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  1. It is sad that there are a few that ruin the good things for the many. As for Walmart for oil changes and tires, I will not let them touch my vehicles. After they messed up my Mom's car on an oil change and tire balance and rotation. The tires were not balanced and they stripped the oil plug and over tightened the oil filter. She went to get her car and it was not where they told her it was. The moron left the keys in it and did not put it in park or set the E-brake. It rolled down hill and over a curb into a field. They did pay for a front end alignment as it went over a curb to get into the field. Ken
  2. Our daughter and family found a good quality and fit with a Winnebago Minnie Plus bunk house model last year. Seems to be better built than the Thor and Forest River stuff. https://www.winnebago.com/models/product/towables/travel-trailer/minnie-plus-1
  3. TXiceman

    leveling system

    After having a class A with hydraulic levelers, our next class C did not have them. After two trips, we had the HWH system installed . Out last two 5ers have had auto Big Foot levelers. You can get by with out levelers and use plastic blocks if on a hard surface or 2 x 8 boards to level for all surfaces. We find that there are a fair number of sites that need blocks to get close to level. Lots of class C units, set a couple of inches low in the front and need to be be raised even on a level pad. Hydraulic levelers are very nice and expensive. I guess it depends on how lazy you are. Read your fridge manual and you will see that it has to be within so many degrees of level as operating off level will damage the RV fridge. Also, turn off the CAPS lock key. On the internet it is likened to shouting. Ken
  4. For us, when the weather is HOT, the very first thing is get the electric on and the A/C operating. The we chock the RV wheels, disconnect from the truck and then auto level the 5er. Next the slides go out. The wife is walking the dog. After the trailer is level, deploy the Winegard Traveler antenna, Next comes water hook up and finally the sewer. The sewer is the last thing on the list as that can wait a few days. Ken
  5. When installing the new cooling unit in the old cabinet, be sure and get the unit well sealed to the cabinet. Any moisture leakage will cause the unit to load up with moisture and ruin the insulation. Ken
  6. All of them I have seen are not suitable for much travel. Be careful and make sure there is storage cabinets with doors. Ken
  7. With the black, I will not even try to read it. Sorry. Ken
  8. I would go ahead and get set up with a LIvingston address. Polk county does not require emissions testing on vehicles and insurance is cheaper than Harris county. When I retired, I had already set up the Livingston address while the house was for sale. It sold, we moved into the RV and I worked from an RV park in north Houston. This was about 3 months and we hit the road. We were already native Texans. All the vehicles were already registered in Harris county. As soon as we sold the house, we changed all addresses to Livingston. Ken
  9. All too many think only about the immediate pleasure or thrill when they do something stupid. They do not think about any repercussions of their actions. Remember that you cannot cure stupid. Ken
  10. If you are in Livingston, there are several places that can do the inspection. Ken
  11. What is the magic of taking less time to wash and dry. We are retired and have all the time we need to waste. But with the combo unit, we can put in a load of dry and dirty laundry and take off ...come back later and the load is dry and clean. No one has to be around to swap from the washer to the drier. Ken
  12. The more filters you add, the more it restricts the air flow and increased the back pressure on the fan which will reduce the air flow. The outlets do not need any filtration. Ken
  13. Link You didn't look far enough. Down at the bottom is registering your vehicles. The website, just takes some exploring to find the information. There is a lot to find. Ken
  14. TWOTOES, you only put filters on the air inlet to the units. Ken
  15. Winnebago used to make handicap RVs on custom order. Might check with the factory. Ken
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