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  1. Just saw an article the UTMB Galveston was laying off 200 workers due to funding and COVID. Ken
  2. Here are your answers....on an Escapees post from the search function https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125345-texas-class-a-or-b-license-upgrade-faqs/?tab=comments#comment-868304 Ken
  3. We have had two friends try to haul bikes on the ladder carriers. In both cases, the ladder was pulled loose damaging the RV. One of them lost his bike. The ladders were not meant to carry that kind of dynamic loading. I would try the adapter to the 2" receiver. Ken
  4. We have been full time for a bit over 7 years now and we went in to pretty much non-travel mode and only going out for groceries and the occasional take out food, since February. We have had to travel to near Tulsa for surgery for our Dog and then up to Kansas for some trailer repair and maintenance. Then we will go back to Livingston and back to Houston for our annual Doctors' visits, provided they are doing them. My last Doctors visit was a video visit. We have not seen our daughter and her family since last December. Our son-in-law is a nurse practitioner in an emergency care clinic and is subject to exposure daily. We do get to visit with them on video calls. We never expected to see anything like this mess in our lifetime and I want that lifetime as long as possible. We are planning to be reasonably near medical facilities as much as possible but avoid using them. Our volunteering is on complete hold so that we can social distance. Y'all stay safe. Ken
  5. I am all for tightening up the control on any and all political comments not specifically related to RVs. There is getting to be too much snipping at each other from both parties. People have already made up their minds and what ever you say, they will not change. The extreme right and the extreme left are getting too polarized. I decided to drop off the Facebook SKP- Escapees because of the off handed political jabs until after the election. Let's keep it civil here and all get along together. Ken
  6. We spent 3 months at Port O'Connor, TX and won't do that again. We had salt water or salt water marshes on 3 sides of us. I rinsed the 5er off every other week and still we had problems with the salt. Metal pitted and locks required lubrication. The Winegard antenna had to be replaced. When I replace it, I opened up the head on it, the board had severe corrosion. I guess if you are a few miles from the coast, the salt will not be such an issue, buy we won't have the RV back that close to salt water again. Ken
  7. This is not the only state that charges more for out of state campers, so no need to get your knickers in a wad. You can always take your business elsewhere. If the state parks increase fees too much to out of state visitors, they will go to commercial campgrounds. Ken
  8. I think a write in vote is a wasted vote. I am picking the lesser of two evils based on the past 3 years. Ken
  9. I will take scientific data, over beliefs and thoughts any day. The virus is real and it is here. Ken
  10. We already have 3 leads brought down from the roof into the basement, If I ever change to the Hopper 3, I'll mount the DPH42 switch in the basement next to our Coaxial distribution box. Ken
  11. You will need to add a DPH42 switch and a solo hub to use the Hopper 3 with the Traveler. There are several videos on the internet describing the process. Be sure and unplug the Hopper when traveling. https://winegard.com/industry/government-military/accessories/satellite-tv-accessories-mobile/dish-skdph42-switch-kit https://outsideourbubble.com/make-your-dish-winegard-travler-hopper-3-compatible/ I elected to stay with my VIP612 and 211Z as long as possible. There are zero portable automatic antennas that work with the Hopper. Ken
  12. I am not so interested in petting your dog unless it is friendly and I ask first. My big peeve is the people that are too good to pick up their dog poop. Where we are now has a nice dog yard, bags are provided and very well spelled out dog rules posted. Always someone is above the rest of us and will not scoop their poop. Ken
  13. It is sad that there are a few that ruin the good things for the many. As for Walmart for oil changes and tires, I will not let them touch my vehicles. After they messed up my Mom's car on an oil change and tire balance and rotation. The tires were not balanced and they stripped the oil plug and over tightened the oil filter. She went to get her car and it was not where they told her it was. The moron left the keys in it and did not put it in park or set the E-brake. It rolled down hill and over a curb into a field. They did pay for a front end alignment as it went over a curb to get into the field. Ken
  14. Our daughter and family found a good quality and fit with a Winnebago Minnie Plus bunk house model last year. Seems to be better built than the Thor and Forest River stuff. https://www.winnebago.com/models/product/towables/travel-trailer/minnie-plus-1
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