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  1. One TV station in Houston used to give dry and wet bulb temperatures but stopped. People complained that it was too confusing and too lazy to learn anything new. They only want the heat index or wind chill number and then they do not understand them. I see the climate is definitely changing, never mind what the politicians try to say. We need to make adjustments in our overall life styles to adapt to the changes where we can. I grew up in central, west and southeast Texas. The farmers knew to come in and get in the shade, take a nap on the porch during the heat of the day, start early, and then maybe go back out to finish up late in the day. Modern day folks do not understand working around the heat, not during the heat. Ken
  2. Texas used to have good roads, but not so much now. They are lacking in maintenance. Recently back through Oklahoma and the roads are worse than ever. Hwy 69 will destroy a rig, hwy 412 is not good, the Indian Nation Turnpike has good and bad sections. Overall I give Oklahoma an F. Louisiana IS pretty bad and I'd give them no more than a D-. Overall, the road and bridges in the US are in deplorable shape. Ken
  3. The suction line from the evaporator to the compressor should be cool and sweating. If it is frosting or icing, the unit is not running like it should. It could be low on refrigerant or low air flow due to restrictions or bypassing air. Ken
  4. Volunteering varies a lot depending on the facility and the managers. Activities and duties vary greatly across the parks in the same system. We have volunteered at 2 state parks in Texas that we will never volunteer for again as long as they have the current managers. Overall, we are most satisficed with the National Wildlife Refuges. There are several pages on Facebook that you can ask about experiences at various locations. We have found a few shorter term positions at places the volunteers had to leave due to health or family reasons and the park will happily accept a shorter term volunteer. Ken
  5. Whether in a convection or gas oven in an RV, we have found the for baking many things, you have to stop and rotate the items about 1/2 way through the cycle to get a more even product. In the convection, for round items we can use the turntable to even out the baking. Ken
  6. We have found that the ethernet connections in the rec room is not all that reliable and park WiFi varies from barely OK to ...just -forget-it. There are ways that you can use a router with multiple connections t increase band with from multiple phone MiFi or hotspots. Parks are really not set up for you to conduct many hours of business on there internet connection. Ken
  7. It seems that Dometic ran through a bad batch of units 4 years ago and there were a bunch of failures. It is not unheard of for a 4 year old unit to fail. Units from a few years back would last 10 plus years up to 20 years. Now you are doing good to 7 to 10 years out of a unit. Check the temperature between the inlet and the outlet at the unit with it operating on high fan. The outlet should be 20 degF lower than the inlet. Check the temperature of the air with an analog thermometer, DO NOT use an infrared temp gun as it will not measure air temperature. It measures the heat radiated from a solid surface. Ken
  8. Freeze ups do not necessarily mean low on Freon. 9 times out of 10 it is a low or restricted air flow for the evaporator. Check the air filters, check that the evaporator coil is clean and make sure you are not bypassing air in the inlet of the unit. Also, if freezing is a problem in certain conditions, run the unit on high fan, not low fan. Ken
  9. We had ONE RV with a corner bed and said never another one. With a couple it gets to be a pain to crawl over the other one. Plus the one up against the side wall is either hot or cold. If you are a solo traveler, it is not a problem except it is a pain to get the sheets on and the spread on. Ken
  10. Dometic and Coleman and my new Coleman Mach 8 Plus when installing. Ken
  11. Manufacturers are building these unit lighter and cheaper. The base plates are thinner and more prone to warping if not handled correctly. Last year, I replace the two older Coleman Mach units with Coleman Mach 8 Plus. The base plate is now plastic and you have to be sure and get some extra foam support under them to dampen the vibration. I also had to go through the unit and tighten all os the not tight enough nuts and screws and tie down a few wires. Problem was lack of quality control. Ken
  12. I have downloaded and stored on my computer a lot of the manuals for the RV. Tis way, I do not need the internet. Ken
  13. I always roll the A/C on the side to replace a gasket. Have not hurt one yet. When I do get the unit reinstalled, I let it set for an hour to give the oil time to drain back. On the A/C units, there is always a little oil moving through the system during operation. Ken
  14. Our daughter and hubby just bought a cedar Creek after selling their travel trailer. They use a F250 diesel to pull it within tow and weight ratings. I don't know if they have any bunk models within the ratings of a 3/4 ton truck. Ken
  15. TXiceman

    Jackalopee Plug

    In my first year of engineering studies, the prof told us that when and if you graduate, the degree does not make you an engineer.....all we do is give you the tools to become an engineer.
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