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  1. We also went with a supplement plan G so that we can travel and not worry about in-plan networks. Any Doctor of hospital that accepts Medicare accepts the plan G as well. Ken
  2. Might want to correct your A/C units. I doubt if you have two 30,000 BTUH units. Should be 15,000 BTUH each. Ken
  3. I do not understand the people that just "have" to travel for no real purpose than to have fun. We are full time and this year limited our travel to absolutely necessary. We had to go to Tulsa for our dogs surgery (half the price of Houston), go to Kansas RV for trailer repair since we were already in Tulsa. Now headed to Fort Worth to get Mor/Ryde axle alignment (chewing up a tire), then to Livingston for a few weeks and back to Houston area for the annual Doctors and winter. We plan to stay in the Houston area for an undetermined time while this virus gets under control. We stay in the RV, occasionally get take out food, get groceries and only talk to people in the RV park at a distance. We would rather be traveling, but I do not want to take the chance of getting sick or worse. We need to stop unnecessary travel, social distance and wear a mask. Pay attention to the Doctors and scientist. Ken
  4. Escapees mail service has been flawless for over 7 years for us. One time we got the mail of someone with a similar last name and a PMB that has a couple of numbers transposed from our PMB. Ken
  5. Just got notice from the mail center that our ballots were there. Now to get them to where we are ... FedEx Bigjim, the USPS in Houston and Tomball have been on the local news several times over the past few years due to slow service and disappearing mail. We had a Priority mail sent from Livingston to us in Tomball and it took 13 days. For 3 of those days the USPS had it shown as delivered. After two trips to the Tomball P.O. and talking to the postmaster, the envelope mysteriously showed up. This was not the first time and others in the park had issues as well. Since these issues, we will not use us anything but the Fed-EX flat rate envelopes in Tomball and Houston. Ken
  6. Our absentee ballots were mailed from Polk county on October 2nd and they are still not at the Escapees mail box. 12 days ( Ijust called the mail center). They have to go from Livingston to Houston North Central USPS and back to Livingston. I could ride my bike there and back is a lot less time. I tried calling USPS Customer DIS-Service and the wait time is over an hour. I filed a email complaint and now see how long they take to answer that. I guess we will be driving to Livingston and making a provisional ballot if we can't get them as we have in the past. Ken
  7. Having lived many years in the Houston area, I have seen many times the temperature dropped below freezing. It has gotten down to 17 degF several times. Two years ago we wintered in Tomball (northwest of Houston) and we had a really long cold snap. It was into the lower 20's and the temp did not get above freezing for about 36 hours. People all around us wee experiencing frozen water lines and faucets as well as drain hoses. So, yes, you have to deal with occasional hard freezes in Houston area. The suggestion for a used mobile home is a much better choice if you are not going to travel. Ken
  8. Dennis K, we are currently in Oklahoma and we have a Wildcat on one side of us and a Alpine on the other side of us. Both units have two A/C units on 50 amps and both have has to add supplemental A/C units to keep the inside livable in the summer. They are going to be here for the winter and both have large propane tanks for the furnace. Neither unit is 4 season, but the Alpine has a sticker on it claiming it has a Polar or Arctic pack. If you want a better insulated used trailer, you need to be looking at something from NuWa HitchHiker, Carriage Cameo, Teton, Excel to name a few. As far as I know, Crossroads in a 3 season trailer. As noted, living in an RV is not as simple as living in an apartment. We have wintered in the Tomball area and have to deal with freezing weather. A heated water hose is expensive and does not protect the water faucet. We just fill the fresh water tank and drain the water hose and turn off the water. You will also need to close the fresh and black water tanks and drain the sewer hose other wise it can freeze and won't drain. The other issue you need to deal with living in an RV in the winter is moisture and condensation in the RV. You will need to keep a roof vent cracked open to let out the warn and moist air. Vent when showering and vent when cooking. 90% of the trailers on the market are weekend/vacation use, 3 season trailers. Our trailer has dual pane windows, better insulation, radiant heat barrier and we have been in temperatures from 15 degF to 109 degF and stay comfortable. Ken
  9. When we had a house, I kept Sea Foam in all my gas for the yard equipment. For the Honda EU2000i generators, I keep Sea Foam in then year around.. Ken
  10. Even in Houston area, you need a full time 4-season RV. If not for the cold, you need a well insulated RV for the summer temperature and humidity. We see a lot of RVers in the summer suffering and complaining about being unable to get the inside temperature below 85 degF when the the temperature gets into the 90 degF plus range. Many wind up sticking a window unit in or one of the portables vented through an window. Other wise you will need to get full shade to keep it cool. Ken
  11. I spoke to the mail center earlier in the week and ours still have not arrived. Beginning to wonder if we will get to vote? Ken
  12. Also, with a Texas LTC, you can open carry or concealed carry. As you enter an area, you need to see if they have 30.06 (concealed carry) or 30.07 (open carry) signs posted restricting carry on those premises. The state requires very specific signage be posted. However, if a business tells you to leave with your firearm, even if is the proper signage is not posted, you are obligated to remove the firearm from the property. Ken
  13. We travel in our 40 foot 5th wheel and 1 ton dually truck with a Timneh African Gray. He has a small travel cage that takes up about 1/3 of the trucks back seat. For the RV we have a regular 24" x 30" powder coated cage for him. When on the road, we wrap the larger cage in a moving pad and lay it on floor between the slides. What size works best depends on the size of your RV. Ken
  14. He still needs to decide on the truck camper and then decide on the truck to carry it. Recently we saw a couple with a new truck and camper. The poor 3/4 ton truck was over loaded. Ken
  15. This is backwards. Get the trailer you want first then buy the truck that is designed to pull it.. Ken
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