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  1. Both of the above are good choices, but keep in mind the tow rating is the absolute maximum for your vehicle and means the combo will have the minimum acceptable performance. Every pound you add to the tow vehicle not only subtracts from the hitch weight it can carry, but also from the allowed trailer weight. If you start out with a 5000 lb tow rating and have passengers and cargo in the truck that totals 500 lbs, you can tow 4500 lbs, not 5000. And the tow ratings are set using a low profile trailer with a concrete block or bricks on it. Not a wide and tall RV trailer. That extra
  2. A few minutes with an AC/DC clamp on current meter will show which power source is most efficient. The price of decent meters is coming down, I've had this one for about 6 months, it works great and at less than $50 including everything else it does, it's a steal. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z398YWF
  3. Jumper the thermostat contacts and turn the fan on and off manually. Or add an external thermostat in the 12 volt supply line.
  4. I've been using this Fagor set for 10 years. My ex-wife bought it at Camping World for it's nesting qualities, it just also happens to be induction compatable. Too bad it's no longer available, the stacked set stores nicely in the RV's oven and comes out as a single piece when I want to use the oven. It works great with the induction hotplate I have now and the thick base creates even heat distribution on the gas stovetop. http://popupbackpacker.com/camping/fagor-cookware/
  5. I was about to post the same thing. Swamp coolers are one pass devices - to work properly they have to draw in dry outside air for the evaporating water to cool, this also adds humidity to the output of the cooler. Then the cooled air passes through the living area and out an open window making room for more cooled outside air to enter. In a small space like an RV, a box unit just recirculates the inside air, quickly loading it up with humidity until there's no more dry air to cool. They may be effective spot-cooling a small area in a large shop or warehouse where there's lots more hot
  6. You'll be "deprioritized" if you go over 22 mb in a month, in other words other users have higher priority when the network is heavily loaded. So yes, after 22 mb you can be slowed down if you're on a crowded tower. But you'll return to full speed as soon as the congestion eases. And as soon as you enter a new billing cycle you return to the same footing as everyone else. I've had Visible for several years and the only time I was deprioritized was when I was staying in a motel room in Las Vegas adjacent to I-15. During commute hours my speed slowed noticeably but was still sufficient t
  7. When I drove back on US 93 past Hoover Dam a couple of weeks ago, only one of the turbine outlets was creating any disturbance in the outlet pond. They recently replaced the power turbines with ones that will work at lower lake levels, now it should continue generating power until the lake falls to 950 ft. - previously the cutoff was 1050 ft. The current lake level is 1084 ft. or 40% full with the 100% level at 1229 ft. AMSL. Of greater worry is the lake is below the level that triggers widespread cutbacks in water delivery to AZ, NV and CA. Normally the level of Lake Powell is lower
  8. If you look at the rest of the posting instead of just taking that sentence out of context, you'll see the OP was talking about fulltimers having a long term base they could return to instead of relying on overnight stays always being available. "Waiting lists" refers to the way the 11 co-op parks fill vacancies in their lifetime memberships and, more recently, how people are chosen to fill a vacancy at one of the limited number of annual leases or ERPU 5 year leases at some of the Escapees owned parks. All of these are such superb values that it often takes several years for someone to rise
  9. Racoon Valley is an exception, it caters to short term visitors and unlike most Escapees parks doesn't offer long term sites. The waiting lists referred to above are for the Escapees Co-op parks which do offer long term sites using a different business model. There are several types of "Escapees" parks. Escapees RV Parks (formerly Rainbow Parks) are owned by Escapees, Inc. and with a couple of exceptions offer short term campgrounds and deeded sites within the parks. The deeded sites are bought and sold as real estate and are only for the use of the site owner, short term guests stay i
  10. From Park Sierra it's about a half hour to the park's south entrance near Wawona and the ski area. It's another hour or so inside the park from there to the valley floor.
  11. The problem may not be with the battery. If it's a diesel pusher the large 8D starting battery may be too large for an automotive charger to determine when it's fully charged. The charger determines the battery is good by shutting off after the charging current tapers to zero at the end of the charging cycle and seeing if the battery holds it's surface charge. If the battery doesn't let the charger taper to zero current the charger thinks the battery has an internal short and flags it as bad. It may be the large 8D battery has enough natural leakage or normal parasitic loads on the
  12. Here are a few neat sites. This one displays the satellite positions in real time if you hit the Play button. Or drag the time bar back and forth to see where they will be in the past or future. https://celestrak.com/cesium/pass-viz-beta.php?source=CelesTrak&tle=/NORAD/elements/supplemental/starlink.txt&satcat=/pub/satcat.txt#visualization/orbit Enter your address here and see the path of the satellites above you. Click on Street View to see where to look in the sky to see them: https://james.darpinian.com/satellites/?special=starlink And a neat picture of the cu
  13. Hoover Dam is in trouble. The extended drought over the past several years has caused the lake level to drop drastically and may make the Feds begin water rationing next year. A byproduct is the lake level is close to dipping below the level of the powerhouse intake penstocks. When I was there a couple of weeks ago only one of the 8 turbine outlets had visible flow into the pond below the dam.
  14. I would guess it's pretty good. It's using 40 acres of otherwise useless desert land so I would think there's minimal investment there, maybe a percentage of revenue to the owner of the gravel mine who's already harvested his ore from the area. They went with multiple short tracks instead of a longer railroad because Cal ISO is looking for 15 minute generation and absorption blocks to smooth out solar production variations, not the longer term peak generation the original project would have supplied
  15. Looks like they changed the parameters of the gravity project, which is why I edited my post. Originally it was to be a long, single track railroad with a 3 phase catenary electric feed running several miles up and down the alluvial plain east of town. The gravity mass cars would climb the grade when there is surplus power, then wait at the top and be released as needed to coast downhill, providing several hours of regenerative energy as they rolled down the track. Now they're using multiple short tracks on a steeper grade along the edge of a gravel pit to get up to 5 Mw per track for 15 mi
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