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    • Ray, some folks like Kirk only served one or two tours and can't use the base facilities unless they were separated with a medical retirement. Those folks don't have TFL or Tricare. I served 27 years and retired. I just have my civilian doc call them into the base, fill them at the base, no copay. We used Barksdale but my wife already uses Peterson which is a bit closer than the Academy for us in Constitution Hills. I'll be checking them out in a little over a week after I close the sale of this house and drive up to rejoin my wife in the Springs. Life's good! However the VA docs were hard asses about what and how much they prescribe and they order them to be mailed almost without consent. My doc discusses all prescriptions as I refused about a third of the drugs he's tried to prescribe. He must have been getting kickbacks from the opioid folks as he kept trying to get me to take it.
    • OK as I understand it all of these ERS services work exactly the same. They contract out to local tow services. Selecting enough to get complete national service coverage. In their opinion. I'm fairly sure they put it out to bid and select the low bidder in each service area. How else could they do it, it's obviously cost prohibitive to send out an army of tow truck evaluators to cover the whole country. The only way I can see that one service can distinguish itself from the pack is to shrink the service areas and contract out to more locals. And maybe they could be ready to pull the plug on a local with complaints, quicker than the other ERS operators. But otherwise how can one be different than others. Of course they can offer different levels of service, longer tow distances, cover all the families vehicles or not. But in the basic service they are all the same. Good local the ERS gets praise, bad local the ERS gets the blame. I saw this after I bought a fiver from GS, they gave me a year of GS ERS but I had a year of Coachnet already so we were double covered. Out on an interstate in Arkansas that summer we got a flat. I called GS ERS, realty irritaing trying to tell the phone operator that we were X number of miles from Y exit. She just could not deal with a rural location, and that is one problem we always have with those people. Wait 90 minutes no help after several calls they tell use sorry we do NOT HAVE a tow truck operator near there!! Called Coachnet some guy in a pickup with a generator and air pump in back shows up and changes the tire within 30 minutes. GS went with thin coverage, Coachnet did not. I got back and complained bitterly on RV.NET and I have to give that to GS, they have people monitoring that site and I got a private reply giving me Another unwanted year of GS ERS. And a public apology form some GS Veep. I wish I could stick with Coachnet but they vanished from availability.
    • If you are on the Prepay, and had the phone paid off, you can call and ask if they can give you a free phone as a new post paid user. We were pre paid an got the Lumia 750  phones free as new customers. Two years later we switched to the Moto Z Play free when we switched to post paid. Then we this past year switched again to PrePaid and got the outgoing Z3 phones free. Of course we had to pay taxes on the full price and activation fees but we also this last time switched to unlimited data no throttling we've seen and with our military discounts pay $95 for that with no phone payments but they are still making like we're paying as they do a charge then refund automatically every month. The charges don't get right until the third or fourth month. So try calling and ask for a free Z3 if they still have them you should be able to get one free. I did all this online and by phone. The Verizon store folks were clueless. We had a military discount when post paid but not as Prepay but the deep special discount deal worked out almost the same price just a couple dollars less. Right now you can but the Z3 outright from Motorola. We still have our Z Play phones as backup phones. We have the Lumias which are not supported by anyone. You can buy the Z3 set up with a free Alexa speaker or battery pack that also adds wireless charging alone or attached to the phone by buying from Motorola direct for $169.99: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-z-play-gen-3#buy Or new Z4 $10 bucks month for 24 months https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/moto-z4/ I'd go with the Z3 for 169.99 And free battery pack mod.
    • You'll have to explain how that link pertains to Scott's questions, as I see none.
    • In need of a recommendation for a base plate installer in the Richmond, VA area. Looking to have this done on my 2019 Jeep Cherokee.           
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