacity is equal to the 120 volt amperage (they just tap the output coil for the lower voltage), so a 2000 watt generator will have about 15 amps maximum current available from the 12 volt output. It's also unregulated so the current goes down as the battery gains charge.
  13. I think you hit it. I'm a Lifetime Member and a "Yes"..
  14. RV water filters generally aren't rated to block bacteria, usually just sediment and if a charcoal filter, reducing bad taste and odors. If you want to block bacteria from reaching your tank, you need a filter specifically designed for that job.
  15. The alternative is to let the dead trees decompose on the ground. Won't this release the same amount of carbon?
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