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  1. We haven't made MW fudge in years. We had tried several different recipes and some were not all that bad. But we could never get one that was as good or as smooth as fudge cooked on the stove top. Ken
  2. In the parks we generally see many more issues with Dometic A/C units. Ken
  3. What I want is full hook ups, stable 50 amp power, nice dog park, sites that are long enough for the rig, sites wide enough that you are not sitting on the neighbors sewer hook up, decent WiFi or good cell service, nice level pads, sites that do not pool water, and decent roads in and out. I do not need, pool, spa, tennis courts. Others will want a decent laundry room, but we have our own washer/drier. We also enjoyed a daily get together just to visit with folks. Ken
  4. Yes, now we are seeing reports of people that originally experienced a mild case of COVID19, months later have reactions to the virus that are having adverse effects. I am so thankful that we have followed CDC guidelines with masking and social distancing and are now 2 months past our 2nd Pfizer shots. We will continue to mask up and social distance to be safe. Ken
  5. I have to agree with Kirk. Cat owners should abide by the same rules that dog owners do. Keep you cat indoors or on a leash. Yes, I know several folks that walk their cats on a leash. I am allergic to cats and they always want to come rub on me. Ken
  6. I for one, when I see an animal being mistreated...tied out without shelter or water, left in the cold, etc, I will call the local animal human group and report the owner. Ken
  7. Best advice is to load the unit as ready to camp and get your real weights. Loaded, you pin weight will be closer to 2900# than the brochure weight. The 14,700# tow rating on the truck is a maximum and based on a base model and no passengers, no cargo and no hitch. All of these items reduce you maximum tow rating. You need to be more concerned with the trucks payload capacity and the rear axle weight rating. Get the truck weighed and see what weight is on the rear axle. on the door jamb, there is a sticker that provides the payload capacity and rear axle GAWR. Using the actual rear
  8. It may be an interior duct lining in the blower section that is loose and vibrating. I had this happen to both Carrier units on my Cameo. Ken
  9. I have had vendors ship stuff to me via Smart Post. The parcel starts out on FedEx and gets it part way to the destination and it is handed off to USPS. FedEx can get it to within 75 miles of the final destination in a couple of days and then it takes USPS take a week to get it the last few miles. I got to where I will call the supplier and tell them I'll pay extra to not have USPS take the package. Ken
  10. I get tired of hearing this in the what can I tow. The trailer has trailer brakes and they should be checked for proper operation. If we depend on the tow vehicle to stop the trailer unbraked, we will all be driving class 8 tractors. The issue with the Tahoe is the short wheelbase and the limited cargo capacity with passengers, cargo and trailer tongue weight. If you go over about 22 feet or so (maybe 25 feet) you will get the tail wagging the dog. The other issue is the P series tires and the softer side wall. Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth. Ken
  11. From several years of poor to really poor service from USPS, I do not trust much of anything to the USPS. Fed-EX and UPS do an outstanding job. Ken
  12. You cannot fully trust any news media. The reporters are out to get a sensational story to get people watching their station. If the vaccine is 90% effective, that means 10$ of the people can get sick with hopefully milder cases. We have heard of a couple of people that got the first shot and came down with COVIS in a day or two. With the incubation period of the virus, they could have been expose a few days before the shot. Based on scientific data, I chose to get the shots and have a much better change at staying healthy. Ken
  13. Just the way i was taught to repack bearings60 plus years ago by my Dad. Ken
  14. It is good that they are checking the people for ticks. We certainly don't want them to spread.😜 HEADING WAS CORRECTED. Ken
  15. As Kirk noted, be sure to read the chassis owners manual and follow it for all service and maintenance. If it is a diesel, oil, air and fuel filters are very important to a reliable diesel. For the resr of the RV, read and follow the oweners manual for each piece of equipment. Ken
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