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Boondocking issues


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 I copied it from RV Lifestyles by Mike Wendland.

Why are authorities shutting down boondocking?

This is a reason why authorities are shutting down boondocking

For starters, consider these recent stories about the shutting down of boondocking areas:

·       In Oregon, Trash, Human Waste, Forces Authorities on Oregon to Shut Down Dispersed Camping

·       In Utah overnight camping has been banned in Middle Fork because of trash, vandalism and rowdyism

·       Popular Colorado area closed to dispersed camping

Those are just three examples. There are many more, from all over the US.

There is a detailed interview with Drivin and Vibin

More boondocking sites are shut down indefinitely. 
Here's the info: https://drivinvibin.com/.../wma-imposes-boondocking-ban.../

More boondocking sites are shut down indefinitely.
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Reno Nevada BLM is shutting down overnight camping and restricting activities on BLM areas close to and just north of Reno/Sparks because of severe abuse of the public lands here due to horrible trashing of the sites and abandoned junky vehicles and RVs.  No more 14 day stays or even one night of camping.  This just announced in last two weeks in local news.  No I do not have a link but one can easily find it with a simple first grade 101 Google search.   P.S. links are not mandatory.  Cheers to some.

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Of course people who aren't regular campers can cause problems without regards to others who care and pick up after themselves and often others.

My opinion is that a lot of these places are trashed by the homelessness in these areas. Ironically they are also hurting themselves if they want a free place to stay. When services were suspended about a year and a half ago, trash dumpsters were over flowing with trash and even piled around the containers which probably didn't help the situation.

Guess what I am saying, pack it in and then pack it out if there is no place to put your trash. A stop over to a camp ground will solve your trash problem. Realize the season RV'ers are usually the most responsible campers out there with the exception of just a few.

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BLM areas in the Rush Valley, Utah have been closed to all use. One so bad with black tank dumps it's considered a haz-mat site now. These offenders are not homeless. It's way to far off the beaten track. They are idiot campers who just don't care.

A wonderful place to be with groups, family, shooting, 4 wheeling, hiking and camping in a place where you can see the wonders of the night sky.

Truly sad.


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